[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]



O.S. stands for the Ordnance Survey Maps of the Isle of Man. In the six-inch scale the Island occupies nineteen maps or sheets, and the number of such sheet or map is indicated in Roman numerals. Each one is considered as being divided into sixteen parts in four rows from left to right, and, numbered 1 at the N W. corner of the map to 16 at the SE. corner. These subdivisions correspond to the area covered by the larger scale 25 in. plans.

Thus O.S. X/13 refers to 6 in. Map X, and 25 in, Plan 13 that is, to the division 13 at the left-hand or s.w. corner of the 6 in. map.

N.B. When no details of the objects referred to appear on the 6 in. map, the reference O.S. is shown in brackets.

TRANS. ... Transactions of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, (1879-1884).

Y.L.M ... Yn LioarManninagh, the Journal published by the the same Society 1889-1910. This consists of four volumes containing Proceedings and Transactions from 1889 to April 1905.

PROC Proceedings and Transactions of the same Society from 1906 to date.

FELTHAM Feltham’s Tour, 1861. Manx Society, volume vi.

Mx. Soc Manx Society Publications, 1859 to 1894.

ARCH COM. First (and only) Report of the Archaeological Commission, appointed by Governer Loch, 1878.

ARCH. CAMB. Report of the Cambrian Archaeological Association, 1865. [FPC - a revised version appeared as Manx Soc XV]

ARCH. SUR Reports (4) of the Archaeological Survey of the Isle of Man, 1909 to 1915.

J.J.K. ... Manx Place-Names by J. J. Kneen, 1926-9.

J.J.K., PROC. Papers by J. J. Kneen, published in the Proceedings of the Natural History and Antiquarian Society.

G.W.L. ... G. W. Lamplugh, author of the Memoir of the Geological Survey.

A.W.M. ... Manx Names by A. W. Moore, 1890.

W.W.G. ... Manx Scrap Book by W. W. Gill, 1929.

C.R.P. ... Manuscripts from Castle Rushen now in the Museum.

CH, ... Early Church, Chapel, or Keeill.

B.G. ... Early Christian Burial ground.

M. ... following a word or description signifies that the object is in the Manx Museum.

A.M. ... signifies that the site so marked has been constituted an Ancient Monument in terms of the Acts of Tynwald. NATIONAL MONUMENTS, under the charge of the Manx Government, are given in BLACK TYPE.


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