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Principal Manx Events of 1907.


7th. — Opening of Demesne Road New Board School, Douglas
8th. — Election to the Douglas School Board of Rev. G. E. Craven, to fill vacancy caused by the death of Rev. R. B. Baron.
30th. — Licensing (Separation of Trades) Bill thrown out by the Legislative Council. .


14th. — Centenary of Primitive Methodism celebrated throughout the Island.
18th-2lst. — A series of public meetings on the subject of Disinterested Management of Public Houses, addressed by Lord Lytton, Lieut.-Colonel Moore, H.K., and others.
27th. — Annual meeting of Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Ltd. Dividend of 6½ per cent.


2nd. — Death of Mr. Robert Quayle, Chairman of the Douglas Guardians, etc. ,
5th — The Companies Bill, introduced by Mr. W. M. Kerruish, withdrawn at the suggestion of the Home Office.
5th. — Committee formed to provide Memorial to the late Rev. T. E. Brown
7th. — The death took place at Waterloo, Liverpool, of Mr. Joseph Johnson, a well-known figure in Douglas for half-a-century.
15th. — Douglas Licensing Session held. Applications for six-day licenses for boarding-houses refused, on the grounds that Licensing Court was not legally empowered to grant licenses with restrictions.
19th — 2lst. — Manx Musical Festival held in the Palace, Douglas.
26th. — To fill the vacancy in the Keys caused by the retirement of Mr. E. B. Gawne, one of the members for Rushen Sheading, a bye-election took place, Mr. T. C. Kinnish being returned, with 574 votes.


1st. — Braddan Vestry decided that Poor Relief in the parish be met by a Poor Rate. Arising out of the proposal for this impost,. and from other causes, a strong public feeling against the holding of outdoor services in the old churchyard of Braddan, found expression.
9th. — At a meeting of the Keys, the resignations of Mr. J. C. Crellin and Mr J W Cannan, members for Michael Sheading, were received. On April 16th, Mr. J. W. Cannan and Mr. E. J. Curphey were returned unopposed to fill the vacancies, which were caused owing to disagreement between members and their constituents on the subject of the new Education Bill.
13th. — Death of Mr. W. Quayle, of., Ballamilghyn, Lonan. Mr.Quayle was a Manx scholar, politician, and patriot, and his death in middle age was much lamented.
The Staff of Government Appeal Court dismissed the appeal of Mr. Alexander Gill, who claimed as a matter of right a traverse [appeal] to a jury of twelve in his action against Mr. Westlake for damages for injury to appellant’s property at Switzerland, Douglas.
17th. — At St. George’s Church, the new Vicar, the Rev. J. Campbell, was inducted into the Vicarage, the Lord Bishop Straton officiating.


24th. — In the Chancery Court, the Clerk of the Rolls gave judgment for the defendants in the action of Alfred Nelson Laughton v. the Commissioners of Port Erin.
30th. — The Higher Education Bill passed the House of Keys


4th. — The Isle of Man Choir, conducted by Mr. J. D. Looney, achieved a great success at Morecambe Musical Festival, bringing home the Challenge Shield. At the same Festival, Mr F. C. Poulter’s Choir came first in the Mixed Voice Choir Contest (35 voices).
6th. — Death of Mr. W. Quine, Silverdale, one of the Rushen representatives in the House of Keys.
16th. — At a special meeting of the Town Council, it was recommended that application be made to the Tynwald Court for leave to borrow £7,000 for the purpose of discharging the balance of cost of the Henry Bloom Noble Baths, the Noble Trustees having offered to lend such sum at 2½ per cent.
18th-25th. — British National Christian Endeavour Convention in Douglas. The business and devotional meetings took place at Derby Castle, there being also social functions and excursions to places of interest for the enjoyment of the Endeavourers.
24th. — Yacht Race from Liverpool to Douglas won by Persephone (Herbert Brown) ; 2, Wallaroo (J. Spurr).
24th. — The Court of Staff of Government gave judgment in the appeal of Peter Milne against the decision of the Douglas Licensing Court refusing the renewal of his boarding-house license. The Appeal Court held that the Court below had acted legally in granting restricted licenses in the way that had prevailed for nine years past, and referred the application back to be reconsidered.
27th. — Ninety short-term boarding-house licenses granted by the Douglas Licensing Court.
28th, 29th, and 30th. — Royal Automobile Club Motor Races in the Isle of Man. The winners were : Auto-Cycle Race (single cylinder), 1, C. R. Collier ; 2, J. Marshall ; 3, F. Hulbert. In the twin-cylinder class the winners were : 1, R. Fowler ; 2, W. H. Wells.
The Tourist Trophy Race : 1, 20-h.p. Rover, driven by E. Courtis;
2, 16-20-h.p. Beeston Humber, driven by T. C. Pulling~r. Heavy
Touring Car Race : — 1, 30-h.p. Beeston Humber, driven by G. P.
Mills ; 2, 25-h.p. Gladiator, driven by G. Fenton. " The. Graphic" Challenge Trophy Race : — 1, 60-h.p. Berliet, driven by J. E. Hutton; , 2440-h.p. Berliet, driven by W. Watson.
28th. — Mr. Ambrose Qualtrough was elected to the House of Keys in the stead of the late Mr. W. Quine. (503 votes.)
In May, the death took place, at Paignton, Devonshire, of Mr.Wm. Moore, a scion of the family of Moores of Sulbrick, Santon. He had been engaged in the bakery, corn, and flour businesses, and acquired a, fortune of between £70,000 and £80,000. By his will, a number of relatives who are well-known in various parts of the Isle of Man benefitted in handsome amounts.


