[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


[note these have been split into sections]

When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.


Bridson M. H., harbour board office
Clague Thos. A., 12 Sydney st
Hardman F. W., Mona terrace
Hepper S., Michael
Jackson F. S., 23 Athol st
Johnson F. J., 13 Sydney st
Kewley G. E., Castletown
Martin E., Castletown
Mercer J. M., 15 Clarke st
Parkinson R. E., Promenade
Remfrey J. W., Patrick
Rodgers J. D., Prospect hill
Stowell J., Castletown
Taggart J., Oxford st


Beckworth C. W., Gelling's court
Brown Frederick, 46 Athol st
Callow Thos C. & Son, 12 Athol st
Cannell Claude 30 Athol st
Cookson Geo. Ridgway, 46 Athol st
Coole Chas. Wm., 45 Athol st
Creer John Joseph, 25 Athol st
Gell Sir J. (Attorney General),Castletown
Gell J.S. Castletown
Gelling H.E., Castletown
Gill J. F., Castletown.
Harrison Ridgeway, 24 Athol st
Hodgson J., Peel
Kellett H. J., 4 Upper Church st
Kelly J., Peel
Kelly R. J., Ramsey
Kermode P. M., Ramsey
Laughton A. R,4 Upper Church st
LaMothe A., Peel
LaMothe J. C. Ramsey
Macdonald Geo. J., 52 Athol st
Mylrea John A., 22 Athol st
Nelson C. B., Ramsey
Quayle Geo. H. Castletown
Quayle John, 21 Athol st
Ring Geo. A., 22 Athol st
Sherwood Richard, 13 Athol st
Spittall James, 24 Athol st
Steel Alex. J., B.A., 20 Athol st
Stephen R. S., M.A., 16 Athol st
Stevenson W. A., Castletown
Stewart Wm. M., 23 Athol st

Aerated Water Manufacturers.

Burnett J. J., Ramsey
Chrystal Bros., Ramsey
Harrison W., Peel
Mona Aerated Water Co., Ropewalk road
Marsden J. L., German
Moore T., Castle st
Qualtrough and Co., Bridge road

Agents (Commission, &c.)

Christian Robt. E., Quayle's lane
Clague John, Nelson st
Clarke Win., 34 Athol st
Craine W., Ramsey
Crowe H., Ramsey
Cubbon John, George's place
Evans John, Brisbane st
Finley James, 28 Bigwell st
Hardman F. W., Mona st
Jackson Fredk. S., 23 Athol st
Kelly Thomas, Victoria st
Kelly Thomas, Peel
Kewley Chas., 10 North quay
Kellett R. W., 29 Falcon st
Kneen Thee., 16 Bridge road
Lynam Then., 4 Auckland terrace
Maraden H. J., 2 Taubman ter
Spittall A. J., 46 Athol st
Steele Alex. J., 29 Athol st
Taggart John, 70 Athol st
Taggart Wm., 2 Castle st
Terrance G. & Co., 24 North quay
Young Wm. E., Athol st

Apartments, Board & Lodging Houses.

