Summary of Wills 1680-1689



Archd will 1679/80 #004 Braddan, of Jane Lewn als Qualtrough, died 14 Dec 1678: dau Joney; son in law Wm Kneale; son Robert; son John; Joney Lewne als Clague; sister Katharine; John Lewne; Sumners wife Tho:Curghie; Robert Cannon’s daughter; 4 children Ginoe & Thomas senior & Thomas minor & Joney Lewne are Exec

?? Archd will 1679/80 #013, Malew of William Kermode, buried 5 Feb 1679/80: William Caine; Robert Gick (?wife Joney Taggart); Joney Taggart the wife of Robert; Giles Bridson; Marriad Lewne als Bridson; Thomas Bridson & wife Mary Bridson als Quayle; Alice Bridson als Taggart
Marriot Bridson md John Lewne 7 Oct 1679 Malew; Thomas Bridson md Mary Quayle 13 May 1676 Malew; Malew bur reg: Alice Bridson als Taggart bur 2 Sep 1689

Archd will 1679/80 #015 Malew of Catharine Wood als Halsal: has one child; husb John Wood; uncle John Norris of Scarlet

Archd will 1679/80 #018 Arbory of Nicholas Bridson: son Nicholas, son William, wife Catharine Bridson als Joughin; grandchildren Jane and Wm Taggart; dau Ellin; dau Margery
Margery Bridson md Wm Taggart Sept or Oct 1670 Malew

Archd will 1679/80 #019 Arbory, of Ann Qualtrough als Corkill, made 14 November 1679: husb Henry Qualtrough; brother; sister; only child Catharine Qualtrough

Archd will 1679/80 #021 Rushen of Joney Gawne als Watterson: bro and sis in law Wm & Isab Gawn; 2 children; husb Harry Gawne; bro Harry or Henry Watterson (overseer); sis Margaret; sis Elizabeth; Ann Costeene; dau Isabel Gawne newly married Thomas Kneale by Aug 1715; Alice Gawn als Quayle (probably Henry’s 2nd wife)


Archd will 1680/1 #001 Lonan of James Corrin, dated 24 Jan? 1680/1: son William Corrin, dau Marget?; son James Corrin; wife exec.

Archd will 1680/1 #002 Conchan of Robert Kewley: eldest dau Joney; eldest son John, son Robert; wife Elinor Kewley; oversear of children Daniel Christian of Cleps

Archd will 1680/1 #003 Braddan of Ann Christian als Cubbon, of Douglas: son Richard; dau Margaret; dau in law Ann Christian alias Garrett; sister Catharine Cubbon; son Thomas Christian (exec) & his children

Archd will 1680/1 #004 Braddan, Articles of Marriage between Daniel Mcylry with consent of his mother Christian Cowne & Margaret Cowne with consent of her brother Philip Cowne

Archd will 1680/1 #005 Braddan of Jane Taggart, died xx November 1680: brother Christopher(of age) & sister Margaret(in Ireland); inventory of her goods are in her father’s and mother’s

Archd will 1680/1 #006 Braddan of Mary Caine als Colleash: sister Joney Colleash; goddau Catharine Gell; goddau Alice Kewley; grandchild Thomas Caine; Isabel Killey; Mary Moore; Mary Barry; son John Caine exec & of age

Archd will 1680/1 #007 Lonan of Alice Looney als Cannell, died 10th April 1681: Donold Looney; 2 grandchildren; son James Looney; Don:Looney Ballamore; dau in law Janie; dau Ellin Looney

Archd will 1680/1 #008 Braddan of John Moore: eldest & only son & heir Robert Moore of Polrosh (his mother Catharine Moore als Huddlestone deceased; & Robt’s sister Jane Moore); brothers & sisters; sister Margaret; current wife Catharine Moore als Cotter (her bro John Cottier; her dau Margt) & Wm Kelley Ballakenish; father dead; brother Henry; Mr. John Barry supervisor on the mother’s side, daughter Margaret Moore; Henry Moore(uncle of Robt) & Thomas Brew are supervisors of son Robert Moore

Archd will 1680/1 #009 Braddan of William Christian joiner of Douglas: 2 children Joney and Martha; wife Ellinor Christian als Fairbrother; Henry Parr son of Parson Charles Parr of Ballaugh; brothers Parson Charles Parr & Mar John Parr of Arbory overseers of children; dated 30 March 1681

Archd will 1680/1 #010 Braddan of Joney Coreen als Cottingham als Boddaugh: died 17 Apr 1681: husband John Coreene; grandchild John Cottingham; Mariod Coteir; grandchild Margt Cottingam; grandchild Jane Cottingam; Margt Kinnish; son John Cottingham

Archd will 1680/1 #011 Malew of Isabel Quayle als Quayle: husb John Quayle; sister Margaret Cain; Jane Woods; brother Edward ‘Ned’ Quayle (has dau & wife); only child John Quayle John Quayle md Isabel Quayle 6 Feb 1676 Malew; Malew bur reg: Issable Quaile wife of Jo: Quaile, Redstones, bur 3 Dec 1680

Archd will 1680/1 #012 Malew of William Harrison: Jane Bridson; John Fargher; son; Wm Harrison[??], Isabel Cain dau to Wm; Christian Fargher; Jane Cluage; Walter Harrison exec

Archd will 1680/1 #013 Malew of Thomas Corrin: eldest dau Amy Corrin & dau Margery Corrin both exec & of age, wife alive; Thomas was a apparently a shoemaker

Archd will 1680/1 #014 Malew of Margaret Harrison als xxxx: husb Thomas Harrison poulesellaugh; sons John & William & Thomas; Margaret buried Dec 1680; husb Thomas Harrison poulesellaugh buried November 27 1680

Archd will 1680/1 #015 Malew of Ellen Cain als Norris, dated 11 Janry 1680/1: daus Catharine & Margery Caine; son Thomas
??Ellen Norris md Thomas Caine Mar 1653 OR Marke Caine 30 May 1653

Archd will 1680/1 #016 Arbory of Phinlo Cubbon: dau Ellin, son Thomas; wife Christian Cubbon [?als xxxx]

Archd will 1680/1 #017 Rushen of Isabel Read als Crebbin als Lowey: eldest son William Crebbin; Thomas Cubbon (son in law); 4 children; husband Henry Read; stepson Richard Read; grandchild Ann Cubbon; dau Ann Crebbin, dau Margaret; son Richard Crebbin who father is dead; youngest son is underage

Archd will 1680/1 #018 Malew of Ellin Callister als Gell (?1st husb xxx Watterson): brother Ed. Gell; husb John Callister; stepson Nicholas Callister; Mary Callister; John Gell; Mary Callister dau of Nich; dau Christian Watterson She was buried 6 Mar 1680/1

Archd will 1680/1 #019 Malew of John Shimmin: he was a Webster in Malew; only inventory is included

Archd will 1680/1 #020 Malew of William Fayle; dau Carter Fayle; wife alive Wm was buried 28 Mar 1681

Archd will 1680/1 #021 Patrick of Thomas Sherlock: sister Elizabeth Sherlock; sis Ann; sister’s dau Margret Watterson; sister Jane Sherlock exec

Archd will 1680/1 #022 German of John Gell: son Patrick; dau Isabel; children Philip & Ann Gell exec

Archd will 1680/1 #023 German of William Killey: died 20 Nov 1680: wife alive; children Margaret, Bahie (or Bessie), Mary & Mally; supervisors William Kaighen & John Caine; eldest son (Hxxx & John Kaighen guardians); Baheey (Wm xxx guardian); Mary (Wm Killy & Dan Kixxxx guardians); Margt & Malley (mother guardian)

Archd will 1680/1 #024 German of Randle Mylchreest: died 4 Dec 1680; Bessie[?Bahie] Mylchreest exec; Isabel Mylchreest; Sir John Woods

Archd will 1680/1 #025 Michael of William Christian, will dated 8 Nov 1680, proved 27 Jan 1680/1: daughters Catharine, Joney & Margaret all executors; wife Alice Cry
? Cath b 23 Apr 1657 Michael; Margt b 7 Apr 1660 Michael

Archd will 1680/1 #026 Ballaugh of John Casement, died 23 Apr 1681: grandchild; son in law & his wife Joney (Jn’s dau); dau Christian Casement exec

