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Braddan, in Middle Sheading, is the largest and most populous parish in the island, comprising within its limits part of the town of Douglas. It is about eleven miles long from north to south, and varying from one to five miles in breadth from cast to west, and is bounded on the east by Onchan, Lonan, and the sea, on the south by Santon and the sea, on the west by Michael, German, Marown, and Santon, and on the north by Ballaugh and Lezayre. The surface is pretty equally divided into hill and dale; the former is clothed with verdure and the latter is very fertile and agreeably interspersed with wood. The mountains of Bein-y-Phot, 1772, and Garraghan, 1520 feet high, are both situated in this parish. The parish is named after St. Brandan, bishop of the island in the eleventh century, and the church (as well as several in Britain) is dedicated to him. It is a neat structure situated two miles N. W. from Douglas, a little to the west of the Peel road, occupies a slight elevation, and is beautifully surrounded with trees. In the churchyard are several ancient monumental crosses bearing inscriptions which have puzzled several learned antiquarians; and also the tombs of some of the most popular Manxmen who have died in more recent years. The living is a vicarage in the gift of the Bishop, and held by the Rev. Wm. Drury. The chapel of case at Baldwin is a neat structure erected in 1836. There is also a chapel at Oak Hill erected about twenty years ago for the accommodation of the inhabitants of that neighbourhood. The Wesleyans have chapels at East Baldwin, Cooil, and Union Mills. The Primitive Methodists have chapels at the Strang and Quine's Hill; and the Independents a neat little memorial chapel (to the late J. Dalrymple, Esq.) at Union Mills.

Atkinson Benjamin, farmer, Virginia

Barwick Chas., gardener Harcroft cottage
Bates Job, Quarter Bridge inn
Breeden Henry A., agent, Park view
Brew Wm., farmer, Wine meadow
Brown James, druggist, Spring valley

Caine Daniel, farmer, Piscoe top
Caine John, farmer, Mount Murray
Caine Nelson J., farmer, Burlay.viina
Caine Philip, farmer, Bellancy
Caine Philip, farmer, Ulican
Callow Wm., farmer, Ballacraggan
Callow Wm. H., gardener, Cronkbourne
Camaish John, farmer, Algare
Cannell Isaac, farmer, Ballawillan
Cannell Thos., farmer, Ballawillan-beg
Cannon James, gardener, Cronkbourne
Clague John, farmer, The Howe
Clague Robert, farmer, Ballaquine
Clague Robert, corn miller, Mdwin mills
Clague Thos., farmer, Ballachrink
Clarke James, farmer, Ballacreggan
Clucas Matthias, farmer, Hampton
Clucas Thos., gardener, Union Mills
Clucas Wm., farmer, The Cronk
Collins Benjamin, Railway inn, Union mills
Collister John, farmer, Ballacroggan
Corkill Thos., farmer, Ballaquine
Corlett Thos., farmer, Anow-beg
Corlett Daniel, farmer, Galbrie
Corlett Hugh, farmer, Ballawillan
Corlett John, farmer, Leece Lodge
Cormode John, farmer, Ballagloney
Cormode John, blacksmith, Quine's hill
Corris John, farmer, Ballachrink
Corrooin Wm., blacksmith, Strang
Cowin James. farmer, Camlork
Cowin Robert, farmer, Ballakewish
Cowin Wm., gardener, Cronkbourne
Cowle Wm., farmer, Battery hill
Cowley Daniel and John, farmers, Ardwhallan
Craine John and Robert, farmers, Ballacubbon
Craine Robert, farmer, Ballayar
Craine Wm., farmer, Ballabant
Creer John, farmer, Middle
Creer Matthias;, farmer, Ballamodda
Crellin Even, farmer, Ballamilngan
Cretney John, farmer, Kiliney
Cretney Robert, farmer, Ballaoats
Crossfield Mr. Robert, Oak hill
Cubbon John, farmer, Ballavere
Cubbon Joseph, farmer, Kirby
Cunningham Robert, farmer, Ballacutchal

