[pp 1397-1429 from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939]






The first known Manx Almanack, in common with the first Manx newspaper, was the work of Christopher Briscoe, the printer and publisher of the Manks Mercury (see pp. 1138-1139 and 1321-1323).

The first issue of the Almanack was in 1792. A facsimile of the title-page and the page giving a list of the fairs held in the Island appears on page 1397.

The Library copy, which is well printed, measures 130X75 mms, pp. 31 (no pagination) and is 8121, Bridge House collection. The contents are enumerated on the title page:

'The Manks Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord 1792, 'Being Leap Year, and the 32d. Year of the Reign of King '
George IIId. till 25 October, Containing The Eclipses, the 'Moon's Age and Changes, Time of High Water at Douglas, '
Sun Rising and Setting, Moon Rising, Southing and Setting, 'Sun's Declination, Table of Exchange, List of Fairs, Common '
Law Court Days, &c., &c. Calculated for the Meridian of the' Isle of Man.'
Imprint: Douglas, Printed by and for C. Briscoe. '
Price Sixpence British.' The Table of Exchange is of Manks into English, and Manks into Irish.



Thomas Whittam, supposed to have been the son of the Chief Constable of Douglas, was apprenticed to Christopher Briscoe, (see p. 1139). It is not known when he first began the issue of an Almanack, and he may have taken over Briscoe's publication. The titles of the two works, and the contents, are practically identical. The edition of 1798 is the first known; later issues for 1800 to 1804 inclusive are in the Museum Library, all from the Bridge House Collection. The last issue of Whittam's Almanack known is for the year 1806.

1798. Title: 'The Manks Almanack for the Year of Our ' Lord 1798, being second after Leap Year, and the 38th of the 'Reign of King George III. till 25 October. Containing The 'Sun's Rising, Setting and Declination; Eclipses, Moon's Age 'and Changes, with her Rising, Southing and Setting; Time of 'High Water, Tables of Exchange, List of Fairs, Common Law 'Court Days, &c., &c.' There is the note: ' The Tide Tables &c. of this Almanack were taken from P. Wogan's Dublin Almanack,.successor to the late R. Jackson's Almanacks, which are found to be the most correct now published.' Imprint: Douglas, Printed by and for T. Whittam. Price 6d. British. 8122.

The title-pages of successive issues are similar, with the addition of 'Custom-house Holidays' in 1801 and 'Weather' in 1802. The 1802 edition is fully described in Harrison's ' Bibliotheca Monensis,' p. 69. The size is about 130 x 80 mms, pp. 30-32. Reg. nos. are 8123 to 8125 and 8120 (1804).



Jefferson's was undoubtedly the most important Manx Almanack, and had the longest life - one hundred and twenty three years. During this period it changed hands on several occasions.

The first known appearance of the Almanack, which was founded ard first published by George Jefferson, the printer and publisher of the Manks Advertiser (see pp. 1140 and 1324), was in the form of a sheet almanack in 1802. It first appeared in book form in 1808.

In 1844 William Dillon (see p. 1153) took over Jefferson's business, and issued the almanack in 1845 and 1846. In that year he failed and the rights of the almanack passed to George John Cudd, who published the work as `Jefferson's Almanack' in 1847, and under his own name in 1848, 1849, and possibly 1850.

From Cudd (see p. 1162) the copyright passed to Robert Fargher, the printer and publisher of the Mona's Herald (p. 1150), and it remained with him and his successors (from 1864, John Christian Fargher; from 1892, Fargher & Co.) until 1908. After 1894 Jefferson's and Quiggin's Almanacks, both the property of John Christian Fargher, became merged; and in 1908 the copyrights were purchased by the nautical publishers, James Munro & Co., Ltd., Glasgow, who continued publication up to 1925.


A Sheet Almanack, price 6d. Manks, was advertised in Jefferson's newspaper, the Manks Advertiser, in December, 1801. It was 'the same as is sold in Dublin for 6d. British . . . ' will be found very convenient, placed up in shops, public'houses, and farmhouses. They may be had at the Printing'Office, Douglas; at Capt. Fell's, Castletown; at Mr. H. Clucas's, 'Peel; and at Mr. J. Sayle's, Ramsey.' No copy is known to exist.


In the Manks Advertiser of December 13, 1806, is advertised a Manks Almanack, with an Appendix comprising " A Brief Account or History of the Isle of Man." The price was 6d.


A Manks Almanack for the Year 1808. . . 'Containing the 'Time of the Sun's Rising and Setting; the Full, Changes and 'Quarters of the Moon; with her Rising, Southing and Setting; 'Times of High Water; Weather; List of Civil Officers and 'Members of the Manks Legislature; Custom House Holidays; 'Fairs; Common Law Court Days. . . . With an Appendix 'comprising a View of the Principal Estates, &c., in the Island, 'with their Proprietors. Also, an enlarged Table of the Com'pass Bearings, and the Distances from the Headlands or 'Harbours of the Island, to the opposite Headlands or Harbours 'in the Channel.' It contains also a table of exchange of Manks into English coin, and vice versa.

This, the oldest Jefferson Book Almanack known to exist, is in the collection of the compiler of this Bibliography. It was published on December 24, 1807, price 9d. Size 143x95 mms, pp. 40 (no pagination).


Title and Contents as 1808. 143x95 mms, pp. 44, partly interleaved, price 9d. British. 8156 (Bridge House).


'An Improved Manks Almanack and Tide Table for the Year '1811, with an Appendix comprising a View of the Principal 'Estates in the Island and Their Proprietors.' 144x85 mms, pp. 35 (no pagination), price 9d. British. 6476.

Doubtless the issue of book Almanacks was consecutive following 1807, or possibly earlier.


Title as 1811. In addition to the phenomena given in previous issues this also contained 'List of Civil Officers and Members 'of the Manks Legislature; Officers of the Detachment of 'the 11th Royal Veteran Battalion, stationed in this island; 'the Officers of the South Manks Volunteers,' and tables of Manks and English money.


Title as 1811, contents as last. 145x90 mms, pp. 48 (no pagination, price 9d. British.


'The Manks Almanack and Tide Table for the Year 1816.' For the first time a short title appears on the cover. The contents are much as before, with the addition of a list of the principal Inns, and 'Predictions for the Year 1816, by Francis Moore.' 150 x 95 mms, pp. 50, price one shilling British. 1542 (G. Fred Clucas, S.H.K.).


Title as 1816. Contains also lists of Bankers, Sumners, and Manks Bar. 150x90 mms, pp. 56, price one shilling. 6477.


Title as 1816. This is the first issue to contain a map of the Island, 'Engraved by J. Pigot, Manchester, for J. Beatson, 'Douglas.' The Almanack is printed on Manx-made paper, with the watermark 'Isle of Man 1810.' Contents as last. 152 x 95 mms, pp. 56. 544 (Mrs. Kewley).


Title as 1816, contents as last. 160 x 96 mms, pp. 46. 8133 (Bridge House).


'Jefferson's Improved Manks Almanack and Tide Table, showing Rising and Setting of the Sun and Moon; also the Times 'of High Water, for the Isle of Man, and at the different 'Ports and Harbours in the North, and in the St. George's ' and Bristol Channels; with a variety of other New, Accurate 'and Useful Tables, for the Year 1825.' Since 1819 it has become much more of a nautical almanack, with a list of Lighthouses and guide to their positions, 'Bearings, &c., of 'the Buoys in the River Lune,' and 'Sailing Directions for 'the Navigation of the River Clyde to Greenock.' 160x105 mms, pp. 60. 3087 (G. W. Wood) and 8134 (Bridge House).


Title as 1825. The contents include features which appeared in the 1825 edition, but the nautical section at the end is extended somewhat. 160x100 mms, pp. 60. 6481 and 3088, also 8135 (Bridge House).

