[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


[note these have been split into sections]

When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.


Alldritt T., Ramsey
Bean Henry, 10 Wellington st
Cannell Miss, 59 Strand st
Cartledge G., Ramsey
Cowin Mrs, Prospect hill
Crellin J., Drumgold st
Cubbon E., Prospect hill
Cunningham J., New Bond st
Joyee Wm., King st
Keays J., Strand st
Kelly Mrs, Wellington Fit
Macevoy W., 19 Duke st
Peggott Miss, Castle st
Quiney Robert, Duke street
Simpson J., 24 Castle st
Winder Wm., Duke st

Game Dealers.

Aspell J., Wellington st
Cain T., Duke st
Corrin H., Castle st
Rooth J., Duke st
Watson R., 21 Strand st
Wootton J., 59 Strand st


Barwick C., Braddan
Cain W., Victoria st
Callow W. H., Braddan
Cannon J., Braddan
Clucas T., Braddan
Cowin W., Braddan
Craine T Marown
Crellin E., Braddan
Crellin J., Malew
Crellin W., Malew
Cubbon J., Rushen
Faragher Thos., Peel road
Gilmour J., Braddan
Grey W., Malew
Harwood J., stanley ter
Hudson R., Malew
Hunter J., Braddan
Kelly R,., Braddan
Kewley E., Santon
Kneale T., Andreas
Middleton J., Braddan
Murphey J., Braddan
Pollard W., stanley ter
Richmond F., Lezayre
Shimmin R., Malew
Todd J., Victoria rd
Vick C., Braddan
Wallace J., Castletown


(See Painters.)


(See Fruiterers.)

Grocers, Provision Dealers, and Shopkeepers.

