[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


[note these have been split into sections]

When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.

When not otherwise designated the address in Douglas.


Alcroft Abraham, Onchan
Allan John and James, Lezayre
Allen Thomas, Andreas
Allen William, Lezayre
Anderson Joseph, Rushen
Allison Andrew, Maughold
Archer William, Onchan
Ashbrook William, Onchan
Atkinson Benjamin, Braddan

Bailey William, Maughold
Barron John, Michael
Bell James. German
Bell John, German
Bell John, Castletown
Bell Robert, German
Best Peter. Michael
Brinkley Wallace, Onchan
Boyde John, Michael
Boyde John, Ballaugh
Brew John, Andreas
Brew John,and William, Maughold
Brew Philip, German
Brew Thomas, Andreas
Brew William, Braddan
Brew William, Jurby
Brew William, Malew
Bridson Edward, Marown
Bridson James Malew
Bridson John, Arbory
Bridson John Patrick
Bridson Robert Arbory
Bridson Thomas Arbory
Bridson Thomas, Santon
Bridson Thomas, Patrick
Bridson Thomas Malew
Bridson William German
Bridson William, Malew
Brown John M.. Andreas
Burrows Richard T.,Malew
Buckley Thomas, Maughold
Buruyeat Wm, Bride
Bush John, Onchan

