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31st.— As the result of a severe blizzard the s.s. Argo, which ran aground at Santon some days before, became a total wreck.


4th.— New Wesleyan Church at Lonan opened by Miss Gelling, of West View, Douglas. Service conducted by ministers of the Douglas circuit.

6th.— A landslide occurred at the Crescent, Douglas, affecting valuable properties belonging to Mr Alex. Gill (Little Switzerland) and Mr Westlake (Sea Level). The occurrence resulted in prolonged litigation.

6th.— The doubling of the cable tramway line at Avondale was carried out. The house property at the corner, which made traffic in the neighbourhood dangerous, was subsequently purchased by the Town Council.

13th.— Polling in connection with the General Election (England) commenced. Finished 13th February. Results of the polling:-Liberals, 385; Labour, 43; Nationalists, 81; Unionists, 158.

16th.— In succession to Mr W. Knox, resigned, Mr Thomas M. L Quayle was returned unopposed to the Douglas Town Council as a, representative of St. George's Ward.— Resignation of the Lord Bishop, the Archdeacon, and Mr A. W. Moore, S.H.K., from the Council of Education owing to their proposal regarding secondary education not finding favour in the House of Keys The vacancies were filled on Jan. 31st by the election of the Clerk of the Rolls, Deemster Callow, and the Speaker.

22nd.— Establishment of District Nurses throughout the Island in connection with the H. B. Noble Trust.


8th.— The first of a series of Gilchrist Lectures delivered in the Grand Theatre, and, during the week, in each of the four towns. Subsequently, at intervals of a fortnight, three other lectures were given. The lecturers were Dr. Andrew Wilson, F.R.S.B., F.L.S Professor H. G. Seeley, F.R.S.. F.R.G.S. ; Rev. W. H. Dallinger, D.SC., F.R.S. ; and Professor C. Waldstein, LTTT. D., P.L.D, L.N.D.

9th.— The Lieut.-Governor and Executive Council held a meeting to consider the scheme submitted by the Church Commissioners for the formation of a new parish, with a new church, in Douglas, the cost of the church being defrayed out of money provided under the will of the late Mr H. B. Noble. There was considerable opposition from the Douglas parishes before the scheme was approved.

25th.— Death of Lady Raglan's father (the Earl of Bessborough).

27th.— Three Peel fishermen suffocated in the forecastle of the steam trawler Rose Ann, while lying at the Tongue in Douglas harbour, viz., William Clucas, John Watterson, John Hughes.

27th.— Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. shareholders annual meeting. Dividend 6 per cent. declared.

28th.— A meeting of the House of Keys held, at which a letter from the House Secretary was read. He was unable to concur in the recommendations regarding the position of the Council and the salary of the Vicar-General. No reforms would be considered except as part of a scheme in which the whole constitution would be remodelled.


2nd.— The appointment by the Lord Bishop of Mr C. T. W. Hughes- Games as Vicar-General, was confirmed by His Excellency the Lieut.-Governor.

7th. — At a meeting of the Trades and Labour Council, a protest was made against the employment as painters, in the winter months, of the Douglas pier police.

9th.— The Douglas branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution accepted with regret the resignation of Mr T. Bawden, who for 33 years had acted as secretary. Subsequently, Mr D. Evarard was elected to fill the vacancy.

11th.— Death of Mr T. Murray, baker, Douglas.

13th.— Douglas Licensing Sessions. Mr J. S. Gell (president) stated that a majority of the court had decided against the renewal of Six Day Short Term Licenses (as now granted to boarding-houses in Douglas) after that session, unless empowered by legislation to do so.

24th.— A bill for the 10 o'clock closing of public houses in the winter months was lost; the Keys refused to accept an amendment of the Council to the effect that the village districts of Port St. Mary, Port Erin, Onchan, and Laxey be included in the bill. The objection was that the hotels in these districts would be permitted to remain open until 11 o'clock in the summer, whereas they now close at 10 o'clock the year round.

27th, 28th, 29th.— Guild Music Festival successfully held in the Palace, Douglas.


13th.— San Francisco, California, U.S.A., destroyed by earthquake.

