Manx Genealogy Archive 1

John C. Hinds Research


I am researching my grandfather, John Clucas Hinds (not sure of Clucas spelling).

He left the Isle of Man in 1901 at the age of 25 for Ishpeming, Michigan, U.S.A.where he had a cousin, Rich Wade. John listed himself as a miner. His mother's maiden name was Elinor Clucas and I think his father was Edward,but I am not sure.

John had two or three brother's,one of whom was called Ned. John had at least one sister.

I believe she was a postmistress, on the Isle of Man, and married to a Capt. Richey (sp.?) who went down with his ship in WWI.

John listed Peel as his residence on the ship's manifest. He was borh in 1876 and died in the 1930's in Norway, Michigan from miner's consumption.