[From Smith's Directory, 1889]


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When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.


Batty J. E., Ramsey
Boyd T., Castletown
Cawte 1. M., Strand st
Christian W., Great Nelson st
Christian W., Castletown
Clague J. and Son, Ramsey
Coole T., Port St. Mary
Corkhill R., Ramsey
Cubbon J., Victoria st
Dawson J., Peel
Dawson Mrs., Strand st
Dawson T., Ramsey
Joughin and Tayle, Ramsey
Kelly W., Peel
Rermode T. C., Peel
Lewin E., Bridge road
McWhannell L., Ramsey
Milburn J., Strand st
Sharp M,, 24 Prospect hill
Sherwood G. and Co., Duke st
Shimmiin E.. Castle st
Shimmin J., North quay
Todhuntet and Elliott, and Merchants, Market pl. & 20 Duke st


(See Watchmakers, &c.)

Joiners & Builders

Archer R., Albert st
Beever Frederick. Rushen
Bel~ Wm., Allen st
Boyde Bros., Ramsey
Brew D., Jurby
Burns J., Lonan
Cain J., St. Thomas walk
Cain J., Mona st
Caine R., Circular road
Caine T., Michael
Callister D., Patrick
Callister J., Foxdale
Callister T., Ballaugh
Callow J,, Ramsey
Callow J., Maughold
Callow, P., Onchan
Cannell T., Michael
Chadwick R., Falcon st
Christian J., Laezyre
Christian J., Bride
Christian J., Falcon Cliff road
Clague R. J., Lonan
Cogeen, J., Lonan
Clucas J., Peel road
Collins C., Ramsey
Collister J., Malew
Corkill, J., Lonan
Corlett H., Ramsey
Corlett J. J,, Ramsey
Corlett R ' , Ramsey
Corlett J. T., Michael
Corlett W., Michael
Corlett W., Ballaugh
Costain E., Arbory
Costain J., Arbory
Costain J., Rushen
Cowell T., Shaw's brow
Cowle J., St. George's st
Cowley J,, Onchan
Cowley T., Lonan
Cowley W., Circular road
Craine W., Lezayre
Crellin J., Derby square
Cubbon H., Finch hill
Cubbon W., Arbory
Curphey T,, Lezayre
Dawson, J., Bride
Douglas J., Sydney st
Faragher W., Lezayre
Fargher, J., Buck's road
Farnington J., Ramsey
Garrett J., Rushen
Garret T., Lonan
Gelling G. and J., Malew
Gelling J., Circular road
Gelling and Kay,, Circular road
Gilbertson J., Santon
Harrison T., Andreas
Harrison T., German
Harrison, W., Andreas
Howland J., Buck's road
Hudson P., Malew
Kay W., Kingswood grove
Kelly C., Patrick
Kelly D. and Son, Michael
Kelly J., Braddan
Kelly and Preston, South quay
Kelly P., Falcon st
Kelly R., Onchan
Kelly W., Patrick
Kennish J., Marown
Kermode T., Malew
Kermode W., Derby road
Kermode W., German
Kerruish E., Maughold
Kewley J., Castle st
Kewley J., Lonan
Kewley W., Hope st
Killip J., Onchan
Kinrade T., Ballaugh
Kissack D., Jurby
Kissack T., Marown
Lawson R., Braddan
Looney M., Lonan
Moore R., Rushen
Moore W., Santon
Moughton W., Circular road
Mylroi J., Lona
Mylecraine T., Andreas
Quayle T., Michael
Quileish J., Lonan
Quayle T., Ballaugh
Quayle W. E., Ballaugh
Quine J., Derby road
Quine J., German
Quine J.. Pntrick
Robinson H., Finch road
Sayle R., Andreas
Skillicorn T., Bond lane
Taggart C., Patrick
Taubman J. E., German
Teare J., Andreas
Tyson T., Onchan
Waddell Bros., Lexayre
Watterson T., Rushen
Watterson W., Patrick

Livery Stables.

(See Car Proprietors, &c.)

Lodging Houses.

(See Apartments.)

Machine Makers.

Caine and Son, Lake road
Knox J., South quay
McCall W,', Peel

Marine Store Dealers.

Caley W., Castletown
Collins C., 7 Fancy st
Collins E., Ramsey
Corrooin J,, Barrack st
Lynchey J., Castletown
Lynchey J. and Sons, Hanover st
McGill Mrs, Castletown
Quay J., 11 Fort st

Masons, Stone and Marble.

Archer T., Grafton st
Bell J., Castletown
Boyde W., Ballaugh
Brew J., Lonan
Caley T., 21 Buck's road
Callow D., Ramsey
Callow W., Maughold
Cannell Wm., Arbory
Clague R., Lonan
Clarke W. T., Castletown
Clucas J., Wellington square
Corlett J., Ballaugh
Corlett T., 10 Hanover st
Corlett W., Kingswood grove
Corrin T., Lonan
Corrin T., Rushen
Corrin W., Castletown
Costain T., Arbory
Cottier R., Michael
Cottier W., 28 Princes st
Corteen T. and W., Maughold
Cowley J., Andreas
Cowley J., Lonan
Creer R. W., Hope st
Cretney T., Lezayre
Faragher J., 11 Hanover st
Gale T., Rushen
Gelling T., Santon
Gelling W., 93 Circular road
Gill A., Onchan
Kaye Wm., 9 Kingswood grove
Kaye J., Marown
Kegg R., Malew
Keig T., Arbory
Kelly J., 33 Princes st
Kermeen J,, Andreas
Kneale J., German
Kneale T., Andreas
Lambert J., Ramsey
Moore J., 25 Tynwald st
Morrison, H., Arbory
Nelson J., Lonan
Quayle J., 21 North quay
Quayle J., Lonan
Quayle J., Andreas
Quayle J., Ballaugh
Quayle R.. 44 Princes st
Quayle T., 7 St. Georges' st
Quilliam T., Castletown
Quirk C., Andreas
Quirk T., 5 Tynwald st
Ratcliffe C., Andreas
Royinton J., Corner of Peel rd. and Hope st
Sayle R., Bride
Skilley E., 34 Buck's rd
Skillicorn J., 10 Lord st
Skillicorn J., Lonan
White W., Buck's road


(See Corn Millers.)

Mineral Water Manufacturers.

(See, Aerated Water Manufacturers.)

Music & Musical Instrumental Sellers.

Jackson and Lifford, Athol st
Poulter F. C., Victoria st
Smith R., Duke st. and Finch road


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