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David....I can't thank you enough for trying to find this information for me.
I so appreciate your kindness in checking at the Manx Museum on my behalf.

As you say, the years just don't seem to add up with the information that we have. I can tell you that on the marriage license, her age looked like a 17 turned into an 18.
In October 1895 her eldest child Robert was born in South Quay in Douglas, IOM. Her maiden name also given then as Drysdale.

My Mom saw Annie (her Grandmother) in the late 1960's and had said that she thought Annie was quite a bit younger than her husband William.
In the 1901 Census taken in Hereford (Kington) William was 29 and Annie 24 years which would have had her birth in 1876. (He was a painter and working there on a job and had taken his family with him). They were living in Liverpool years later, and the marriage had some turbulance, but was at William's side upon his death in 1943. Annie later returned to the Island until her death in 1972.
On Annie's death certificate, this same son stated her birth as 1874 and being age 97 so that would make her birth 1875.

My Mom had also told me tales her Gran passed onto her regarding her upbringing with Annie's Grandmother, but no Grandfather was mentioned being in the household. According to my Mom, the house where Annie lived as a child is still standing in Cregneash, but without the thatched roof. She was also taken to the Church that Annie attended there.
The information you gave me regarding a Drysdale in Toxeth Park....Mom's Annie told her that years later, she went to a "Princes Street" area where the Drysdales lived in Liverpool, and told them of her being the daughter of James Drysdale, and they denied her.

Another of her Granddaughters told me that Annie was schooled in Port St. Mary under the name of Quirk all those years.

I hope I have given you some numbers and facts to check things out with. I only wish I could tell you how the name Quirk tied in to this all, but apparently, it does.

Thanks again....Sincerely,