lst. — Resignation of Mr. Joseph Qualtrough, M.H.K. (Rushen).
14th. — Mr. Alfred Costain returned unopposed to the House of Keys in the place of Mr. Joseph Qualtrough (retired).
16th. — Death of Lady Ridgeway, wife of Sir West Ridgeway.
27th. — The King approved the translation of the Right Rev. Norman Dumenil John Straton, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, to the Bishopric of Newcastle. .
28th. — " Laxey Wheel" Court of Ancient Order of Foresters opened at Laxey.
29th to July 6th. — The 21st Annual Congress of the Royal Institute of Public Health was held in the Town Hall, Douglas. Numerous business meetings and social functions were attended by the Delegates. ,
28th. — The Staff of Government Court dismissed a second appeal of Mr. Alex. Gill, the plaintiff in the alleged landslip case. This second appeal was on the ground that the jury’s verdict was against the weight of evidence.


5th. — Tynwald Promulgation Ceremony at St. John’s.
7th. — Death of Sir Spencer Walpole, 1882-93 Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man.
17th. — Lance-Corporal J. Brew and Lance-Corporal W. Callow distinguished themselves at the Bisley shooting match for the King’s Prize. .
23rd. — Opening of the Ramsey Cottage Hospital, provided through the generosity of the Noble Trust. (See page 33.)
25th. — Foundation stone of St. Matthew’s Church Chancel laid by Bishop Straton.
28th. — The Rev. Thomas Wortley Drury, M.A. was offered and accepted the Bishopric of Sodor and Man. The King approved the appointment on August 7th.


lst. — Arrival in Douglas Bay of the First Division of the Channel Fleet, under command of Admiral Lord Chas. Beresford, including six battleships and two cruisers.
24th. — Death of Mr. Robert Garside, Secretary to the Council of Education of the Isle of Man.
30th. — Garden Party at Government House. Farewell and presentations to the Bishop and Mrs. Straton.


9th. — Labour dispute at Laxey ; a threatened strike averted.
12th. — Appointment of Mr. Thos. Brown, M.A., to the Secretaryship of the Council of Education. -
26th. — The Ward Public Library at Peel opened by the Clerk of the Rolls.
The weather, which during the spring and summer had been rainy and cold, - was beautifully sunny in September, and the harvest conditions were favourable ; but subsequently rain and wind prevailed, with serious damage to the corn, potato, and other crops.


2nd. — At the Pan-Celtic Congress at Edinburgh, the Manx quartette Party rendered songs in Manx.
5th. — At the Blackpool Musical Festival, Mr. Looney’s Isle of Man Choir won the Challenge Shield Competition.
14th-17th. — Lectures on Education in various parts of the Island by Mr. Ernest Gray, M.A., ex-M.P. for West Ham, promoted by the Isle of Man Teachers’ Association.


1. — In connection with the retirement by rotation of onerepresentative of each of the six Wards of Douglas, four of the old members were returned to the Town Council unopposed, viz., Mr. R. Moore (Victoria), Mr. A. Caley (Hill’s), Mr. G. Thornley (Derby), and Mr. A. H. Fayle (Athol). In St. George’s and Murray’s Wards there were contests, resulting in the return of Mr. J. Sharp for the former, and Mr. W. Joughin for the latter. 9th. — Councillor J. Sharp, j.p, was re-elected Mayor of Douglas. 16th. — In the action of Alexander H. McNaught and Thoman H. McNaught v. W. H. Walker, which was brought for recovering damages in respect of the alleged failure of defendant to carry out an alleged covenant dealing with the repair of fences, etc., at the Barony Farm, Maughold, the hearing of which action lasted ten days before Doomster Moore and a jury of six, the jury failed to agree, and were discharged.
22nd. — Bye-elections for the Douglas Town Council, necessitated by promotions to the Aldermanic Bench, resulted in the return of Mr. H. C. Granville Clague and Mr. J. Kelly for Murray’s Ward, and of Mr. Alexander Hough for Hill’s Ward.
28th. — Grand concert by Mr. Looney’s Isle of Man Choir, and presentation of gold medals by the Mayor of Douglas in recognition of the success achieved by the choir.
29th. — The Staff of Government Court upheld the judgment of the Clerk of the Rolls in the matter of Port Erin brows dispute. The result is that : (a) Specific performance of the agreement is refused ; (b) Mr. Laughton keeps the £100 forfeited in the agreement ; (c) each party pays its own costs of the appeal.


3rd-5th. — Industrial Guild Exhibition in the Palace, Douglas, opened by the Lieut.-Governor.
10th. — Tynwald inquiry at Laxey as to schemes of water supply for the Village District.
7th. — Meeting in Noble’s Hall to consider scheme of weekly contributions from workpeople towards the funds of the Hospital.
14th. — Issue of the EXAMINER ANNUAL.


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