Cadman Walter, Onchan
Cadman Peter, Marown
Caine Daniel German
Caine Daniel Braddan
Caine Daniel Marown
Caine John, Michael
Caine John, Braddan
Caine John, Santon
Caine John, Andreas
Caine John, German
Caine John, Braddan
Caine John J.. Andreas
Caine John T., Onchan
Caine John, Jurby
Caine Mrs, Onchan
Caine Nelson Braddan
Caine Philip T., German
Caine Philip, Braddan
Caine Robert Onchan
Caine Robert, Patrick
Caine Robert, Malew
Caine Thomas, Michael
Caine Thomas, German
Caine Thomas, Patrick
Caine Wm,Lezayre
Caine Wm, German
Caine Wm., Malew
Caine Wm., Michael
Cairns John, Patrick
Caley J. and T., Jurby
Caley Wm, Bride
Caldwell John, Patrick
Callin Wm., Patrick
Callister John, Lonan
Callister John, Michael
Callister John, Andreas
Callister Thomas, German
Callister Thomas, Patrick
Callister Wm., German
Callister Wm., Patrick
Callow Edward, Michael
Callow James, Maughold
Callow John, Lonan
Callow John, Arbory
Callow John T., Andreas
Callow Thomas, Andreas
Callow Wm., Braddan
Callow Wm., Lonan
Callow Wm,, Marown
Callow Wm., Maughold
Camaish John, Braddan
Cannan J., Michael
Cannan Robert, Michael
Cannell Daniel, Michael
Cannell Isaac, Braddan
Cannell John, Lonan
Cannell John, German -
Cannell John, Michael
Cannell Patrick, Michael
Cannell Philip, German
Cannell Thomas, Arbory
Cannell Thomas, Braddan
Cannell Thomas, Lezayre
Cannell Thomas, Michael
Cannell Thomas, Onchan
Cannell Wm., Lonan
Cannell Wm., Jurby
Cannon John, Lezayre
Cannon Robert, Lezayre
Cannon Wm., German
Carran Henry, Patrick
Carran Thomas, Patrick
Carran Wm, Patrick
Casement John, Andreas
Cashin John, Jurby -
Castle James, Onchan
Cavendish James, German
Cavendish Thomas, Ballaugh
Christian Alfred, Andreas
Christian Daniel, Onchan
Christian Enos, German
Christian Edward, Michael
Christian Edward, Bride
Christian Ryan, Michael
Christian John, Lezayre
Christian John, Patrick
Christian John, Andreas
Christian John, German
Christian John M., Andreas
Christian Mrs., Andreas
Christian Mrs., Maughold
Christian Nicholas, Bride
Christian Nathaniel, Andreas
Christian Philip, Jurby
Christian Robert, Bride
Christian Robert, German
Christian Thomas, Patrick
Christian Thomas, Santon
Christian Wm., Andreas
Christian Wm., Bride
Christian Wm., German
Christian Wm., Patrick
Christian Wm. W., Andreas
Clague Allen Rushen
Clague Chas., Rushen
Clague Charles and James, Arbory
Clague Henry, Arbory
Clague James, Lonan
Clague John, Maughold
Clague John, Braddan
Clague Norris, Lonan
Clague Robert, Braddan
Clague Thomas, Lonan
Clague Thomas, Santon
Clague Thomas, Braddan
Clague Wm, and Thos., Maughold
Clague Thomas, Malew
Clague W., Castletown
Clarke Edward, Santon
Clarke D. J. and W., Jurby
Clarke John, Michael
Clarke John, Bride
Clarke James, Braddan
Clarke Thos., Castletown
Clarke Thomas, Andreas
Clarke Thomas, German
Clarke Thomas, Patrick
Clarke Thomas, Castletown
Clarke Thomas, Ballaugh
Clarke Wm., Michael
Clarke Wm., Arbory
Clarke Wm., Patrick
Clarke Wm., Ballaugh
Cleator Daniel, Andreas
Cleator Thomas, Andreas
Cleator Wm., Jurby
Cleator Wm., Ballaugh -
Clucas Edward, Marown
Clucas Matthias, Braddan
Clucas John, Michael
Clucas Wm., Braddan
Clucas Thos., Santon
Clucas Thos. K., Marown
Cogeen John, Lonan
Collister Robert, Castletown
Collister John, Braddan
Collister Joseph, Marown
Collister Robert, Malew
Collister Thomas, Arbory
Collister Wm., Jurby
Collister Wm., Rushen
Collister Wm., Malew
Colvin Cornelius, Andreas
Colvin John, Andreas
Comish Henry, Arbory
Comish John, Arbory
Colvin Robert, Lezayre
Cooil Fred, Rushen
Cooil Jas., Rushen
Cooil Richard, Arbory
Cooil Thomas, Arbory
Cooil Wm., Arbory
Cooil Wm., German
Cooil John, Marown
Cooil Thomas, Malew
Cooil Wm., Malew
Corkhill Jas., Onchan
Corkhill John, Onchan
Corjeag John, Michael
Corkhill Thomas, Bride
Corkill Edward, German
Corkill John, Andreas
Corkill John, Maughold
Corkill John, Jurby
