[From Smith's Directory, 1889]


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When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.

Cabinetmakers Furniture Dealers

Bell Bros., 1 Marina road
Benson Francis, 19 Athol st
Boyde Bros., Ramsey '
Bregazzi John, 8 Athol st
Collister John, 29 and 31 Finch rd
Corlett E. and C., 51 Buck's road
Corlett John J., 35 Circular road
Corlett George R., Strand st
Green Henry, Prospect hill
Kelly J., Castletown
McNeil George, 5 Drumgold st
Neale P., Braddan
Proctor Leonard, 30 Prospect hill
Raby C. R., Athol st
Radcliffe T. E. & Wm., Victoria st
Spence William, 35 North quay

Car Proprietors.

Bell Edward. 38 North quay
Bell Henry W., 7 Tynwald st
Bell James, 33 North quay
Bridson Robert, 1S James st
Bridson Thomas, 2 Derby square
Caley Charles, 9 Parade st
Carran J., Ramsey
Christian William, 19 James st
Clague Thomas, Burntmill hill
Clague William, Back lawn
Cleveland John, 5 Wellington sq
Car Proprietors continued -
Collister Robert, 13 St. George's st
Cooper Mrs Mary,Ann, 2 Queen st
Corlett Robert, 13 Mona st
Corlett Thomas, 11 Frederick st
Cowell Alexander, 3 Back lawn
Cowell W., Castletown
Cowin John, 26 Cattle Market st
Creer Robert, Drumgold st
Crellin R., Ramsey
Cubbon John, 5 Back Stanley ter
Dawson E., Ramsey
Donaldson David, 17 Finch road
Dunkin John, 70 Buck's road
Dunkin William, 11 Cyprus ter
Elliott William, 4 Harris ter
Ellison R., Ramsey
Gelling John, 11 Myrtle st
Gelling Thomas, 29 Tynwald st
Gilbert J., Castletown
Graham Wm., 9 Duke lane
Gribbin James, Senna lane
Hoult Thomas, 8A North quay
Hughes J., German
Johnson William, Peel
Karraw William, 3 Barnabas sq.
Kaye William, Westview lane
Kelly Edward, 10 Mona terrace
Kelly Robert, 9 Cattle Market st
Kennedy J., Ramsey
Kneale J., Ramsey
Kneale Thomas, 11 Circular road
Laughton John, 10 Water lane
Lindsay J., Ramsey
Martin Thomas, 31 Circular road
Moore Thomas, 9 Fancy st
Moore William, Hope st
Murray John, 6 Nelson st
McCranney John, Finch road
McGhie W., Lake road
McGlashen J., Circular road
McMullen Wm., New Bond st
Sayle Philip, 38 Hope st
Sayle Thomas, 3 Hanover st
Senogles M., James st
Shimmin John, Crescent
Shimmin Thomas, Bucks road
Shimmin Wm., 14 and 15 Castle st
Starkey J., Ramsey
Stewart Saml., 21 Cattle Market st
Vondy Robert, Loch promenade

Carvers & Gilders.

Allan Andrew, 9 Marina read
Bregazzi John, 8 Athol st
Burrows William, 56 Athol st
Kaye F., 16 North quay

Chemists and Druggists.

Bowman E., Victoria st
Brearey W. A.,10 Prospect hill
Brown J., Braddan
Caine Charles, 2 Duke st
Corrin W., Castletown
Cowley W., Peel
Craine A., Ramsey Dodgson F. W., Ramsey
Greensill Thomas, 78 Strand st
Halton R. and Son, 6 Duke st
Horne G. H., 2 Prospect hill
Kermode R. K., Castletown
Quirk D., Andreas
Robinson John, 1 Broadway
Turner Robert C., Victoria st
White Isaac W., 34 Strand st
Wilson Mrs Agnes, 97 Strand st

China, Glass, and Earthenware Dealers.

Clague James, 12 Strand st
Cairne Lawrence, 1 Duke lane
Cannell Miss Mary A., 59 Strand st
Christian James, 6 King st
Broughton Samuel, 48 Duke st
Doyle'sWellington Bazaar, Duke st
Graham William, 1 Duke st
Hall J., Peel
Hampton John, Bank hill
Sayle Wm., 11 Lord st


Cannell Edward, Drumgold st
Perry Mrs. J., 54 and 56 Athol st
Radcliffe T., Ramsey
Skillicorn John, 2 Wellington sq
Teare Daniel, Parade st
Wilson J„ Castletown

Coal Merchants.