3088 is a larger edition, interleaved throughout the almanack proper and having a map as frontispiece. It is from the G. W. Wood collection and measures 152 x 100 mms.


Title as last, with the addition 'Including Important Information to Mariners, procured expressly for this Almanack.' The ' Notice to Mariners' occupies pp. 46-60. 160 x 100 mms, pp. 60. 8002 (Arthur Moore).


Title as 1825, contents as last. The twenty-sixth annual impression, making the date of the first issue 1802. First edition, 155 x 100 mms, pp. 60, 3090 and 3091 (G. W. Wood). Second edition, 1541 (G. F. Clucas) and 8136 (Bridge House),

Second edition, interleaved copy with map, 3089 (G. W. Wood). This edition contains some additional matter, including a List of the Officers and Committee of the I.M. District Association of the Royal National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck.


Title as 1825, contents as last. 160 x 100 mms, pp. 60, second edition. 8137 (Bridge House).


Title as in 1825. Contents include 'The Bye Laws for Governing and Regulating the Harbours of the Island.' The interleaved edition contains a ' Complete Mariner's Companion' between pp. 49-72. 165 x 105 mms, pp. 48, first edition, 3092 (G. W. Wood) and 8178. Interleaved edition, pp. 72, 3093 (G. W. Wood). Second edition, pp. 72, 8139 (Bridge House).


'Jefferson's Improved Manks Almanack and Tide Table for 'the Year 1832, including a Complete Mariner's Companion 'for the Manks, Welch, English, Scotch and Irish Coasts.' The Mariner's Companion occupies pp. 46-76. 169 x 140, pp. 76, 6494 (G. W. Wood), and 3139 (Bridge House).

The cover of the 1832 Almanack is blue, and has a small woodcut of St. Patrick's Isle and Peel Castle with a fishing smack in the foreground. From an advertisement on the back cover it appears that Jefferson, in addition to his printing office and stationer's shop, kept a wine and spirit store. and sold tea, coffee and sugar, in Duke Street.


Title as 1832. In this issue Jefferson publishes for the first time a large folding map of the Island, dated 1832, engraved by Matlow[sic Mutlow], Russel Court. On the cover there is a woodcut of a Steam Packet boat [? the first Mona's Isle]. To the list of contents incorporated in the title is added 'Extraordinary Predictions of Zadkiel the Seer.' The Mariner's Companion occupies pp. 49-80. 162x104 mms, pp. 80, interleaved edition, 6495 (G. W. Wood) and 8140 (Bridge House). Another copy, incomplete and lacking title-page, 1422 (J. N. Oates).


Title and contents as in 1832. The cover has a woodcut of a full-rigged ship. 163 x 109 mms, pp. 80, 6496 (G. W. Wood)


Title and contents as in 1832. The cover has the woodcut of the Steam Packet boat as in 1833; apparently this and the full- rigged ship are used in alternate years. 160 x 100 mms, pp. 80, 6497 (G. W. Wood).


Title and Contents as 1832. 162 x 100 mms, pp. 80, and one page advertisement of J. R. Wallace's Museum in St. George Street, Douglas. 8141 (Bridge House).


Title and contents as 1832. 160 x 103 mms, pp. 80, 8142 (Bridge House).


Title and contents as 1832. A very incomplete copy, 162 x 95 mms, 6498.


'Jefferson' Manks Almanack, Tide Table and Mariner's Companion for 1839.' Now includes notes of train times and fares on the Liverpool to Manchester Railway. The Mariner's Companion occupies pp. 45-80. On the cover appear the words: 'May be had at the principal shops in the Island and of the 'booksellers in the chief ports of the St. George's Channel.' 159 x 102 mms, pp. 80, 6499; also 3100 (G. W. Wood).


Title as 1839. Has a folding map in the interleaved edition lithographed by R. Miller, Liverpool, from actual survey, October, 1839, and ' drawn expressly for Jefferson's Manks 'Almanack, 1840.' It shows the positions of the banks and channels, buoys and lightships in the River Mersey. The Mariner's Companion occupies pp. 43-80. On the back cover is a list of agents for the Almanack in Liverpool and other ports. 1_63x107 mms, pp. 48, 6500. contains only the Manx matter of the Mariner's Companion, and is apparently a cheap edition. The full edition, interleaved and with the chart of the Approaches to Liverpool, is 169x110 mms, pp. 80. 3101 (G. W. Wood).


Title as 1839. Contains a new folding plan, lithographed by Maclure, Macdonald and Macgregor, of the Approaches to Liverpool. 168 x 108 mms, pp. 46, Manx edition, 6502; full edition, pp. 80, 1430 (J. N. Oates), and 8001 (Arthur Moore).

1845. 'Jefferson's (now Dillon's) Manks Almanack, Tide Table, and 'Mariner's Companion for 1845.' Contents as formerly. Printed and sold by William Dillon, Duke Street, who took over the copyright of the Almanack on purchasing the Manks Advertiser from Jefferson. See page . 170 x 104 mms, 48 PP., Manx (sixpenny) edition, 6503 and 8001 (Arthur Moore).


' Dillon's (late Jefferson's) Manks Almanack and Tide Table 'and Mariner's Companion for 1846.' 160x110 mms, pp. 48, Manx edition, 8002 (Arthur Moore).


'Jefferson's (now G. J. Cudd's) Manks Almanack, Tide Table 'and Mariner's Companion for 1847.' Printed and sold by George John Cudd, Thomas Street, Douglas. See page 1400. Manks edition, 173x110 mms, pp. 32, 8143 (Bridge House), and 8179.


'Jefferson's Northern and Central Isle of Man and Liverpool 'Almanack for the Year 1851, with Correct Tide Tables for 'Liverpool, Bristol, Cork, Greenock and other Ports in the 'Irish Sea; also, a Complete Mariner's Companion, Guide to '285 Lighthouses, and all the Data necessary for working a 'Lunar Distance; with a Mass of Useful and Important Inforora' tion.' Imprint: 'Isle of Man, Printed by Robert Fargher; 'London, James Gilbert, 49 Paternoster Row, and all Book'sellers.' Appended to the title is the following: 'The Astronomical and other Calculations by Mr. John Goldsmith, the 'whole being carefully collated and edited by Robert Fargher, 'conductor and manager of Mona's Herald newspaper.' [Goldesmith lived at 4 Albert Terrace, Douglas.] It has a folding map of the Approaches to Liverpool and Chester, 'from the 'Best and Latest Surveys,' lithographed by E. Parry and Co., Brunswick, Liverpool. The Almanack carries many pages of advertisements. 172 x 110 mms, pp. 152, 3103 (G. W. Wood) and an incomplete copy 3104 (G. W. Wood).


' Fargher's Standard Edition of the Northern and Central 'Almanack for the Year 1852, with Correct Tide Tables for 'Liverpool, London, Bristol, Cork, Greenock and the Chief 'Ports of the Irish Sea; Guide to the Lighthouses of the United 'Kingdom; Complete Mariner's Companion, and all the Data, 'etc.' Imprint: 'Douglas, Printed and Published by Robert ' Fargher; London, C: Mitchell, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, 'and all Book and Chart Sellers.' In addition to the text there are pp. 48 of advertisements of an interesting local character. 170x 110 mms, pp. 144, 3105 (G. W. Wood) and 8180.

