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Very little now remains of the once great Manx Mining industries that provided employment for many in the period 1850-1910. The most visible remnant is the Lady Isabella Waterwheel that once powered the pumps at Laxey Mine, and various buildings in Laxey associated with the mining activities (though the large spoil heaps have been removed and the washing floors turned into a garden). Other deserted and derelict mine workings can be seen, mostly in Foxdale and around Laxey, but also at Bradda and Maughold heads.

Online Pages:

 The most comprehensive history and description is given by Lamplugh in 1903

G.W. Lamplugh The Geology of the Isle of Man London:HMSO 1903 - part III deals with the mining activities

A.W. Moore History of the Isle of Man (2 vols. 8vo., London, 1900). Vol. ii., pp. 960-971.

G Wood provides a description of the Mines in 1808.

G Head A Continuation of a Home Tour 1836 gives a description (dating from 1832) of the Foxdale Mines ; Bradda Head and Laxey

Le Neve Foster's report on the Snaefell Mine disaster of 1897 also contains descriptions of the operations

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