George Jefferson, 1778-1860

According to Cubbon, George Jefferson came from Liverpool; he started his 'Manks Advertiser' on 8 Aug 1801 and continued to run it until 1842. For some time he appeared to have a monopoly of printing on the Island - Hannah Bullock states in 1816 :

There is now only one printing-press in the island, from whence a newspaper issue weekly, but it is the vehicle merely for advertisements.

Took a very conservative line in politics.

Many of the next generation of printers on the Island served their apprenticeship under him.

Buried in St George's churchyard Douglas - memorial inscription (on a freshly cut slab overlaid on original) runs:

Sacred to memory of Elizabeth wife of George Jefferson of Douglas who died May 19th 1809 aged 29 years; Elizabeth Dinah and John, two of their children who died in infancy.
The above named George Jefferson, died April 14th 1860 aged 82 years
Esther his wife died April 12th 1860 aged 83 years
Elizabeth, their daughter, died September 17th 1817 aged 2 years.
George Jenkins Jefferson, their son, treasurer of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, died Aug 27 1889 aged 50 years
Jane Taylor, his wife, died Aug 29 1889 aged 29 years
and their son George Bell Jefferson who died in infancy
The three last named interred in St Anne's churchyard Rainhill Lancashire
and Elinor Eliza, the youngest daughter of George and Esther Jefferson who died in Cheadle in Cheshire Dec 1 1884 and who is interred here.


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