Bride Methodist Chapels


Bride Primitive Methodist Chapel 1843


clsd 1912; now K.Bride Parish Hall (1914)

Grid Reference NX450011


Trustees: Taken from Minute book of the Ramsey Circuit (Primitive Methodists), 1863--87.
Registry of Trustees of the Chapels in the Ramsey Circuit. [MM MD 12534/1]

Bride Chapel, New Trust Deed, Sept 30th 1880.

Old Trustee, Robert Kewin, Regaby Gate.
New Trustees. William Christian, Smeale. Died Novr 8th 1887 Buried K.Bride churchyard Novr 12th 1887
Edward Christian, Bride.
William Skinner, Crosbie, Bride.
William Mylrea, Kirk Andreas.
James Morrison, Kirk Andreas.
Edward Callow, Kirk Andreas.
Thomas Kewin, Regaby. Died Feby. 6th 1900. Buried in Andreas Churchyard Feby. 9th 1900.
John Cain, Regneash, Regaby.
John Kewin, Bride.
John James Corlett, Ramsey.
Joseph Looney, Ramsey.
Joseph Corlett, Ramsey.
George Joseph Teare, Lezayre.

Bride Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1877


replaced 1801 building

Grid Reference NX450011


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