Archd will 1680/1 #027 Ballaugh of William Kelly: died 12 Dec 1680; son William & dau Mar. executors; wife alive; dau Jane & her husb William Cowley; dau Joney Cross als Kelly & her husb Michael Cross; dau Ann Quayle als Killey; granddau Mar:Quayle; Thomas Kinred overseer of son William

Archd will 1680/1 #028 Ballaugh of Margaret Corlett als Carrett (Garrett), died Feb 1680/1: daus Ann & Mallie & Ellin Corlett; son William Corlett; husb William Corlett; brother John Garrett; of Ballaterson

Archd will 1680/1 #029 Ballaugh of Finlo Cowley: wife Catharine Cowley als Quayle; son John; dau Alice Cowley of age
see Archd will 1686 #23 Ballaugh of Catherine Cowley als Quayle, died 23 January 1685/6: son John; dau Alice Cowley

Archd will 1680/1 #030 Ballaugh of Adam Caine: died Feb 1680/1; dau in law Joney Caine als Clague; son James; son John Caine; sons Philip & Dollin Caine are execs

Archd will 1680/1 #031 Jurby of William Kelley, died 6th of April 1681: (land at Ballamianigh, Curragh, & Birroge) son Thomas; son William; dau Ann (of age by Dec 1683); dau Alice (of age by Nov 1690); dau Catharine (underage); wife Joney Kelly als Cry alive & consents to will (dead by Nov 1690)

Archd will 1680/1 #032 Jurby of Daniel Christian, died 10 Nov 1680: (has land at Ballameanaugh); dau Catharine Christian; son Thomas; wife alive; children Ann(of age) & Bahie & Joney & Thomas Christian are executors; brother William Christian supervisor of underage kids; Bahie of age by abt 1686; Thomas of age by Dec 1694[?]; Joney of age by 1707

Archd will 1680/1 #033 Lezayre of William Kinread: dated 10 Dec 1680 & signed by Wm: dau Ann; Robert Stean & his wife; son Thomas; grandcild Thomas Fayle; son in law Thomas Fayle; Mary Cowley; 3 sons Wm & Thomas & John(youngest & underage, of age by Apr 1696) exec; supervisors are dau Ann Kinread, brother Thomas Kinread, & Wm Kinley (an uncle of children on ma’s side)

Archd will 1680/1 #034 Lezayre of Catharine Kneen als Killip, dated 9 March 1680/1: 2 daus Joney & Margaret Kneen, sons John & William Kneen (children are exec); Alice Quay; overseers for children Richard Killip & Richard Kegg & William Killip

Archd will 1680/1 #035 Lezayre of William Kelley: wife alive; son Dollin; eldest son John; 3 dons John & Danold & Thomas are exec & of lawful age

Archd will 1680/1 #036 Andreas of Mally Quirk [?Quirk als xxxx OR xxxx als Quirk]: grandchild, husband alive; an only daughter exec

Archd will 1680/1 #037 Andreas of Mally xxx[?Teare, which was written & then crossed out] als Sayle, died 24 Dec 1680: Philip Teare’s wife; Philip Goldsmith’s wife; godson the son of Dan Fayle[?]; Wm Tear; sister Joney Sayle & brother William Sayle are executors; sister in Ireland; William Teare. 12 Aug 1683: Wm Cubbon in behalf of his wife Catherin Cubbon alias Sayle enters his claim againt Exec of Mally Sayle
see Archd will 1686 #27 Andreas of Joney Teare als Sayle: Cath Cubbon als Sayle is sis of Mally Sayle

Archd will 1680/1 #038 Maughold of John Corlett: eldest son, eldest day, youngest dau; 5 children Daniel(underage) & Robert & Joney & Jane & Mally(underage). By Oct 1699: dau Mally was married to Robert Creer

Archd will 1680/1 #039 Maughold of Alice Coonilt als xxxx: died 12 Feb 1680/1: land at Largie-moar; eldest son Robert(of age); husband Robert Coonell; eldest dau Jane; Ed:Martin; youngest dau Ann; son Robert & daus Jane & Margt & Ann are exec

Archd will 1680/1 #040 Maughold of Marriad Callow: died 12 April 1681: William Callow ballagilley; Christopher Christian; Robert Cotteam; Philip Cowin; Ann Christian; Robert Cerrish; Ann Cotteam; Margaret Cotteam; Elizabeth Cottear; sister Chxxxx.

Archd will 1680/1 #041 Bride of Catharine Christian als Cowle: husb John Christian; mother & father alive & executors; sister Ann; brethren John Cowle & Mark Cowle & William Cowle; William Cowle; Ewan Christian; Cath Cowle; Marg:Cowle; Ann Cowle; Ann Joughin; Bahee; Nelly Christian;

Archd will 1680/1 #042 Andreas of William Kneale: died 8 March 1680/1: son of John Radcliffe; xxx Kneal is exec


Archd will 1681 # 043 German of Henry Young: died 6th Feb 1681/2; father & mother in law owe him money per marriage contract; eldest son Norris Young; youngest son Thomas; wife alive; 3 sons Valentine & John & Thomas; bro in law Mr. John Norris & neighbours Caesar Watleworth & James Young overseers

Archd will 1681 #001 Lonan of Mrs Jane Moore als Fletcher: son David Moore; son James Moore; children Phillip & Thomas & Alice Moore; Sr Tho:Thwaites; Margret Thwaites; Bahie Cannell als Bromie[??]; bro Mr. Deemster Fletcher overseer of youngest son Wm Moore; husb Capt James Moore is dead ; Mrs Rushon[?] Fletcher

Archd will 1681 #002 Lonan of John Clague of Ballagron[or Ballagrow], died 8th of Joh:[?June]; dau Margret Clague; daus Jane & Alice & Joney & Ann Clague are exec; dau Isabel Clague; son in law Philip Clague (he has 2 sons); Finlo Clague (no relationship) is dead & has son Philip Clague (?Jn’s son in law??); wife alive

Archd will 1681 #003 Lonan of Maloony Cotteen: died 5 Apr 1681: 4 children William senior & William junior & Ellin & Christian Coteen; 2 sons James & Philip Cotteen; 2 grandchildren Gilbert & Ann Cotteen; dau in law Margaret Hanton[Hampton]

Archd will 1681 #004 Lonan of Philip Clauge, died 29 Jan 1681[?1681/2]: John Moore son of Philip Moore; Philip Coteen; daughter; 2 sons; youngest dau Ann Clague; John Moore is supervisor of youngest dau

Archd will 1681 #005 Lonan of Philip Moore, died 3 Marcy, will dated at top April 1681: wife alive; dau Margaret Moore; son Thomas Moore & dau Catharine Moore are exec; dau Ann Moore; next of kin of Phil & supervisors are Catt:Christian & eldest dau

Archd will 1681 #006 Lonan of Ann Skillicorn als Cowin, died 28 March: husband Thomas Skillicorn; children James & Catharine & Ann & Mary Skillicorn are exec (& underage); son & heir; man servant; maid servant; James & Ann are of age by May 1692

Archd will 1681 #007 Lonan of Christian Jameson als Harrison: daughters Margaret Cooil & Catharine Cayne[?]; husb Thomas Jameson

Archd will 1681 #008 Lonan of Donold or Daniel Cowin: sister Bessie Cowin; sis Margret; sister Catharine Cowin; Marriot Hogg; sister Averick Hogg als Quine; pledges are ‘Philip Cowne junior & James Hogg their execrs & Admintr.

