Brief Biography of W. Cubbon 1865-1955

W.Cubbon Previous to his directorship of the Manx Museum he was Borough Librarian:

Mr. William Cubbon, the Douglas Borough Librarian, is a son of the late Mr. James Cubbon (master mariner), of Port St. Mary, one of the ancient family of Cubbon, of the parish of Arbory. He served his apprenticeship in the Office of The Isle of Man Examiner, and subsequently rose to be overseer, and afterwards entered business on his own account. He was in 1912, out of some one hundred and twenty applicants, appointed Librarian of the Douglas Library, and since his appointment, has brought about some useful reforms notably the open access method of the choosing of books. He is an ardent Manx patriot, and was one of the founders, with the late Speaker Moore, of the Manx Language Society. He is a member of the Antiquarian Society, and also Hon. Treasurer of the World Manx Association. He has one of the most complete collections of Manx books. He recently edited an Anthology of Manx Poetry, and is co-editor with Miss Morrison of "Mannin" the Manx Society Publication.

Isle of Man Examiner Yearbook 1914
The IoM Examiner forbears to add that he was from 1900-1906 joint proprietor of the Manx Sun which was taken over by its competitor The Isle of Man Times

A full appreciation of his second career (he officially retired at 75) as librarian and second director of the Manx Museum, is given in 100 years of Heritage; Mona Douglas also provides an appeciation emphasising, as one would expect of her, his strong nationalism. His book Island Heritage, written when he was over 85, though based on earlier papers, is a cry from the heart for Manx Nationalism.


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His numerous papers in Proc IoM NHAS or Journal of Manx Museum are not included here.


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M. Douglas This is Ellan Vannin Douglas:Times Press [1965] - (please note: Mona Douglas was extremly well known as a proponent of Manx Dancing - her skill both here and as a journalist, did not always make the transition to accurate historical research).

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