Jefferson's Almanack was at this period issued in seven different forms, at one penny, threepence, sixpence, ninepence, one shilling, and two shillings. These were advertised as follow:

1. Penny Almanack and Tide Table. Crown Octavo.
2. Almanack, Tide Table, and Annals of Liverpool, Lancashire, Cumberland, and the Isle of Man, and Chronological Table of Remarkable Events, with other local information. Crown 8vo.
3. The above with the addition of The Mariner's Companion and much general information. Crown 8vo. 6d. 4. The ' Northern and Central Almanack' interleaved with ruled pages and with a chart of the Approaches to Liverpool.
4. Almanack, Tide Table, and Sketch of the Isle of Man, its Superstitions, Manners and Customs, with other general information, containing map, six views on copper, and engravings on wood. Crown 8vo.
5. Northern and Central Almanack and Tide Tables for Liverpool, &c., as described under this date. Ruled pages for Memoranda, and containing all the information in No. 4. Crown 8vo. Ninepence.
6. Shilling Almanack, Tide Tables, etc., with all the features of No. 5 and a Chart of the Approaches to Liverpool and Guide to the Lighthouses of the United Kingdom. Crown -8vo.
7. Master Mariner's Pocket Almanack, Tide Tables, &c. As No. 6, but made up in strong roan, with tuck and pockets.


Title as 1852, with the addition of 'Key to the Port Charges.' The 'Guide to the Lighthouses' contains a full description of 320 lights, pp. 81-101. ' Key to the Port Charges' on pp. 145

162. 170 x 110 mms, pp. 176 and 28 pp. advertisements. 3106 (G. W. Wood).


Title as 1853. Fargher, in his address, said ' no exertion or 'expense shall be wanting on his part to render it still more 'deserving of support . . . as a valuable Sea Port Almanack ' and permanent work of reference for all matters connected 'with maritime affairs.' 170 x 110 mms, pp. 170 and 30 pp. advertisements. 6504 and 3109 (G. W, Wood).


' Pargher's Latest Edition of . . . ,' otherwise title as 1853. An early edition was published during the summer months of 1854. This issue is the first noted entered at Stationer's Hall. 170 x 110 mms, pp. 170 and many pp. of advertisements. 6504, 1432 (J. N. Oates) and 3110 (G. W. Wood).


' Fargher's Sixpenny (or Shilling, &c.) Edition . . ,' otherwise title as 1853, with the addition of 'Headland Bearing and 'Distance Tables, all the Data for Working Lunars.' The sixpenny edition has a plan of the Shipyard and Patent Slip, Ramsey, the property of T. C. Gibson, Esq., Harrow. (J. S. Raby, Architect, and G. A. Dean, Lithographer.) 168x109 mms, pp. 87, 6504. Shilling edition, 170x110 mms, pp. 170 and 38 pp. advertisements, 3111 (G. W. Wood).


' Fargher's Standard Edition . . . ,' otherwise title as 1856, with the addition of 'Key to the Tidal Streams in St. George's Channel and the Irish Sea.' 170x110 mms, pp. 128 and 32 pp. advertisements, 3113 (G. W. Wood). Sixpenny edition 6504. 1858.

Title as 1857. 170x110 mms, pp. 128 and 32 pp. advertisements, 3114 (G. W. Wood). Sixpenny edition, 6504.


Title and size as 1857, pp. 138. Shilling edition, 3115 (G. W. Wood), sixpenny edition 6504.


Title and size as 1857, pp. 146, 3116 (G. W. Wood).


Title and size as 1857, but the list of ports extended to include London, Portsmouth, Southampton, Shields, Sunderland, Hull, &c. Pp. 138, 3117 (G. W. Wood).


Title and size as 1857, pp. 162, 3118 (G. W. Wood).

In the following editions the titles and contents are as previously described, and the size of the publication approximately 170 x 110 mms. Unless otherwise stated, copies are from the collection of G. W. Wood. Other details are given:-

Date. Pp. Reg. No. Remarks.
1858 128 3114
6504 Sixpenny ed.
1859 138 3115
6504 Sixpenny ed.
1860 146 3116
1861 138 3117 List of ports in title extended.
1862 162 3118
186,3 146 3120 Size 175x112 mms.
3119 Sixpenny ed.
1864 166 3121 Pub. now by John Christian Fargher.
1865 152 3122-23
1866 174 3124
1867 176 3125-26
1868 208 3127
172 3128
1869 214 3129
183 3130
1870 214 3131
1872 207
232 3133
3135 . Contains a map of St.George's Channel andIrish Sea, from the survey of Rear-Ad. Beechey
1873 193 3137
1874 215 3138
1875 193 3139
83 4315 Sixpenny ed.
1876 212
290 3140
3141 Contains 'Annals of I. Man'
1877 and ' Giense Nights, Or Leggads.'
103 1434
1878 290
175 3142
3143 Also 'I. Man and Diocese of Sodor and Man.'
Also 1878,   'Jefferson's Liverpool and Isle of Man
Sheet Almanack.' Douglas, John Christian Fargher,
Athol Street. A Supplement to the Mona's Herald newspaper on Decembe 26,1877. Double crown.
1879 208 3144 Also 28 pp. Directory of Douglas.
1880 200 4319 Sixpenny ed.
1881 250 3146
5083 . Given by Miss Howard
1882 300 3147-48 Also ' Remarkable'Days as Expressed in Manks.'
1883 260 3149
1885 250 3150
1888 250 3151
1740 R. J. Moore col.
1889 363 3152
4237 Plans only, from this and earlier issues.
1890 440 3154 Also 1890, 'Jefferson's Penny Tides and Diary.' Isle of Man, John Christian Fargher; Liverpool, G. Philip and Co., W. H. Smith and Son. 110 x 70 mms, pp. 40. 4434, 3155 (G. W. Wood).
1891 296 3159


The Standard edition was 203 pp., 170 x 110 mms, 3159 (G. W. Wood). It contained Tide Tables for Continental Ports, and a list of nautical terms and phrases in foreign languages.

In 1892 the penny Almanack was 32 pp., 170x110 mms. The threepenny edition was as described below. There was also published in French, German, Spanish, and Italian, 'Jefferson's Almanack, Foreign Sea Terms and Phrases,' at one shilling.

The threepenny edition was entitled ' Jefferson's Tide Table 'for the Isle of Man, with Government gand Municipal, Parochial ' School and other Officials, the Estates and their Owners, 'Clergy and other Ministers.' The imprint was: 'Isle of Man, 'J. C. Fargher; Liverpool, W. H, Smith & Son, Philip & Co.; ' Whitehaven, W. Gill, 2 Market Place.' 133 x 55 !mms, pp. 112, 3421 (G. W. Wood).

There was also published by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co., Ltd., London, 'Jefferson's Popular Penny 'Almanack, with Data for High Water in the Thames, and 'Copious Notes on the Overflow Tides; Data for Times of High 'Water at the South Coast Ports, High Water in the Mersey, 'Eclipses, Law Terms, &c.' 170x112 mms, pp. 32, 3153 and 3383 (G. W. Wood).

Date. Pp. Reg. No. Remarks.
1893 310 3160
1894 341 3162 Imprint now Fargher &Co.
1895 320 3164 180 x 115 mms.
70 3163 Sixpenny ed. Contains 'The Illus. Literary Companion'.
1896 70 3165 Sixpenny ed. As last, butsize 180 x 120 mms.
1897 360 3166 180 x 120 mms.
1898 360
70 3167 Sixpenny ed., as last.
1899 70 3168 Ditto.
1901 360 3169 Imprint: Fargher & Co-,Burton Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey.
1902 360 3170 Address now 6 GrangeRoad, Thornton Heath.
1903 390 3171 Official Directory_ I.Man added.
1904 400 3172
1905 370 3173
1907 370 3174 The Manx information was discontinued in 1906.
1908 370 3175
In 1908 James Munro and Co. Ltd., Marine Engineering and Nautical Publishers, of 16 Carrick Street, Glasgow, purchased the copyright of Jefferson's Almanack from Fargher and Co. It was published annually under their imprint until 1925, when the Almanack ceased to be a paying proposition, and was discontinued. Increasing competition had made necessary an annual enlargement of the publication, and finally it contained over 500 pages.