Airey Mrs., Marathon terrace
Allen Mrs., 25 Falcon st
Andrew J., 22 Brisbane st
Armstrong T., 5 Lawn terrace
Barlow Mrs., 21 New Bond st
Barrett Mrs., Ramsey
Bell A., 15 Dalton st
Bell C, 15 Mount Havelock
Bell Miss, 7 Marina rord
Bell Mrs., 9 Castle st
Bell W. H., 9 Circular road
Bewick Mrs., 48 Loch Promenade
Black Mrs., 3 Lawn terrace
Black Miss, 7 Clarence st
Boardman M., 11 Mona st
Bonner Mrs., 3 Albert st
Boulter H., 3 North quay
Bowker Mrs., 66 Bucks road
Boyd Mrs., 19 Bucks road
Bradshaw Mrs., 15 Victoria ter
Braid L., 21 Brisbane st
Brainsby Mrs., 14 Loch promenade
Bregazzi F., Crescent
Brew J., 20 Fort Anne road
Bridson C., Peel road
Bridson T., 2 Kingswood ter
Bridson Mrs. T., Ramsey
Bridson W., 2 Peel road
Brown C,., 15 North quay
Burgess W., 21 Loch promenade
Burnett Mrs., Ramsey
Cain J., Ramsey
Cain J., 70 Athol st
Cain Mrs., 132 Bucks road
Cain T., 3 Stanley mount
Caine H, 12 Bucks road
Caine Mrs., 16 Egerton ter
Caley Miss, 128 Circular road
Caley Mrs., Ramsey
Caley T., 21 Bucks road
Callister Miss, 2 Esplanade
Callister Miss, Ramsey
Callow J., 14 Kingswood grove
Callow J., 87 Circular road
Callow Mrs., Onchan
Cannell J., 45 Athol st
Cannell Mrs., 11 Leigh ter
Cannell Mrs., Ramsey
Cannell Mrs., 14 Christian road
Cannell R., 1 Myrtle st
Cartledge Mrs., Ramsey
Charlesworth B., 29 Castle st
Chesterman Miss, 51 Athol st
Christian Mrs., Ramsey
Christian the Misses, 25 Circular rd
Christian R. Q., 80 Circular road
Clague D., 15 Hope st
Clague J., 5 Circular road
Clague J., Port Erin
Clague J., 47 Athol st
Clague Mrs., 19 Prospect hill
Clarey Mrs.,,Ramsey
Clarke D., 39 Loch promenade
Clarke G., 13 Christian road
Clarke Mrs., 116 Bucks road
Clarke R. J., 8 Hope st
Clucas L., 14 Mount Havelock
Clucas Mrs., 13 Falcon st
Clucas T., 68 Athol st
Clucas W.H. 22 Peel road
Cockayne J., 8 Loch promenade
Collister J., Windsor road
Collister B., 44 Circular road
Collister W , 8 Kingswoocl ter
Comley G., 11 Mona ter
Connall Mrs. 59 Circular road
Connell J., 59 North quay
Corkhill Geo., 7 Athol st
Corkhill W., 1 Stanley Mount
Corkhill Mrs., 26 Derby road
Corkhill Mrs., Ramsey
Corlett Miss, 3 Stanley ter
Corlett Mrs. , Ramsey
Corlett Mrs., 5 Victoria road
Corlett W., 3 Kingswood grove
Corris J. H., 35 Princes st
Cottier Wm., 20 Princes st
Cowell Mrs., 100 Buck's road
Cowen Mrs., 3 Crescent road
Cowen T., 43 Circular road
Cowin Mrs., 3 Mount Pleasant
Cowin Miss, 61 Circular road
Cowin T., 22 Loch promenade
Cowley C., 18 Loch promenade
Cowley Miss, 2 Spring gardens
Cowley Mrs., 18 Loch promenade
Cowley W., 20 Buck's road
Craine J, 36 Bucks road
Craine Miss, 10 Princes st
Craine Mrs., 4 Peel road
Craine Mrs., Lezayre
Craine Mrs., 41 Derby road
Craine T., 68 Athol st
Craine Wm., 16 Falcon st
Crane M, and M. C., 31 Derby sq
Crawford Mrs., 114 Buck's road
Creer T., 9 Falcon st
Creetch H., 5 Osborne grove
Crellin S., 19 Mount Havelock
Crellin W., 7 Derby road
Crennell W., 20 Princes st
Crennell J., Ramsey
Crewe S., 14 Brisbane st
Criggal Mrs., Ramsey
Cringle G Richmond grove
Crosley Mrs., 23 Hope st.
Crouce Mrs., 86 Circular road
Cubbon Miss, Peel road
Cubbon Miss, 6 Mount Havelock
Cubbon Mrs., 31 Circular road
Cubbon Mrs., 94 Bucks road
Cubbon S., 80 strand st
Cubbon T., 4 Mona ter
Curphey Mrs., Stanley mount
Curphey Mrs,, Ramsey
Curphey Mrs., 11 Richmond grove
Curphey Wm., 20 Bridge road
Davidson Mrs., 11 Kingswood grove
Davidson Mrs., 34 Peel road
Davidson Mrs., 6 Parade st
Doran Mrs., Ramsey
Douglas J., Woodhouse square
Dowling Miss;, 3 Alpine ter
Dunkin J., 70 Buck's road
Eades W., 21 Derby road
Edgars the Misses, 21 Buck's road
Eggleston Mrs, 17 mt. Havelock
Ellis; J. D., 4 Prospect ter
Ellis Mrs., Ramsey
Evarard J., 21 Prospect hill
Faragher, H. S., 6 Mona ter
Fargher Mrs., 24 Brisbane st
Fargher T., 10 Brisbane st
Fargher Mrs., Ramsey
Fayle Mrs. E., Crescent
Fenney Mrs., 2 Loch promenade
Fenwick H., 3 Victoria Place
Fergusson B., 51 Loch promenade
Fielding and Bentley, 4 Kingswood grove
Fieraing Mrs., 33 Circular Rd
Fyfe Mrs., Crescent
Gale wm, 102 Buck's road
Garrett J., 23 Fort st
Garett Mrs., 16 Falcon st
Gawne Mrs., 3 Peel road
Gawne W., 53 Derby square
Gelling Mrs., 31 Loch promenade
Gelling Mrs,, 24 Circular road
Gelling Miss, 13 Mount Havelock
Gelling T., 29 Tynwald st
Gilberthorpe G., 10 Buck's road
Gill A., 18 Melbourne st
Gill Mrs., 13 Loch promenade
Gilmour Mrs., 3 Sydney st
Gleaves G. H., 23 Buck's road
Goldsmith Mrs., 54 Circular road
Goldsmith J,, Ramsey
Green 8., 2 Circular road
Graham Mrs., 2 Port St. Mary
Gregory T., 10 Mona st
Griffiths Mrs., Kingswood grove
Griffiths Mrs., Port Erin
Hall J., Fort Anne road
Halmes T., 5 Sydney st
Halsa J., 4 Albert st
Hamilton Mrs, 68 Buck's road
Hampton J., 30 Peel road
Hampton Miss, 18 Windsor road
Hampton Mrs., 21 Tynwald st
Hart Mrs;, 67 Circular road
Hartley c., 69 Athol st
Hartley J., 4 Mount Pleasant
Haskell W., Spring gardens
Hickman Miss, 3 Castle ter
Higginbottom C., 13 Mona ter
Hince Mrs., Ramsey
Hines T., 1 Brisbane st
Hodgson Mrs.. Ramsey
Hodson Miss, 25 Mona st
Hooper Miss, 25 Buck's road
Howland J., 11 Peel road
Howland J., 10 West yiew
Irving R. 16 Mount Havelock
Jackson Miss , 84 Bucks road
Johnson W.18 Fort Anne road
Kneen J. W., 14 Kingswood grove
Kay F., 16 North quay
Kay Mrs, 23 North quay
Kaye Mrs, Circular road
Kelly C., 60 Athol st
Kelly E., 10 Mona ter
Kelly E., 33 Princes st
Kelly J., 11 Christian road
Kelly J., 16 Christian road
Kelly J., 10 Athol st
Kelly J. H., 14 Circular road
Kelly J., 81 Circular road
Kelly Mrs, 20 Loch promenade
Kelly Mrs, 11 Church st
Kelly Mro, 11 Belmont ter
Kelly P.. 33 Falcon st
Kelly R., Parade st
Kelly R., Osborne grove
Kelly T., 114 Circular road
Kelly T., 9 Mount Pleasant
Kelly W., 10 Parade st
Kennaugh J., 18 Bridge road
Kennaugh T. C., 38 Buck's road
Kennedy Mrs, Ramsey
Kermode C., 18 Princes st
Kermode E., 10 Kingswood grove
Kermode Mr, 88 Buck's road
Kerruish Mrs, Ramsey
Kewish Mrs, Ramsey
Kewley J., 1 Church st
Kewley Mrs, 28 Derby road
Kewley R., 54 Duke st
Killip W., 3 Brisbane st
Kimball Miss C., Onchan
Kinrade Mrs, Ramsey
Kissack J., 48 Bucks road
Kissack W., 1 Mona ter
Kneale Miss, Ramsey
Kneale Mrs, Ramsey
Kneale T., 11 Circular road
Kneen Mrs, 6 Windsor road

