Victoria Terminal

Detail showing Victoria Terminal taken from 1945 air photo
Detail taken from 1945 air photo (ex DC1996)

The Victoria Terminal was fully open by 1902 but the distinctive tower and triangular shape are visible on photographs dating from c.1894 onwards.

The most common view of the terminal was that taken from the Peveril Hotel looking along the side and on to the pier: The covered glass roofed external arcade was 1908

Victoria Pier and terminal
c. 1902
Victoria Terminal and Arcade
1913 or 1914

The c. 1928 advertising photo for the Star Bazaar

Star Bazaar, Victoria Terminal c. 1928

shows the brickwork under the awning (the glass and support pillars of which can be seen reflected in the windows - also interesting that there are two uniformed police in the photo). The inner arcade and covered waiting area with its seating can be glimpsed through the archway. Presumeably the work-coated individual with cigarette in mouth is the owner or manager.


Though well known to many visitors, it offered few facilities, as well as not being in concert with the Corporation's attempt to compete in the late 1950's mass holiday market (which was soon to be irretrievably lost to cheap Spanish package tours), thus it was demolished in 1961 and the three-legged 'lemon squeezer' terminal opened in 1965, which today sits forlornly empty most of the time, as air and vehicle roll-on roll-off ferries have made the mass foot-passenger market a thing of the past.


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