In the Museum Library is a copy of 'Jefferson's and Quiggin's ' Isle of Man Almanack ' for 1919, published by James Munro and Co., Ltd., 15 and 16 Brown Street, Glasgow. 180 x 120 mms, pp. 250; 7547 (J. Nelson). Price two shillings. There is an announcement in the Almanack that James Munro and Co. had purchased and taken over the whole rights of this oldestablished nautical publication. In spite of the title, there is no Manx material or reference in the publication, but the nautical interest is extensively developed.




Beatson and Copeland first issued an Almanack, with the above title, in the year 1813, but there is no copy of the publication in the Museum. The price was one shilling.

Over 2,400 copies of the Almanack for 1814 are supposed to have been sold, whilst it was claimed that of the 1815 issue were sold 2,500 copies. The binder of Beatson's publications, which were usually on Manx-made paper, was P. Kewley.


' The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack for the Year 1814, ' chiefly compiled and adopted from Old Moore's Almanack, 'including a Correct Tide Table, together with every thing 'that is Useful to Gentlemen, Merchants, Seamen, Farmers and 'the Public in General.'

Imprint: Douglas, Printed and sold by Beatson and Copeland. Sold by Louim Cannell on thd Pier; and by the Agents of the Isle of Man Gazette, throughout the Island. 155 x 100 mms, pp. 52; 3184 (G. W. Wood). It is printed on excellent Manxmade paper, with the water-mark ISLE OF MAN 1810, and is interleaved for notes. Has an engraved map of the Island.

The contents include: Principal Inns; Detachment of the 11th Royal Veteran Battalion stationed in the Isle of Man; Civil Officers and Members of the Legislature; Correct List of Officers belonging to H.M. Revenue of Customs; Members of the Keys; South Manx Volunteers; Coroners; Regular Packet and Traders; List of Fairs; Chronology of Many Remarkable Occurrences; Maximum and Minimum Lunar Days; Principal Estates.


Title and contents as 1814, with the addition of a List of Manx Gentlemen of Yeomanry Cavalry. Watermark as 1814. This issue has a full-page coloured map engraved by J. Pigot, Manchester, for J. Beatson, Douglas; it shows the recently made highways.

Shilling ed., 160x100 mms, pp. 52; 1541 (G. F. Clucas). Sixpenny ed., 155 x 100 mms, pp. 32; 3185 (G. W. Wood).


Title as last, but the imprint is: Printed at the Phoenix Press, near the Parade, for M. A. Mills and Co. Cover red; coloured map engraved by J. Pigot for J. Beatson. 160 x 105 mms, pp. 50; 3186 (G. W. Wood).


Title and imprint as last. The engraved map is uncoloured, and has an inset of Dixon's British Hotel. 160 x 100 mms, pp. 52 (interleaved); 543 (Mrs. Kewley), 5415 (W. Sayle), and 8126 (Bridge House).


Title as last. Imprint now: Printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for M. A. Mills. Contains a Viaticum to which a witness attending Court at Castletown, Douglas or Ramsey will be entitled, and 'Remarkable Days expressed in the Manx Dialect.' 155 x 96 mms, pp. 55; 3187 (G. W. Wood). Also 156 x 100 mms, pp. 55; 6478 and 8128 (Bridge House).


Title and imprint as last. Additional contents are: Table of the Rising, Southing and Setting of the Pleaides, or Seven Stars, for every Fifth Day in the Year, of excellent use to find the Hour of the Night; and a Comparative Table of British, Irish and Manks Weights and Measures. 160 x 97 mms, pp. 59; 6479 and 8129 (Bridge House).


Title and contents as last. Imprint: Printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for M. A. Mills. Sold by the respective agents of the Isle of Man Weekly Gazette at Castletown, Peel, and Ramsey. 150 x 90 mms, pp. 59; 6480 and 3188 (G. W. Wood).


Title and Contents as last. Imprint: Printed and published by T. Davies, at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for the Proprietor. Sold also by the Agents of the Isle of Man Gazette. On Manx-made paper with the water-mark W W 1821; has a map 'engraved by J. Pigot for the Phoenix Press Office.' 155x97 mms, pp. 58; 1543 (G. F. Clucas).


Title and Contents as last; appears to be Manx-made paper dated 1810. Imprint as last. 153x100 mms, pp. 58; 3189 (G. W. Wood), 8130 (Bridge House) and 8001 (Cronkbourne). 1824.

Title as last. Printed by J. Sumner, True Manxman Office. Imprint: Douglas, Printed and Published by John Sumner, True Manxman Office, Parade. 155x100 mms, pp. 66; 3190 (G. W. Wood) and 8131 (Bridge House).



The first issue of John Quiggin's Almanack, so far as is known, was in 1829. Subsequent to his death in 1843 the work of the printing office was carried on by his wife, Mary Anna (p. 1149), and she continued the publication of the almanack up to 1866. In that year the business was taken over by Matthew Glover (p. 1167), who published the editions of 1869 and 1870, and probably others. Either in or before 1874 John Christian Fargher purchased the copyright, and until the eighties he published Quiggin's and Jefferson's Almanacks as distinct publications. In 1893 and 1894, however, the name Quiggin appears only on the cover; the almanack itself, as may beseen from the title-page, is Jefferson's. Thus Quiggin's Almanack ceased to exist as a separate entity about 1890, although the copyright, along with that of the earlier almanack, was sold by Fargher and Co. to James Munro and Co., Ltd., in 1908, and the name of Quiggin appeared on the title-page of their publications.


' The Isle of Man Almanack ... containing the Rising, Setting ' and Declination of the Sun; the Rising, Southing and Setting 'of the Moon; and Probable state of the Weather on her Change ' of Quarters; the Eclipses, and other Astrological Matter. A ' Correct Tide-Table for the Island and Opposite Coasts, showing `the Solar Times of High Water, and Heights of the Tides, the Useful Tables, and Important Sailing Directions.' Douglas: Printed and Published by J. Quiggin, Manx Sun Office, North Quay.

Has a map of the Island, and contains sailing directions for the Manx coast, H.M. Customs Officers, Members of the Manx Bar, &c., and other matter which has been noted in previous almanacks. 160 x 100 mms, pp, 60, 8165.


'The Isle of Man Almanack ... containing also a correct 'Tide-Table for the Island and Opposite Coasts, with New Sailing Directions.' Imprint as last. 155 x 100 mms, pp. 36, 6487.


155 x 100 mms, pp. 68. There is on page 31 a Fish-Table, showing when certain species are in and out of season. 8166 and 3195 (G. W. Wood).


160 x 100 mms, pp. 72, 3196 and 3197 (G. W. Wood). Has ' A Correct Map of the Isle of Man,' published by J. Quiggin, 1833, which measures 200 x155 mms. The Mariner's Guide occupies pp. 44-72.


' Quiggin's New and Improved Series of the Isle of Man 'Almanack . . . containing a Correct Tide-Table for the island and Opposite Coasts; Gardener's and Farmer's Calendar; 'Mariner's Coasting Guide; and other Useful Information.'

All second edition copies, 164 x 108 mms, pp. 80, 1423 (J. N. Oates), 3198 (G. W. Wood), and 8144 (Bridge House). The Gardener's and Farmer's Chronicle occupies pp. 38-42, and the Mariner's Guide pp. 46-80.


170 x 105 mms, pp. 72. 1567 (incomplete copy), 3360 (G. W. Wood), and 8145 (Bridge House). Has a folding map of the Approaches to the Liverpool and Chester Rivers.


167 x 103 mms. pp. 72. 3199 (G. W. Wood). ' The Computations of the Sun, Moon, &c., in this Almanack were formerly made at Greenwich; but this year they have been calculated for this Island - and it will be found much more correct for the places where it extensively circulates - Ireland, Scotland, and West of England.'


165 x 119 mms, pp. 72. 3201 (G. W. Wood). `The calculations ' in this Almanack are made to Mean Timø in Latitude 54 10' N. ' and Longitude 4 30' W.'


