[From List of Manx Antiquities, 1930]


I had long ago suggested that a List should be compiled of all our local Monuments of historic and antiquarian interest. In 1894, no one else being willing to undertake it, I prepared such a List myself and appended it to a Report of the Archaeological Section. This was published in the Society’s Proceedings, Vol. ii, pp. 153-193. Being a first attempt it was naturally imperfect, and I now offer it in a slightly different form, revised and entirely re-written, hoping that it may be found useful to those who are interested in the Isle of Man and the history of its past.

Our Society has decided that the new List shall be published as a memorial in part of its fiftieth anniversary; and the Cambrian Archaeological Association, desirous of having a souvenir of its visit last Summer and of its Annual Meeting then held in the Island, has generously contributed to the cost of publication.

I am very grateful for help received in the revision of this List and have made due acknowledgements in the letterpress. I must however be allowed to mention in particular the names of our Librarian, Mr. W. Cubbon, who has called my attention to the MSS. and material in his charge, as well as to some sites known to him, and Mr. G.J. H. Neely, who greatly helped me in identifying sites and quoting the relative sheets from the Ordnance Survey.


MARCH 1930.


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