30th.— A deputation of the House of Keys waited on the Governor in the matter of Constitutional Reform. His Excellency was unfavourable to all of the proposals except as to the duties of the Attorney-General, which, should occasion arise for a new appointment, would be carefully considered.

During the week ended May 5th, the Liverpool Primitive Methodist District Synod met in Douglas.


5th.— It was made known that the Tromode Sail-cloth Mills would be closed as from June 30th. The business had been running since the year 1790.

12th.— Morecambe Music Festival. Isle of Man Choir (Mr Looney) obtained third prize, and the Ladies Choir was placed fifth in order of merit.

31st.— Attempted assassination of King Alfonso of Spain.


4thi.— In celebration of the coming of age of the Hon. Fitzroy Richard Somerset, heir of Lord Raglan, Lieut.-Governor, a garden party was held at Government House.

5th.— During a dense fog which prevailed off the coast of the Island, the Belfast Steamship Company's vessel Graphic collided with the three masted steamer Empress near the Calf of Man. As it result, the Empress foundered. No lives were lost.

6th.— At the Town Council meeting an abstract resolution favouring the abolition of tolls at the Swing Bridge in the winter months was passed.

6th.— Death of Mr Thomas Callow at 77 Upper Stanhope-staret, Liverpool, aged 83 years. Mr Callow's connection with the Liverpool Manx Society was a lengthy and honourable role.

7th.— Visit of Dr Clark, the founder of the Christian Endeavour movement. He was welcomed at Villa Marina by Christian Endeavourists.

16th.— Hall Caine criticises the Clerk of the Rolls in the House of Keys. A reform speech.

28th.— The-foundation stone of a Cottage Hospital for Ramsey (provided largely by contribution from the Noble Trustees) was laid by the Hon. Arthur Stimley, M.P. for Ormskirk, Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man, with Masonic ceremonies.

28th to July 5th.— Visit of the North Staffordshire Field Club.


4th.— Meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Loyal Orange Institution in Douglas.

5th.— Tynwald Ceremony at St. John's.

10th.— Councillor Flinn moved in the Douglas Town Council that the cable trams run on Sundays, in the summer season, before and after hours during which Divine service is held in the churches along the route. A special meeting to consider the question and to receive deputations was held on July 31st, when it was decided that the matter should stand over until after the November elections.


2nd.— Henry Bloom Noble Baths, Douglas, opened by the Clerk of the Rolls.

14th.— Visit of Lady Dorothy Howard and Mrs Benjamin Lamb, in connection with the British Women's Temperance Association. Speeches on Temperance delivered by each of the ladies in the Victoria-street Wesleyan Church.

26th.— Chillan earthquake, South America.

During the season the popularity of Laxey Glen and Gardens (recently acquired by the Manx Electric Railway Co.) was greatly increased by the special engagements of first-class Military Bands-the bands of the Royal Artillery (Portsmouth) and H.M. First Life Guards.

Rushen Abbey also grew in prominence as a resort for tourists this summer, and more especially as a rendezvous for pic-nics in connection with Sunday Schools and similar institutions.


2nd.— Death of Mr Robert Cowley H.K., of Ramsey.

4th.— Retirement from the position of chairman of the Douglas School Board, of the Rev. D. Inglis, B.A. Subsequently, the Rev R. B Baron was appointed.

6th.— Foundation Stone of the " Ward" Library in Peel laid by the Clerk of the Rolls.

11th.— Councillor Quayle's motion in the Douglas Town Council for a report by the committee concerned on the widening of Big Well-street, in connection with the street improvement scheme; was carried,

20th.— Hall Caine's " Bondman " produced with great success in Drury Lane Theatre, London.

26th.— Unopposed return, for the representation of Ayre Sheading in the House of Keys, of Mr .J. D. Clucas.

27th.— Motor Tourist Trophy Race. Course 40 miles 2 furlongs (1) Hon. C. S. Rolls (Rolls-Royce), 4 hours 6 minutes ; (2) Mr Bablot (Berlict), 4 hours 32 minutes 58 seconds; (3) Mr A. Lee Guinness (Darracq), 4 hours 42 minutes 48 seconds.

28th.— "Graphic" Trophy Race won by Mr C. A. Glentworth on a Napier car.