164 x 108 mms, pp. 72. First edition copy, 3202; second edition, 8146 (Bridge House) and 8167. Has Pigot's engraved plan of the Approaches to Liverpool.


' Quiggin's Isle of Man Almanack for the Year ... with a 'Correct Tide Table and Mariner's Companion.'

Five copies, in blue, green and mauve covers. 167 x 110 mms, pp. 76. 1425 (J. N. Oates), 3205 (G. W. Wood), 6488, 8147 (Bridge House), and 8168.


' Quiggin's Isle of Man Almanack for the Year . . . with Correct 'Tide Tables for the Old Dock Sill at Liverpool, and the Cum'berland Gates, Bristol.' 167 x 110 mms, pp. 72, 3206 (G. W. Wood), 8148 (Bridge House) and 8169.


165 x 102 mms, pp. 76. Four copies, 3209 (G. W. Wood), 6489, 8149 (Bridge House), and 8170. 'Containing also every Calculation Necessary for Working a Lunar Distance.'


170 x 107. 1426 (J. N. Oates), 8150 (Bridge House) and 8171.


From this point onwards the Almanacks vary in size between 170 to 175 mms by 105 to 112 mms. Most of them have been cut. 3210 (G. W. Wood) and 8151 (Bridge House).


Imprint changes to 'M. A. Quiggin & Co., North Quay.' Pp. 170; 3211 (G. W. Wood), 8152 (Bridge House), and 8172. The sixpenny edition, pp. 48, 6490.


Pp. 80; 1428 (J. N. Oates), 3213 (G. W. Wood), 8153 (Bridge House), and 8173.


Pp. 80, 1429 (J. N. Oates), 3214 (G. W. Wood), 8174, and 8154 (Bridge House), the sixpenny edn., 48 pp.


Pp. 80, 3215 (G. W. Wood) and 8002 (Cronkbourne).


Pp. 80, 8155: (Bridge House) and 8175, also 8002 (Cronkbourne), the sixpenny edn., 48 pp.


Pp. 80, 3216 (G. W. Wood), also 6491, pp. 48, and another second edn. copy.


Pp. 80. 3217 (G. W. Wood), 8002 (Cronkbourne) and 8176. Sixpenny edn., pp. 48, 6492 and 8190.


Pp. 84. 3220 (G. W. Wood) and 8181 (Bridge House). Has a list of the Clergy in the Diocese of Sodor and Man on p. 84.


Pp. 84. First edn., 3221 (G. W. Wood), second edn. 8182 (Bridge House), and sixpenny edn., pp. 52, 6493.


Pp. 52. Sixpenny edn., 8183 (Bridge House).


Pp. 52. Sixpenny edn., 8184 (Bridge House).


Pp. 52. Published in form of a pocket-book and wallet, with the name of R. Quirk, Receiver-General, on the outside. 8003 (Cronkbourne).


Pp. 52, Sixpenny edn., 8185 (Bridge House).


Pp. 52, Sixpenny edn., 8186 (Bridge House).


Pp. 52, Sixpenny edn., 8187 (Bridge House).


Pp. 89, 3222 (G. W. Wood) and sixpenny edn., pp. 52, 8188 (Bridge House).


Pp. 96, 3223 (G. W. Wood) and sixpenny edn., pp. 52, 8189 (Bridge House). Additional information in the Mariner's Guide.


Pp. 100, 3225 (G. W. Wood) and sixpenny edn., pp. 54, 8191 (Bridge House). Contains List of Life-Boat Stations in the United Kingdom, p. 94.

1861. Pp. 56, 8192 (Bridge House).

1862. Pp. 54, 8193 (Bridge House).


Pp. 56, sixpenny edns., 742 (G. F. Clucas) and 8194 (Bridge House).


Pp. 56, sixpenny edn., 8195 (Bridge House).


Pp. 68, sixpenny edn., 8196 (Bridge House).


Pp. 68, sixpenny edn., 8197 (Bridge House). G


Imprint now Matthew Glover, North Quay. First noted 'Entered at Stationer's Hall.' Pp. 112, 3226 (G. W. Wood).


Pp. 64, sixpenny edn., 1547 (G. F. Clucas).


Imprint now 'John Christian Fargher, Mona's Herald Office, Athol Street.' The Manx information occupies pp. 16 and includes Courts of Law, all public officials, post office, I.O.G.T. Lodges, military, clergy, benefit and other societies and public companies. There is also the usual appendix, the List of Principal Estates and the owners.

Pp. 192, shilling edn., 3227 (G. W. Wood).


'The publisher acknowledges that he is indebted for the ' startling information that the compass is affected by the fogs 'to Captain Thomas Cannell, of Douglas; he also acknowledges' the assistance of Captain Robert E. Christian, of Ramsey., The only Manx information is at the beginning of the Mariner's Guide, and is purely nautical. Pp. 226, shilling edri., 3228 (G. W. Wood).


Contains an ' Isle of Man Official Directory' of pp. 38. Also an article entitled 'The Giense Nights, or Leggads; by ny Chenn Vanninagh.' Other Manx material comprises a table of the Population, the Annals of the Isle of Man, and the List of Principal Estates. On p. 3 of the cover there is a poem on the subject of the usefulness to mariners of Quiggin's and Jefferson's Almanacks. Pp. 226, 3226 (G. W. Wood).


No Manx information, pp. 130, sixpenny edn., 3230 (G. W. Wood).


The name of Quiggin appears only on the cover; the title-page reads 'Jefferson's Isle of Man Almanack for the Year 1893,' and it is obvious that the two are now almalgamated. The sixpenny edn. contains Tide-Tables for over thirty ports in the United Kingdom, Lighthouse Guide, pilotage and port charges, courses and distances; in addition, the shilling edn. has Tide-Tables for twelve Continental ports, a new chart of Liverpool Bay (in colour), a chart of the estuary of the Ribble and the entrance to Preston Dock, and a plan of Deganwy Quay.

The first several pages take the form of a diary for the year. Shilling edn., 180 x 118 mms, pp. 312; 3231 (G. W. Wood). 1894.

Again the name Quiggin appears on the blue cover only, and after 1894 ceases altogether. Contents as in 1893.

Pp. 240, 3232 and 3233 (G. W. Wood).



A welltprinted and useful book-almanack appeared under the Rising Sun imprint of John Penrice in 1825, and was subsequently issued up to 1828.

Other almanacks from the Manx Sun Office recorded here were much later in date, and were sheet almanacks.


'The Isle of Man Newly-Arranged and Complete Almanack, 'for the Year 1825. . . . Comprising a Correct Tide-Table for 'the Island and Opposite Coasts, adapted to Solar Times and -1

'Arranged with the Table of Equation of Time in each Month; ' the Notable Aspects and Their Probable Prognostications, ' clearly denoted, with a General Calendar for every Description of Rural Work; and numerous Tables and Instructions 'for Landsmen and Seamen in General.'

This is the earliest issue of the Manx Sun Almanack, marking an improvement on previous compilations. It has an engraved map, and is interleaved. The imprint is: 'Printed for the Proprietor, by J. Penrice, Rising Sun Office, North Quay.' The Museum copy had belonged to Captain Colquitt, editor and proprietor of the Sun. 148 x 98 mms, pp. 60; 3182 (G. W. Wood).

The contents of insular importance are as follow: Viaticum, to which a Witness attending the Courts at Douglas, Castletown, and Ramsey will be entitled; Table of English and Manx Money; Correct List of Fairs; Principal Inns and Taverns; Members of the Government and Legislature; Civil and Ecclesiastical Officers, Law Courts; Members of the Manx Bar; Insular Officers of H.M. Customs; Agents to Lloyds; Packets and Traders, and Nautical Section, pp. 47-60.