Cannell W., Ramsey
Colvin Wm., 8 Hanover street
Johnson C. Fayer, 4 Calow slip
Joughin Win., Parade st
.Kenyon E., Ramsey
Kermode Wm. K., North quay
Moore Thos., 32 South quay
McNeil George, 31 South quay
Robinson Thos., 2 Well road hill
Shimmin Wm., Castle st
Simpson John and Co., Victoria Wharf


Caine Esther Jane, Prospect hill
Cannell and Co., 40 Duke st
Carran Mrs., Ramsey
Clague Mrs. Eliza, 37 Strand st
Corkill Misses 5:n 74 Strand st
Corrin Edward, 31 Strand st
Corrin Flaxney, Kewley's lane
Corrin H. William, Victoria st
Cowin Robert D., Prospect hill
Curphey Misses A. and H., 11 Strand st
Daniels P., Castletown
Ellison F., Ramsey
Forrester M. and T., 44 Strand st
Kelly John James, 69 Strand st
Kinvig Miss, Peel
Moore T., Port St.
Mary Quiggin William, 71 Strand st
Roberts George H., 45 Duke st
Rothwell Miss E., Castletown
Shimmin Philip, 82 Strand st
Skillicorn James, 89 Strand st
Smith Joseph, 25 Strand st
Welch Miss Annie, 5 Duke st
Wiggins Wm., 28 Prospect hill

Corn Millers.,

Arnold J., Castletown
Booth T., Lonan
Clague R„ Braddan
Clucas T., Patrick
Corjeag W. H., Michael
Cowley J., Santon
Corlett J., Rushen
Creer J., Loran
Creer J., Arbory
Crellin C., German
Curphey J., Lezayre
Faragher J., Jurby
Faragher W., Ballaugh
Fargher T., Patrick
Gelling J., Maughold
Joughin T., Patrick
Joyce J., Port St. Mary
Kewley J. J., German
Kneale J. S.. Lezayre
Kneen P., Andreas
McWhannell, J., Ramsey
Martin J. P., Ballaugh
Oates W., Nunnery mill
Quayle P., Lezayre
Wattersen R., Maughold
Welsh T., Marown

Corn, Seed, and Manure Merchts.

Beck William, Harris lane
Cleator R., Ramsey
Corlett James, 43 North quay
Corran M. W., 36 North quay
Cowin J., Ramsey
Cowin Robert D., Prospect hill
Creer John, 12 North quay
Cubbon Thos., 26 North quay
Curphey Robert, Market place
Goldsmith and Cowley, Ramsey
Kerruish Robert, 25 North quay
Kneen W. A., 16 Bridge road
Quarrie H. D., Ramsey
Rows Richard, 27 North quay
Sansbury T., Castletown
Shimmin Philip, 82 Strand st
Sowden Joseph, 1 Post Office place
Whiteside R., North quay


Armroyd George, 55 North quay
Armroyd John, 4 Castle st
Casey Mrs Jessie, 68 Duke st
Dentists. Clare E. M., 1 Mount Pleasant
Horne G. H., 2 Prospect hill
James John F., 27 Backs road
Karran James, 8 Finch road

Dining & Refreshment Rooms.

Brack W., Market hill
Caine W., Ramsey
Cannell Henry, Douglas head
Clague William, 16 Fort Anne rd
Cannell John, 55 North quay
Corrin H. W., Peel house, Victoria street
Douglas Coffee Palace Co., 51 North quay
Keig R., Peel Kelly J., Port Erin
Regan Mrs, Ramsey
Roberts George H., 45 Duke st
Smith Joseph, 25 Strand st
Thompson J., Castletown
Wiggins Wm., 28 Prospect hill
Wilson Mathew, Victoria st


(See Surgeons).

Drapers and Silk Mercers.

Archer Robert, Victoria st
Bolton J. J., Onchan
Bradshaw G., Castletown
Bradshaw G., Port St. Mary
Callow W. T., Ramsey
Christian C., Castletown
Clague Henry, Victoria st
Clague R., Peel
Clucas Robert, Victoria st
Cottier and Cubbon, Victoria st
Cottier Robert G., Victoria st
Cottier T. A., Peel
Cowin and Co., 13 Duke st
Dawson Wm., Ramsey
Falkner Frekerick Imperial buildings, Victoria st
Gale Miss, 96 Strand st
Greetham E., Castletown
Kelly D. and Son, Michael
Kneale T., Ramsey
Kneale W. H., Ramsey
Lorkett J., Ramsey
Lucas W., Ramsey
Maddrell J., Castletown
Moore and Burr, Victoria st
Mundey Edward, 43 Duke st
Paterson A. C., Ramsey
Qualtrough H. R., Lonan
Shimmin and Co., Peel
Shimmin W., Ramsey
Spence Mrs E. J., 9 Strand st
Teare T. and Co, Ramsey
Watterson R., Castletown
Wood Bros, Castletown and Port St Mary

Dyers & Scourers,

Cowen John, 27 Prospect hill
Lawton G., Lezayre
Lewin William, 10 Drumgold st
Southward Bros, Lezayre
Whipp William, 55 Strand st


Caine Thomas, Lake
Hendrick Edward, 45 South quay
Knox William, 30 South quay
Smith William, 4 Fort Anne road


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