[from Smith's Directory, 1883]


BRIDE, in the sheading of Ayre, occupies the most northern portion of the island. It is bounded on the east, north, and west by the sea, and on the south by Andreas and Lezayre. Its length from north to south in about 3½ miles, and from east to west two miles. The soil is good, the surface level, with a few gentle elevations. The church (St. Bridget's, after whom the parish is named) is a small ancient structure of red sand stone, capable of accommodating 250 hearers. The living is a rectory in the gift of the Crown, and held by the Rev. E. W. Kissack. There are also places of worship for Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists.

Bruce Robert, grocer and farmer
Burnyeat Wm., farmer, Grenaby

Caine John, farmer, Ballavartin
Caley Wm., farmer, Ballafayle
Caley Wm., farmer, Lough Crenstal
Christian Edward, farmer, Windsor view
Christian John, joiner
Christian Nicholas, farmer, Crenstal
Christian Robert, farmer, Ballakilmane
Christian Thomas, blacksmith
Christian Wm., farmer, Lamb hill
Christian Wm., farmer, Alma cottage
Christian Wm., farmer, Ballacarrin
Christian Wm., farmer, Ballakeigh
Clarke John, farmer, Rhenas
Corkhill John, blacksmith, Glentruan
Corkhill Thos., farmer,. Glentruan
Corkish Charles, farmer, Ballavartin
Cowin John, farmer, Ballakilly
Cowin Mrs., farmer, Antigua
Cowle Mrs., farmer, Ballakilmane
Cowle Samuel, farmer, Ballakilmane

Dawson John, joiner, Curragh beg

Ferguson John, farmer and blacksmith
Fell John, farmer, Ballavartin

Garrett John, farmer, Ballagenny
Garrett Robert, farmer, Ballagenny
Garrett Thomas, farmer, Ballagenny
Gawne Thomais, farmer, Ballacallow

Howland Hugh, farmer, Glentraum

Joughin Daniel, farmer, Cronkbane
Joughin Mrs., farmer, Ballaquirk
Joughin Mrs., farmer, Ballawhannell
Joughin Wm., farmer, Ballaragh
Joughin Wm., farmer, Pooluishty
Joughin Wm., farmer, Ballaskelly

Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Ballagarrett
Kelly Charles, farmer, Ballakilmane
Kelly Edmund, farmer, Shallag
Kelly Edward, farmer, Glentraun
Kelly Edward H., farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly John, farmer, Kimmeragh
Kelly John, farmer, Ballagarratt
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Creggaby
Kelly Wm., farmer, Grenaby-beg
Kelly Wm., farmer, Antigua cottage
Kelly Wm., farmer, Curragh
Kermode Mrs., farmer, Grenaby
Kewin John, farmer, Ballakilley
Kissack Revd. E. W., The Rectory
Kissack Robert, farmer, Fort Bride
Kneale Daniel, farmer, Ballakesh
Kneale James, farmer, NaisF3an
Kneale John, farmer, Ballacregga
Kneale John C., farmer, Ballagarratt
Kneale Wm., bootmaker and farmer, Crenstal

Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballaoneagh

Quarrie Walter, farmer, West Ballagenny
Quine Francis, farmer, Kionlough
Quirk Wo., farmer, Ballayonague
Quirk Wm., farmer, Ballavarkish

Radcliffe John, farmer, Ballacowle

Sayle John, bootmaker
Sayle Robert, mason, Ballacowle
Sayle Wm., farmer, Balnalarghy
Skinner Wm., farmer, Crosby

Teare Daniel, farmer, Ballaskilly
Teare John, farmer, Crenstal
Teare Philip, firmer, Ballacregga
Teare WM., farmer, Ballaconara
Teare John, farmer, Ballacottier
Teare John, farmer, Upper Ballagenny
Teare Wm., farmer, Ballacregga

Vondy J. W., farmer, East Kimmeragh
Vondy Thom, farmer, Glascoe


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