'Isle of Man Almanack, for the Year 1827. . . . A Correct 'Tide-Table, for the Island and Opposite Coasts, adapted to 'Solar Time; Tables and Instructions, for Seamen, &c.; also a 'General Calendar for Rural Work, and other Useful Information.'

Imprint: Printed and Published by John Penrice, Manx Sun Office. 150x92 mms, pp. 64; 8132 (Bridge House). Nautical Section, containing a brief description of the Isle of Man, Table of the Tides in St. George's Channel, &c., is between f pp. 44-64,


' Isle of Man Almanack for the Year 1828. . . . A Correct Tide'Table for the Island and Opposite Coasts, showing the Solar `Times of High Water, and the Heights of the Tides; The 'Rising and Setting of the Sun: the Rising, Southing and 'Setting of the Moon; the Moon's Age; the Full, Changes and 'Quarters of the Moon; Observations on the Weather; Monthly 'Observations and Predictions; Eclipses; Sailing Directions for 'Liverpool, River Lune, and Clyde, and Numerous Tables and 'Instructions for Seamen.'

'The imprint is: 'Printed and Published by John Penrice, Manx Sun Office.' 164x100 mms, pp. 72; 3183 (G. W. Wood).
The purely Manx contents are 'Remarkable Days as expressed in the Manx Language,' p. 29; Nautical, pp. 44-68; 'Principal Estates in the Isle of Man, with the Names of the Proprietors, and the Rectors and Vicars of each Parish,' pp. 69-72.


Sheet Almanacks were also issued from the Manx Sun office over a number of years, being presented as a supplement to the newspaper each Christmas. Copies in the Museum Library are as follow:

Date, Size. Reg. No. Remarks.

1848 665 x 435 mms. 1563 Printed by Peter Curphey.
1851 655 x 520 mms. 1564 Printed by Peter Curphey.
1886 750 x 575 mms. Printed at the Manx Sun Office, Douglas.
1904 760 x 510 mms. Printed by Cubbon and Lightfoot, Proprietors.
1906 760 x 507 mms. Printed by Manx Sun Ltd.

The last-mentioned has a series of photographs of public men, including Mr. G. A. Ring, Att.-Gen.; Col. W. J. Anderson, Rec.-Gen.; Capt. W. H. Kitto, H.K. (Glenfaba); Mr. W. A. Hutchinson, C.P., J.P., H.K.; Deemster Callow, Mr. Dalrymple Maitland, H.K., Mr. Thomas H. Cormode, H.K., Mr. J. C. Crellin, H.K.




'The Mona Diary; or, Manx Almanack, and Tide-Table, for ' the Year ... including a Useful Coaster's Companion: embellished with New Sheet Map of the Island, Plan of Douglas `Harbour, and a Correct Chart of the Liverpool Banks.'

Imprint: 'Douglas: Printed and Sold by Walls and Fargher, New Bond Street Lane, near the Quay.'

Contents as follow: Calendar, Eclipses, Predictions by Francis Moore, His Majesty's Ministers, Legislature of the Island, Constituted Authorities, Members of the Manx Bar, Law Courts, Officers of His Majesty's Customs, Packets and Traders, Inns, Correct List of Fairs, Manks and English Money Table, Table of Wages and Expences of Witnesses attending Courts in the Island, Astronomical Remarks by Sir J. Herschell, Bye-Laws regulating the Harbours, Coaster's Companion, Compass Bearings and Distances. 155 x 100 mms, pp. 48; 6482 (Ven. John Kewley). 1835.

' The Mona Diary; or, New and Improved Manx Almanack, and 'Tide-Table ... including a Useful Coaster's Companion, and a ' Brief History of the Isle of Man; embellished with Large Sheet ' Map, containing Douglas, Castletown, and Ramsey Harbours ' or, with a new and correct Chart of the Liverpool Banks and ' Channels. Second Annual Edition.'

Imprint: 'Douglas: Printed and Sold by Walls and Fargher, Mona's Herald Office, Post-Office Lane.'

The 'Brief History' is embodied in the Calendar. 158 x 102 mms, pp. 48; 6483 (Ven. John Kewley); and pp. 80, with a fuller Coaster's Companion, 3177 (G. W. Wood). Also 3176 and 3178 (G. W. Wood) and 1545 (G. F. Clucas).


'The Mona Diary . . . including a Complete Coaster's Companion, containing a Full Description of the Lights on the Manx, ' Welch, English, Scotch and Irish Coasts, with a Variety of 'Useful Information. Third Annual Impression.' Imprint as last.

Omits the Brief History, but contains the other material previously noted. 163 x 105 mms, pp. 80, 6484 and pp. 48, 6484 (Ven. John Kewley). Also 3179 and 3180 (G. W. Wood).


Title as 1836. 160 x 102 mms, pp. 82, 3181 (G. W. Wood) and (Ven. John Kewley), 3179 and 3180 (G. W. Wood).




' Cannell's Isle of Man Almanack for 1844; with Correct Tide'Tables for Liverpool, Leith, and Dublin; and a List of the 'Principal Estates of the Isle of Man, with the Proprietors' ' Names, corrected to the present time.'

Imprint: 'Douglas: Published by W, Cannell. Sold by the respectable shopkeepers in all parts of the Island,' and by agents in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool and Whitehaven.

Contains very little information compared with other similar publications. 180 x 105 mms, pp. 44, 6486 (Ven. John Kewley).


' Cannell's Isle of Man Almanack ... with Correct Tide-Tables ' for the ports of Liverpool, Leith and Dublin; to which is ' added a Coaster's Companion, for Great Britain and Ireland. 'Calculated by R. Corteen, Teacher of Mathematics, Nautical 'Astronomy, &c. First Edition.-To be continued annually.'

Imprint: 'Douglas: Published by William Cannell, Duke Street.'

The Coaster's' Guide is a 48 pp. supplement. 180 x 110 mms, total pp. 86, 3364 (G. W. Wood).




In 1846 George John Cudd, whose office was in Thomas Street, Douglas, took over the copyright of Jefferson's Almanack, and in 1847 published the work under the original name, but afterwards under his own name for at least two years.


' Cudd's Improved Manx Almanack, Tide-Table and Mariner's 'Companion for the Year of our Lord 1848.' 'This edition 'contains all the data required for working a lunar distance, 'and finding the latitude and longitude at sea by celestial 'observations and chronometers. It likewise contains tide'tables for Liverpool and Bristol, and a supplementary tide'table showing the times of high water at all the coasts sur'rounding Great Britain and Ireland; also, the Rising and 'Setting of the Sun; the changes of the moon; her rising, ' southing and setting; the rising, southing and setting of the 'planets, and other phenomena; calculated for mean time at 'Douglas, Isle of Man, by John Goldsmith.'

Imprint: 'Douglas: Printed, Published and Sold by George John Cudd, 8 Thomas Street.'

175 x 105 mms, pp. 80, 3193 (G. W. Wood) ; in a different cover, 3191 and 3192 (G. W. Wood).


' Cudd's Improved Manx Almanack, Tide-Table and Mariner's 'Companion for the Coasts of England, Ireland, and Scotland, 'giving full directions for the safe piavigation of vessels in the 'various Loughs, Bays, &c. With a Chart greatly improved.'

Has Tide-Tables and directions for the ports of Liverpool, Hull and Bristol. 180x11.8 mms, pp. 52, 3194 (G. W. Wood); also pp. 84, 8177 (Bridge House).




A sheet almanack compiled and printed by James Brown and Son and their successors, and presented as a supplement to the newspaper. The publication was announced in the Times of December 19th, 1863, and the first issue was given with the Times of December 26th of that year. Since then publication has continued annually. There is no copy of the first issue known.

