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Castle Rushen Disbursements - 1720

to whom paid reason
1720 Jan
Miles Slater, Carpenter "sawing and making a top for the Govrs Chimney and setting it up..."
1720 Feb
Thomas Huddlestone, Carpinter making and mending doors, etc.
1720 Mar
Quillin Dougherty "To Dieting Quillin Kelly, a prissoner...from the 25th march 1720 to the 27th june following (being then released upon Baile" "The truth of this Bill is attested by me. Thomas Woods"
1720 Mar
Quillin Dougherty "To Dieting....Quillin Kelly who was indicted of Felony and thereupon committed prissoner into the Goale at Castle Rushen...from the 19th oct 1719 to the 25th march 1720, being 157 dayes at 2d per day."
1720 Apr
Henry Walleworth 10 ton of coal for Peel Castle
1720 Apr
John Murrey "one Hogshead of Frontignack wine...Hogshead of High Countrey Claret"
1720 Apr
Catherine Brew washing "serples" and "Table Lining"
1720 Apr
Miles Slater, Carpenter Mending the garden wheelbarrow...Ringing a pair of Cart wheels andmaking them Lower..."
1720 Apr
Ann Cottom Bankers Orders from P Worthington to John Rowe and Wm Seddon, Commissioners Revenue in the IoM
1720 May
Tho Woods "making the Fort new Coulours"
1720 Jun
Robert Norris Order signed William Taylor, to the Cmmissioners of the earl of Derby in the Isle of Man to furnish Mr Robert Norris, who is going to Norway aboard the Henrietta with 200 "mostly in Crown peeces"
1720 Jun
William Taylor Received from the Commissioners of the Revenue, via John Kewish, master of the Henrietta , in gold and silver
1720 Jun
William Taylor "Received from the Commrs of the Isle of Man, by the hands of Mr James Cornah, the sume of 999.00.00 in gold and silver for the Earle of Derbys use and in obedience to a Bill drawn some time agoe upon the said Commrs by the Earle of Derby himself for 1000"
1720 Aug
John Saint Making and repairing windows..."
1720 Sep
Thomas Ratcliffe, William Quaile, John Quaile, Measons "Repearring ye garden wall and ye wall of Each side the portch att the baner house...fifty foot of flags for Cooping the walls on each side the baner house portch..." etc
1720 Sep
Thomas Moor, Drummer "two new drumheads for the drum of Peel Castle..."
1720 Nov
Thomas Monlineax "...making 3 sounding leads ...for sodeering of the Watteringcanns in the Gardin for three years...found for the Govrs Pump at two perticular times for the pip in the ground...for mending of a lantern for the Stable..." etc. etc.
1720 Nov
George Walker shoeing horses
1720 Dec
Wm Gell, Gilbert Gell, Caesar Brew "looking for the Airey of Hawks at ye Spannish head..." etc
1720 Dec
Miles Slater, Carpenter "Sawing and Making...a box to go to England...a Nother box to go to England ...a Casement for the Govrs pantery window...a whalbarrow...Axel trees for gun Carrage on Top of the Castle...mending doors etc. att the banyew house..." etc
1720 Dec
John Rothwell, John Hamilton, John Slater, Smiths Making hooks, hinges, locks, keys,...for the side of a wheelebarrow...the Glazier's work house...the door of the new building... "a Gudgeon" for the back door of the Governors pump...a hinge for one of the little Garden doors at the Bagneo house...for cleaning and repairing the Arms belonging to Douglas Fort and making a new stock for one of the Musquetts..." etc

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