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Hello Sue:

Many thanks to all of you for your help in the past couple of days. I did catch the postings at the top of the chain from Lorainne and yourself this morning but was awaiting further information from davidr. before I replied.

I have good news to tell you that he found the baptism of Annie Isabella in Rushen ..entry No. 1376 on page 172.

12th January 1878
Annie Isabella
illegitimate daughter of Annie Quirk
of Struan-snail.

Struan Snail is listed in George Broderick's Place-Names Volume for Rushen. Struan = Stream. The Snail bit is not so clear, possibly from an Old Norse word mean 'steep' or similar.
It is apparently a stream which runs from Mull Hill (above Cregneash) across to Port Erin Bay.

Now your information really ties in with the same area where Annie Isabella was baptised.

I shall have to read on this more and see what I can absorb. I am so excited right now, I can't seem the think straight. haha.

I must answer Lorraine now before I forget.

I need to tell you that when I read "Adelaide" Australia, it rang a bell ....that is where my Mom thought that she heard that the Tate Family went to. That is something that I had totally forgot about and never mentioned before. Awesome!

Thanks again.


Bev Carter