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1898 - Portraits

Sir William Leece Drinkwater
Sir W. L. Drinkwater

ABOUT 86 years ago, William Leece Drinkwater, of Kirby, Isle of Man, was born in Liverpool. Though not a Manxman by birth there is in his veins a considerable admixture of Manx blood. He was called to the English Bar in 1837. Ten years later he was appointed second Deemster of the Isle of Man, and in 1856 promoted to be First Deemster. Almost twenty years ago he received the honour of knighthood. Last October he celebrated his jubilee as a judge of the Manx High Court, and, upon the completion of his fifty years, service, resigned his Deemstership.

Sir James Gell
Sir James Gell, Deemster

SIR JAMES GELL, the doyen of Manx advocates in practice, was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1847. For nearly 12 years he was High-Bailiff of Castletown, and in 1866 he was promoted to be Attorney-General of the Isle of Man - an office which he has since held with credit to himself and advantage to the Island. Since the foregoing was written, it has been announced that Sir James has been appointed as Deemster, vice Sir W. L. Drinkwater, resigned.

Hugh Stowell Gill
The Ven Archdeacon of Man

The Ven HUGH STOWELL GILL , M.A., is a member of an old and respected Manx Family. His first living was the vicarage of Rushen (1859-1872), whence he went to the vicarage of Malew, in the place of his father, the Rev. Wm Gill. On the resignation of Archdeacon Hughes-Games in 1895, Mr Gill was appointed Archdeacon of Man.

The Attorney General

GEORGE ALFRED RING; who is one of the leading members of the Manx Bar, is a Douglas man by birth and education. He was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1873, and made his mark as an able advocate soon after admission. In 1881 Mr. Ring was elected a member of the Douglas School Committee, and in 1884 he was appointed chairman of that body-a position which he has retained for 13 years. It was announced on the 23rd November, 1897, that Mr. Ring had been appointed to succeed Sir James Gell as Attorney-General of the Isle of Man. Mr. Ring is about 46 years old.

Sir John Goldie Taubman


THE gentleman who holds the proud position of "First Commoner in Man," is Sir John Goldie-Taubman, K.B., of the Nunnery, Douglas. Sir John is Speaker of the House of Keys, and he has held a seat in the House since the commencement of the year 1859. The house was up to 1867 practically self-elected, and the present Speaker is the only member of the old self-elected House who yet occupies a seat in the reformed House. In the old House he practically represented Douglas, and in 1867 he was returned by the electors as one of the members for Douglas, which constituency he has ever since represented For the last 30 years he has occupied the chair as Speaker of the House. He is deeply learned in parliamentary lore, and has a wonderful knowledge of parliamentary procedure. He is an impartial and firm chairman.

Mr G. H. WOOD.

GEORGE HENRY WOOD, secretary and manager of the Isle of Man Railway Company, is one of the best-known figures on the Island. On the formation of the Company in 1870 Mr. Wood was appointed secretary. He took an active part in promoting the Company, and in obtaining the Act for the construction of the Railway and procuring the land required for the undertaking. On the retirement of Mr. Trevithick in 1875, Mr. Wood, was also given the management of that prosperous concern. He is much respected by the directorate of the Company and the general public. [b. 1836 ]


RICHARD PENKETH, of Hampton Court, Braddan, though an Englishman by birth, has been so long resident in and connected with the Isle of Man as to be counted a Manxman. In 1870 he was elected to the House of Keys as one of the members for Middle Sheading, and has ever since represented that constituency. He is generous in nature, and liberal,in his views. [d.24 Feb 1898]


ARTHUR WILLIAM MOORE, MA, of Woodbourne, Douglas, though a comparatively young man-he is not much above forty-has achieved a front position among contemporary Manxmen. He has been on the Magisterial Bench for 21 years, and a member of the House of Keys for middle Sheading for 12 years; and though he conducts the largest private business in the Island, lie also finds time to indulge his literary tastes, having produced a number of exceedingly thoughtful, highly interesting, well-written and carefully-compiled books on Manx history, folklore, place names and surnames, meteorology, ballads, &c.


Robert Cowley

Mr Robert Cowley, M.H.K., JP Ayre

ROBERT COWLEY, H.K., JP, is a Sulby man by birth, but the principal portion of his life has been spent in the town of Ramsey. He has been for many years past, and yet is, one of the busiest merchants in the Isle of Man. A prominent Nonconformist, he was one of the first batch of gentlemen appointed to the Commission of the Peace in the Island in response to the demand that there should be Nonconformist representation on the magisterial bench, A firm believer in total abstinence from intoxicating drink, he was triumphantly returned at the head of the poll at the last General Election as one of the members of the House of Keys for Ayre Sheading. His able and successful opposition to the Permit Bill soon earned for him a leading position in the House.

Thomas Clague
Mr Thomas Clague, M.H.K., Peel:

ONE of the most respected citizens of Peel is Mr. Thos. Clague, H.K. He was born in the parish of Arbory. Mr. Clague is engaged in commercial pursuits, and his reputation for integrity is a reservedly high one. He has faithfully served Peel as a Town Commissioner, and at the last General Election he was returned as the member for Peel in the House of Keys, defeating Mr James Hodgson by a substantial number of votes. He is a prominent Nonconformist and temperance man.


JOHN ALLEN MYLREA is certainly the most able member of the House of Keys He was first returned in 1881 as one of the members for Garff Sheading, and for many years he represented that constituency. After the passing of the Redistribution Act, in 1895 elected to stand for Douglas-his native town-and was returned as one of the members for North Douglas at the head of the poll. At the General Election in the spring; of 1887 he occupied similar enviable position He is a polished speaker and keen debater. Though he is a member of the Manx and English Bars, he does not practice. He is chairman of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.

Thomas Philip Ellison
Mr T. P. Ellison

The famous Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Limited, has for its secretary and manager Mr. Thomas Philip Ellison, a gentleman of much urbanity and talent He early entered the company's service, and has achieved to his present exalted position by the exercise of zeal, industry, and ability in the discharge of his duties. Mr. Ellison is a Manxman and a Douglas man.

Rev. Robert B. Baron

PERHAPS the best known cleric in the Isle of Man is the Rev. Robert B. Baron, the indefatigable and jovial Vicar of St. George's, Douglas. Before his appointment to St George's by Bishop Bardsley, Mr. Baron was Vicar of St. Cleopas', Liverpool. The Vicar of St. George's is great as a worker and organiser, and under his direction and administration, St. George's parish and church have prospered exceedingly. [d.1906]

The Rev G. R. GRAHAM

THE REV. GEORGE R. GRAHAM is the esteemed superintendent of the Douglas Wesleyan Circuit, and Chairman of the Isle of Man District. Mr Graham began his ministry in the year 1867, and since then has occupied important positions in such places as London, Oldham, Penzance, York, Derby, Portsmouth, and Bedford. He was appointed to Douglas by the Conference of 1896. Mr Graham combines in a happy balance the qualities of gentleness and strength, geniality and governing power. As a business man he is shrewd and able As a preacher he is without affectation or pretence of oratory, thoughtful and impressive, always aiming at doing good. As a pastor, he is sympathetic and assiduous. Manx Methodism is to be congratulated on being presided over by so worthy and capable a bishop



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