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Castle Rushen Disbursements - 1726

to whom paid reason
1726 May
Issabell Cubon, Jaine Cottern, Elliner Corrin [weeding? mowing?] done in our Hon Lord's Garden
1726 May
Eubonia Grek, etc. "for John Kinread ye Prisoner's diet"
1726 May
Thos Woodworth, Keeper of the Calf Isle "A Bowl of Meal Corn for the ferrats; A Man for helping to hunt the Rabits; for Coard Line and Coping yarn"
1726 May
Capt Wm Menier ten tons and five barrels of coal
1726 May
John Woods "work done by John Woods...at Ramsey...by order of Capt Wattleworth...for fixeing and repaireing 19 of his Lordspps firearms in the said towne..."
1726 May
Mark Cain, John Hutchin "Sawing Boaks and dayles for the winscott of the parlor in the Govrs House and ..the Bagnew house..."
1726 Jun
John Slater, Robert Hutchin "for cleaning and repairing fourty firelocks agl Midsomer Fair"
1726 Jun
Wm Kermad, etc. "serving Wm Dougherdy, meason" etc.
1726 Jun
Wm Dougherdy "paving the Governors Brew House...Cart house...stable...making the Garding walle"
1726 Jun
John Slater, smith locks, bolts, hinges for "the stable door", "the Gov's brewhouse door" "the stable", "the Haggard Gates" etc. etc.
1726 Jun
Wm Dougherly "for takeing down and building up a stack of Chimnleys containing six funalls"; "toping a Chimley, covering the well and settin a great";
1726 Jun
John Saint "glasing the Kitchin Chamber...mending of the Lead spouts of the Governors pomp and setting up of work with Thomas Smallsaw pump maker..." etc.
1726 Jun
Edward Corris "mending the hot-bed...making morter and slating the Bottle Rack at the Govrs house...helping William Dougherdy at the chimney of our Lord's house in the Castle...."
1726 Jul
John Stevenson, overseer, etc. making up the Lord's haystack
1726 Jul
John Slater "For making a Casement for the back Kitchin Chamber in the Govrs House and Tenn barrs for the other lights in the said room...a Spindle for a Wheelborrow in the Castle...mending the Rowler frame in the bowling green and making 2 handles latches & latche thumb pieces and staples for doors in the Govrs House;;;making a Large Lock & Key for the Brew house doors at the Bagnew House..."
1726 Jul
Widow Morrison, etc "for Ann Moaney, Alias Quark, Dyett, During the time that she was confinde in Castle Rushin..."
1726 Jul
Katherine Brew For washing one surpless two talle Cloaths and two Napkins belonging to Castletown Chappel"
1726 Jul
Thomas Quale, etc "Our Honble Lord Indepted to the Inhabts of Castletowne for John Kinroad's Dyett as follows:
1726 Aug
Iain Quirk "for salting packing & cureing of hundrd Herring.."
1726 Sep
Hutchinson, Bailie & Dutorall for "l hhead of High Gravel Clarritt
1726 Sep
Wm Dougherdy "mending the haggort wall...the gardin wall...pullin down an oven...cuttin of the grindin stone in the Castle..."
1726 Sep
Wm Dougherdy of Castletown "To Building of the dog kennell...mending the haggert wall...cutting of the grinding stone in the Castle..." etc.
1726 Oct
James Horton Bryan Wilcock to James Horton, Rec Gen in the Isle of Man, to pay Thomas Horton "for value recd of John Parr here"
1726 Sep
Wm Daugherdy "1 hundredfoot of flags for the flaging of the Governers Kitchin"
1726 Oct
John Slater, etc. "takeing the Iron work planks and timbers out of the wrack'd ship at Derby heaven..."
1726 Nov
Wm Sharrack 1723may misc work - mending a table, repairing a door, "going to Knowsley to look after severall ship's load of cattle", mending floors in Gov's house, etc.
04.03.11 1723dec work done on Governor's parlour
06.16.02 1724apr "An Acct of carting done..."
09.08.06 1725feb misc mending and repairing
00.19.08 1726jun "work done..."
09.07.00 1726mar "work done..."

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