1st.— Eleventh annual meeting of the Liverpool Manx Society held in, Liverpool.

6th.— Isle of Man Choir conducted by Mr J. D. Looney competed in the: Blackpool Music Festival, and was placed second, the Blackpool Glee and Madrigal Society gaining first honours.

16th.—At a meeting of the Tynwald Court it was agreed to construct a verandah at the Victoria Pier Buildings at a cost of 2,100 At. the same court a motion that 2,400 be applied from the Accumulated Fund for a fog signal on Douglas Head was carried

20th. — Mr S Robinson, Manager Douglas Tramways, drew up a report on the electrification of the tramways

27th.— " Manx Sun" newspaper ceased publication. It was founded April 24th, 1821, held for many years by the Curphey family ; was conducted by Mr F. W. Spencer (a Manchester journalist)1881-98. and by Mr L. G. Hannay to July, 1900; sold by Mr W. M. Kerruish, as trustee; in bankruptcy, to Messrs W. Cubbon and Horace Lightfoot in 1901; converted into the "Manx Sun Limited" in 1904 ; amalgamated with the "Isle of Man Times" November, 1906.


1st.— Polling in connection with the Douglas municipal elections took place.— The election was occasioned by the retirement in rotation of one member for each ward, in addition to the resignation of Councillor W. Radcliffe for Derby Ward Contests took place in four wards and the following were returned to the Board: Messrs Marsden, Moughtin, Curphey, Craine, Gill, and Gray. Councillor Gray was unopposed for both the ordinary vacancy in Derby Ward. and the vacancy caused by Mr Radcliffe's resignation Subsequently, Mr George Thornley was returned unopposed for the latter seat.

The Belvedere Hotel was offered at auction, and became the property of Mr W A. Waid at 6,600.

4th.— Sudden death of the Rev. R. B. Baron at Peel. Mr Baron was Vicar of St. George's Church, Douglas, for 15 years, and was Chairman of the Douglas School Board at the time of his death.

6th.— Steam trawler Crown, of Fleetwood, went ashore at Maughold Head, and threatened to become a total wreck.

9th.— Statutory meeting of the Douglas Town Council held, at which, on the motion of Councillors Fayle and Craine, Councillor Sharp was elected Mayor of Douglas for the ensuing year.

15th.— Diocesan Conference held at Castletown

16th.— Gas question debated in the Town Council, and a committee appointed to wait on the directors to see what concessions could be made.

The offer of a steam roller made by the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland in recognition of the facilities afforded the club during the tourist trophy race in September, was declined by the Highway Board.

12th.— New Mayor of Douglas attends Buck's-road Primitive Methodist Church in his official capacity

23rd.— A verdict for the defendant was returned by the jury in the action of Gill v. Westlake to recover damages in respect of injury to Little Switzerland house property A counter claim by defendant in respect of works rendered necessary by plaintiffs action in building the houses was disallowed The court proceedings had lasted for fourteen days Subsequently a case for a traverse of the verdict, against him was entered by Mr Gill.

26th — Opening by the Lieut.-Governor (Lord Raglan) of a new public hall in Princes-street, Douglas, principally for the purpose of supplying free dinners to school children, the whole cost, about 3,000, being defrayed by the trustees of the late Henry Bloom Noble. Mr R. Douglas was the builder.

27th.— Rev. John Quine, M.A , Vicar of Lonan, appointed Chaplain to the House of Keys, in succession to the late Rev. R. B. Baron.


3rd.— Meeting of the Governors of Noble's Isle of Man Hospital held at Douglas to decide the question of accepting the offer of the trustees under the late Mr Noble's will of a new hospital costing £20,000, to be erected on the Hills Estate, with an endowment of 20,000, or continuing the present hospital with improvements and extensions. An amendment proposed by Sir William Drinkwater to refer the matter to a committee, was rejected by a narrow majority. eighteen voted in favour of a new hospital and twenty-eight against, the result being in favour of extending the present hospital by the addition of a children's ward, and other improvements.

4th.— Mr W. H. Kneale appointed Chairman of the Douglas School Board.

5th to 13th.— A Missionary Exhibition at Buxton's Village, opened by Lord Raglan.




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