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The source for Edward as John Clucas Hinds' father and his mother, is his marriage license,
dated 3 Sept 1903.

It's "Record #1911, 1903, State of Michigan, County of Dickinson" USA. Location of the Record was in the county courthouse located at Iron Mountain, Michigan.
It listed John as being twenty-six years old.

His birthday was 14 Aug. 1875,according to his "Petition for Naturalization" #213 in the Circuit Court of Dickinson County
Michigan, dated March 25.1911.

At this time,It will not come to me as to where I got his brother, Edward's birthdate-sorry! I have been at this for too long and steady. It it comes to me, I will let you know.

I had said John died from Consumption, that was wrong. It was miner's Silicosis.

I hope this is of some help.

By the way, I belive you said you have an interest in the Hinds family. If you do not mind, would you please tell me the relationship.

Incedentally, my cousin and I were discussing the family and he said there were three boys: John, Edward (Ned) and Herb. I had forgotten that and it came back to me. My "Mum" had told me that also.

Wally Evance

P.S.: Do you know why in the Posting of Brian Lawson dated 12 November 2006, the cesus has different names at the ends of each individual? If so, would you please tell me.