Corkill Thomas, Maughold
Corkill Thos., Braddan
Corkiil Wm., German
Corkil Wm., Maughold
Corlett Daniel, Ballaugh
Corlett Daniel Thos., Ballaugh
Corlett James, Andreas
Corlett James, Ballaugh
Corkish Charles, Bride
Corlett Daniel, Santon
Corlett Daniel, Braddan
Corlett Hugh, Braddan
Corlett Jephtha, Ballaugh
Corlett John, Lezayre
Corlett John, Michael
Corlett John, Maughold
Corlett John, Ballaugh
Corlett John, German
Corlett John, Braddan
Corlett Joseph, Marown
Corlett John, Jurby
Corlett Mrs., Lezayre
Corlett Mrs., Andreas
Corlett Philip, German
Corlett Robert, Andrea.
Corlett Robert, Lonan
Corlett Robert, Thomas, and Wm., Jurby
Corlett Stephen, Marown
Corlett Thomas, Andrea.
Corlett Thomas, Michael -
Corlett Thomas, Patrick
Corlett Thomas, Ballaugh
Corlett Thos. Ed., Ballaugh
Corlett Thos. Wm., Ballaugh
Corlett Wm., Andreas
Corlett Wm., Lonan
Corlett Wm., German
Corlett Wm., Patrick
Corlett Wm., Ballaugh
Cormode Daniel, Andreas.
Cormode James, Andreas.
Cormode James, Lezayre
Cormode James, Andreas
Cormode John, Andreas
Cormode John, Braddan
Cormode John, Jurby
Cormode Thos., Andreas
Cormode Wm., Andreas
Corrin Daniel, Onchan
Corrin Edward, Arbory
Corrin Edward, Rushen
Corrin Thos. , Malew
Corrin Robert W., Patrick
Corrin Wm., Arbory
Corrin Wm., Rushen
Corris Cæsar, Patrick
Corris John, Braddan
Corris Wm., Lezayre
Corris Wm., Rushen
Corris Wm., Patrick
Corteen Robert, Maughold
Costain James, Arbory
Costain John, Arbory
Costain John, .Malew
Cottier John, Lezayre
Cottier John, Andreas.
Cottier Thomas,
Cottier Wm,, Patrick
Cowell Thos, Santon
Cowin Ryan, Michael
Cowin Chas. German
Cowin James Braddan
Cowin John, Marown
Cowin Jobs, Lezayre
Cowin John, Lonan
Cowin John J., Lonan
Cowin John, Bride
Cowin John, Onchan
Cowin John, Santon
Cowin Joseph, Patrick
Cowin Joseph, Lonan
Cowin Matthias, Marown
Cowin Robert, Braddan
Cowin Thomas, Onchan
Cowin Thomas, German
Cowin Wm., Onchan
Cowin Wm., Patrick
Cowin Wm. , Marown
Cowle Charles, Andreas
Cowle Miss, Andreas
Cowle Samuel, Bride
Cowle Thos. W., Lezayre
Cowle Was., Braddan
Cowley Daniel and John, Braddan
Cowley Edward, Lonan
Cowley John, Lezayre
Cowley John, Lonan
Cowley John, German
Cowley John, Jurby
Cowley Philip, German
Cowley Richard, German
Cowley Thomas, Andreas
Cowley Thos., German
Cowley Thos.,. Lezayre
Cowley Thos., Lonan
Cowley Thos., Michael
Cowley Thos.,. Marown
Cowley Wm., Andreas
Cowley Wm., Lezayre
Cowley Wm., Lonan
Cowley Wm. , Marown
Cowley Wm., Michael
Craig James, Santon
Craine John, Santon
Craine John, Braddan
Craine John T., Ballaugh
Craine Mrs. , Lezayre
Craine Robert, Braddan
Craine Robert, Lonan
Craine Thos., Lezayre
Craine Thos.., Michael
Crams Thos. W., Lezayre
Craine Wm., Lezayre
Craine Wm., Braddan
Creer Daniel, Patrick
Creer Edward, Marown
Creer John, Patrick
Creer John, Marown
Creer John, Braddan
Creer Matthias, Braddan
Creer Edward, German
Creer Paul, German
Creer Wm., Jurby
Crebbin Mrs., Andreas
Crebbin Henry, Arbory
Crebbin Patrick, Rushen
Creer Wm., Onchan
Crellin James, Andreas
Crellin James, Maughold
Crellin Edward, Arbory
Crellin Cæsar, German
Crebbin Thomas, Rushen
Crebbin Wm., Rushen
Cregan Thomas, Malew
Crellin John, German
Crellin Thomas, German
Crellin Wm. , Marown
Crennell Wm., Andreas
Cretney Ed., Marown
Cretney Jas., Marown
Cretney John, Braddan
Cretney Joseph, Onchan
Cretney Robert, Braddan
Cretney Wm., German
Cretney Wm., Marown
Cretney Wm., Malew
Cringle John, Patrick
Crowe Mrs., Lezayre
Crowe Thomas, Lezayre
Crowe William, Michael
Cryer Jas., German
Cubbon John, Braddan
Cubbon Joseph, Braddan
Cubbon John, Arbory
Cubbon Robert, Arbory
Cubbon Wm., Arbory
Cubbon John C. , Marown
Cubbon Thomas, Patrick
Curphey Edward, Andreas
Cunningham Robert, Braddan
Curphey Henry, Andreas
Curphey John, Michael
Curphey John, Santon
Curphey Matthias, Jurby
Curphey Robert, Ballaugh
Curphey Wm., Lezayre

