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Thanks so much for your help.
I believe there was an Annie Isabella Quirk that was a servant in the 1881 census if I remember but I don't know if it was her or not.
I do have the marriage, but thought it not important to include in my posting as it was later info on her...sorry if I should have included that info.
No, I am not on the Island....I am in Canada and it makes it difficult to get info out of the IOM. The only other info (other than her children) that is had was that she was cremated in Douglas, IOM on 3 March 1972 under the name of Drysdale. Apparently, her father was a Timber Merchant from Liverpool who drowned before her parents could marry.
However, her one Granddaughter told me that she was schooled under the name of Quirk in Port St. Mary. Thanks again.