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When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns,

Adelphi, Mrs Chapman, Church st
Albert, Henry King, Market pl
Albert, Mrs Woods, Ramsey
Albert, J. E. Johnson, Ballaugh
Alexandra, J. Currie, 28 Duke st
Athol, A. B. Brearley, 11 Loch Promenade
Ballacraine, Miss Bethel, St. Johns
Black Lion,W. Gearey, North quay
Bowling Green, T. Handley, Derby road
Bridge, T. Hoult, North quay
Bridge, W. Kermeen, Ramsey
Bridge, J. J. Scarff, Lonan
British, J. Clarke, Market place
Broadway, W. Riley, Broadway
Brown Cow, W. Kitchen, Santon
Castle Arms, J. Moore, Castletown
Castle, W. Kelly, Peel
Castle Mona, J. A. Hinton, Crescent
Central. C. D., Brew, St. Johne
Cheshire, E. Race, North quay
Clarendon, J. Taylor, North quay
Commercial, J. Bell, North quay
Commercial, Mrs Smailes, Lonan
Commercial, M. Ward, Onchan
Crescent, Mrs Br , Crescent
Crosby, W. H. Herlofeon, Marown
Crown, C. McAlea, Ramsey
Crown Arms, T. Kelly, Castletown
Cumberland, J. Gill, Quayle's lane
Cumberland, R. Quirk, James st
Cumberland, T. Turnbull, Port St. Mary
Derby Arms, J. Smailes, Malew
Derby Castle, F. Bailey, Crescent
Derby, H. Charlton, German
Dhoon, J. Quilleash, Maughold
Douglas Commercial, T. H. Starkey, Market place
Elsinore, G. Matthews, Victoria rd
Falcon's Nest, E. Tristram, Port Erin
Fenella, R. E. Wight, Peel
Fleetwood J. Hamilton, North quay
Foresters'Arms, Mrs Cowell, St. George's st
Fort Anne ' Miss Marshall, Douglas Head
Foxdale, S. Counsell, Patrick
Friendship, A. Quilliam, Ramsey
George, J. Gilbert, Castletown
Ginger Hall, C. J., Cowley, Lezayre
Granville, S. H. Marsden, 43 Loch promenade
Greyhound, E. Bell, North quay
Grosvenor, C. Kay, Athol st
Half-way House, R. Craine, Santon
Half-way House, W. C. Corlett, Marown
Harp, Mrs Gelling, Malew
Hawthorn, T. Clueas, German
Head, J. Marsden, Douglas Head
Hibernian, Mrs Skillicorn, Maughold
Highlander, J. Kay, Marown
Hope and Anchor, R. Shimmin, Castletown
King Orry, T. Faragher, Lonan
King Orry, R. Kinvig, Arbory
Junction, J. L. Kermode, St. Johns
Lancashire, North quay
Manchester House,W. Tate, North quay
Manchester and Liverpool Arms, R. Cowell, North quay
Manx Arms, H. Leadbeater, Onchan
Marina Lawn, J. J. Harwood, Promenade
Marine, J. V. Foy, Peel
Miller's, T. Miller, Port St. Mary
Masonic, G. Sharp, North quay
Mitre, P. Best, Michael
Mitre, R. R. Clarke, Ramsey
Neptune, T. MeEwen, Ramsey
Mona, W. Christian, Castletown
New, W. Osborne, Lonan
New Strand, F. Quinn, Strand st
Northern, R. Huglies, Ballaugh
North, J. MeClure, Braddan
Nursery, J. T. Beale, Onchan
Nursery, F. Appleby, Onchan
Oddfellowis' Arms, J. Marsh, North quay
Oddfellows' Arms, J. Taylor, Peel
Oddfellows' Arms, T. Fargher, Malew
Oddfellows' Arms, J. Fargher, Patrick
Old Market, J. McClelland Market place
Old Strand, J. Woodruff, Strand st
Pier, T. Marsden, North quay
Peverell, J. G. Nattan, Victoria pier
Peverel, W. F. Marsden, Peel
Plough, J. Kinley, Malew
Plough, W. Cleator, Ramsey
Port Soderic, J. Murphey,Braddan
Prince of Wales, Mrs Ashton, Onchan
Quarter Bridge, J, Bates, Braddan
Queen's, T. Swift, Crescent
Railway, A. C. Kelly, Bridge rd
Railway, B. Collins, Braddan
Redfern's, G. Starkey, James st
Regent, Mrs Weldon, 12 Loch Promenade
Richmond hill, J. Hope, Braddan
Rosemount, J. Livesey, Woodbourne road
Royal, S. Lomas, North quay
Royal, J. Moffatt, Peel
Royal, G. Holmes, Ramsey
Royal Oak, P. Fisher, Peel
Saddle, Mrs Cooper, Queen st
Saddle, J. Henderscn, Ramsey
Shakespeare, W. H. Jones, Victoria st
Sheffield, Mrs Ewkand, Parade
Shepherd, J. Harding, Gt. Nelson st
Shore, D. Borland, Lonan
Shore, Mrs Qualtrough, Rushen
Stanley, E. Kermeen, Ramsey
Star, J. Parkes, Prospect hill
Sulby Glen,W. Anderson, Lezayre
Sun, J. Parkes, Victoria st
Talbot, Mrs Weston, Athol st
Theatre Royal, E. Starkey, Wellington st
Thistle, W. Terry, Parade st
Trafalgar, J. Holclen, South quay
Trafalgar, H. N. Brown, Ramsey
Tynwald, J. Ennaw, St. John's
Udall's, C. Udall, Port Erin
Union, W. Parkinson, Ramsey
Union, T. M., Shore, Castletown
Victoria, J. Kneale. Ramsey
Victoria, J. Flinn, Castletown
Victoria, Mrs Wood, Drumgold st
Victoria Palace, B. Corkhill, Victoria st
Villiers, Victoria st and Promenade, C. Udall, Manager
Waterfalls, J. Hale, Patrick
White Lion, J. Quayle, Peel
York, A., Bradock, Parade st


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