Daugherty Wm., Ballaugh
Dawson Edward H., Lezayre
Dobson Joseph, Lonan
Dodd Michael, Malew
Downward Geo. W., Braddan
Dugdale Mrs., Andreas
Duggan Wm., Lonan
Duggan Wm., Arbory
Duke Richard, Arbory

Ellison Robert, Andreas
Eccles Wm., Braddan

Faragher John, Lezayre
Faragher John and Wm., Jurby
Faragher Mrs.,Andreas
Faragher Thomas, Lonan
Faragher Thomas, Marown
Faragher Philip, German
Faragher Wm., Andreas
Faragher Wm., Lonan
Fargher John, Maughold
Fargher Evan, German
Fargher John, German
Fargher Fredk., Malew
Fargher Philip, Michael
Fargher Thomas, Santon
Fargher Thomas, Patrick
Fargher Wm., German
Fargher Thomas, Malew
Fargher Wm., Malew
Fell John, Lezayre
Fell John, Bride
Fell Thomas, Michael
Fisher Thomas., Arbory
Foulkes Joseph, Onchan

Gale John, Malew
Gale Hy., Rushen
Gale John, Rushen
Gale Robert, Braddan
Gale Thomas, Rushen
Gale Wm., Andreas
Gale Wm., Arbory
Garrett John, Andreas
Garrett John, Michael
Garrett John, Bride
Garrett Mrs., Lezayre
Garrett Robert, Bride
Garrett Thomas., Lezayre
Garrett Thomas, Bride
Garrett Thomas, German
Garrett Wm., Andreas
Garrett Wm., German
Gawne James, Patrick
Gawne John, Arbory
Gawne John, Andreas
Gawne John, Ballaugh
Gawne John, Lezayre
Gawne Mrs, Malew
Gawne Thomas, Arbory
Gawne Thomas, Braddan
Gawne Thomas, Bride
Gawne Thomas, German
Gell Edward, Patrick
Gell Evan, Michael
Gell Henry, Patrick
Gell James, Patrick
Gell Wm., German
Gell Wm., Patrick
Gelling Edward, Braddan
Gelling Edward, Patrick
Gelling Edward, Lonan
Gelling John, Braddan
Gelling Philip, Braddan
Gelling Robert, Onchan
Gelling Thomas , Santon
Gelling Thomas , Patrick
Gelling Wm., Lonan
Gelling Wm., Malew
Gelling Wm., Marown
Gelling Wm., Patrick
Giddings Gilbert, Onchan.
Gill George, Andreas
Gilmore Wm., Onchan
Gorry Robert, Port Erin
Gorry Thomas, Lonan
Goldthorpe Samuel, Santon
Graham John, Lezayre
Green Thomas W., Ballaugh

Hall Wm., Arbory
Halsall Thomas, Patrick
Halsall John, German
Hampton James, Lonan
Hampton Robert, Lonan
Hampton Wm., Braddan
Hampton Wm., Maughold
Harrison John, Arbory
Harrison Wm., German
Haslam Wm. H., Maughold
Hogg John, Maughold
Hogg Mrs., Santon
Howland Hugh, Bride
Howland James, Andreas
Howland John, Andreas
Howland Wm., Andreas
Hoyle Robert G., Braddan
Hudgeon Wm., Lonan
Hudson Chas., Patrick
Hudson Edward, Rushen
Hudson Wm., Patrick
Hutchinson Thos., Braddan

Jones Edward, Patrick
Jones Gilbert, Onchan
Jones John, German
Jones Pierce, German
Jenkinson Joseph, Marown
Joughin Daniel, Bride
Joughin John, Andreas
Joughin John, Maughold
Joughin John, Patrick
Joughin Wm., Bride