Archd will 1681 #009 Conchan of Ellinor Christian als Callister: husband John Christian; (3 sisters:) sister Isabel Callister; sister Marriott Callister; eldest sister Margaret; bro Philip Callister; stepdau Isabel Christian; stepdau Margorie Christian; Edmund Christian & his sister Margorie; cousin Thomas Christian & his sister Mary; stepson John Christian; sister’s dau Catharine Cowin; brother John’s children; Don: Callister

Archd will 1681 #010 Conchan of Ellinor Christian als Quine, died 31 March 1682: husband Daniel Christian; sister Marriot; dau Ellinor exec; brother Thomas; brother John; supervisor of children Thomas Quine. By 15 Aug 1711, only child Danile Christian was living & exec (dau Ellinor) is dead. son Daniel b 7 Apr 1676 Onchan

Archd will 1681 #011 Braddan of David Sharp shoemaker, dated 13 Nov 1681: 3 daughters by first wife Ellin Coole are Catharine & Margaret & Christian; eldest son John (mother is Ellinor Coole); son Thomas; 2nd wife also dead (her sister is Joney Radcliffe); 2 youngest dau are xxxx & Christian; friends Thomas Kelley & Robert Kelly & William are overseers of children & kinsman of them. David’s inventory amounted to over 37 pounds. Mgt & Xtn are of age by May 1682. By Jun 1687[?], son John Sharp is of age, & received all the legacy by Dec 1692

Archd will 1681 #012 Braddan of Robert Cubbon: died 18 March: son xxxx[?Henry]; wife Mally Cubbon als Quay; brother William; children; dau Jane exec(of age by 14 Oct 1689); Thomas Quay & John Cowley overseers; wife remarried John Hanton by Oct 1689.
Braddan bur reg: Robert Cubbon bur 5 May 1681; Mally Quay md John Hanton 27 Nov 1683 Braddan. ??dau Jane b 21 Dec 1673 Braddan; ?dau Mallie b 14 May 1666 Braddan

Archd will 1681 #012, Braddan, of R. Cubbon: wife Mally Cubbon als Quay, son [Henry?], dau Jane (of age by 14 Oct 1689), brother William; supervisors Thomas Quayle & John Cowley, wife remd John Hanton by 1689
Mally Quay remarried John Hanton 27 Nov 1683 Braddan

Archd will 1681 #013 Braddan of Major Robert Calcott Esquire of the Nunnery signed 7 March 1681/2: parents are buried in chancell of KK Braddan; son Ewan Calcott gentleman (in Dublin, Ireland; his attorneys on IofM are friends Capt Thomas Norris & Lt John Barry both of C’town, & Wm Flexney senr of Douglas per 7 Jul 1682); dau Mary Cotter alias Calcott; kinsman Thomas Norris comptroller (?Rbt’s Greystone heir); children Charles & Christian Calcot; per 17 Aug 1682, sis & sole heiress of Major Robert Calcot who died w/o lawful issue is Mrs Margaret Christian alias Calcott (husb is Captn Charles Christian in England)

Archd will 1681 #014 Braddan of Isabel Gell [?Quirk als Gell]: Article of Marriage dated 20 May 1677 between John Killy of Braddan & Isabel Gell in behalf of her dau Elln Quirk; son of Isabel is Philip; contract accepted as Isabel’s will January 1681/2. Ellen Quirk md John Killey 29 May 1677 German

Archd will 1681 #015 Braddan of William Cubbon, died April 1682: wife alive; daughters Dorothy & Ann exec & of age ??An Cubbon b 28 Feb 1650 Braddan to Wm Cubbon & Dorothy Cubbon b 12 Mar 1656 Braddan to Wm Cubbon

Archd will 1681 #016 Braddan of William Cannell, died 28 Dec 1681: eldest son John; youngest son William; children except John are exec; wife alive; brother John Cannell’s children; daus Margt & Jane are of age

Archd will 1681 #017 Malew of Christian Quork als Conilt als Kinvig: Articles of Marriage dated 29 Oct 1676: Between Giles Bridson (weaver) in behalf of son Thomas Bridson & Christian Quork als Kinvig in behalf of dau Jane Conilt, Tho & Jane to be married in Malew; witnesses Thomas Cubbon, Christopher Bridson, William Quork, Gyles Bridson junior

Archd will 1681 #018 Malew of Jane Corrin als Kewn OR Kewin als Corrin, dated 11 March 1681/2: daus Margerie & Amy are exec; pledges John Corrin & Ewan Kewin

Archd will 1681 #019 Malew of David Cubbon: dated 7 Apr 1682: stepson John Quayle; dau Joney; grandchildren Isabel & Alice & Wm & Joney Duccan; grandchild John Cubbon son to Thomas; son in law William Duccan; sons Thomas & John Cubbon exec; Thomas Tunman joiner;

Archd will 1681 #020 Malew of Joney Quiggin als Quay: John Corlett; husband Thomas Quiggin; son in law John Bell
See Archd will 1681 #21 Malew of Thomas Quiggin; John Bell md Ann Quiggin 16 Nov 1662 Malew

Archd will 1681 #021 Malew of Thomas Quiggin, dated 4 May 1681: re an earlier contract bargan between John Bell Nanke & Thomas Quiggin on behalf of dau Ann; Thomas’s wife Joney. dau Ann was underage at time of contract Contract bargain is accepted as will of Thomas Quiggin proved 21 Feb 1681/2
John Bell md Ann Quiggin 16 Nov 1662 Malew see Archd will 1681 #20 Malew of Joney Quiggin als Quay ??Ann b 12 Nov 1652 Malew to Thomas Quaggin & Joney

Archd will 1681 #021 Malew of Thomas Quiggin: dated 4th May 1681: dau Ann who married John Bell Nante[?]; wife Joney. Will proved 4 Feb 1681/2
John Bell md Ann Quiggin 16 Nov 1662 Malew

Archd will 1681 #021 Malew of Thomas Quiggin: dated 4th May 1681: dau Ann who married John Bell Nante[?]; wife Joney. Will proved 4 Feb 1681/2
John Bell md Ann Quiggin 16 Nov 1662 Malew

Archd will 1681 #022 Malew of John Maddrell (milne): son Thomas Maddrell; sons John & Robert Maddrell exec; dau Alice; wife dead

Archd will 1681 #023 Malew of Joney Gick als Kneale: son Christopher Gick & dau Ann Gick are exec & lawful age

Archd will 1681 #024 Arbory of Wiliam Quayle, dated 20 Jan 1681/2: grandchild John Clark; dau Catharine Quayle; son in law John Clark; dau Alice Quayle
see Archd will 1681 #25 Arbory of Catharine Quayle als Kermode, wife of William Quayle deceased ??John Clark md Catharine Quayle 24 Jan 1666/7

Archd will 1681 #025 Arbory of Catharine Quayle als Kermode, wife of William Quayle deceased per will 1631 #24: dau Catharine; grandchild John Clark; grandchild Elizabeth Clark; dau Alice Quayle; John Coonill
See Archd will 1681 #24 Arbory of Wiliam Quayle, dated 20 Jan 1681/2

Archd will 1681 #026 Arbory of Joney Sherlock(Shurlogue) als Maddrell: dated 24 Jan 1681/2: grandchild Isabel Costen; dau Joney Sherlock & dau Catharine Sherlock are exec

Archd will 1681 #027 Rushen of Elizabath Watterson als xxxxx, dated 29 Jan 1681/2: son Henry Watterson; son William dead; grandchild Catharine Watterson; grandchildren Henry & William Watterson; grandchild Isabel; son John watterson in Ireland; dau Christian Watterson exec (& of age)

Archd will 1681 #028 Rushen of William Charry, dated 30 Jan 1681/2: wife alive; eldest dau Margaret exec & of age; youngest dau Elizabeth; dau Isabel

Archd will 1681 #029 Rushen of John Qualtrough, dated 19 Dec 1681: sister in law Christian Qualtrough & her grandchild Henry Qualtrough; brothers; nephew Richard Qualtrough’s children; dau Catharine Qualtrough exe & underage; overseers Richard & Edmond Qualtrough
see also Archd will 1691/2 #63 Rushen, of Christian Qualtrough als Nelson

Archd will 1681 #030 Patrick of Jane Sherlock [?Sherlock als xxxxx OR xxxx als Sherlock], dated 1681/2: husband alive; 2 nephews Thomas & John Waterson; niece Margaret Waterson; Mr. Radcliffe & young Mr. Radcliffe; sisters Isabel & Ann & James Radcliffe(underage) her sister’s son are exec. 2 of the Executors vizt., James ?Exxxx in behalf of his wife & Isabel Shurlock in behalf of herself & her son underage . . .

