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Hi Sue:

I have put my e-mail address on my response to Lorraine, but it is at the top of the list where she first posted her response to you.

I do hope she finds it as I would love to be able to give her my information too.

It is just so incredible that many years later, the families cross paths. It would overwhelm these ancestors to know we can shrink the size of the world with one keyboard!

I would imagine that in those days, we would be rolled down tynwald hill in a barrel with spikes!

This way is so much nicer :)

I am so taken with all of this information that I shall have to sit and absorb it all for a while.

Once again, many thanks for your kindness, time and efforts and those who helped me fill in some huge blanks in my family tree.

It is so nice of you to send this last response :)

God bless you :)

Sincerely, Bev