Kaighin Mrs, Andreas
Kaighin Jas., Michael
Kaighin John, German
Kaighin Philip, German
Kaighin Robert, Jurby
Kaighin Thos., Bride
Kaighin Thos., German
Kaighin Thos., Malew
Kaighin Thos.,, Ballaugh
Kaighin Wm , Michael
Kaighin Wm., Ballaugh
Kaneen Daniel, Andreas
Kaneen Daniel, Braddan
Kaneen John, Braddan
Kaneen Robert, Braddan
Kayo John, Marown
Kaye Thos., Marown
Karran Edward, Malew
Kegg John, Rushen .
Kegg Mrs, Andreas
Kegeen Wm., Rushen
Keig John , Arbory
Keig Thos., Ballaugh
Kelly Cæsar, Lezayre
Kelly Chas. Bride
Kelly Christian, Jurby
Kelly Edw , Bride
Kelly Henry, Patrick
Kelly Henry, Rushen
Kelly Isaac, Maughold
Kelly James, Lonan
Kelly James, German
Kelly James, Malew
Kelly John, Andreas
Kelly John, Michael
Kelly John, Lonan
Kelly John, Bride
Kelly John, Santon
Kelly John, German
Kelly John, Bradda*
Kelly John, Malew
Kelly Jonat iafl, Michael
Kelly Mm, Andreas
Kelly Mrs, Santon
Kelly Philip, Braddan
Kelly Richard, Arbory
Kelly Robert, Jurby
Kelly Robert, Michael
Kelly Robert, Maughold
Kelly Robert, Lonan
Kelly Robert, Marown
Belly Robert, Onchan
Kelly Thos., Lezayre
Kelly Thos., Lonan
Kelly Thos., Bride
Kelly Thos., Onchan
Kelly Thos., Andreas
Kelly Thos., German
Kelly Thos., Braddan
Kelly Wm., Malew
Kelly Wm., Marown
Kelly Wm., Bride
Kelly Wm., Onchan
Kelly Wm., German
Kelly Wm., Braddan
Kelly Wm., Patrick
Kennaugh Chas., Patrick
Kennaugh Henry, Malew
Kennaugh James, Arbory
Kennaugh James, Patrick
Kennaugh John, Patrick
Kennaugh Robert, Malew
Kennaugh Thos., Arbory
Kennaugh Wm. H., Arbory
Kennaugh Wm., Malew
Kennaugh Wm., Patrick
Kennedy John, Lezayre
Kermaish John, Maughold
Kermeen John, Patrick
Kermeen Robert, Maughold
Kermeen Robert, Lonan
Kermode Christian, Malew
Kermode Henry, Arbory
Kermode John, Lonan
Kermode John, Marown
Kermode John, Rushen
Kermode John B., German
Kermode Robert, Maughold
Kermode Robert, Onchan
Kermode Thos., Andreas
Kermode Thos., Lonan
Kermode Thos., Maughold
Kermode Wm., Lonan
Kermode Wm., Maughold
Kermode Wm., Marown
Kerruish Edward, Maughold
Kerruish John, Maughold
Kerruish Robert, Maughold
Kerruish Wm., Maughold
Kewin Chas., Lezayre
Kewin John J. , Andreas
Kewin John, Bride
Kewin John and Wm., Jurby
Kewin Thos. , Andreas
Kewish Edward, Braddan
Kewish Thos., , Lezayre
Kewley James, Lonan
Kewley James, German
Kewley Joseph R., Loner
Kewley John, Lonan
Kewley Robert and James, Lonan
Kewley Thos., Lezayre
Kewley Wm. , Andreas
Kidd James, Arbory
Killey John, Lonan
Killey Chas., German
Killey James, Lezayre
Killip James, Lezayre
Killip James, Michael
Killip James, Lonan
Killip James, German
Killip John, Lezayre
Killip John, Andreas
Killip John, Lonan
Killip John, Maughold
Killip John and Thos., Jurby
Killip Nicholas, Maughold
Killip Thos., Andreas
Killip Thos., Ballaugh
Killip Wm., Lezayre
Killip Wm., Michael
Killip Wm., Ballaugh
Kilpatrick Joseph, Andreas
Kinley Edward, German
Kinley John, Arbory
Kinley John, Michael
Kinley John, Rushen
Kinley Wm,, Arbory
Kinley Wm., Rushen
Kinnish John, German
Kinnish John, Lonan
Kinnish John, Malew
Kinnish John, Rushen
Kinnish Patrick, Maughold
Kinnish Thos., Rushen
Kinnish Wm., Maughold
Kinrade James, Lonan
Kinrade John, Jurby
Kinrade Thos., Andreas
Kinrade Wm., Maughold
Kinvig Daniel, Arbory
Kinvig John, Arbory
Kinvig John, Malew
Kinvig John, Rushen
Kinvig Edward, Arbory
Kinvig Samuel, Michael
Kinvig Thos., Andreas
Kinvig Thos., Arbory
Kinvig Thos. and Wm., Malew
Kinvig Wm., Arbory
Kirk John W , Marown •
Kissack Alfred, Michael
Kissack Allan J., Michael
Kissack James, German
Kissack John, Maughold
Kissack J. and T., Jurby
Kissack Mrs, Lezayre
Kissack Mrs, Maughold
Kissack Richard, Santon
Kissack Robert, Bride
Kissack Wm., Maughold
Kissack Wm., Santon
Kneale Daniel, Bride
Kneale Hugh, Maughold
Kneale James, Bride
Kneale James, Castletown
Kneale James, Lezayre
Kneale John, Andreas
Kneale John, Bride
Kneale John C., Bride
Kneale John, Lezayre
Kneale John Southward, Lezayre
Kneale John and Thos., Jurby
Kneale Thos., Andreas
Kneale Thos., Lezayre.
Kneale Wm., Lezayre
Kneale Wm., Lonan
Kneale Wm., Peel
Kneale Wm., Santon
Kneen Edward, Andreas
Kneen Edward, Patrick
Kneen Hugh, Lezayre
Kneen James, Maughold
Kneen James, Onchan
Kneen John, Lezayre
Kneen John, Michael
Kneen John, Malew
Kneen John, Jurby
Kneen Miss, Andreas
Kneen Richard, Rushen
Kneen Robert, Andreas
Kneen Thos. , Andreas
Kneen Thos., Rushen
Kneen Wm., Andreas
Kneen Wm., Maughold
Kneen Wm., Patrick
Kneen Wm. , Rushen
Kneen Wm., Santon