Archd will 1681 #031 German of Ellin Leece als Taubman: dau Ann; grandchild Bessie Leece; son John Leece & dau Ellin - Full Will

Archd will 1681 #032 German of Patrick Corris: James[?] Cowle has marriage contract with Patrick’s dau; John Shimmin senior; dau Catharine; grandchild Jane Moore; Alice Mclechrist; Thomas Mclechrist; John Quayle & son John Quayle; William Dawson & William Corran to be overseers; dau Alice Corras (exec; has children, 1st husband dead; apparently thinking of marrying Philip MacLeece whom Patrick doesn’t like)

Archd will 1681 #033 German of John Shimmin, died 17 March 1680/1: son William; dau Margaret; son John; wife alive. By May 1720, Thomas Shimmin & sister Mary Garret als Shimmin received legacy from hands of bro Wm Shimmin due them by death of father John Shimmin. John Killip was an overseer of children. John’s wife Ann Gawne
Mary Shimmin md John Garrett 13 May 1701 German

Archd will 1681 #034 German of William Kewn: friend Ellin Staerson; aunts dau Margt Kerran; aunt Margaret; sister Isabel Kewne

Archd will 1681 #034b Patrick of Elizabeth Radcliffe: "March 1681/2: The Inventorie of Elizabeth Radcliffe who departed this life intestate in februarie last taken according to Law, all debts deducted amounts to 0:02s:06d

Archd will 1681 #035 Patrick of Thomas Hutchin, died 9 Mar 1681/2: heir Patrick; son Thomas; granddau Alice Karran (whose mother is apparently dead); bro William’s children; dau Ellin & son William exec

Archd will 1681 #036 Patrick of Margaret Quirk als Koan or Kean: died 11 April 1682: granddau Jane Juke; grandson William Quirk, son John junior & dau Ellin are exec; son William; husband alive; Ann Knickell; they own looms

Archd will 1681 #037 Patrick of Thomas Gell, died 17 January 1681/2: dau Ann; grandson Henry Quane(Quine); granddau Madge Quane(Quine); grandson Don:Gell; dau Margaret; wife alive

Archd will 1681 #038 Patrick of Margaret Cretney als Shimmin: died 9 April 1682: son John, son Robert; husband alive; Ann Quirk; sister; 3 sons Patrick & Philip & Robert are exec & of age; Alice Quilliam

Archd will 1681 #039 Patrick of Philip Quirk, died 24 Nov 1681: children Phinlo(of age by Dec 1689) & Thomas(of age by May 1693) & Ellin(of age by May 1692); wife alive; uncle & aunt on father’s side are supervisors (John Quirk is the uncle)

Archd will 1681 #040 Patrick of William Kermode: died 11 Mar 1681/2: wife alive; son Thomas senior of age; son John of age; son Patrick; son Phinlo, son William, son Thomas junior
[Wm probably married twice]

Archd will 1681 #041 German of Ann Quirk als Cosnahan: godson William Cosnahan; goddau Ann? Garrett; sister Marjorie(father dead; she seems to be off the Island); sister Elizabeth; sister Ellin; husband John Quirk

Archd will 1681 #042 German of Ann Corris als Quayle: dated 21 March 1681/2: husband John Corris; son Thomas Corris; dau Katherin Corris; niece Katheren Quaile; son John & his wife & his daughter her grandchild; dau Isabel. Land: Knockban Close

Archd will 1681 #044 German of Elizabeth Cosnahan: made 27 March 1682: cousin Dorothy Garrett als Bridson & her dau Ann Garrett; sister Ann Cosnahan (dead, wife to John Quirk); cousin Margaret Cowper; cousin Margaret Cowper junior; sister Marjerie; cousin William Cowper senior; sister Ellin exec & of age

Archd will 1681 #045 German of Margaret Shimmin als Lock: husband Thomas Shimmin; niece Alice Maclevorrey, niece Ellin Maclevorrey; sister Ann; sister Grace Maclevorrey; son Thomas (only surviving child by 20 Jun 1685); dau exec; brother Henry Lake or Lock; nephew William Maclevorrey; brother John Lock

Archd will 1681 #046 Michael of Joney Cannell als Kneen: dated 26 February 1681/2: dau Ellinor; Philip Cannell; son John Cannell; daus Joney & Dorothy; husb James Cannell
James Cannell md Joney Kneen 24 Nov 1657 Michael

Archd will 1681 #047 Michael of Christian Quiggin als Teare: dated 18 March 1681/2: son John Quiggin; grandchild Wm Quiggin; grandchild Robert Quiggin; grandchild Thomas Quayle; goddau Christian Cannell; dau in law Ellinor inneBoye; dau Ann; Dollin Caine & Don:Cannell (witnesses); son Philip Quiggin exec
??Ann Quiggin md Nicholas Quayle 15 Jan 1668 Michael

Archd will 1681 #77 Bride of Michael Howland: brother William; former wife dead (children by her are William & Cath & Margt who md Wm Kneale by 1698); current wife Christian Watterson & son Will


Archd will 1683 & 1684 of John Oates: Conchan 22d of Oct 1683: dau Isabel, illegit son John; dau Ann, sons John & James; Isabel is lawful age by 1694 & her mother is dead by this date & md Rbt Quilliam

Archd will 1683 & 1684: Joney Oates als Callister: dau Ann; Tho Oates; husb Tho Oates executor

Archd will 1683/4 #002 Conchan of John Oates: Conchan 22d of Oct 1683: wife died before him, dau Isabel, illegit son John; dau Ann, sons John & James exec; Isabel is lawful age by 1694 & her mother is dead by this date & md Rbt Quilliam; ‘bro in law’ William Brew md Ann Oates (he was dead by 8 Oct 1694)
wife Ann Xtn: Ar Will 1679 & 1680

Archd will 1683/4 #003 Braddan of Philip Cannell: eldest son Philip (his children Christian & ?John); son William (his eldest son Philip & youngest William); dau in law Catharine Cannell; wife is dead; illegitimate son Gilbert Cannell
Philip b 29 Sep 1650 Braddan, William b 1 Jul 1652 Braddan, John b 2 Jan 1665 Braddan; Gilbert b 3 Jun 1666 Braddan; Christian b 8 Sep 1678 Braddan to Philip

Archd will 1683/4 #004 Malew of Elizabeth McYllreah als Christian: husb Martin McYllereah; only child John Mcyllreah

Archd will 1683/4 #005 Arbory of Ann Kegg als Cubbon: made 30 Nov 1683: dau Margaret Corrin; granddau Ann Kegg; 2 grandchildren Robt & John Keigg; grandchild Wm Keigg; sons Henry & William Keigg

Archd will 1683/4 #006 ARbory of Mr. Richard Stevenson senior, made 12 April 1683:


Arch will 1683 & 1684: Joney Oates als Callister: dau Ann; Tho Oates; husb Tho Oates executor

Archd will 1683 & 1684 of John Oates: Conchan 22d of Oct 1683: dau Isabel, illegit son John; dau Ann, sons John & James; Isabel is lawful age by 1694 & her mother is dead by this date & md Rbt Quilliam


Archd will 1684 Bride of David Oates: John Callow; Margtr Kelly; Kath Casement; Daniel Lace & Alice Lace; David Sayle & wife & dau; son; Arthur Cowle executor

Archd will 1684(5) #032 Andreas of John Kneale: died 4 Dec 1684; 2 youngest daughters, oldest dau Bahey Kneal (of age) exec & overseer of younger children; bro William; Wm Sayle; Wm Watterson; Philip Kneale is bro in law of Kath Kneal by Feb 25, 1694/5, Kath Kneale of age by 25 Feb 1694/5


Archd will 1685/6 #001 Lonan of William Fargher: son Thomas Fargher; grandson Thomas Fargher; son William Fargher; dau in law Marriot; another dau in law; sis’s dau Christian Costeene[?]

