Castle Rushen Disbursements

These are effectively the petty cash books kept by the Steward and Controller (usually countersigned by both) for work done on behalf of the Lord (eg upkeep of property). They are now held at the Manx Museum (ref 9782 - Castle Accounts) - the basis for this transcription was kindly given to me by Ros Stott.

Hunting of 'Puffins' (Shearwater chicks) and rabbits (using ferrets) on the Calf was a recurring expense. The maintenance of the Bagnio (or Bath House) in West St (now Arbory St) Castletown and adjacent to the Castle and the Lord's Stables was also a continuing expense.

Associated with these papers are many dated 1713-1716 connected with Mining on the Island:

192 folios; "carrying lead oare from the Mine Hough to the Smelting House" smelting lead ore Mining of "clean merchandable lead ore" by "Adventurers and Miners in the Green Chamber", or "Gentlemen Adventurers in the Green Chamber" or "Green Chamber Miners" work on the Smelthouse; delivering of coal; "piecing of a pump" "loss of time occasioned by want of coals" "assisting the Bricklayer in Building the partition in the Smelting House..." "making a Lime House and smithy" at the Smelthouse" making bricks; building a furnace; etc. etc. Incl "A bill given in by Charles Wallis Esq, John Smith, Robt Hall, Francis Wildgoose [will of 1714 has miner of Moneyash in Derbyshire] , George Mercer, Francis Spooner, Abraham Kidd & Michael Taylor, Adventurers and Miners In the Green Chamber for three tonns Eight Hundred & Twenty One pounds of Clean Merchantable Lead Ore. Every hundred weight Containing Sixscore pounds. Our Honble Lords fifth part amounts to Thirteen Hundred Two Quarters and Sixteen pounds wch being first deducted There remains to be paid for Two Tonns fourteen hundredweight and four pounds which at £3 per Tonne is..



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