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Castle Rushen Disbursements - 1723

to whom paid reason
Ed Corris, John Kewn "slating a house in the Calf being nine square and seventeen foot of slating"; etc.
1722/3 Jan
John Callister, Smith "fixing and cleaning sixteen firelocks..." making and mending keys, locks, nails, hinges, "a pair of tongs belonging to the Guard", etc.
1723 May
Wm Collier "for catching the Ayry of Hawks and coming with them to Castletown"
1723 Jun
Miles Slater, Carpenter "making a door case and window case and making a roof and setting it up"
1723 Jun
Ed Corris "Robt Brew serving Ed Corris at the Watchchamber in the Castle...at the Chapple in the Castle...at the Govrs Stable...at the Bannio house...repairing of the White house in the Calf..." "Two thousand of slate pins used on the repairing of the house in the Calf"
1723 Jun
Miles Slater, Carpenter "putting up weater boards on the New building in the Castle...making daile boxes to go for England...mending the lobster box...makeing a door for the watch house on the walls..."
1723 Jun
John Saint "Glazeing work done...4 foot and a quarter of new glass made for the Bell Tower...Repairing of the Banneo house windows...with ten squares put in the room over the parler and mending of ye parler windows....repairing of the Town Chappel windows with 90 squares of glass..."
1723 Jun
John Saint "Glazeing work done att Peel Castle...6 squares in the draw room...2 squares in the stair case...2 quarries in the little parler 2 quarries in the room over the Hall 2 foot and a half for the Captns closet 2 quarries in the room next the dining room..." etc. etc.
1723 Jul
John Rothmell, John Hamilton, John Thompson, Gunsmiths "fixing cleaning and repairing 243 Musqts belonging to Castle Rushen"
1723 Jul
George Walker, Blacksmith "removes [or] new shoes on the Black Horse...Grey maire...Stond Hors...Gray mair...."
1723 Aug
Henry Mylner, boat carpinter "for mending our Rt Honble Lord's Ferry Boat at Peel Castle.
1723 Sep
Wm Dawson, slater work done "in the Armory in Peel Castle..."
1723 Nov
John Farrant, Cooper mending, making "caskes", "barrels" for "ale and beer", "salt", "firkins for sampeer","a hering barrel sent for England"; "a Puncheon for ye Rabit skins and mending 4 barrels to put Bottles in"

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