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Ballaugh (Ballaterson) Primitive Methodist Chapel

Ballaugh Primitive Methodist

About 100 yards north of Ballagh WM II. Closed in 1969, bungalow now stands on site

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Ballaugh Village Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I, 1778, 1806

William Stephen Ballamoar Ballaugh 1778 sold plot to Thomas Clark (also of Ballaugh) for £2
Thomas Clark on 19 dec 1791 conveyed property to trustees: Patrick Cannell, Philip Corlet, William Craine, John Killip, Christopher Brew, Daniel Cowley, Thomas Cottier, Thomas Corlet and Thomas Clark all of Ballaugh.

The Chapel was built but soon found considerably too small and needed to be enlarged, but no room to expand, but there was a restrictive clause reverting property back to William Stephen if land no longer used for Chapel. In 1806 William Stephen removed the restrictive covenant + provided additional land for enlargement.

Supposedly used stones from nearby keeill; Used as Sunday School/hall on completion of new Chapel; however economics have now (1999) forced closure of new chapel with services reverting back to hall.

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Ballaugh Village Wesleyan Methodist Chapel II 1868

Ballaugh Village

Closed 1999 and converted into dwellling

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Ballaugh New (Ballakinnag) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1898

Ballaugh New

Close to Ballaugh (Cronk) closed; now garage

Grid Reference SC341959

Cronk Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Cronk Chapel

First deed 8 Jan 1867 Robert Corlett & wife to Thomas Craine and others

When Ballaugh New (Ballakinnag) opened the old chapel became the Sunday school. At one time had a attached reading room (with billiards table) for young men. Closed; now ruinous and used as plumbers store (invisible from road behind overgrown trees - the chapel itself is also almost completely covered in vegetation)

Grid Reference SC340958

(Ballaugh) Curragh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1858

(Ballaugh) Curragh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Original chapel 1815 - 'sod' chapel; Closed 1971; now used as farm garage (entrance from field through demolished east wall) - the front and sides are now completely overgrown with brambles etc.

In 1851 Religious Census described as dating from 1833 and having 100 seats - no return of attendance is given as probably no service as times were indicated as 2.30pm and 6pm on alternate weeks.

Known also as Close Rhennie and Lhoughdhoo

Ballaugh Curragh Chapel

see report of Centenary Celebrations

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