[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


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When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.


Cain Thomas, 9 King st
Callow Louis, Fancy st
Cannon J. C., Ramsey
Clague M., Castletown
Clarke W. J., Castletown
Clucas Mrs, Lonan
Collister William, Lord st
Coole E., Ramsey
Coole John J., 31 North quay
Coole Mrs, 9 Bigwell st
Coole R., Castletown
Corlett James, 43 North quay and 16 Windsor road
Corrin H. W., Victoria st
Corrin J., 1 Strand st
Corrin J., Onchan
Cowin J. C, Onchan
Cowin Robert D., Prospect Hill and Lord st
Cowin Tom, 34 Strand st.
Craine Andrew 13 Church st
Cubbon H, Castletown
Curphey Y, Ramsey
Fisherman's supply Association, limited, Port st, mary
Gale E., Rushen
Gelling. S, Castletown
Keig J, Malew
Kelly John, 25 Church st
Kermode J. T. Castletown
Kissack J.; Onchan.
Looney L, Ramsey
Martin J., Ramsey
Moore T. A., 3 & 5 Gt. George st
Murray Thomas 18 Prospect hill
Mylrea Joseph, 45 Strand st
Oates James, 85 Strand st
Ogden John, Great Nelson st
Quayle 0-, Ramsey
Quirk Henry, 24 Bucks rd
Quine Richard 9 New Bond st
Radcliffe J., 12 Strand street
Shimmin Philip, 82 Strand st
Unsworth Thomas, 12 Castle st
Waterson M., Port St. Mary
Waterson S., Port St Mary
Wood E. Castletown


Bank for Savings, Athol st
Dumbell's Banking Co,, Limited, 1 Prospect hill
Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited Athol st
Manx Banking Co., Limited, Victoria st
Post-office Savings Bank Athol st


Lightfoot's Aquarium, Victoria st
Maden and Kershaw, Castle st


Backerley T., Lonan
Brew C., Patrick
Brew T., Andreas
Bridson William, Lake
Caine H., Onchan
Callister R., Lonan
Cannell T., Michael
Cannell W., Arbory
Christian T., Bride
Cole James, Queen st
Corkill D. J. and R, Maughold
Corkill J., Bride
Corkill J., Patrick
Corkill R., Ramsey
Corkill W., Ramsey
Cormode J., Braddan
Corrooin W., Braddan
Cowley J., Onchan
Corlett Wm., Lezayre
Corrin R, Malew
Corrin R., Arbory
Costain R., Rushen
Costain W., Arbory
Cubbon James, Victoria st
Cubbon R., Arbory
Curry W., Malew
Davidson A and W., Rushen
Faragher J., Onchan
Gell J., German
Hampton John, Quay
Joughin J. T., Jurby
Kelly J., Patrick,
Kelly T., Malew
Kennaugh J German
Kewin H. Malew
Kewley J.. Ramsey
Kewley Thomas, 8 Water lane
Killey J., Lonan
Kneale J., Lezayre
Kneen E., Andreas
Kneen J., Jurby
Kinvig W., Santon
Leece J., Onchan
Lace C., Ballaugh
Lewin and Hampton, Lake rd
Lewin T., Lonan
Mylrea W., Andreas
Oates W., Malew
Radcliffe R., Andreas
Sharp Matthew, 24 Prospect hill
Taggart H., Braddan
Teare C., Onchan
Teare C., Lezayre
Teare J., Andreas
Teare T., Ballaugh
Watterson T., Rushen
Wilson Thomas;, 13 Drumgold st


Clague J., Arbory
Coole & Qualtrough, Castletown
Curphey William, 20 Bridge road
Graves H. T., Peel
Graves and Kermeen, Ramsey
Kelly J. C., Peel
Qualtrough & Co., Castletown rd

Booksellers and Stationers.

Barker Samuel 46 North quay
Braid Wm Henry, 6 Bucks read
Broadbent Samuel K., Victoria st
Brown J. & Son, Times buildings
Cain Robert, 2 Athol st
Callow J., Lonan
Cowin Wm. H., 45 North quay
Craine J., Ramsey
Fargher John Christian, Athol st
Hannay Louis G., Victoria st
Johnson G., 12 Prospect hill
Kneale William, Victoria st
Lewthwaite Alex., Duke st
Mylrea and Allen, 18 Duke st
Parkinson M., 47 Duke st
Pendlebury James, 27 Tynwald
Taggart Miss E., Ramsey

Boot and Shoemakers.