Dalrymple Wm. Esq.. J. P., M. H. K., Burnside house
Dickinson Richard, butcher, Kewaigue
Downward Geo. W., farmer, Ballaslig
Drinkwater Sir W T. Deemster. Kirby house
Drury Rev. Wm., The Vicarage

Eccles Wm., farmer, Pulrose

Fleming Mr. Thomas, Harcroft

Gale Robert, farmer, Ardwhallan
Gawne Thomas, farmer, Cronkbane
Gelling Edward, farmer, Ballwottier
Gelling John, farmer, Craig-cowin
Gelling Philip, farmer, Ballamilligan
Gick Robert, grocer, Strang
Gilmour John, gardener, Spring valley
Green Samuel, grocer, Union mills

Hampton Wm., farmer, Ballabunt
Hope John, Richmond Hill inn
Hoyle Robert G., farmer, The Hill
Hunter John, gardener, Strang
Hutchinson Thomas, farmer, The Grove

Kaneen Daniel, farmer, Dhoon
Kaneen John, farmer, Ballacain
Kaneen Robert, farmer, Ballawillan
Kelly Captain John, Land View house
Kelly John, joiner, Ballamilligan
Kelly John and Thomas, farmers, Rhenseault
Kelly Philip farmer, Ballaquine
Kelly Robert, gardener, Ellenbrook
Kelly Thomas, grocer, Cronkbourne
Kelly Thomas, steward, Coomas
Kelly Wm., farmer. Ballawillan
Kewish Edward, farmer, Ballacaroon
Kewish Thee., postmaster, Port Soderick

Lawson Robert, joiner, Kirby
Leece Paul H., M.H.K., farmer, Ballamona
Lewthwaite Edward, farmer, Rherweault
Lloyd Henry, artist, Pulrose house
Lunatic Asylum, Strang, Dr. T. O. Wood, super

Maitland, Dalrymple, & Co., woollen manufacturers, Union mills
Maitland D., Esq., Stanley villas
Maitland D., postmaster and registrar, Union mills
Marfett Claude, farmer, Kewaigue
Marsden Henry, farmer, Cronkbane
Marsden Mr. S. H., Farm Hill cottage
McClure John, North inn, Baldwin
Middleton John, gardener, Kirby
Montford Henry, surgeon. Stanley villas
Moore Arthur W., Esq., J.P., Cronkbourne
Moore John, farmer, Ballastole
Moore Wm., farmer, Ballarenny
Moore Wm. F., Esq. J.P., Cronkbourne house
Murphey James, gardener, Cronkbourne
Murphey Jeremiah, Port Soderic hotel

Neale Philip, cabinetmaker, Union mills

Oates Wm., corn miller, Nunnery mill

Pearson Mr. Wm., Brook villa
Penketh Richard, Esq., M.H.K., Hampton court

Quayle John, farmer, Ballalough
Quilliam Wm., farmer, Port-e-chee
Quine Benjamin, farmer, Ballagarey
Quine Edward, farmer, Ballig
Quine John, farmer, Ballachrink
Quine John, farmer, Egypt
Quine John, farmer, Carraghar

Race course, Strang
Radcliffe Henry, bootmaker, Cronkbourne
Redman Richarcl T., steward, Strang
Reynolds J., surgeon, Grove cottage
Richardson Hy, telegraph superintendent Spring valley
Roberts Roger, bootmaker, Union mills
Rogers Mr. Joseph D., Mill mount
Rooth John, farmer, Ballachrink

Senogles John, farmer, Claybane
Senogles Moses, farmer, Ballaughton
Siddan Henry, farmer, Pialroce
Spec die Peter, farmer, Ballacubbon

Taggart Henry, blacksmith, Mount rule
Taubman John S. G., Esq., S. H.K., J.P., Nunnery house

Vick Charles, gardener, Saddle houses

Watterson Mr. John, Upper Tromode
Watterson John, station master, Union mills
Waugh Alexander, farmer, Speke
Wilson Mr. S. H., Spring valley house
Wood Dr. T. C., super. Lunatic Asylum, Strang


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