[From Smith's Directory, 1889]


[note these have been split into sections]


Advertising Circular, G. Johnson, Prospect hill
Examiner, S. K. Broadbent, Victoria st
Isle of Man Times, J. Brown and Son. Athol st
Manx Sun, P. Curphey, Victoria st
Mona's Herald, J. C. Faragher. Athol st
Northern Weekly News, J. McGregor, Ramsey

[see also Manx Press]

Painters, Decorators, & Glaziers, and Paperhangers,

Butterworth H., Peel
Cannell W., 34 Castle st
Clarke G., 21 Wellington st
Corrin E., 30 Strand st
Cottier E., 3 Church st
Craine H., Ramsey
Creetch G., Bridge road
Criggal S,, Ramsey
Day R., 18 Fancy st
Drumm S., Ramsey
Fayle T., Peel
Gell Win., 12 Athol st
Gelling R., Church st
Joughin C. J., Ramsey
Kay Mrs, 23 North quay
Kay R., Bridge road
Kelly and Stafrord, 11 Finch ra
Kewley T. W., 93 Strand st
Mouglin and Gill, Princes st
Nicholson J. M. and J. B., 3 Wellroad st
Quine J., 95 Strand st
Quayle and Goodwin, Peel
Radcliffe & Kermode, 33 Finch rd
Skillicorn and Co., Ramsey
Stowell F., Castletown
Teare W., 54 Athol st


See Painters.


See Hairdressers and Chemistk.


(See Artists.


See Surgeons.

Picture Framers,

see Carvers and Gilders..

Plumbers Gas and Steam Fitters,

Cawte Mrs, 13 Strand st
Christian W.. Castletown
Clucas T., 41 Circular rd
Cubbon J., Victoria st
Curphey W. F., 62 Strand st
Joughin C. J., Ramsey
Kelly J., 5 Wesley ter
Kneale J., 34 Athol st
Lavery R. and Son, Ramsey
Milburn J., 52 Strand st
Moore J., 27 Finch road
Morrison S., 11 Drumgold st
Sharp M., 24 Prospect hill
Sherwood and Co, 59 Duke st
Thompson C., 27 Straiael st

Printers- -Letterpress.

Backwell M. J., Castletown
Brown J. and Son, 9 Athol st
Broaclbent S. K., Victoria st
Cowin W. H., 45 North quay
Curphey P., Victoria st
Faragher J. C., Castle st
Johnson G., 12 Prospect hill
McGregor J., Ramsey
Parkinson M., 47 Duke st

Provision Dealers,

See Grocers.

Public Houses,


Refreshment Rooms

See Dining Rooms.

Rope and Twine Manufacturers.

Quiggin and Co, Bridge st
Shimmin E., 10 Castle st

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

Ashman J. F., 47 North quay
Clucas W., Castletown
Cooil R., Peel
Corlett P., Ramsey
Cubbon J. and Son, Market pl
Cubbon J., Castletown
Ellison J., Prospect hill
Kelly E., Castletown
Kelly P., Andreas
Killy H., Lonan
Kennaugh Mrs, 29 Strand st
Kermode W. H., Castletown
Kneale R., 23 Castle st
Kneen W., Ballaugh
Pitts J. T., Ramsey
Quayle R., 1 Queen st
Radcliffe j., Ramsey
Radcliffe W. L., Andreas

Sewing Machine Agents & Dealers.

Archer R., Victoria st
Crinnell W. R., Ramsey
Hemsworth E., 5 Strand st
Mundey E, 43 Duke st


See Boot and Shoemakers.

Silk Mercers,

See Drapers,


See Watchmakers.


See Booksellers.

Steamship Companies.

Ardrossan Shipping Co, W. E. Young, agent, Athol st
Barrow Steam Navigation Co, J. J. Goldsmith, agent, Parade
Isle of Man Steampacket Co, T. P. Ellison, agent, North quay


see Masons.


Ashdown Dr, Lezayre
Anderton G. L., Derby sq
Bradbury J., Lonan
Bullock G. H., German
Clague J.. Castletown
Clucas W. D. Ramsey
Dearden J. A. 18 Finch road
Elliott P., 31 Athol st
Fleming Maxwell, 2 Victoria rd
Fowler H. D., Malew
Higgins H., Peel
Hobbs Wm. H., 26 Athol st
Jones J., Castletown
Laird, Samuel, Buck's road
Lupton Henry, 69 Derby road
Montford Henry, Union Mills
Nelson Samuel, Sydney mount, Buck's road
Reynolds J., Braddan
Reynolds J. W., Peel
Ring Cornelius, 8 Buck's road
Taylor Ballaugh
Tellett Ramsey
Wood J, W., Ramsey
Woods Thomas Arthur, 22 Finch rd

Tailors & Woollen Drapers.