Barron J., Michael
Bell Wrn., Castletown
Boyde W., Ballaugh
Bridson John K., 3 George's ter
Bridson R., Malew
Bridson Wm., 26 Church st
Bridson Wm., Arbory
Cain H., Michael
Cain Philip, 11 Post Office lane
Cain Robert, 66 Duke st
Cain Thomas, 2 Hanover st
Caine D., Marown
Caine W., Michael
Callow James, 33 Barrack st
Callow T., Ramsey
Callow T., Ramsey
Cannell T., Arbory
Cannell J., Michael
Cannell W., Ramsey
Christian R, Onchan
Christian W., Andreas
Clague Norrin J., Ramsey
Clague Thomas, 18 Lord st
Clague Wm., 18 Fancy st
Cleator J., Ramsey
Clucas H., Patrick
Clucas Robert, Andreas
Collister R, Rushen
Cooil J.. Arbory
Cooling F., Ramsey
Corkhill Peter, 64 Strand st
Corkhill J., Maughold
Corlett R, Lonan
Corlett W., Ramsey
Corlett W., Ballaugh
Creer D., Peel
Craine J., German
Cretney T., Castletown
Croone W., Lonan
Cubbon J., Arbory
Cubbin,J., Castletown
Duggan T., Arbory
Ellison W., Ramsey
Ellison W., Patrick
Embry John, 23 Castle st
Faragher J., Andreas
Faragher W., Santon
Fayle J., Peel
Fell T., Lezayre
Fitzsimmons J., Peel
Garrett W., Lonan
Garrett Wm., Andreas
Gawne T., Andreas
Gall P., Castletown
Gick Mrs, Hannah, 3 Marina rd
Hampton J., Lonan
Hodson John, 3 South john st
Hudson Mrs, Castletown
Kegg W., Rushen
Keggin W., Malew
Keig P., Patrick
Kelly D., Michael
Kelly H., Arbory
Kelly John B., 3 Strand st
Kelly J., Rushen
Kelly Miss, 12 Athol st
Kelly R. J., Peel
Kennaugh Anne, 29 Strand st
Kennaugh T., Malew
Kenvig V, Castletown
Kennish J., Jurby~
Kermeen Wm., Lonan
Kermode J., Lonan
Kermode J., Santon
Kermode William, 31 Chester st
Kermode W., Lonan
Kewley J., Lonan
Killip J., Lezayre
Killip W., Lezayre
King G. T., 27 Duke st
Kissack J., Andreas
Kissack R., Andreas
Kinrade J., Maughold
Kissack J., Jurby
Kneale W., Bride
Kneale J., Ramsey
Kneale J., Maughold.
Lace J., Michael
Lace W., Lezayre
Lace W., Patrick
Lay George, 9 and 11 Duke st
Leece J., Arbory
Looney J., Ramsey
Lowey J., Arbory
Mills G. F., Ramsey
Maddrell E., Rushen
Mitchell David, 36 Strand st
Mitchell W., Ramsey
Moore W., Ramsey
Mylroi T., Lonan
Preston J., Peel
Proctor Wm., 29 Castle st
Qualtrough W., Arbory
Quayle J., Maughold
Quayle J., Jurby
Quayle J. R., Ballaugh
Quiggin James, 21 Duke st
Quill H., Arbory
Quirk William, 10 Parade
Radcliffe C., German
Radcliffe J., Andreas
Radcliffe H., Braddan
Radcliffe T., Ramsey
Radcliffe T., Lezayre
Rothwell T., Ramsey
Roberts R., Braddan
Sayle J., Ramsey
Sayle W., Andreas
Shimmin William, 18 Bucks rd
Shimmin E., Malew
Skillicorn Bros., Ramsey
Tagg art Edward, 4 Well road hill
Taggart Henry, 8 Seneschal lane
Taggart T., Castletown
Teare Thomas, 18 Wellington st
Teare T., Andreas
Teare T., Ballaugh
Teare J., Patrick
Ward Cuthbert R., 16 Strand st
White Thomas, 17 New Bond st
Woods Robert, 9 Water lane
Woodworth S.' 'Fort St. Mary
Yare Christopher, Ramsey


Clinch John W., Lake Brewery, 1 North quay
Croll and Sherlock, Castletown
Lane J., Ramsey
Okell and Son, Falcon st
Woolf E,. S. and Co., Castle hill brewery

Brick and Tile Manufacturers.

Christian W., Andreas
Kay G., Maughold


Alford J., German
Aspell J., 2 and 4 Wellington st
Bailey A., Peel
Boyde J., Ballaugh
Brew J. and W,,Ramsey
Bridson T., Lonan
Brew Thomas, 26 Strand st
Cain John, Lonan
Cain R., Malew
Cain Thomas, 64 Duke st
Callow J. Andreas
Cannon W., Michael
Cashin T., Patrick
Clague R., Castletown
Clague Thomas, 9 Duke lane
Clague T., Port St. Mary
Clarke John, 3 Prospect hill
Cleator W., Lonan
Corkill J., German
Corlett Thomas, 14 Prospect hill
Corrin Henry, 25 Castle street
Corris P., Patrick
Cowley J., Peel
Cowley T., Andreas
Craine H., Marown
Cubbon E., Ramsey
Delaney G., Peel
Delaney T., St. John's
Dickinson John, 21 King st
Dickinson R., Braddan
Garrett W., Ramsey
Gell J., Castletown
Gelling J., Ramsey
Hampton Mrs. Eliza, 65 Strand st
Hannah S., Peel
Jones R., Marown
Keig J., Peel
Kennaugh Thomas C., 38 Bucks rd
Kneale T. S., Andreas
Kneen a., Ramsey
Knight W., German
Lace M., Patrick
Lewin W., Castletown
McCormick J., Ramsey
McOne Robert, 9 Water lane
Mortimer J., Ramsey
Parkes 8., Michael
Qualtrough T., Port St. Mary
Quayle R., Ballaugh
Rooth John, 4 Duke st
Shimmin C., German
Shimmin T., Santon
Shimmin W. H., Castletown
Skillicorn J., Lonan
Skillicorn T., Lonan
Wade J., Ramsey
Whiteside T., Onchan


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