Marked thus * are also Wine and Spirtt Merchants.
Allen and Taubman, Ramsey
Allport C., Malew
Armstrong G., Lonan
Brrron Miss, South quay
Biggan Miss, Wellrose hill
Boyde John, Ramsey
Brew T., 24 Drumgold st
Brew Miss, Jurby
Briers Mrs E., Wellrose hill
Brew Miss,- Ramsey
Bridson Mrs, Ballaugh
Bridson T., Patrick
Bruce R, Bride
Bucknell A., 17 Prospect hill
Butterfield R., 25 Hope st
*Cain Miss E., Castletown
Cain Mrs, Athol st
Cain P. , Lonan
Caine W., Ballaugh
Caley T., Ramsey
Callin J., Peel
Callister C., Peel
Callister J., Peel
Callister Mrs, Peel
Callow J., Ballaugh
Callow L., Fancy st
Cannell J., 20 Wellington st
Cannell W., Michael
Camaish T., Peel
Christian R., 26 Barrack st
Christian J. and W., Jurby
Christian Mrs, Peel
Christian T. , Ramsey
Clague J., Peel
Clague J., Port Erin
Clague John, 23 Nelson st
*Clague Robert, Castletown
Clague T., Peel
Clarke 3., Foxdale
Cleator Mrs, 20 Drumgold st
Clinton W., Peel
Clucas G. H., 67 Strand st
Clucas J., Peel
Clucas J., Foxdale
Clucas M. , Mona st
Clucas Mrs, Peel
Collister Mrs, 11 st. George’s st
Collister W., Church st
Coole J., Victoria st
Coole J., 31 North quay
Coole T., Bigwell st
Corkhill Mrs, Fancy st
Corkill W., German
Corkill W., Ramsey
Corlett J., Ramsey
Corlett J., 43 North quay
Corris J. H., 43 Princes st
Cowley H. R., 5 New Bond st
Cowell J. R., Ramsey
Craine Mrs, Drinkwater st
Creer It. B., Market place
Crellin 3., Victoria st
Crellin W., Derby rd
Crennell T., Port st. Mary
Crennell W., Ramsey
Cretney J., Peel
Crinnell W. R., Ramsey
Cubbon B., Peel
Cubbon J., 10 Hanover st
Cubbon T., 26 North quay
Cubbon Wm., Rushen
CubbonWm., Buck’s rd
Curphey J., Castle st
Curphey Mrs, Arbory
Dale S., Peel
Dick A., 15 Prospect hill
*Dodd T. M., Castletown
Douglas Co-operative Society, Limited, Hill st
Fargher J., 8 James st
*Fargher R.. 10 Bridge road
Fargher T. A., Ramsey
Fell Mrs, Lezayre
Fisherman’s Supply Association, Limited, Port St. Mary
Gale J. H., Andreas
Gawne T., Peel
Gawne P. and T., Ballaugh
Gawne W., Port St. Mary
Gell J., 27 Nelson st
Gell T., Peel
Gell H., German
Gell W., German
Gelling J., Lonan
Gick E., 6 North quay
Gick R., Braddan
Gill J., Church st
*Gill R. and H., Ramsey
Gorry P., Port Erin
Green S. , Braddan
Hampton A., Andreas
Hampton J., Bank hill
Hampten M., 60 South quay
Hampton Mrs, 20 Hanover st
Harraghy M., Wellington sq
*Harrison R. , Peel
Harris T., 39 Strand st
Haskell W., Sidney st
Hindley H. J., 17 Duke st
Hines T., 1 Brisbane st
Hirst F. E., Victoria rd
Hussey G., 6 Bigwell st
Johnson J., Patrick
Joughin W., Andreas
Kaneen J., Castletown
Kee J. B., Ramsey
Keig J. S., Castletown
Keig W., Peel
Kelly C., Cattle Market st
Kelly Mrs B., Marown
Kelly Miss, Malew
Kelly J., Market place
Kelly R., Malew
Kelly T., Braddan
Kelly T., Malew
Kelly T., Peel
Kennish E., Ballaugh
Kermeen R., Ramsey
Kermode and Kellett, Victoria st
Kermode J., Peel
Kermode W. , Peel
Kerruish J., 16 Dalton st .
Kewley C., 10 North quay
Kewley J .. Lonan
Kewley L., Lonan
Kewley R, Castletown
Kewley T., Lonan
Killey J., Patrick
Killey W., Peel
*Kissack 3., 3 Athol st
Kneale and Son, Duke st
Kneale T. , Peel
Kneale W., Andreas
Kneale Wm. H, 10 Strand st
*Kneale W. R., Castietown
Kneen T., Ramsey
Lace Mrs, Maughold
Lace D., Port st. Mary
Lister J., Port st. Mary
Miller J., 46 Duke st
Maley Miss, Athol st
Moore F., 42 Buck’s road
Moore Mrs, Lezayre
Moore T., Port st. Mary
Moore T. A. , 3 Great George’s st
Moore W. C., 51 Strand st
Morrison C. , Peel
Morrison J., Peel
Mortimer S., Ramsey
Moughtin T., Jurby
Mylrea J., Peel
Mylchreest J., King st, and Castletown
*Mylchreest T., Crescent
Mylroi T., Lonan
Parsons M., Hanover st
Pickard J. A. B., Post Office lane
Qualtrough Mrs, Arbory
*Qualtrough E., Port st. Mary
Qualtrough W. E., Port st. Mary
Quaggan Mrs, 17 Hanover st
Quayle J., Patrick
Quayle B., Ramsey
Quayle P., Ramsey
Quayle T. P., Peel
Quayle W. B., Ballaugh
Quinck R., 9 New Bond st
Quilliam W., Peel
Quirk H. , 24 Buck’s road
Quirk Mrs, St. Johns
Radcliffe J., Ramsey
Radcliffe J. J., Aridreas
Radcliffe W. L., Andreas
Roney R., 14 Duke st
Rowey R., 27 North quay
Savage J., 15 Church st
Shimmin J., Peel
Shimmin R., German
Shimmin W., Peel
Sheard W., Peel
Skelly Mrs, 41 Hope st
Skillicorn J., Arbory
Sowden J., Post Office place
*Stephen F. and W., Lord st
Teare Miss, 4 st. George’s st
Teare P., Ballaugh
Teare W. • Marown
Thomas T., 16 Duke st
Thompson G. , Peel
Thomson Mrs C., Castletown
Torrance G. and Co., North quay
Tupper De Vick, Lonan
Tupper W., Lonan
Turnbull W.. Port Erin
*Vondy D., Ramsey
Waid Wm., 26 Duke st
Watterson T., Arbory
White L., Duke st
Williamson J., Lonan
Williamson R., Lonan
Woff Wm., 4 James st
Wood Mrs E., Ramsey


Austin C., Castletown
Barlow J. H., Victoria st
Cain J. H., Athol st
Cannell J., Peel
Connell John, Worth quay
Crellin John, Ramsey
Dow H., Ramsey
Fielding J., 37 North quay
Horteguela and Co,, Prospect hill
Jolly J. M., 15 Athol st
Keighley W., Great George's st
KelIy E., Ramsey
Kewin E., Castletown
Morris W., Drumgold st
Randall T., Athol st
Roberts G., North quay
Sayle J. L,, Athol st


Cannell J. E., Ramsey
Cannell R., King st
Emett E., Duke st
Kelly W., Duke st
Killip R., Peel
Kneale W. H., Ramsey
Leece W. E., 50 Victoria st, and Peel


Taggart W., Castle st
Ward E., Strand st


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