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I would like to thank Brian, Sylvia and Keith for their responses!

Sylvia, I forgot to mention John Clucas Hinds was born at "St.John German,England" according to"Petition for Naturalization #213", dated March 25,1911.It also states he emigrated to the USA from Liverpool, England on or about 1 May 1901 on the ship"Rynland"and arrived at the port of Philadelphia,PA.

Keith: I do not know if Elinor Clucas is the daugher of Hugh Clucas and Catherine Wattlewor. If it were true, you would be a great help witb your information! If I do find a connection I will let you Know.

Regarding your interest in Elinor's American descendants,her son, John Clucas Hinds,had eight children and those eight had fourteen. I don't know for certain how many the next gereration and the last gereration have. There are five generations after John Clucas Hinds. I am the eldest living.

Again, if I find a connection for Elinor,I will contact you via this website. If you want to sent me your e-mail address, I can then contact you if I cannot via the web.

Wally Evance

P.S. Is this spelling correct: "Wattlewor"?