Lace Chas., Andreas
Lace Eros, German
Lace Fame; Andreas
Lace John, German
Lace Thos., Rushen
Lace John, Andreas
Lace Wm. , Marown
Lawson Edward, Arbory
Leece Paul H., Braddan
Leece Saml, Malew
Lewin Robert, Onchan
Lewin Wm., Marown
Lewthwaite Edward, Braddan
Looney George, Maughold
Looney John, Maughold
Looney Wm., Maughold
Lowey Francis, Maughold
Lowey James, Rushen
Lowey John, Rushen
Lowey Wm. , Rushen

Maddock Henry, Lonan
Maddock Robert, Lonan
Maddrell George, Malew
Maddrell John, Malew
Maddrell Thos., Malew
Maddrell John,. Arbory
Maddrell Joseph, Rushen
Maddrell Robert, Marown
Marfett Claude, Braddan
Marsden Henry, Braddan
Martin James, Andreas
Martin Robert, Andreas
Matthews Arthur, German
Matthews Francis, Santon
McCubbon Charles, Maughold
McKneale Thos., Loner
McMutrie Andrew, Maughold
McVinnie James, Ballaugh
McWhannell James, Lezayre
Meyrick Wm., Peel
Moore Ohms., Patrick
Moore George, Arbory
Moore George, Malew
Moore John, Arbory
Moore John, Lonan
Moore John, Maughold
Moore John, Onchan
Moore John, Braddan
Moore John, German
Moore John, Rushen
Moore John, Santon
Moore Miss, Andreas
Moore Robert Maughold
Moore Robert, Malew
Moore Robert, Santon
Moore Philip, Patrick
Moore Thos., Bride
Moore Thos., Lonan
Moore Thos., Rushen
Moore Wm., Braddan
Moore Wm., German
Moore Wm., Lonan
Moore Wm., Michael
Moore Wm. , Malew
Moore Wm., Onchan
Moore Wm., Santon
Moore Wm. , Rushen
Morrison James, Andreas
Morrison Wm., Santon
Moughtin Thos., Ballaugh
Murray John T., Maughold.
Mylechraine John, Lezayre
Mylecraine Philip, Ballaugh
Mylecraine Thos., Ballaugh
Mylchreest Edward, Onchan
Mylchreest John, Lonan
Mylchreest Humphrey, Malew
Mylchreest Matthew, Lonan
Mylchreest Robert, Malew
Mylchreest Thos., German
Mylchreest Wm., Lonan
Mylchreest Wm. S., Lonan
Mylchreest Wm., Malew
Mylrea James, Lezayre
Mylrea John, Michael
Mylrea Thos., Lonan
Mylrea Wm. , Lonan
Mylroi Thomas J., Lonan

Nelson Patrick, Michael

Oates John, Onchan
Osborne George, Onchan

Pearson Stephen, Maughold
Priestland Mrs, Andreas
Preston John, Malew
Preston Robert, Malew
Preston Wm., Arbory
Preston Wm. Richard, Rushen
Preston Wm., Malew