The 1873 issue is the first in the Museum collection, and measures 635x510 mms. Others are: 1885 (650x510 mms), ' Compiled, published and printed by James Brown and Son, The Isle of Man Times Steam Printing Works, Times Buildings, Athol Street'; and the following, all of which have the same format and measure approximately 755 x 510 mms:-1898, 1899, 1909, 1914 and from 1923 to the present date. Reg. No. 1566.



The edition for 1865 is the only one that has been traced. The imprint is: 'Printed and Published by Matthew Glover, at his General Printing and Stationery Establishment, 52, North Quay, Douglas.' Glover took over Quiggin's shop on the North Quay in 1864, and for some years following 1869 was the publisher of ' Quiggin's Almanack.' (See p. 1411.) This is a sheet almanack measuring 675 x 505 mms, and was gratis. The Reg. No. is 7752 (William Shepherd).



Hampton's Family Almanack for 1868, Containing much that 'is Interesting and Instructive.' Contains nothing of insular interest apart from the advertisements.

Imprint: ' Ramsey, Isle of Man: John Hampton, Printer, Bookseller and Newsagent, Post Office.' (19 Parliament Street.) Price one penny, 215 x 133 mms, p. 36, 7552 (T. Ed. Kelly).


In the Manx Society vol. xxi, 'Mona Miscellany,' Second Series, is preserved a record of the Remarkable Days of the Calendar as expressed in the Manx dialect. Pp. 198-202; also ' Months of the Year,' p. '7.03; and 'Days of the Week,' p. 204. F 64, 803.



The contents may be briefly summarised as follow: Statistics of the Anglican Communion; Calendar; Province of Canterbury; Province of York; the Church in Ireland, Scotland, India and the Colonies; the Church in the U.S.A.; Universities; Colleges and Schools; Societies and Institutions; the House of Peers and the House of Commons; the Diocese of Sodor and Man. The latter includes a list of the Bishops; Convocation of the Diocese; Clergy, Churches, and Parochial Information; Ordinations and Confirmations; Diocesan Conference; Manx Church Fund; Royal Bounty; Impropriate Fund; Church and Clergy Trusts; Religious Societies; Tithe Rent Charge; King William's College; Sodor and Man Theological School; High School for Girls, Castletown; Grammar Schools; Manx Statutes relating to the Church; Historical Notes; Old Manx Observances; Postal and General Information. There is a small folding map of the

Island. Price 1/6d, 180 x 120 mms, pp. 139; 1328 E.205 (Miss Howard).


Contains an address delivered to the Clergy at Bishopscourt on the occasion of Convocation, 1880, by the Right Rev. Rowley Hill, D.D., Bishop of Sodor & Man. 1/-.


Convocation address for 1881; List of Collations, &c., during the present Episcopate; List of Governors of the Island; Setting Quests of Lord's Lands, Abbey Lands and Baronies; Courts of Law and Equity and other general information. 1/-. Pp. 177; 2293 (G. W. Wood).


Statement of Monies Expended on Manx Church Work, and more general information than formerly. 1/6d.


An address by the Bishop of Sodor and Man. Pp. 196, 1330 (Miss Howard).


Pp. 162; 1/-; Brown and Son. 1331 (Miss Howard). 1893.

Imprint: 'Douglas: Printed by F. W, Spencer at the Manx Sun Office.' Contains Manx information only and the 'Churchman's Almanack for the Year 1893.' Published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Northumberland Ave., London. Pp. xv, 36; 1981 (N.H.A.S.). 6d.


Imprint: 'Douglas: Printed by James Brown & Son, Times Buildings.' Contains the 'Churchman's Almanack for 1894.' This note appears: 'The Editor of the Diocesan Calendar for 1895 will be the Rev. R. B. Baron, St. George's Vicarage, Douglas.' Pp. 100; 4944 (Miss Howard). 6d,


Pp. 111; Brown and Son. 1983 (Miss Howard). 60,


There is an alphabetical list of Licensed Clergy in the Diocese. pp. 121; 4945 (Miss Howard). 6d.


Pp. 128; 132 (W. Cubbon). 6d. 1898. The Editors of the Calendar are now the Revs. Robert B. Baron and John Kewley, Arbory Vicarage, Ballabeg. There is a paragraph on the Opening and Licensing of the Abbey Church, Ballasalla. Pp. 158; 4946 (Miss Howard). 6d.


The Opening and Licensing of St. Matthew's New Church, Douglas, ard All Saints Church, Douglas, in the Parish of St. George. Pp. 166; 1986 (N.H.A.S.). 6d.


Pp. 151; 134 (W. Cubbon). 6d. 1901. Pp. 153; 135 (W. Cubbon). 6d. 1904. Pp. 135; 1987 (N.H.A.S.). 6d. 1906. 180x125 mms, pp. 141; 136 (W. Cubbon). 6d. 1907.

Edited by Rev. W. H. Gibson the Parsonage, Laxey, and the Rev. Canon John Kewley. Pp. 144; 2295 (G. W. Wood). 6d. 1908.

Pp. 145; 4840 (G. F. Clucas). 6d.

1909 pp. 145 138 (W. Cubbon) 6d.

1910 pp. 161 139 „ 11 6d.

1911 pp. 164 140 „ 6d.

1912 pp. 169 141 „ 6d.

1913 pp. 170 142 „ 6d.

1914 pp. 169 143 „ 6d. The Editor is now the Ven. the Archdeacon, Andreas Rectory.

1916 pp. 157 The Editors are the Archdeacon and the Rev. J. H. Cain. This was the last issue in this series.



This sheet almanack, the only one published by Hartley, has photographs of Sir Joseph West and Lady Ridgeway, and views of Castle Rushen and Douglas Promenade. 760 x 515 mms,



A sheet almanack published by the proprietors of the Mona's Herald newspaper, with which it was given free as a Supplement. In addition to the 1906 issue there are in the Museum copies of the 'Mona's Herald, Tide Table and Directory' from 1923 to the present date. It is stated that the Tide Tables are copied from Jefferson's Almanack, by the kind permission of the Proprietors. The sheet measures approximately 760 to 765 x 510 mms.


YE MANKS CALENDAR (Compiled by Florence H. Laughton). This tablet calendar has the title 'Day Unto Day,' and for each day has the favourite quotation of a subscriber. The calendar was compiled by Florence H. Laughton, of Ballaquane, Peel, in order to assist the musical education of a Guild protége. It was published in November, 1906, by Cubbon and Lightfoot. 225 x 120 mms, (W. Cubbon), and 4340 (G. W. Wood).

DENNIS AND SONS, F. T. W. (Scarborough).


This calendar was compiled by the Rev. Canon R. D. Kermode in aid of the funds of St. George's Church, Douglas. It contains thirteen half-tone views of Manx scenery from photographs, and a brief account of the history of the church. The days of the month and the Saints' Days are set down in Manx, and' historical events are given for each day of the year. 250 x 155 mms, pp. 17; 4844 (John Frowde) and 4339 (G. W. Wood).

CLARK, R. & R (Edinburgh).


Compiled by Sophia Morrison and Alice M. Williams, and having the imprint, 'Peel: The Manx Language Society; London: Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd.' For each day the calendar had a quotation drawn from the poems of Thomas Edward Brown, by permission of Messrs. Macmillan & Co. The ornamentation on the card mount was the work of Frank S. Graves. 180x100 mms, pp. 56; 4338 (G. W. Wood)*



The issue for 1924 is the first in the Museum Library. This is an illustrated sheet almanack measuring from 760 to 765 x 510 mms, and the printer and publisher is Alfred Cecil Teare, of 19 Parliament Street, Ramsey.

Date. Illustration.

