Maps of the I.O.M - Pigot Woodblocks.

A ? 1814 (AWM 1820)

B ?1819

C ?1822 (AWM1823)

These woodblock maps were used in various almanacs - unfortuneately I don't have the complete almanac but only the maps which mostly were in A.W. Moore's scrapbook - the dates are pencilled on the back. The maps derive from Jefferies 1808 (which derives from that used in Basil Quayle's paper of 1794) . All show a Manx penny (or half-penny) (legs + motto) in the top right corner.

James Pigot is first heard of in 1794 as engraver in Manchester (1804 Dean’s Machester Directory), set up in competition with Dean 1811 though cooperated in publishing directory. Tooley has Pigot James & Co London, Fountain St (1811),18 Fountain St Manchester (1824) ,24 Basing Lane London (1824-9) - the firm produced many Manx maps including several for the directories (later taken over by Slater).


A: The imprint is Beatson (died July 1814) - proprietor & editor of Manx Sun.
It is probable that this map first appeared in 1813 as Beatson and Copeland were known to have first produced an almanack in that year but no copy is available in the Manx Museum. Beatson & Copeland were general merchants, seedsmen, printers and Insurance agents - the firm seems to have collapsed at the end of 1815 as the printing press was advertised for sale. G Jefferson seems to have bought equipment and premises as advertises opening of business in early 1816.

Beatson’s & Copeland’s Isle of Man Almanack and Tidetable for the year of our Lord 1814
title page The Isle of Man Diary and Almanack…”
Printed and Sold by Beatson & Copeland
Sold by Louisa Cannell on the Pier and by the agents of the Isle of Man Gazette

The Isle of Man Diary and new Almanack .. 1815
Douglas Printed and Sold by Beatson and Copeland Custom House Quay

Following the failure of Beatson and Copeland the Map appeared to be taken over by G Jefferson; it certainly appears in the 1827 edition (and presumeably earlier editions which agrees with Moore's date) but with the Imprint removed

Jefferson's Improved Manks Almanack .. 1827
Douglas Printed and Sold by G. Jefferson, Bookseller and stationer, Duke Street (claims to be 25th Edition)

B: The Phoenix Press (M.A. Mills). .This shows in the bottom corner the then newly renovated British Hotel - the go-ahead Thomas Dixon married the then proprietress Hannah Robinson c.1815 so the map must date after this.

The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack 1819
Douglas printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade for M.A.Mills
also 1821 (possibly 1820 ?)

C: This is from the almanac produced by T. Davies and his sucessor John Penrice at the Phoenix Press hence the phoenix in the bottom lh corner which used this new map from the 1822 edition. Following the financial problems of M.A.Mills the Phoenix Press passed into the ownership of T.Davies of which little is known except that had been in business in 1815 sometimes entitled T.Davies and Co.
The plate appeared to have been used by Penrice in the three Almanacks issued upto 1829.

The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack for …1822
Douglas: Printed by T.Davies at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for the Proprietor

The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack for …1823
Douglas: Printed by T.Davies at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for the Proprietor

The Isle of Man newly arranged and Complete Almanack …1825 .. The First Edition
Douglas: Printed for the proprietor by J.Penrice Rising Sun Office, North Quay

Isle of Man Almanack …1827
Douglas: Printed and published by J.Penrice Manx Sun Office

possibly also in 1828 edition



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