F75/15 Calf of Man

Calf as viewd from Mull Hills

The Calf is a small island off the southern extremity of Man. For long it was in the possession of the Stevensons of Balladoole but was requisitioned by James 7th Earl of Derby during the civil war with an eye to garrisioning it. At the restoration the Stevensons petitioned for its return.

Some legends associated with Thomas Bushell's stay on the calf entered Manx folklore.

Another was the Penitent - see Manx Soc vol 21


In 1937 given to the UK National Trust, it became a bird sanctuary; it was later transferred to the Manx National Heritage.


Online Pages:

Bishop Wilson gave a brief description in his History of the Island. concentrating on the 'puffins' caught there.

P G Ralfe Birds of the Isle of Man contains under puffin an extract from Townley describing a visit there in 1780 as well as considerable history of the Calf..

G Head A Continuation of a Home Tour 1836 describes a visit there in 1832

Some discussion re Bushell's house & geology in Proc IoMNH&AS0c 3 #5 pp504 et seq

Lighthouses on the Calf.

Offline References

 W. Lockington Marshall The Calf of Man Shearwater Press (0-904980-19-7) 1978

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