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Castle Rushen Disbursments - 1711

1711-12 numbered 1-70

date to whom paid reason
1710 Bradwarden Jackson letter of credit, R Worthington
1710 may Miles Slater "Work done..in ye Calfe Isle...making a new carriage for one of ye great Goons...& anew side for a nother...."
1710 sep Thomas Looney "slitting of dayles for the several repairs in the Castle...squaring of Timber...repairing of the Roof of one of the Rooms in the Walls next the Receivers Office..." etc. etc.
1710/11 feb John Quale, John Kewley, Tho Radcliff , John Cotteen, John Kavish, masons "for walling & raising of Pillars of lime & stone for Gates on our Honbl Lds Demesnes called Redgap fields
1710 feb James Waterson "for assisting the Keeper in takeing the Rabbits in the Calfe Isle"
1710 mar George Walker, blacksmith shoeing horses
1710 nov J Mercer "for the runing of our Honbl Lords Mare in the BrickKiln fields...two months and three dayes..."
1711 apr Cathrine Brew "washing the Chappell Linnen from Easter 1710 to Easter 1711 being two surplices...and for washing two Tablecloathes and two napkins.."
1711 apr John Farrant, Couper "worke don...in Castle Rushin and a bord his Ld Shps Ship ye Henereta... making eight Firkins for Sampier...for putting hoops on foure caskes wch was sent for England & makeing a new cask for to put pouder in to be lodgd in ye Calfe Isle...for mending a caske a bord our Honbl Lds Ship & a making a new bucket and hoping a tub for ye useof me Lds Gardinger..." etc. etc.
1711 may Francis Wolfinden "carting Kelp and other things from Castle Rushen to Derby Haven to be shipd on board our Honbl Lds ship..."
1711 apr Thomas Moore "two drum heads for our Honbl Lords use att Peel.."
1711 apr David Christian "to buy coales at Liverpool for our Honbl Lords Use.."
1711 mar Tho Mollineau 40 doz bottles
1711 may Seser Brew, Edward Corras 463 lbs of feathers
1711 mar Caesar Brew, Tho Kewen "for rendring & plastering our Honbl Lds Smelt House att DerbyHaven..."
1711 mar Miles Slater, Carpenter "framing the floor and making stairs and partitions and making a frame for the bellows and setting up ye beam over them..."
1711 mar Thos Mollineau "work done...at the Smelthouse..casting of lead and cuting of glass and masking it & seting up at the Smelthouse..."
1711 may John Belson, Robt Quirke "for brewing forty bowls and twenty kishins of malt in Cstle Rushen..."
1710 nov Tho Mollineau "for soderring of wattering Canns...marking of a light of glass upon the top of the Castle..."
1711 jun Thos Cubbon "gathering up ye fethers on ye south side of ye Isle..."
1711 jun John Saint "Glaizers work...done in the Governors house..."
1711 jun John Saint "Glazing work done...in Castle Rushen...mending of one light in the Bell Tower & two foot of new Glass used in the same light...one Casement mended in the Banno house..." etc.
1711 Richard Lord, and his wife weeding the Lord's garden
1711 jul Ja Cornah Recd from the Commissoners "to buy cattle for our Honbl Lords use"
1711 jul Ja Cornah "to buy more cattle..."
1711 jul Thos Stole "for burning of too tun and a halfe and won hundred of Kilpe..."
1711 jul Ja Cornah Recd from Commissioners "for buying cattle"
1711 aug Ja Cornah "...to buy cattle"
1711 jul Thomas Looney "...making a gate for the Lower Close at Ronoldsway...mending the floor of the house of office...mending the pump at my Lords Gardin...sawing of timber for the Brewhouse roof..." etc. etc.
1711 aug William Keys Letter of credit from R Worthington
1712 may Francis Wolfinden, labourer "Carting of Sea sand to the garding...Carting Kelp to Lode Mr Bagget ship..carting coles from the smelt house for the use of the garrison.."
1711 sep John Farrant, Wm Kinley and partners "for mawing our Honbl Lds Meddow att Ballacagan being fourteene demoth...making of ye three demoth of hay..."
1711 sep Alise Walkinlow "for mending two watring pothlinn and sodar my own"
1711 aug Richard Lord and his wife "for weeding in our Honbl Lds Garding..."
1711 aug John Cannell candles for Douglas Fort
1711 aug Madam Mawdesley letter of credit sgned William Taylor
1711 nov Charles Kewly for burning of 11 tun and 9 cwt of Kilpe
1711 jul Robt Quirke John Elton breaking 3 tun of lime stones "to be sent for England..."
1711 oct Robt Calcott "for making [fires ?] for parting shot, [tinn ?] ...."
1711 nov Richard Lord, Mazon "in rebuilding ye wall of ye Garden at ye back of ye Govrs house... Francis Wolfinden labour carting clay and stones for ye said work..."