Archd will 1685/6 #002 Lonan of Catharine Cowin als Kewley: son James Cowin; 4 children John & Margaret & Mallie & Isabel are exec; eldest son only is of age

Archd will 1685/6 #003 Lonan of James Hogg: wife alive; eldest son James Hogg; son Wm; dau Cath; 3 children Michael Wm & Margret are exec; dau Marriott. Michael & Wm are of age, they and James are overseers of under age children

Archd will 1685/6 #004 Braddan of Mally (Caine als) Tear: articles of agreement between William Clague and Mally Tear on behalf of her dau Ellinor Caine made 17 Aug 1677[?]: Wm Clague’s wife is Ann, Dollin Caine, Ellinor’s father is dead. ?Ellinor is also dead by 1685 & has children

Archd will 1685/6 #005 Braddan of Margaret or Marriod Cowle als Oates OR Margaret Oates als Cowle: friend Elizabeth (or Isabel) Cxxxxx als Callow is exec; John xxx’s wife, Kinley[?]. Isabel (or Elizabeth) Callow is sworn exec.
Braddan bur reg: Mariod Oats de Duglas, bur 10 Dec 1685

Archd will 1685/6 #006 Braddan of Robert Kelly, made 22 Dec 1685: proved 13 Jan 1685/6: John Kinnish mariner; Ann Clague maid; cousin Thomas Kelley; Henry Hutchin senior[?]; sister Katherin Kelly; bro William Kelley exec

Archd will 1685/6 #007 Malew of Thomas Caveen: Jane Moore; grandchild John Caveen (his mother alive); Mary Callister; old John Callister; Nicholas Callister exec & overseer of grandson John Caveen

Archd will 1685/6 #008 Malew of John Harrison of the poole: wife alive, dau Marriot; children Jn & Wm & Tho & Charles Harrison exec (3 are of age)

Archd will 1685/6 #009 Arbory of Robert Kegg: made 14 Nov 1685: wife alive; eldest son Wm; dau Margt Kegg’s eldest child

Archd will 1685/6 #010 Arbory of Elizabeth Bell als Callin als Quay: made Dec 14, 1679, article of marriage: between Christian Corrin late wife of Wm Corrin of Colby, son Wm Corrin & Elizabeth Bell (als Callin) als Quay for her dau Margt Callin. Wm Cubbon & Henry Waterson act for Christian Corrin in the contract. Wm Corrin & Margt Callin to be married in Malew. Margt is the only dau of Christian Bell als Quay

Archd will 1685/6 #011 Rushen of William Taylor: his wife Alice Taylor; John Harrison; sister Christian Blevin; John Watterson & his dau Joney; brother Robert Taylor & his wife; Henry Harrison; wife’s niece Bayley (still single);

Archd will 1685/6 #012 German of Margery Cowle [Cowle als xxx OR xxx als Cowle?]: son xxx in Ireland; niece Cath Cowle; friend Jane Harrison, Christian Cotch; Bessie Quay or Quayle, Mrs. Ann Harrison exec

Archd will 1685/6 #013 German of Dorothy Corlett [Corlett als xxx OR xxx als Corlett?], died 16 Jan 1685/6: John Halsey; grandchild Margt Halsey

Archd will 1685/6 #014 German of Robert Corlett: died 28 Dec 1685: wife Margt Carran; master Sil Croste[?]; stepdaughter Ann Kaighin; Wm Clerk; niece Isabel Gell exec

Archd will 1685/6 #015 Patrick of Donold Cottiman, died 27 Jan 1685/6: sister Margaret; godson Donold Cowle; wife is pregnant; sisters Kathrine and Ann; brother Philip Cottiman (overseer); Margret Cottiman is the child & her stepfather is Giles Bridson (she receives her legacy from him in Jun 1712); the wife is dead by Jun 1712

Archd will 1685/6 #016 Patrick of Philip Quilliam, died Jan 1685/6: wife alive, children exec & underage; brother John Quilliam

Archd will 1685/6 #017 Patrick of Marie (Cubbon als) Clague died 13 Feb 1685/6: husb (father of daus Jane & Xtian) dead; sons Tho & Wm Cubbon; dau Jane & Christian, eldest dau Madge; Alice Kermode; son in law Thomas Kermod exec

Archd will 1685/6 #018 German of Margaret Teare als Keggeen (Kaighen) [OR Kaighen als Teare??], died 7 Nov 1684[?]: Mrs. Ann Harrison, Mrs. Fargher, dau Ann; Isabel Corrin; Henry Radcliffe exec; Ellin Radcliffe; son in law Edmond Cowle

Archd will 1685/6 #019 Michael of John Quayle, KK Michael 24 Feb xxxx: godson xxx Sittleton; goddau Jane Quayle; Donald Chroughen (or Croughen) & John Chroughen[?], Hugh Caine; Catherin Quayle exec

Archd will 1685/6 #020 Michael of Philip Cannell: wife Eueniche or Everiche [Eunice OR Averick?] Cannell; father is dead; nephew Adam Cannel; Christian Cannell; brother John Cannell (supervisor; dead by Nov 1687, so his wife becomes supervisor), only child Katherin Cannell exec; Kath md John Cottiman by 1710 or 1719, & Wm Steene, Philip Cannel & John Cannel & John Taggart had Kath’s goods until then
Catharine Cannell md John Cottiman 15 Aug 1709 Michael

Archd will 1685/6 #021 Ballaugh of Jane Corlet als Cotter died 20 Nov: son & dau; Jane Gawn; husb John Corlett exec

Archd will 1685/6 #022 Ballaugh of Margaret Corlett als Freer: only dau Margaret

Archd will 1685/6 #023 Jurby of John Kelly died 11th Mrach: wife Joney Kneen[?] grandchild Margr: Cottingen; children Henry & Wm & Ann Kellie exec; dau Catherine; grandchild Jane Brew; dau Bessie
Cath Kelly md Pat Brew 1678, Jurby; dau Jane b 1678/9

Archd will 1685/6 #024 Jurby of Joney Mclevorrey als Lace als Christian, died 5 Dec: son William Lace; bro Donold’s wife; brother’s dau; bro Mark’s wife; Thomas Mcylevory; Wm Mcylvorey; Ann Ylevorrey; John Mcylevorrey; Margaret Brew; John Mcylevorrey; James Crebbin; Margaret Craine; Joney Craine; Joney Corlett; Wm Crowe; husband Thomas Mclevorrey. Stepson Donold Mclevorrey.

Archd will 1685/6 #025 Jurby of Catharine Gawne als Corkill, died 12 Feb 1685/6: sis Margret Corkill; bro Gilbert; Capt Tho: Christian & his wife; dau Ellin: Gawne

Archd will 1685/6 #026 Jurby of Margaret Kermode als Christian als Teare, died 12 Jan 1685: husb William Kermod exec; dau Ann; son Philip; Robert Gawne; 3 grandchildren; stepdau; Charles Kermod; sister; Alice Brew; Margaret Kermode; Capt Tho:Christian; Wm Crow; Ellin Gawne; Joney Kneen; Ann Skillicorn; son Philip (or John?: note is signed John) Christian in London

Archd will 1685/6 #027 Andreas of Mally Cowle [Cowle als xxxx OR xxxx als Cowle?], died xx Aug: eldest son, yountest son, dau Catherine; hus

Archd will 1685/6 #028 Andreas of John Brew: son William Brew, grandchild Bessy, James Teare’s son John; James Teare, John Brew; brother Philip Brew; wife alive.

Archd will 1685/6 #029 Andreas of Mally Gawne dated Dec[?] 29th 1685: niece Margaret Gawne

Archd will 1685/6 #030 Andreas of Joney Kneale, died 16 March 1694/5: grandxxx, grandmother[?], Lewney or Cewney Lace, Christian Lace, Joney Lace, brother, father; mother is dead

Archd will 1685/6 #031 Andreas of John Teare: dau Margt, dau Joney; Ned Kelley

Archd will 1685/6 #032 Bride of Ronald Sayle, bur 16 Feb 1685/6: dau Mally, son John, son William, stepdau; 3 children Mally & Thomas & Daniel & wife are exec; Charles Sayle overseer. Mally & Thomas are of age by June 1697 & they had a stepfather by this date

Archd will 1685/6 #33 Bride of Joney Goldsmith: Margt Joughin; sister Alice; brother John (of age)

Archd will 1685/6 #34 Bride of Anne Joughin als Joughin: died 20 Nov 1685: husb Michael Joughin exec; fatherJohn Joughin; dau Isabel Joughin (still needing nursing); son Michael Joughin;William Corkish

Archd will 1685/6 #35 Lezayre of Christopher Corlett, died 9 Jan 1685/6: son Philip Corlet; son in law John Cannell; dau Margt Corlet; William Corlet & Thomas Corlett of Glantrammon; wife Margaret Kneen