Qualtrough Wm., Arbory
Qualtrough Edward, Rushen
Qualtrough Thos., Rushen
Qualtrough Wm., Rushen
Quarrie Walter, Bride
Quane Stephen, Patrick
Quayle Caesar, Lezayre
Quayle Edward, Lezayre
Quayle Edward, Rushen
Quayle George,. Malew
Quayle Henry, Lezayre
Quayle Henry, Patrick
Quayle James, Arbory
Quayle James, Lonan
Quayle James, Malew
Quayle John, Andreas
Quayle John, Michael
Quayle John, Maughold
Quayle John, German
Quayle John, Braddan
Quayle John, Patrick
Quayle John, Lezayre
Quayle John, Arbory
Quayle John, Lezayre
Quayle John, Onchan
Quayle John H., Port St. Mary
Quayle John and Wm., Malew
Quayle Joseph, Lonan
Quayle Robert, Maugh old
Quayle Philip, Lezayre
Quayle Thos., Patrick
Quayle Thos., Port St. Mary
Quayle Wm., Andreas
Quayle Wm., Ballaugh
Quayle Wm., Lezayre
Quayle Wm., Marown
Quayle Wm., Michael
Quayle Wm., Patrick
Quilliam Chas., German
Quilliam John, Patrick
Quilliam Thos., Patrick
Quilliam Wm., Braddan
Quilleish Wm., Lonan
Quine Benjamin S., Braddan
Quine Edward, Braddan
Quine Francis, Bride
Quine John, Braddan
Quine John, German
Quine John, Lonan
Quine John, Marown
Quine John, Onchan
Quine Thos., Lonan
Quine Thos., Onchan
Quine Robert, Malew
Quine Wm. Marown
Quinney Thos., Santon
Quirk James, German
Quirk John, Marown
Quirk James, Patrick
Quirk John, Patrick
Quirk Richard, German
Quirk Robert, Michael
Quirk Robert, Onchan
Quirk Thos., Patrick
Quirk Thos., Santon
Quirk Wm., Bride
Quirk Wm., Patrick

Radcliffe Mrs, Andreas
Radcliffe James, Arbory
Radcliffe John, Andreas
Radcliffe John, Bride
Radcliffe Richd. and Robt., Malew
Radcliffe Robert, Andreas
Radcliffe Thos., Andreas
Radcliffe Thos., Malew
Radcliffe Wm., Andreas
Radcliffe Wm., Lezayre
Radcliffe Wm., Patrick
Redpath Alex., German
Redpath James, Onchan
Rodgers John, Michael
Rolston Alex., Michael
Rooth John, Braddan
Rowe Fredk., Ballaugh

Sansbury James, Malew
Sansbury John, Rushen
Sayle Christopher, Andreas
Sayle John, Andreas
Sayle John, Ballaugh
Sayle John J., Andreas
Sayle Robert, Michael
Sayle Thos., Andreas
Sayle Thos., Onchan
Sayle Wm., Andreas
Sayle Wm., Bride
Senogles John, Braddan
Sharp Alexr., Lezayre
Sharp Wm., Lezayre
Sherlock John, Malew
Shimmin Edward, Malew
Shimmin James, Santon
Shimmin John, Malew
Shimmin John, Marown
Shimmin John, Onchan
Shimmin John, Santon
Shimmin John J., Bride
Shimmin Philip, Ballaugh
Shimmin Robert, Patrick
Shimmin Thos., Malew
Shimmin Thos., Marown
Shimmin Wm., Ballaugh
Shimmin Wm., Malew
Siddan Henry, Braddan
Sims Wm. , Marown
Skelly Wm., Arbory
Skillicorn Edward, Lezayre
Skillicorn James, Lonan
Skillicorn James, Arbory
Skillicorn Wm., Lonan
Skinner James, Patrick
Skinner Mrs, Andreas
Skinner Wm., Bride
Smith George T., German
Speedie Peter, Braddan
Stowell Thomas, Lonan

Taggart James, Malew
Taggart John, Malew
Taggart John, Onchan
Taggart Robert, German
Taggart Samuel, Santon
Tate John, Santon
Taubman Robert, Santon
Taubman Thomas, Rushen
Taylor James, Rushen
Tears Daniel, Andreas
Teare Daniel, Bride
Teare Daniel, Patrick
Teare Edward, Patrick
Teare George, Lezayre
Terre John, Andreas
Teare John, Ballaugh
Teare John, Bride
Teare Philip, Andreas
Tears Philip, Bride
Teare Robert, Andreas
Tears Robert, Patrick
Teare Thos., Andreas
Teare Thos. , Lezayre
Tears Thos., Patrick
Teare Wm. , Bride
Teare Wm., Lonan
Teare Wm., Michael
Templeton John, Marown

Vondy Thos., Andreas
Vondy J.W., Bride

Waide Wm., Santon
Watson Robert, Santon
Watterson John, Malew
Watterson John, Patrick
Watterson Richard, Arbory
Watterson Robert, Lonan
Watterson Samuel, Patrick
Watterson Thos., Malew
Watterson Wm., German
Watterson Wm., Patrick
Watterson Wm. , Rushen
Waugh Alexr., Braddan
Williams, Aaron, Lezayre
Woods Richard A., Onchan


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