1711 oct John Quale, etc "repairing the Bowling Green wall...laying new Eve stones on ye Old Banio house & raising ye walls..."
1711 nov John Kewley, Edw Killy, John Kneall, Patt Hudgin, Wm Harrison, etc. "for stacking and thatching our Honbl Lds Hay."
1711 dec Gilbert Gell, & partners "for carrying ye boat loads of ling from ye Calf Isle to Port Iron...for catching 43 muttons on ye saidIsle..."
1711 dec George Walker shoeing horses
1711 dec Edwd Corris, slater "to repair the Houses in the Calf Isle...drawing lime and sand from the Harbour to the white house in the sd Isle...sifting lime to repair the Brewhouse in Castle Rushen...making mortar to repair the house in the West Street..." etc.
1711 dec Ceasar Brew making candles [173 lbs]
1711 dec Daniel Janson Letter of credit signed by R Worthington
1711 dec Thomas Cubban, Robert Gelling "for gathering of fethers [137 lb]
1711 dec John Farrant, Couper "work done in Castle Rushen and a bord his Lds Shipp ye Henerata...making of tenn firkins for sampier and mending two Caskes and a tub a bord ye Honbl Lds Ship a huping a Caske new to put beare in and puting a head in a dray task wch was sent to England ...for dressin of three caskes for herring & won for oyle..." etc. etc.
1711 dec John Rothmell, John Slater making and mending locks, keys, hasps, "a key to a cubbart thats in ye Comptroulers Office...4 hoops & 4 spindles to ye Gates of my Lords fieildes...a lock to a fouleing peece...mending ye lock of ye Liberary door in ye Castle...22 hooks for ye Govers kitchin...a hasp with 2 staples for ye haggart gate...mending ye Key of Mount Strange...making 2 marking irons to mark cattle..." etc. etc. etc.
1712 jan Wm Bagat "for halfe hundred wt of rod iron & for soap [a quarter of hundred] & candles [48 lb]..."
1712 feb Hen Buttler "for hay bought for our Honbl Lds cattle..."
1712 feb John Quaile Thomas Radcliff, mazons "rebuilding two little sellars in ye Governors Court...carting lime sand & stones for ye sd work..."
1712 Ja Cornah Letter of credit signed William Taylor
1712 feb James Watterson, Henry Baine "for helping to catch ye rapits in ye Calfe Isle
1712 feb Francis Willoughby, William Bramwell Declaration of loan from the earl of Derby - to be repaid jun 4
1712 feb Francis Willoughby, William Bramwell "Adventurers in that part of the Mines called the Whinery Vein, in the parish of KK Christ Rushen...extraordinary prospect for raising both Copper and Lead Ore in the said work called the Whinery...small stock of Moneys...exhausted, ...in a fair way of making returns for all our toyle and trouble...the works must stand...please to lend us some small sume...hope to repay again...give our Bond..." Richard Reece certifies they have "on the Bank Copper Ore above the value of five pounds...."
1712 feb Edward Corrass, Caesar Brew slating "on ye two little Howses att ye Govrs gate..."
1712 mar Thomas Cubbon, Robt Gellin "for gathering of four score & one pound of fethers..."
1712 mar John Quayle, mason "for turing an Arch in the entrance goeing into the Castle Rushin where the old bridge was...finding all materialls for the same viz. lime stone labourers, sand...& paving...and by agreement received...from the Honbl Lords Steward an English shilling in part payment of seven pounds..."
1712 mar Joseph Hornby Bill of exchange, signed R Worthington
1712 apr Ja Cornah "to buy Cattle..."
1712 may John Quall, mason "for breaiking a dore through ye wall under wherein ye drawbridg was & for a stone dore case for ye same & seting it & [malting?] ye hinges in to hinge ye Doore & puling down a cross wall which was under ye sd draw bridge..."
1711 sep Frank Wolfenden, laborer "...carting Eve stones from Polewash & lime & sand to repair my Lds house in ye West Street...Carting Casques filld with small bear & provisions from Castle Rushen to be ship'd on board ye Henneretta then at Derby haven for ye use of the ship crew..."
1712 may Catherine Brew "for washing the Chappell Linen...being two table cloaths two napkins and a christning cloath..."
1712 John Corris "For making of five bags to keep money in..."
1712 jun John Saint "Glazeing work done...att Castle Rushen...for four squares in the Dineing Room...one Casement in the Comptrls office...making one casement for the Banneo house...3 old Lights repaired in the Kitching Simmin'd & banded...12 squares in 2 casments in ye Bannew house..." etc. etc. etc.
1712 jun John Saint "Glazeing work done at the Govrs house..."
1712 jun Ja Cornah "from the Commissioners of the Revenue to buy cattle for our Hon Lords use..."

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