Barregarrow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I, 1816

Barregarrow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel I

In 1851 Religious Census stated to have 160 seats. the chapel would appear to have been built on private ground before its sale to trustees: [NSS May 1820 6]dated 30 Apr 1817;John Corlett(Ballacorlett, Kk Michael) sells for £2(British) to John Corjeage(Ballaoney), John Crellin(Ballaleigh), John Cain(Ballaskyr), William Corlett(Ballacorlett), Philip Quiggin(Shalghaige),John Corlett(Ballakilley-clieu) and John Maxwell(Village) all of Kk Michael a plot of land part of Baregarroo qtrland bounded on south by highroad Castletown to Ramsey, on west by road leading to Glanwillin and on north + east by estate of sd John Corlett - 17.25yrds along highroad and 9.25yrds along Glanwillin road wch is the ground on wch the Methodist chapel or preaching house is built together with vacnt ground between south end of sd house and highroad + 3yrds clear ladder room on north + east - to be 'Methodistically' settled with trustees with John Caine(Ballaskyr) the present nominal tenant; Witt John Cannell, John Caine; Setting quest place 1d rent

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Barregarrow Wesleyan Methodist Chapel II, 1880


An amusing account of the laying of the foundation stone on Easter Monday was given in Mona's Herald.

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