Lonan Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1797


Built on a site where John Wesley preached in 1781. Not much appears to be known about this chapel. According to 1940 returns the chapel seated 140.
Closed 1980 and is now a private dwelling
The 1851 religious census stated there were 220 seats and an average attendance of 60 (plus 33 S/S scholars) at the afternoon and 30 at the evening service. John Hampton trustee
In 1861 statistical returns it has 'no pews let', no trustees are indicated and it is not indicated as 'legally and Methodistically settled'. In 1862 returns stated to be 'in a state of delapidation'.

Grid Reference SC433827


A Sunday School was built 1906. In 1851 it was stated that the Sunday School started before 1800.

Wesley's chair and pulpit were transferred, over the heads of some objections, to the World Methodist Council and now are in an American Museum (Junaluska).

Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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