1924 Portraits of 'Our City Fathers,' J. A. Fargher, J.P. (Chairman), J. P. Purcell (Vice Chairman), and other Commissioners and officials.
1925 Thirty-eight photographs of Members of the Legislature.
1926 Picture of King Edward, Queen Alexandra and Royal Party at Bishop's Court, August, 1902.
1927 Sir Claude Hamilton Archer Hill, K.C.S.I., C.I.E.
1928 I.M. Bank new premises at Ramsey.
1929 King George V and H.R.H. Prince of Wales.
1930 Members of the Legislature.
1931 Proposed new Grammar School, Ramsey.
1932 The World's Best Snapshot, 1931.
1933 Photographs of Prince George's Visit.
1934 Sir Montagu Butler and Lady Butler.
1935 Members of the Legislature.
1936 A new picture of Ramsey from the air.
1937 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
1938 Vice-Admiral the Hon. W. S. Leveson-Gower, C.B., D.S.O., and Lady Rose.
1939 Ramsey Town Commissioners and Officials.



The first issue, that of 1924-25, was published by the Victoria Press, Victoria Street, in July, 1924. There is a portrait of the Very Rev. Dean Crookall, and photographs of St. Maughold's, Ramsey, St. Anthony's, Onchan, and St. Mary's, Castletown. 280x220, pp. 18; E186, 1834.


Contains a print of the Catholic Chapel, Athol Street, Douglas, c. 1845; also an article from the I.M. Weekly Gazette of 4th November, 1813, re the Catholic Church in Douglas. There is a list of 'Manx Parishes and their Patronal Saints' by J. J. Kneen, and photographs as in the last issue. 287 x 225, pp. 24, E 186.


Contains a short article on the Church of Saint Trinian, by J. J. Kneen, and an article on the 'Rev. Dean Crookall's Jubilee, 1902-1927.' There is a portrait of the Rev. Fr. J. Rogerson, and a note on the Centenary of Castletown Catholic Church. 288x228 mms, pp. 24; E 136.


Contains photographs of the Interior of St. Mary's, Douglas; the Very Rev. Canon Crookall; the Mayor of Douglas, Coun. Wm. Quirk; and articles, mentioned above, 'by J. J. Kneen. 289 x 226 mms, pp. 24; E 186, 5807.


The frontispiece is a photograph of Archbishop Downey of Liverpool and the Mayor of Douglas, Coun. William Quirk. Otherwise the contents are as formerly. 285 x 225 mms, pp. 24; E 186, 5915.


The frontispiece is a photograph of the St. Mary's Choir. Other contents as formerly. 282 x 225 mms, pp. 24; E 186, 6090.


Photographs of the Rev. Fr. McCabe and St. Patrick's Church, Peel, and the Rectory. 286 x 226 mms, pp. 24; E 186, 6286.


M.C.Y.B. (Manx Catholic Year Book and Blotter). Contains an illustrated article by W. Christian Cubbon entitled ' A Monument to Catholicism in the Isle of Man - Rushen Abbey.' 282 x 225 mms, pp. 24; E 186.


M.C.Y.B. Contains an article on 'Peel Castle: Inis Patrick, the Cradle of Christianity in Man,' by J. J. Kneen. 281 x 226 mms, pp. 24; E 186.



' A short account of the History of Victoria Street issued by 'some of the firms trading therein.' Has a photograph of Victoria Street on the cover, and on p. 4 a plan of Douglas in 1874. The chief contents are 'The Building of Victoria Street' and 'Victoria Street as a Business Centre.' The blotter also contains a Calendar and postal information280x215 mms, pp. 12; 4538.



A sheet almanack given away as a supplement to the Ramsey Chronicle (see page 1393). Three issues are known, and particulars of each are as follow:

1925 777 x 525 mms. Photographs of J. F. Crellin. C.P., J.P.; W. K. Cowen; The Bishop-Designate, the Rev. C. L. Thornton Duesbury; J. P. Purcell, J.P.; and T. J. Reubens.
1926 765 x 510 mms. Photographs of Ewan Farrant, W. P. Cowley, J, B. Clague, R. G. Corkhill, J. A. Moore, J. N. Richdale, J.P., and T. B. Cowley.
1927 775 x 525 mms. Photographs of the Children's Ward, Ramsey Cottage Hospital; and Sir Claude Hill and Rev. T. H. E. Japing.

MULLIGAN, J. E. (Monton).


Published by J. E. Mulligan, 42 Grasmere Crescent, Monton, Manchester. Contains an account of the Church with photographs, including portraits of the Rev. N. J. Poole, Rev. G. Davison, and Mr. W. Clegg. There are also photographs by Miss Kirton of the new main Vestry, Interior of the Church, the East Window designed and executed by Jones and Willis, of Liverpool, the Vicarage and gardens and S. Thomas' Church Schoolchildren. 280 x 230 mms, 22 pp; 5698, E.200 (Deemster Callow).


Published by J. E. Mulligan, 42 Grasmere Crescent, Monton, Manchester. Contains an account of the Church, and portraits noted in the last issue. There are full-page plates of the interior of the Church and the Reredos. 290 x 225, pp. 20; 5698, E.200.

MULLIGAN, J. E. (Monton).


Contains photographs of the Right Rev. William StantonJones, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man; the Right Rev. T. Towndrow, Vicar of St. Ninian's, the Rev. David Wilson, Hon. Curate, and the laying of the foundation stones of the new Church Hall by the Lord Bishop. 290 x 225, pp. 12.


THE SODOR AND MAN DIOCESAN YEAR BOOK. Published by the authority of the Bishop and the Diocesan Board of Finance, and beginning a new series of the ' Sodor and Man Diocesan Calendar,' which ceased publication in 1916 (p, 1421). The Editors are the Ven. the Archdeacon and the Rev. Canon Cain.

The contents are as formerly, with the addition of ' A Victory of the Diocese,' by the Rev. Canon Quine, M.A., and notes on the Boundaries of the Douglas Parishes and the Parochial Districts. Printed by the Norris Modern Press. Price 1/-. 184 x 125 mms, pp. 96.


Pp, 88. Price 1/-.


The Editor was Norman Hemingway. Pp. 88, with the addition of 'The Churchman's Almanack,' pp. 31.


Pp. 88, with additional 32 pp. of 'The Churchman's Almanack.'


'THE I.M. WESLEYAN METHODIST BLOTTER CALENDAR. Contains the following portraits and photographs: Rev. C. Ryder Smith, the Rev. A. Rodwell Choate, of Ramsey, the Rev. T. Cheyne Chaddock, Rev. A. R. Dickerson, Rev. E. D. Gibson, Mr. E. Guy Munday, Rev. W. Edmondson, Rev. W. MacCormack Myles, Rev. Arthur Jones, Rev. J. Q. Callister (Chaplain of the House of Keys), Rev. James Doran, Rev. Charles Wilson, Rev. J. G. Scruby, and Mr. Joseph Livesey. There are notes of the Douglas, Ramsey, Castletown and Peel Circuits and General Statistics of Methodism, 1931. 290 x 223, pp. 24.



Published by the Royal Publishing Co., Bardon Chambers. Infirmary Street, Leeds. Gives a list and some photographs of Church Officials, also a short history of St. George's Parish. 280x220, pp. 12; 6496, F.75.


Imprint and contents as last. 280x220, pp. 12. 1935.

Imprint as last. Contains portraits of the Rev. C. V. Stockwood, Rev. J. H. R. G. Jones, and Rev. D. K. Bowen. There are also photographs of the interior of St. George's Church, the Font, and the Sunday School and Memorial Hall. 275 x 220 mms, pp. 12.

FALKNER, GEORGE, & SONS, LTD. (Manchester).


' Produced and sold in aid of Noble's Hospital, Douglas, Isle 'of Man.' There is a quotation for each day, and 'each quotation ' represents a donation to the cost of publication, and to the 'donors and others who have kindly subscribed, the organiser 'offers grateful thanks. Special thanks are due to Mr. William 'Hoggatt for his kindness in designing the Manx scene which 'appears on the cover.' The organiser was Mrs. J. W. Young. 256 x 190 mms, pp. 53.


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