Bridson T., Rushen
Cain H., 57 Strand st
Cain J., Andreas
Cain J., Athol st
Cain N, 29 Athol at.
Cain R., 12 Barrack st
Cain R., 2 Athol st
Cain W., 28 Strand st
Caine J., Ballaugh
Caine Wm., Peel
Callister T., Ballaugh
Callow J., Maughold
Callow W., Maughold
Cannell J., 2 Auckland ter
Cannell J., Michael
Cannell T., Michael
Cannell and Quayle, Church st
Christian J., Patrick
Christian R., Rushen
Christian T., Peel
Clarke T., Ramsey
Clueas T., Patrick
Clueas T., Lonan
Clueas W., Great George st
Collister J., Santon
Collister G., Castletown
Corkill J., Ramsey
Corlett D., Maughold
Corlett J., Andreas
Corlett W., Lezayre
Corlett W. H., 8 King st
Costain T., Arbory
Costain R., Rushen
Cowley D., 12 Strand st
Cowley William, Lonan
Craine D., Andreas
Crellin H., Peel
Crellin T., Malew
Cribbin E., 90 Strand st
Cuthbertson D. P., 17 Strand st
Duke J., Castletown
Gale W., Port St. Mary
Gawne W., Onchan
Gill T., Maughold
Hales J., 6 Athol st
Halsall J., 6 Lord st
Hannah W., Marown
Higgins R., Peel
Holmes R., 29 King st
Keig W., Patrick
Kelly J., 2 Drumgold st
Kelly J., Lonan
Kelly J., 2 Cambrian place
Kelly J., 9 Post Oflice lane
Kelly T., Peel
Kelly W,, Marown
Kelly W., Peel
Kelly W. S., Lonan
Kennaugh W., 8 Gt. George st
Kermode J., Lonan
Kewin D., Lezayre
Kewley W., 62 Duke st
Killip J., Andreas
Killip W., Lazayre
Kinley R. (Exors of,) 86 Strand st
Kinrade W,, St. John's
Kinrade W., Patrick
Kissack W., 50 Strand st
Kneale, W. H., Ramsey
Lace J., Marown
Lawson W,, Jurby
Morgan and Morrison, 51 Duke st
Moore J., Onchan
Morrison D., Rushen
Moughtin J., Jurby
Mylrea J., Andreas
Mylroi, T., Lonan
Nolan L., Peel
Quayle E., Ballaugh
Quayle G., Ramsey
Quayle J., Michael
Quayle J., 11 Wellington st
Quayle M., Peel
Quayle W., Jurby
Quirk J., Lonan
Radcliffe F., Andreas
Radcliffe T., Patrick
Roberts W., Ballaugh
Sansbury W., 27 Church st
Shimmin J., Arbory
Teare R., Ballaugh
Teare W., Patrick

Tallow Chandlers.

Kay J., 9 Lord st
Lenaghan P., Ramsey
Quilleish G., 7 Lord st

Tanners and Curriers.

Caine H., 12 Buck's road
Caine T., 40 Finch road
Kennaugh Mrs., 29 Strand st
Kelly P., Cattle Market st
Nelson J., Ramsey

Tea Merchants.

(See Grocers, &c.)

Timber Merchts.

Douglas Steam Saw Mill Co., Lake rd
Gelling R., Port St. Mary
Goldsmith and Cowley, Ramsey
Quiggin and Co., Bridge road
Teare R., Ramsey


See also Ironmongers.

Brown C., 38 Castle st
Carr C., Ramsey
Duff J., 20 Lord st
Joughin W., 17 Fort st
Pimblott T., Prospect hill


See also Grocers

Askew Mrs., 9 Wellington st
Bell J., 22 Church st
Braid W. H., 6 Buck's road
Condliff Mrs., Prospect hill
Corkill C., 29 Church st
Coupe J.. Victoria st
Cowin J., 22 Strand st
Cubbon W., Ramsey
Dalrymple W., 62 Duke st
Fielding J., 37 North quay
Fielding W. 0., 63 Strand st
Gallimore C., 53 North quay
Gelling D. E., Lord st
Gelling W. P., Duke lane
Halsall W., Seneschal lane
Holmes G., North quay
Quirk Mrs, Wellroad hill
Saqui J., 19 Nelson st
Strickett Miss, Ramsey
Warburton H., 7 Duke st
Warburton R., 13 Eastfield
Winder W., Bath place
Worrall Mrs, 5 Marina road

Umbrella Makers.

Casey Mrs, 68 Duke st
Fairhurst T., 75 Strand st
Goodwin T., .37 Strand st


See Cabinet Makers, &c.


See Cabinet Makers, &c.

Veterinary Surgeons.

Hughes J., Paradise st
Law T. H., Ramsey
Lemaitre F. E., Andreas
Taylor P., 42 Peel road
Turner S. E., 9 Anoldand ter

Watchmakers, Jewellers, and Silversmiths.

Callow D., Ramsey
Clucas J., Peel
Corlett W., Ramsey
Cowell Charles T., Victoria st
Davidson J. J., 24 Duke st
Fenelon T. Victoria st
Goldsmith Bros, Victoria st
Holden J., 61 Strand st
Kee D., Peel
Kegg W., Rushen
Kissack H., Ramsey
Langley S., 71 Strand st
Little E , 20 Prospect hill
Menton E., Castletown
Pointon Mrs., 42 Duke st
Prew C., Castletown
Prew H., Port St. Maxry
Sayle D.. Ramsey
Stokes J., 92 Buck's road
Swinnerton R., Victoria st
Taylor W. H., 34 Prospect hill
Wilson J., Castletown

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

See also Hotels and Grocers.
Brearley H. & J. C., Wellington st
Harris T., 39 Strand st
Heron, G. C., Castle st
Quayle D. M., Ballaugh

Woollen Manufs.

Cain T., Stanley mount
Lawton G., Lezayre
Moore T., German
Maitlana, Dalrymple & Co, Union mills
Rydings E., Lonan
Southward Bros., Lezayre


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