Archd will 1685/6 #36 Lezayre of William Kneen, died December 1st: 2 sisters Elizabeth & Joney Kneen; bro John Kneen exec; Ewan Curlett, Ned[?] or William Knickle; parents dead (inventory in their wills)

Archd will 1685/6 #36b Lezayre of William Kneen, died 26 Nov: dau Jane; grandchild John Kewish; bro John Kneen; Nicholas Christian; Willm Killip; Isabel Kinley; Richard Kewish; John Kewish; Phillip Carret; wife Alice Quay

Archd will 1685/6 #37 Lezayre of William Corlett died 29 December: brother John Corlett & Nicholas Thompson overseers; 2 sons John & William [?sons of bro Jn or of Wm]; wife; son Nicholas Corlett exec & underage (of age by July 1699);

Archd will 1685/6 #38 Maughold of John Martin, died 1st Feb: sons Edward & John (married & marriage contracts are satisfied); youngest son William exec; son Robert


Archd will 1686 #1 Lonan of Margaret Cown als Callister, died 28 March 1686: husb Philip Cown; dau Catharine; dau Marriott; son James; dau in law Cath Corkill; grandchildren Phil & Marriot Cown; grandchild Mary Christian; son William Cown exec

Archd will 1686 #2 Lonan of Christian Cotteen, died 28 Mar 1686: sister Ellin Cotteen exec; bro Philip Cotteen; godchild the dau of Danold Lowy; other brothers

Archd will 1686 #3 Lonan of Isabel Kkneal, died 3 March: Marriott Cotteen; Bessy Callow; bro Thomas Kneale exec; aunt Margret Kneale; Tho Cotteen’s wife

Archd will 1686 #4 Lonan or Braddan of Elizabeth Flexney als Cottier: son Robert; dau in law Ann Craine; old Dorothy Cottier; xxx Cannell; cousin Isabel Cannell; goddau Eliz Cannell; Isabel Cottier; cousin Margaret Kermott; sister Margaret; bro xxx Cottier & Ann Cannell; dau in law; husband; mother Flexney’s grandson

Archd will 1686 #5 Braddan of Deemster Thomas Fletcher: minor children Easter & Jane & Ann Fletcher; his last wife’s children (Thomas Fletcher & Jo:[?] Christian, & Margret Fletcher; sons Robert Fletcher & Richard Fletcher (mother is current wife); Deemster Fletcher was administer of the will of Christian Quayle als Kissag who is the mother in law of Capt Patrick Christian; Mr John Quayle of Ramsey & wife Esther with her children (her former husb Adam Murray of Douglas & Deemster Flether promised to pay by contract on the death of Esther’s mother)

Archd will 1686 #6 Braddan of Ann Quirk als Quay, died 26 March 1686: dau Catherine (?wife of Wm Gellin); son Peter Quirk; son Paul; grandchild Mary Quirk; Easter Quirk & her sister Margret; son in law James Cown; dau Margaret Cown als Quirk

Archd will 1686 #7 Marown of James Dowel, died 3 April: wife, children Robert & John & Margret Dowell exec; eldest son Willm Dowel; next relation on fa’s side of children is Gilbert Cubbon; Wm is by former wife

Archd will 1686 #8 Marown of John Kewley: son John, children Robt & Nicholas & Elizabeth & Alice exec (3 of age); wife Alice Kewley als Crellin

Archd will 1686 #9 Marown of Bahie Kelley als Cannell als Curghey: son Willm Cannell & his wife; son John Cannell & his wife; sister Margret; widow Carrowin; husband Oates Kelley; pledges Gilbert Kelley & Willm Kelley

Archd will 1686 #10 Santan of John Moore: fatherand mother alive; bro Thomas Moore; godson Robert Brew; 3 sisters Susan Moore & Margaret Moore & Isabel Moore

Archd will 1686 #11 Malew of Hugh Arthur: 4 children John & Joney & Hugh & Wm exec; bro Thomas; son Jn is eldest son

Archd will 1686 #12 Malew of Elizabeth Fargher als Banks, died 20 April: children Alice & Catharine & Joney Fargher; other children; John Fargher see Archd will 1687 #11 Malew of William Fargher of Shebbrick[?]

Archd will 1686 #13 Malew of John Bell of the Strange: dau Elizth; son Henry; dau Isabel; John; son Christopher; son John; son Nicholas; wife alive; children Thomas & Elizth & Margrett exec

Archd will 1686 #14 Arbory of Marriod Moore als Cubbon: husb Jacob Moore; bro Robert Cubbon of Marown; children Wm & Elizabeth exec (both of age)

Archd will 1686 #15 Arbory of William Cubbon of Ballacry: articles of marriage dated Nov 1630 OR 1680 between William Cubbon of Ballacry and Dorothy Cubbon his wife on behalf of son William Cubbon, and William Cubbon Ballabeg, Jane Quill als Cubbon his sister & John Quill of Castletown on behalf of kinswoman Elizabeth Corrin: Wm Cubbon junior & Elizabeth Corrin to marry 1 May;

Archd will 1686 #16 Arbory of Joney Cubbon als Taylor: dau Ann Cubbon; stepdau Jane; dau Alice Maddrell, granddau Dorothy Maddrell; dau Elizabeth Cubbon & son John Cubbon exec; husb John Cubbon [Jn Cubbon md Joney Taylor 1 Jun 1658 Malew]

Archd will 1686 #17 Patrick of Christian Kelly als Quayle als Clague, died 9 Feb 1685/6: sons Arthur Quayle and Thomas Quayle (their fatherdead); sons John Kelly and Thomas Kelly; John Watleworth the minister; Ann Cosnahan; Ellin Corras; a sister is dead; David Callister; Jane Callister; 2 children Oates Kelly and Margaret Kelly exec (both of age); husb alive

Archd will 1686 #18 German of Nicholas Kewley, dated 7 Aug 1684: dau Christian; son Patrick; wife & son John in Ireland are exec; bro in law Silvester Boddaugh

Archd will 1686 #19 German of Margaret Corjeag, died 14 April: nephew Henry Kewley

Archd will 1686 #20 German of William Craine: dau xxxx; son William exec; dau Ann in Ireland; stepdau Mary Tomson; also Nicholas Tomson and his bro Thomas Tomson

Archd will 1686 #21 Michael of William Quayle (?and his wife Isabel Keane), of Glondgue[?]: articles of marriage dated 4 January 167x: William Caine of Banegorge son in law md dau Mally Quayle [Mally Quayle md William Caine 27 Jan 1673 Michael]

Archd will 1686 #22 Ballaugh: of Bahie Stephen als Quayle: husb; bro Wm; sisters Mary Quayle (eldest sis) & Mally Quayle exec

Archd will 1686 #23 Ballaugh of Catherine Cowley als Quayle, died 23 January 1685/6: son John; dau Alice Cowley

Archd will 1686 #24 Lezayre of John Caley, dated 14 Jun 1686: Thomas Kindred; dau Isabel Caley (mother dead); daus Bahey & Catharine (their mother died earlier); Bahey & Cath are exec

Archd will 1686 #25 Lezayre of Mally Kermod al Blackburn: died 22 March last: bro Ewan Blackbourne; son & only child John Kermott

Archd will 1686 #26 Lezayre of Catharine Kinley als Kissag: died 11 Mar 1685/6: dau Ellin Kinley; son in law Thomas Teare; husband Thomas Kinley; dau Isabel Kinley exec & of age; sister Alice Kissag; Amy Caly; bro James; grandson John Teare; granddau Ellin Tear; Alice Tear; Catharine Cally

Archd will 1686 #27 Andreas of Joney Teare als Sayle: Christian Inymeer(McNameer); Isabel Kewney; Dan Sayle’s wife; William Credgeen; sister Catherine & bro William & husb Dan Teare are exec. Pledge for Cath is Wm Cubbon her husb, Son John Teare

Archd will 1686 #28 Andreas of Christopher Corlet, died 14 Feb 168x: sister Joney; sister Mally; bro in law Anthony Lawson

Archd will 1686 #29 Andreas of Mary Kneale als Christian, bur 18 Apr 1686: youngest children Alice & Silvester; eldest son; husb William Kneale exec; Philip Cleater supervisor