Lace Mrs, 5 Victoria place
Latham Mrs, 62 Athol st
Latham S., 28 Buck's road
Lawson Miss, Ramsey
Leadbeater H., 11 Derby road
Lewin W., 60 Buck's road
Lewthwaite Mrs, 13 Derby road
Looney Mrs, Ramsey

McCluskey J., Prospect ter
McCombe Mrs, 11 Fort William
McCombe E., 7 Circular
McFarline W., 8 Auckland ter
McGlashen J., 14 St. George's st
McGuinness Mrs, Ramsey
McMaster 8., 56 Buck's road
McQuhae Miss, 9 Loch promenade
Mark Mrs, Ramsey
Martin T., 32 Circular road
Matthews Cz., Victoria road
Matthews Miss, 77 Derby road
Maw H., 3 Loch promenade
May E., 23 Mona st
Metcalfe Mrs, promenade
Milburn J 16 Kingswood grove
Mollard T., 14 Athol ter
Moore J., 15 Leigh ter
Moore P., 34 Circular road
Muncaster Miss, 50 Loch prom.
Mylchreest J., Osborne grove
Mylrea Miss, 31 Falcon pt

Newton Mrs, Fort William
Norris Mrs, 16 Falcon st

Oakden Mrs, 2 Woodbourne sq
Oates J., Finch hill
Oates Mrs, Nunnery mill
Oateis Mrs., 12 Mount Havelock
Oldale J., 50 Circular road
Oldroyd Mrs, 10 Mount Havelock

Parkinson Mrs, 15 Loch promenade
Pearson Mrs, 33 Loch promenade
Pendlebary Mrs, 27 Tynwald st
Pannington Mrs, 13 Athol ter
Pereival Mrs, 8 Oxford st
Perry R. D., 24 Loch promenade
Piggott Miss, 35 Castle st
Pimblott T., 2 Mount Pleasant
Pine Mrs, 47 Loch promenade
Place J., 48 South quay
Pollard Miss, 6 Stanley ter
Pritchard John, 57 Athol st
Pritchard Miss, 44 Loch promenade
Proctor L., 57 Circular quay
Pryor J., 53 Bucks road

