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GERMAN, in the sheading of Glenfaba, comprises the town of Peel, and is bounded on the east by Braddan, on the south by Patrick and Marown, on the west by the sea, and on the north by Michael. It is about 4½ miles long from north to south, and 3½ miles broad from east to west. The surface is much diversified with hills and valleys; the latter are very fertile and productive. The parish church is situated at Peel, and will be found noticed under that town. The chapel of ease, of St. John the Baptist, is situate at St. John, a pretty village about three miles east from Peel, at the junction of the Manx Northern Railway with that of the Isle of Man Railway, betwixt Douglas and Peel. The Rev. J. Corlett is the Government chaplain. The village of St. John's is the most interesting place in the parish, if not in the whole island, for in its centre stands Tynwald Hill, where for centuries the people have gathered annually on the 5th of July to hear the governor, attended by the public officials, read the laws by which they are governed. There is also a chapel of ease at Cronk.e-Voddy, dedicated to St. John the Evangelist, of which the Rev. J. P. Stevenson has charge. The Wesleyans have chapels at St. John's, Greeba, Lhergy Dhoo, and Laurel Bank; and the Primitive Methodists at Port Town [sic Poor Town]and Knooksharry.

Alford John, butcher

Bell James, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Bell John, farmer, Ballawilliam
Bell Robert, farmer, Ballig
Brew Philip, farmer, Ballasale
Bridson Mr. Thos, St. John's
Bridson Wm., farmer, Ballaoats;
Bullock George H., surgeon, Bellevue

Caine Daniel, farmer, Kiew
Caine John, farmer, Kerroogorrow
Caine John, farmer, Lhirdhoo
Caine Philip T., farmer, St. John's
Caine Thos., schoolmaster, St. John's
Caine Thos., farmer, Ballachrink
Caine Wm., farmer, Skirrisdale moor
Callister Thee., farmer, Ballavaish
Callister WoL, farmer, Close-e-Geary
Cannell John, farmer, Skirrisdale
Cannell Philip, farmer, Skirrisdale
Cannon Wm., farmer, Ballakaighen
Cavendish James, farmer, Corvalley
Charlton Henry, Derby hotel, Ballaquane
Christian Enos, farmer, Brack-a-broom
Christian John, farmer, Ballabrooie
Christian Robert, farmer, Bewilley-cowle
Christian Wm,, farmer, Lambfell
Clarke Thos-, farmer, Koinslieu
Clucas Thos., Hawthorn inn, Greeba
Cooil Wm., farmer, Ballavaish
Corkill Edward, farmer, Eary common
Corkill John, butcher, Voney
Corkill Wm grocer, Poortown
Corkill Wm, farmer, Greeba
Corlett John, farmer, Lambfell moor
Corlett Rev. John, St, John's
Corlett Philip, farmer, Ballalough
Corlett Wm., farmer, Voney
Corris Thos., farmer, Ballagyr
Corris Thos., farmer, Ballakilmurray
Cowin Charles, farmer, Ballaquayle
Cowin,Thos., farmer, Ballanayre
Cowley John, farmer, Ballacraine
Cowley Philip, farmer, Rheast
Cowley Richard, farmer, Knockbane
Cowley Thos., farmer, Ballagarryn
Craine John, bootmaker, Ballacraine
Creer, Edward, farmer, Greeba
Creer Paul, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Crellin Caesar, farmer, Cronkbreck
Crellin Charles, corn miller, Greeba
Crellin John, farmer, Band house
Crellin Thos. farmer, Lergydoo
Cretney Wm. farmer, Dreemlang
Cryer James, farmer, Knooksharry

Delany Thos, butcher, St John's

Ennaw John, Tynwald inn, St. John's

Faragher Philip, farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher Evan, farmer, Vaish
Fargher John farmer, Ballaspur
Fargher Wm., farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher Wm., farmer, Cronkbeck

Garrett John, postmaster, St. John's
Garrett Thos., farmer, Kiew
Garrett Wm., farmer, Ballakaighen
Gawne Thos., farmer, Laurel bank
Gell John, blacksmith, Greeba
Gell Wm., farmer, Thoulough.quayle
Gell Wm., grocer, Ballacraine

Halsall John, farmer, Moaney moor
Harrison Thos., joiner, Ballacraine
Harrison Wm., J.P., farmer, Rockmount
Hinton Edward D, H., Ballaquayne
Hoyle John, Esq., Greeba Castle
Hughes John, car proprietor, Ballacraine

Jones John, farmer, Kenna
Jones Pierce W., farmer, Kerrow-glough

Kaighin Hugh, farmer, Rhenass
Kaighin John, farmer, Ballaquine
Kaighin Philip, farmer, Knooksharry
Kaighin Thomas, farmer, Lergydoo
Kaighin Wm., dyer, St. John's
Kelly James, farmer, Lergydoo
Kelly John, farmer, Eary-chane
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Greeba
Kelly Wm., farmer, Ballavarkish
Kenna Thomais, farmer, Ballagyr
Kennaugh John, blacksmith, Ballacraine
Kermode John L., Railway Junction Hotel
Kermode Wm., joiner, Knocksharry
Kewley James, farmer, Eary-chane
Kewley John J., corn miller, Glenmoor
Killey Charles, farmer, Eary moor
Killip James, farmer, Ballakaighon
Kinley Edward, farmer, Knocksharry
Kinnish John, farmer, Stervy
Kinrade Wm., tailor, St. Johns.
Kissack James, farmer, Corvalley
Kneale John, mason, St. John's
Knight Wm., butcher, Lambfell moor

Lace Enoch, farmer, Ballacraine
Lawrence Wm., Glen Helen Hotel

Marsden Joseph L., ginger beer manufacturer, Ballaquayne
Mathews Arthur, farmer, Ballakilly
Moore John, farmer, Knocksharry
Moore Thomas, Esq., M. H. K., Lergydoo
Moore Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Tynwald mills
Moore Wm., farmer, Ballavarkish
Mylchreest Thos., farmer, Ballagarra

Quayle John, farmer, Stockfield
Quayle John, farmer, Ballaleece
Quilliam Charles, farmer, Ballacraine
Quine John, joiner, Greeba
Quine John, farmer, St. John's
Quirk James, farmer, Eary-glass
Quirk Mrs., grocer, St. John's
Quirk Richard, farmer, Lambfell

Radcliffe Charles, bootmaker
Redpath Alexander, farmer, Lambfell

Shimmin Charles, butcher, St. John's
Shimmin John J., faxmer, Rhenny
Shimmin Robert, grocer, Greeba
Smith George T., farmer, Beary

Taggart Robert, farmer, Greeba
Taubman James E., joiner, Ballig
Taylor. Mr. Frederick H., Laurel bank

Wade Mrs., farmer, Lergydoo
Watterson John, schoolmaster, Cronk-e-voddy
Watterson Wm., farmer, Greeba
Wattleworth Caesar, farmer


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