[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


MICHAEL, in the sheading of its name, is a considerable parish of about 5½ miles long from north to south, and four miles broad from east to west ; situated on the main road from Peel to Ramsey, and on the long road from Douglas to Ramsey, and has a station on the Manx Northern Railway. It is bounded on the east by Lezayre, on the south by German, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Ballaugh. Some portion of the land is mountainous and barren, but those to the north and west are level and fertile and well cultivated. The parish church, dedicated to St. Michael and all angels, built in 1834, is one of the most beautiful structures of its kind on the island. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Crown, and held by the Rev. Wm. Hawley. The most interesting place in the parish is the episcopal palace at Bishop's court, about one mile north from the church, the residence of the Right Rev. Rowley Hill, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. The Wesleyans have chapels at the village. Barragarrow, and Kerroglass ; and the Primitive Methodists at the village and Orrisdale.

Anderson Colonel, Cooley lodge

Barren John, bootmaker, Ballafageon
Barren John, farmer, Orrysdale
Best Peter, Mitre hotel
Boyde John, farmer, Sartfield

Cain Edward J., schoolmaster, Board school
Caine Henry, bootmaker
Caine John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Caine John, farmer, Ballaskye
Caine Thos., joiner and builder
Caine Thos., farmer, Rhencullen
Caine Wm., farmer, Ballamenah
Caine Wm., bootmaker
Callister John, farmer, Ballacoyne
Callow Edward, farmer, Cronk ashes
Cannan J., farmer, Cooilshallagh
Cannon Robert, farmer, Ballaleigh
Cannan Wm., butcher
Cannell Daniel, farmer, Orrysdale
Cannell James, parish clerk
Cannell John, bootmaker
Cannell John, farmer, Kerrowglasa
Cannell John, farmer, Vicarage
Cannell John, farmer, Glen Wyllan
Cannell John, farmer, Ballacarnane
Cannell John, tailor
Cannell Patrick, farmer, Orryadale
Cannell Thos., farmer, East beck
Cannell Thos., tailor
Cannell Thos., gardener, Ballarhenny
Chunell Thos., joiner, Ballarhenny
Cannell Thos, blacksmith, Rhencullch
Cannell Wm., grocer
Christian Edward, farmer, Ballig
Christian Evan, farmer, Berrygarrow
Clarke John, farmer, Ballyre
Clarke Wm., farmer, Ballarhenny
Clucas John, farmer, Little London
Corjeag, John, farmer, Ballona
Corieag. Wm. E, corn miller, Kerrocruin
Corkill John, carrier, Bishop's court
Corlett John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Corlett John, farmer, Knockdhoo
Corlett John T., joiner, Ballakinnag
Corlett Thos., farmer, Ballacooley
Corlett Wm., joiner, &c.
Cottier Robert mason
Cowin Evan, farmer, Ballacooley
Cowley Thou., farmer, Ballachrink
Cowin Wm farmer, Ballacregga
Craine Wm. farmer, Ballig
Crellin John Esq., J.P., Orrysdale
Croft Mr. Wm., Cronk Wileigh
Crowe Wm., farmer, Lergyveck
Cubbon Thos, carrier
Curphey John, farmer Ballaleigh
Curphey John, farmer BallakilIey

Daugherty Wm, farmer , Ballagawne

Fargher Philip, farmer, Orrysdale
Fell Thos., farmer, Ballacamane

Garrett John, farmer, Cronk-fessag
Gall Evan, J.P., farmer, Whitehouse

Hawley Rev. Wm., The Vicarage
Hill Right Rev. Rowley D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor. and Man, Bishop's Court
Hopper Samuel, accountant, Glen Wyllan

Kaighin James, farmer
Kaighin James, farmer, Ballachrink
Kaighin Wm., farmer, Kerrowglass
Kelly Daniel bootmaker
Kelly Jonathan, farmer, Ballanena
Kelly John. farmer, Ballaleigh
Kelly Robert, farmer, Ballakelly
Kewley Robert. carrier
Killip James, farmer, Ballig
Killip Wm., farmer
Killey John, farmer, Bernaugh
Kinvig Samuel, farmer, Ballamenagh
Kirk Michael Lead and Copper Mining Co., Limited, Capt. Rowe, manager
Kissack Alfred. farmer, Ballaladine
Kiasack Allan J., farmer, Ballafadine
Kissack Thos., corn miller, Glen Wyllan
Kneen John, farmer, Balleira

Lace James, bootmaker

Moore Thos., surveyor, Ivy cottage
Moore Wm., farmer, Ballaleigh
Moore, Wm., farmer, Ballacarnare moor
Mylrea John, farmer,

Nelson Patrick, farmer, Ballarhenny

Parkes Samuel, butcher

Quayle John, farmer, Ballacoyne
Quayle John, tailor
Quayle John T., carrier, Moaney Mollagh
Quayle Thos., grocer
Quayle Wm., farmer, Cammall
Quayle Wm., farmer, Ballaleigh
Quirk Robert, farmer, Sartfield

Rodgers John, farmer, Lergy-vreek
Rolston Alexander, farmer, Balleira house

Sayle John, postmaster
Sayle Robert, farmer, Glen Wyllan

Teare Wm., farmer, Orrysdale
Twigg Frederick, farmer, Bishop's Court


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