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Much of the information on this page is extracted from the articles by Mr C.Renshaw on the history of Kirk Michael Chapels.
The map opposite shows the location of the various chapels; from Cronk-y-Croghee to Kirk Michael crossroads is about 1km.


Kirk Michael (Kelly's Yard) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1798

Closed 1840 and advertised for sale, later history unknown; mostly demolished 1960s, used as builders' premises until c.1980; possible wall remains

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Kirk Michael (Cronk y Croghee) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1841

Site bought from Evan Gell (Whitehouse) for 5/- by Rev Holroyd of Ramsey circuit who then sold it on to the trustees (also for 5/-); reported as diliapidated by 1909 and Mr H.H. Corkill, treasurer, led efforts to build a new chapel. Demolished 1916
According to Kermode [List of Mx Ant] may have been built on site of keeil.

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Relationship with the ordained ministers would appear to be strained as judged by following quote from 1854 register (quoted by C.Renshaw 1997):

I do not pretend to say that the numbers here put down are correct, for we have had no means all the time I have been here, nor has there been any means for years, so far as I can discover, of any preacher knowing the exact number of members in society, nor yet their true spiritual condition as the members in most places will not meet the ministers to receive tickets.
My mind has been greatly pained with this state of things in the Circuit, which I have made some attempt to remedy but with very little effect.

Kirk Michael (Main Road) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1824

Kirk Michael ( Main Road)

Trustees were mostly tradesmen (those of Wesleyan Chapel were mainly farmers).
1851 Religious Census quotes an attendance of 240 at the evening service in a chapel that was described as seating 200. (The Wesleyan chapel quoted a congregation of 40.)
By 1860 found to be too small and a new chapel planned; Became Sunday School in 1868 on opening of Ebenezer Chapel, in 1912 exchanged with Mr Gorry when new Sunday School hall built on his coalyard and he moved into old chapel. Now occupied by Ballaconley Engineering.

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Kirk Michael (Ebenezer, Main Road) Primitive Methodist Chapel 1868

Kirk Michael (Ebenezer, Main Road)

Built by communal labour though initial enthusiasm waned for some years and the Rev Fred Smith had to start labouring on the site with 'spade and barrow' before work recommenced.

Trustees: Taken from Minute book of the Ramsey Circuit (Primitive Methodists), 1863--87.
Registry of Trustees of the Chapels in the Ramsey Circuit. [MM MD 12534/1]

John Rodgers, Michael. Died April 18th 1876
John Corjeag senr Michael. Died Sept 11th 1884 Interred in Michael Church Yard Sept 15th 1884.
Thomas Mylrea, Michael. died Nov. 1876
John Cannan, Michael
John Kaighin, Michael
John Corjeag, jnr,
John Thomas Mylreu
William Cannan, Michael
John James Canan, Michael
John Rodgers, snr Michael
Thomas Kelly Peel
John Cannell, senr, Orrisvale, deceased
William Cannell. Michael, Deceased.
William H. Corjeag, Michael.
John Crowe, Michael. Deceased.

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Kirk Michael (Park view) Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1913

Kirk Michael (Park view)

Cost £1200, opened after several years of fundraising in 1913 though bad luck dogged the opening when the official opener, chairman and guest speaker all had to send deputies. Closed c.1970 following merger with Ebenezer chapel; now used by badminton club with Sunday School hall now K.M. Playgroup

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