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I am new at using this kind of website, so please forgive me for not replying in the proper order.

Since you are interested in the Hinds family, here is some more information that I had sent to Margaret Walton. I should have answered her on this site.

From: Wallace C. Evance
Date: 11/13/2006 09:23:04 AM

Subject: Re: Researching my Grandfather

Hi Margaret,

I can not find words to express my gratitude for your greatly appreciated work! That was very nice of you and also thanks for the fast reply.

I am the eldest of Grandfather John's descendents and was always interested in my family's history. I never heard about "Elinor" Clucas marrying again. However it is possible.

My "Mum" was John's eldest child of eight children and she mentioned "Elinor" a number of times and how grandfather cried when he heard of his mother's death. "Mum" never mentioned John's father, perhaps because no one knew anything about him because he died young or left the family.

John had two or three brothers(one named Ned) and at least one sister who married a Capt. Richey(spelling?) who went down with his ship in WWI.

AS I said, John's middle name was Clucas- I saw it on his naturalization papers. However, they could have made a mistake on his middle name during the census. Everything else matches,except the marriage, which is possible.

Again, I cannot express my heartfelt thanks enough!

Wally Evance

P.S: Would you please let me know if you receive this message?
I have been having trouble sending for quite a while and can't seem to fix it. I do want you to know how much I appreciate your help!
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From: David Walton
Date: 11/12/2006 12:01:48 PM
To: Wallace C. Evance
Subject: Re: Researching my Grandfather

I am not sure of the spelling of his middle name,which was his mother's
Maiden name. Her first name was Eleanor, I think. His father was Edward.
I am not certain of that.
John came to the U.S. In 1901 at the age of 25, I believe.
That would put his birth at about 1876.
Copy & paste link below for immigration details free search until Nov 30th

Hi Walley,
Can't help too much at this time IGI gives a marriage of William CRAINE
/Elinor CLUCAS 3 May 1879.
However 1881 Census see http://www.familysearch.org/ gives William/Elinor
CRAINE, with child Margaret J Craine 9 months
And stepsons John Thomas Hinds 5, and Edward Joseph 2.
Too late for IGI, christenings, also no marriage for Elinor/ ? Hinds.
Did she have the 2 boys before she married William CRAINE?
I would post a query on the IOM bulletin board.
Someone may have more info on the Patrick area than myself.
Sorry not been able to help more at this time
Kind regards