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Once again, my gratitude to all of you for your kindness and efforts.

It will be interesting to see what may surface on davidr's search in Baptisms at the Manx Museum today too.

One thing that surprised me was that out of all four of her sons names, only one son, (her last child) had the second name Drysdale and not one of them that I can see, was named James after her deceased father.

Annie did call one of her six daughters Catherine, but as this child was number eight, I thought perhaps it was just a name she liked, not after her (perhaps) grandmother.

Sue, your efforts in finding the marriage of Ann Quirk to Edward Tate in 1880 seems like you may have touched a little light on something for me.

My Mom mentioned to me years ago, that her Grannie Annie told her that she was only 3 when her Mother left Annie with her Grandma ....but that does not mean that is when Annie's mother left the island...it only meant that Grandma now was responsible for Annie's care.