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I'll confess that the spelling of Wattlewor raised an eyebrow a trifle. I tried a search of the Manx Bulletin Board and the name should have been Wattleworth.

I do not have any information about Catherine other than her name and her year of birth of 1820. My source did not say "about 1820" but I suspect that is what was meant. I have never tried to trace her ancestors because she is the wife of a cousin, and is not therefore an ancestor.

Her husband, Hugh Clucas was Christened 4 Mar 1810 at Marown. He died 12 May 1854 at St Runius. They had six children, of which the youngest was born in 1853. It is probable that Catherine Elinor married again, since she was widowed with essentially a new born child as her youngest.

Elinor Wattleworth was Hugh's second wife. The first was Margaret Jane Bell, by whom Hugh had three children. Margaret Jane died 7 Sep 1837 at St Runius. Her youngest was born 19 Nov 1835 and it would appear that for Hugh, the second marriage to Catherine Wattleworth was to provide a mother for his small children. Remarkable times considering Hugh had 9 children by two different wives and he died at age 44!

Tracing the Wattleworths might be fairly easy since it is such an unusual name.

M Keith Abel
Kingston, Ontario, Canada