[From Smith's Directory, 1883]


MAUGHOLD, in the sheading of Garff, is a mountainous parish, including within its limits most of the town of Ramsey. It is bounded on the east by the sea, on the south by Lonan, and on the west and north by Lezayre. The parish is about 4½ miles long from north to south, and about three miles broad from east to west. A considerable portion of the land being occupied by mountains is barren and incapable of cultivation but the low lands are very fertile, productive, and in a high state of cultivation. The church, about three miles S.E. from Ramsey, is dedicated to St. Maughold, of whom a remarkable Manx legend is related, He is said to have been a captain of banditti in Ireland ; but was converted by St. Patrick, and was, either as a punishment, or as a voluntary act of penance for his crimes, placed in a leathern boat, with his hands and feet tied, and sent to sea. He was driven ashore in the parish, and became so remarkable for his piety that on the death of St. Romulus, in 498, he was unanimously chosen bishop. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Crown, and held by the Rev. H. G. White. The chapel of ease at the Dhoon is in the charge of the Rev. S. W. Harrison, The Wesleyans have chapels at Port e-vullen and Cardle-vore, and the Primitive Methodists one at Ballagarey.

Allen Mr. Thomas Bellevue
Allison Andrew, farmer, Primrose Lodge

Bailee Mr. William Port Lewaigue
Brew John and Wm., farmers, Ballachrink
Buckley Thomae, farmer, Lewaigue

Callow James, farmer Baldroma-beg
Callow James, tailor, Ballachrink
Callow Thos, joiner, Glebe cottage
Callow Wm., mason, Ballaskaig-beg
Callow Wm, farmer, Cardle-veg
Callow Wm., tailor, Crow creen
Carran John, Esq., Folieu
Christian Miss, Baldroma
Christian John, farmer, Ballaterson
Clague John, farmer, Ballagelley
Clague Wm. and Thos. farmers, Claughbane
Corkill Daniel, blacksmith, Ballagarey
Corkill Daniel post-office, Ballagorry
Corkill James, blacksmith, Ballasloe
Corkill John, farmer, Ballasloe
Corkill John, farmer, Ballagarey
Corkill John, farmer, Ballachrink
Corkill John, bootmaker, Lewaigue
Corkill Robert, blacksmith, Dreemscarry
Corkill Thos., farmer, Corroney
Corkill Wm., farmer, Ballagarey-beg
Corlett Daniel, tailor, Lewaigue
Corlett John, farmer, Thalloo-Mitchell
Corteen Edward, surveyor, Dhoon
Corteen Robert, farmer, Ballasholaigue
Corteen Robert, farmer, Ballacorteen
Corteen Thomas, mason, Ballacorteen
Corteen Wm., mason, Ballacorteen
Crellin James, farmer, Baldroma
Crowe Mrs., farmer, Dhoon

Fargher John, farmer, Ballakilley

Gelling John, corn mlller, Cornah mill
Gill Thomas, tailor, Ballagarey-beg
Goulden Mr. Geo., Port Lewaigue

Halliday John, farmer, Craig-ne-molt
Hampton Wm., farmer, Ballasaig
Harrison Revd. Stephen N., Dhoon
Haslam Wm. H., farmer, Ballaglass
Hogg John, farmer, Dhoon

Joughin John, farmer, Port-e-Vullen
Joughin Robert, farmer, Rhenab

Kay George, brick maker, Port Lewaigue
Kelly Isaac, farmer, Ballashalogue
Kelly Robert, farmer, Corrony-beg
Kermaish John, farmer, Ballasholaigue
Kermeen John, carrier, Port-e-Vullen
Kermeen Robert, farmer, Ballagilly
Kermode Robert, farmer, Wolly-lolish
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Ballajora
Kermode Wm., farmer, Wolly-lolish
Kerruish Edward, Esq., Cardle-vore
Kerruish Edward, joiner, Glebe
Kerruish John, farmer, Baldroma
Kerruish John R., farmer, Clifton
Kerruish John, farmer, Windmill
Kerruish John, farmer, Booil-e-velt
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Ballafayle
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Ballastowell
Kerruish Robert, farmer. Magherebreek
Kerruish Wm., farmer, Ballellin
Kerruish Wm., farmey, Ballasloe-beg
Killip John, farmer, Ballafayle
Killip Nioholas, farmer, Ballaskaig-beg
Killip Thomas, parish clerk, the Glebe
Kinnish Patrick, farmer, Kerroo-croien
Kinnish Wm., farmer, Ballagaig
Kinrade John, bootmaker, Dhoon
Kinrade Wm., farmer, Ballachrink
Kissack John, farmer, Rhenab
Kissack Wm., farmer, Rhenab
Kneale Hugh, farmer, Ballure
Kneale James, bootmaker, Crowe-craan
Kneen James, farmer, Ballacorteen
Kneen Wm. farmer, Balig

Lace Mrs, grocer, Cardle-vore
Looney Mrs., Port-e-Vullen
Looney George, farmer. Gob-ne-schoot
Looney John, farmer, Ballasale
Looney Wm., farmer, Ballaskaig-beg
Lowey Mrs., farmer, Ballasaig
Loowey Francis, farmer, Baldroma-beg

McCubbin Charles, farmer, Thalloo-queen
MeMutric Andrew, farmer, Ballagillie
Midwood W George, Claughbane house
Moore John, farmer. Cornah
Moore John framer, Aird
Moore. Robert, farmer, Ballaberna
Murray John T., farmer, Kerrocroien

Pearson Samuel farmer, Rheuty

Qualtrough John, sohoolmaster, Dhoon
Quayle James bootmaker, Craig-ne-Molt
Quayle John farmer, Ballaterson
Quayle Robert. farmer, Ballellin

Skillicorn Mrs Hibernian inn, Laxey road
Smethurat JoQ, schoolmaster, Central school
Sowden Captain John, Cornah
Spencer Mr. Wm. C., Port Lewaigue

Todd J. T. Esq. Port Lewaigue

Ward Mr W. H. Corrony
Watterson Robert, corn miller, Corrony mill
White Rev. H. G., The Vicarage
Williams Mr. David, Dewaigue cottage


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