Archd will 1686 #30 Andreas of Margaret Quark als Thompson, bur 17 Apr 1686: son Patrick Quark; dau, widow Keneen; 2 son Patr & Robert exec (Patr is of lawful age); husband alive; Philip Brew’s dau; John Kelly

Archd will 1686 #31 Bride of Margaret Cowle als Joughin: son Mark Cowle; son William Cowle; dau Ann Cowle; grandchild John Cowle; husband Charles Cowle & son Charles are exec

Archd will 1686 #32 Bride of William Howland: son in law William xxxyhen[?] & dau Margaret Howland; son William Howland; servant Willm Christian; Mark or Matthew or Michael Howland; Michael Howland; cousin Daniel Christian; Capt Willm Christian; Willm Howland; wife & dau Margt exec


Archd will 1686/7 #1 Lonan of Catharine Moore als Keakel[?] als Scarff: son Gilbert Keakel[?], dau Margaret Kelly; hus band Philip Moore & his dau Mary Moore

Archd will 1686/7 #2 Onchan of Phinlo Corkill, written & signed 10th Nov 1686: eldest son Phinlo; other 5 children John & Thomas & Mary & Margaret & Joney exec; wife Margaret Corkill [?als xxxx]; eldest dau of age

Archd will 1686/7 #3 Braddan of William Fayle, written & signed 1685: dau Averit; dau Margret Fayle; dau Alice Fayle; brother William; kinsman Robert Fayle

Archd will 1686/7 #4 Santan of Christopher Kinnish of Ballafurt: dau Carter (md Christopher Bridson of Rogane beg); 2 sons of his son William; youngest of Thomas Kennish of Rogane beg; Christian Cosnahan; children of George Woods; Thomas Bridson son of Christopher; Alice Bridson dau to Christopher; Arthur Bridson; 2 daus xxx & Carter; children Hugh, xxxx, & Carter Kinnish exec

Archd will 1686/7 #5 Malew of Joney Taggart als Bridson: husb Robert Taggart; daus Mary & Ellin exec (of age by 1690); dau Alice

Archd will 1686/7 #6 Malew of John Quork: son William Quorke exec

Archd will 1686/7 #7 Malew of Jane Kelly als Quacken, died 11[?] Dec 1686: only child John Kelly; husband alive; John Quackin

Archd will 1686/7 #8 Malew of Thomas Taylor: dau Elizabeth; Ed: Shimmin’s exec owes him money; son Harry or Henry exec

Archd will 1686/7 #9 Malew of Jane Redfern als Robinson: niece Frances Thaxs[?, or Oase or ?? [fpc ? Moore], 3 sons John & Toms & George Redfern

Archd will 1686/7 #10 Malew of Jane Quine, signed 2 Mar 1677/8: brother Richard Quine, brothe’s dau Jane Quine; his youngest dau Ann Quine; bro’s son William Quine

Archd will 1686/7 #11 Arbory of Paul Christian: wife alive; son William; 3 children Robert & Ann & John

Archd will 1686/7 #11b Arborn of Ellin Cubbon [this is all crossed out] : died intestate

Archd will 1686/7 #12 Arbory of Margaret Crejeen: grandchild Joney Shimmin; John Quay of Maughold; dau Mary Credgeen; Mary Cubbon; husb William Credgeen; son in law John Shimmin; dau Ann Credgeen

Archd will 1686/7 #13 Rushen of Isabel McYlevorry: Henry Watterson of Spaldcicke[?]; 2 goddaus Isabel Kelly of the Curragh & Margt Crebbin; Ann Clark; Mary Clark; grandchild Ann Carine; grandchild Thomas Kermod; grandchild Patrick Carine; dau Margaret; daughter is pregnant; nephew William Watterson; son in law Thomas Kermott & his wife Margaret are exec; Thomas Kermott is stepfatherof Pat & Ann Carine

Archd will 1686/7 #14 Rushen of William Read: Isabel Read; wife; Mary Read; cousins Henry & Richard Read exec

Archd will 1686/7 #15 Rushen of Harry Qualtrough, dated 12 Nov 1686: wife Margaret; Catharine Waterson; dau Christian see Archd will 1687 #19 Rushen of Margaret Qualtrough als xxxx

Archd will 1686/7 #16 German of Thomas Waterson: sister Ann Waterson; dau Christian Waterson and her husband Henry Gick; their children Henry and Christian;

Archd will 1686/7 #17 German of Ann Waterson: Margaret Cottier; Ellin Radcliffe; Mrs. Margrett Radcliffe; niece Christian Waterson

Archd will 1686/7 #18 Michael of Patrick Cannell, made 29 Nov 1686: owes Wm Cannell; Phil: Callister; Gilbert Callister; Sam: Quay; John Wattleworth; Wm Gawn; Jo: Stowen; Wm Crear[?]; wife Catharine Callister; 2 children; brother Phillip; son John Cannell

Archd will 1686/7 #19 Michael of Joney Cowley als Fayle, dated 26 Jan 1686/7: son John heir; sister Cath: Fayle; Margt Killey & her dau Margery; bros Wm & James Fayle; his daus Margt & Joney both at age; son Patrick; husb William Cowley

Archd will 1686/7 #20 Michael of WilliamCowley, dated 26 Jan 1686: son John heig; kinsman John Cowley & Edward Taylor; son Patrick; bro John Cowley & sis Joney overseers; daus Margt & Joney

Archd will 1686/7 #21 Andreas of Margaret Kee als Martin als Radcliffe: Bahee Martin (md John Sayle 1675 Andreas); son Will Martin; husb John Kee; Joney Camaish; Joney Kee

Archd will 1686/7 #22 Lezayre of Margaret Killip als Corkill: son John Killip, dau Margaret Killip both of age

Archd will 1686/7 #23 Maughold of Captn Edward Curghey of Ramsey with houses on the Moaragh: wife Margery Curghey als xxxx executrix; nephew Edward Wattleworth; Ewan Curghey; brother John Wattleworth [b 1653 Maughold to Jn W & Mgt Foster, md Mgt Xtian 1676 & Mgt Casement 1710; d 1741], ; sister Margaret in Ireland; pledges for wife are Ewan Curghey senior of Ballakillingan & Edmond or Edward Curlet of Glan-Tramman

Archd will 1686/7 #24 Maughold of Ann Cowle als Cottiman: bro Robert; sisters; sister in law Isabel Cowle; husband Dan: Cowle; infant dau Isabel Cowle (of age by 21 May 1711); overseers Robt Cottiman & Wm Stole; aunt Joney Cottiman



Archd will 1687 #1 Douglas, of Mr Francis Mitchelburne: died 15 Oct last intestate; brother Mr Timothy Mitchelburn exec; Mrs Isabel Mitchelburne wife; Mr. Sam: Watleworth;

Archd will 1687 #2 Lonan, of Thomas Fargher, signed 29 Mar 1687: Michael Hogg; Thomas his brother’s son; son[?] William; Joney Cowin; wife Marriot Fargher als Cown

Archd will 1687 #3 Braddan, of Christopher Bridson: dated 29 Jul 1686: son Robert Bridson, owns mill named Mullen Oats; son John Bridson; wife Margaret Bridson als Joiner; Giles Bridson

Archd will 1687 #4 Braddan, of Matthew Kinley: wife alive; son Matthew, son James, dau Catharine; dau Isabel, 6 children John, Robert, Philip, Margaret, xxx, & James executors. All the children at age

Archd will 1687 #5 Braddan of William Kinley: died 19 March 1686/7: 2 sisters; youngest brother; eldest brother; Robert Coultrie son of John Coultrie; friend Averick Coultrie als Callin wife of John Coultrie. Inventory included in will of father & mother

Archd will 1687 #6 Braddan of Robert Hanton, died 20 Feb 1686/7: eldest son Robert Hanton; 3 grandchildren John, Gilbert & Ann Hanton; grandchildn John Hanton; John Hanton’s son Gilbert; goddaughter Ellin in Ballacregan; James Hanton; Thomas Hanton & children; Ann Kennish; nephew Robert Fayle; son John Hanton; tenement of Ballakrink; son Christopher Hanton; sons John & Xtopher exec & lawful age

Archd will 1687 #7 Braddan of Ellinor Creer als Bridson: son John Creer, Ann Creer; Ann Stole; Bessy Kelly; husband William Creer; son Arthur; Arthur’s wife Margt Creer als Quayle; sister Mally Bridson; son Christopher Creer; Pat Creer; sons William & Christopher Creer exec.