Quarrie Mrs, Ramsey
Quaye J, 13 Hill st
Quayle D., 14 Leigh ter
Quayle J., 22 Castletown road
Quayle J., 40 Loch promenade
Quayle Miss, 7 Parade st
Quayle Mrs, 7 Parade st
Quayle Mrs, 63 Circular road
Quayle Mrs, 83 Circular road
Quayle Mrs, 126 Buck's road
Quayle R.. 40 Peel road
Quine Miss, Peel road
Quine Mrs., Osborne grove
Quine Miss, Grove view
Quine Mrs, 108 Circular road
Quine R., 11 Parade st
Quine T., Richmond grove
Quirk Mrs, Castletown road
Quirk J. R., 5 Derby road
Quirk T., 5 Tynwald street

Radcliffe A., Kingswood grove
Radcliffe J., 26 Hope st
Radcliffe Mrs, Ramsey
Richards; Miss, 35 Woodbourne sq
Rickards Mrs, 118 Circular road
Rivers Mrs, Marina road
Roach E., 18 Castletown road
Robertson A., 25 Loch promenade
Robertson J., 11 Mount Havelock
Robinson T., 77 Circular road
Robson Mrs, Ramsey
Rothwell Mrs, Ramsey
Rothwall Mrs, Peel
Royston Mrs, 6 Belmont ter
Ruthven Mrs, 38 Peel road

Salmon Mrs, 12 Brisbane st
Sayle Mrr, 108 Buck's road
Sayle Mrs. Ramsey
Senogles T., 1 Spring gardens
Skelly E., 34 Buck's road
Skillicorn Miss, 3 Mona ter
Skillicorn Miss, Ramsey
Shimmin J., 29 Christian road
Shimmin Mrs, 126 Circular road
Shimmin Mre, 7 Kingswood grove
Shimmin W., 49 Loch promenade
Silcock T., 18 Great George st
Simpson P. R., 4 Hill st
Sinclair Mrs, 116 Circular road
Smith R., 32 Derby square
Southwell D., 72 Back's road
Stewart C., 12 Stanley ter
Stokes J., 92 Bucks road
Stokes Miss, Ramsey
Stowell T., 112 Buck's road
Sutcliffe Mrs, Circular road

Taggart Miss, 5 Mount Havolock
Taylor E., 4 Bath place
Teare T., Ramsey
Thomas E., 3 Woodbourne ter
Thompson Mrs, 32 Derby road
Tindall Mrs, 4 Victoria ter
Trainer Mrs, 7 Mona st
Tuxworth Mrs, 102 Circular road
Tyson W., 11 Hill st
Unsworth T. A., 4 Leigh ter
Veale W., 14 Windsor road
Vick T., 28 Hope st
Wainman Miss, 6 Esplanade
Ward A., 38 Loch Promenade
Ward A., 38 Loch promenade
Ward Mrs., 34 Loch promenade
Watson Mrs., Derby road
Watterson Miss, 9 Mt. Havelock
Wattleworth Miss, 8 Christian rd
Webster Miss, 118 Buck's road
Whittaker Mrs, Ramsey
Wild Mrs, Ramsey
Willliams Mrs, 2 Stanley mount
Willialnson Mrs. 8 Hill st
Windsor Miss, Peel road
Wood Mrs, 23 Buck's road
Woodward J. T., 42 Loch promen.
Woolvett Mrs., Ramsey
Worrall J. and A., 106 Buck's rd
Young Mrs, 14 Stanley ter

Artists and Photographers.

Barrett Saml J., Loch promenade
Bradshaw J. C., Mount Havelock
Callister Wm., 25 Finch road
Clarke Edward, Loch parade
Dean George.A., 10 Athol st
Johnson Frederick, Fort William
Keig Thomas, 6 Prospect hill
Lewis Abel, 10 Finch road
Lloyd H., Braddan
McLanaghan J. L., 4.Finch road
Midwood T., Ramsey
Moor H. W., 4 Marina road
Nicholson J. M., St. Thomm, wlk
Patterson G., Ramsey
Robinson A., Victoria pier
Wane Marshall, 4 Finch road
Woodcock Francis, Douglas head

Auctioneers and Valuers.

Bridson John, Ramsey
Chrystal J., Ramsey
Corrin Matt. W., 36 North quay
Cottier J., Peel
Craige Wm. J., 12 Prospect hill
Green Henry, 16 Prospect hill
Johnson Joseph, Duke st
Kelly Thomas, Athol st
Martin E., Castletown
Raby Charles R., Athol st
Taggart John, 70 Athol st
Thompson W., Market place



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