Archd will 1687 #8 Braddan of Isabel Cotter als Kelly: dated 1[?] February 1684: son William; dau Ann; dau Margt; son’s wife; son John Cotter

Archd will 1687 #9 Braddan of Isabel Fargher als Kennaugh: son in law Philip Kinley & he dau Mary Fargher his wife

Archd will 1687 #10 Malew of Ann Shimmin als Stole: dated 27 xxx 1687, Malew: Hugh Quayle; Thomas or John Fargher; Ann Clerk; Philip Stole; Sir Tho Parr[?]; husband Hugh Shimmin Hugh Shimmin md Ann Stole 14 Nov 1659 Malew

Archd will 1687 #11 Malew of William Fargher of Shebbrick[?], died 22 May last: children John & Alice & Elizabeth & Joney & Kath & Isabel exec see Archd will 1686 #12 Malew of Elizabeth Fargher als Banks

Archd will 1687 #12 Arbory of Ellin Harrison: deed of gift: dated 4 January 1675/6: George xxxx; sister; [hard to read]

Archd will 1687 #13 Arbory of Catharine Crellin als Harrison als Tyldesley, dated 24 Nov 1686: dau Mary Harrison; son Thomas Crellin; dau Joney Harrison; son George Harrison; Sir Thomas Parr; Mr David Murrey senr of Douglas; widow Crain; William Callister; William Cubbon; Nelly Clague Cath md 1) Wm Harrison & 2) Revd Jn Crellin 8 Dec 1662 Malew

Archd will 1687 #14 Arbory of Ann Curghey als Costeen (or Costeen als Curghey) als Crickart: grandchild William Costen; grandchild Ann Costen; son William Curghey exec; son John Costen (whose father is dead);

Archd will 1687 #15 Arbory of Christian Cubbon als Kelly: dated 5 Feb 1686/7: daughter Ellin Cubbon; son Thomas Cubbon; son in law Patrick Credgeen; dau Margery

Archd will 1687 #16 Arbory of Peter Comish: dated 3 March 1686/7: wife Joney Kegg; dau Katharin Comish; 3 dau Ann & Alice & Catharin Comish exec (at least one child is underage)

Archd will 1687 #17 Rushen, will of Gilbert Gell: marriage contract between Gilbert Gell in behalf of his son William Gell and Christian his wife in behalf of her dau Catharine Watterson; son of Christian is John Watterson

Archd will 1687 #18 Rushen of Joney McYnuschey: husb Henry McYnuschey; 2 dau; son Harry

Archd will 1687 #19 Rushen of Margaret Qualtrough als xxxx: Catharine Watterson; Richard Trollogue; Thomas Waterson; Richard Qualtrough; dau Christian Qualtrough See Archd will 1686/7 #15 Rushen of Henry Qualtrough, dated 12 Nov 1686

Archd will 1687 #20 German of Robert McYlevorrey & Elizabeth McLevorrey als Hunter his wife: eldest son Edward Maclevorrey (or Mollowora per his spelling); son Henry Maclevorrey

Archd will 1687 #21 German of James Young: died 22 Dec 1686: dau Elizabeth, son David Young; wife Cathrine Young; 5 children Margret (of age by 1691), Ann(of age by Jul 1692), Eubonia, Ellin, & Alexander exec (all underage); grandfather Alexander Young; Caesar Wattleworth

Archd will 1687 #22 German of Mary Corlett als May, died 12 Mar 1686/7: husb Patrick Corlett

Archd will 1687 #23 German of Samuel Radcliffe, dated April 2, 1687: dau Peggy; wife; 2 children exec (underage); wife & Caesar Wattleworth supervisors; his mother still alive ?? Samuel Radcliffe md Ann Knight 9 Dec 1679 German

Archd will 1687 #24 Michael, of William Quayle: wife Joney Cannon: son William, son Patrick; house in Balnakilley; land in Ballalay & meadow in Ballanay; son Thomas; eldest son John

Archd will 1687 #25 Michael of John Cannell, dated 22 May 1687: eldest son Adam Cannel; dau Christian Cannell; 2 youngest children Philip & Joney; wife; Xtn & Phil & Joney are executors one of whom is underage

Archd will 1687 #26 Michael of Mally Corlett als Cannell als Quayle: husband John Curled; youngest dau Margaret Cannell (md Wm Craine by 1706); dau Cath; dau Averick; sister Margt; son William Cannell, son John. (Wm & Jn & Mgt exec); one of her sons was dead by 1706; a Patrick Cannel is also mentioned Mgt Cannell md Wm Craine 14 Jun 1701 or 1702, Braddan

Archd will 1687 #27 Ballaugh of Ann Gawn als xxxx als Christian, dated 12 March 1686/7: husb; eldest son William; younger son William; son Thomas; brother William Christian overseer; former husband; current husband

Archd will 1687 #28 Jurby of John Clerk, died 13 Feb 1686/7: elest dau; dau Kathrine; son John; children Bahie & Ann

Archd will 1687 #29 Jurby of Philip Tear: Steven Tear; Dollin xxxx; Patrick Cannon; son William Tear; sister Mary; John Tear; wife; aunts & uncles on father’s side are supervisors

Archd will 1687 #30 Jurby of Mally Tear als Kissag: died about 14 Nov 1686: brother’s wife; niece; Dollin Kelly; younger son Philip Tear; daughter Mary; son John; 3 daughters exec (one is Mary, other 2 are out of the country)

Archd will 1687 #31 Andreas of Catharine Christian: dau Catharine; daughter Joney; Mally Kinrey; grandchild Dan; only son Philip Christian; ??Mally is a dau & md xxxx Kinrey[a last name also known as Harrison]

Archd will 1687 #32 Andreas of John Kelly, dated 7 Mar 1686/7: only child; James Radcliffe & John Tear overseers; child in the tuition of Philip Brew

Archd will 1687 #33 Andreas of Thomas Christian: Catharine Cowle; Thomas Corlet; Wm Chaters[?]; dau Katharine Christian

Archd will 1687 #34 Andreas of John Lace, died 9 Feb 1686/7: son Dan; dau Alice Lace; son in law John Moore; John Moore’s little boy

Archd will 1687 #35 Andreas of Dan Kinread: eldest dau; wife; 2 children underage; brother Philip Kinread

Archd will 1687 #36 Andreas of Edward Corlet: died about 15 Nov 1686: wife; son John Corlett; son William; children; by 1708, William was the only surviving child of Edward; (he had a bro & a sis); Margaret Corlett als Killip is the relict of John Corlett & his exec

Archd will 1687 #37 Andreas of Mary Martin als Kneal, dated 1687: 4 children John, William, Katherin & Joney Martin; husband Robert Martin; sister Bahie Kneal supervisor; husband alive; John Kneal is a half brother; dau Joney of lawful age by 1704; children John & Wm & Cath are of lawful age by 1697, (Jn by 1694)

Archd will 1687 #38 Bride of Elizabeth Christian als Caesar: died 18 May 1687: eldest son Ewan Christian; husb Ewan Christian of Cranstawn[?, or Cranstal] in KK Bride (dead by 1717); children; son David; daughters: Mally Christian md Daniel Cry by Mar 1706/7; Catharine Christian; Bessy Christian md xxx Kissack by 1717; bro in law Edward Christian

Archd will 1687 #39 Lezayre of Catharine Boddaugh als Caley, died 28 Jan 1686/7: dau Mary; dau Cath; grandchild Jane Curghey; grandchild Dan Callow(his father is Wm Callow); Patrick Boddaugh; Kath Caley; Robert Caley; Isabel Boddaugh; grandson John Curghey; husband Philip Boddaugh

Archd will 1687 #40 Lezayre of Christian Caley al Corlett: son Ewal Calie; dau Ann Caley; grandchild Elizabeth Callie; son Gilbert Calie;

Archd will 1687 #41 Lezayre of Catharine Kermode (died before 5 Mar 1686/7: article of marriage dated 4 October 1677: between Mary Fayle als Caghin[Kaighin] on behalf of son Thomas Caghin (his father John Caghen dead) & Margaret Quayle (her former husband John Leece; children by him)

Archd will 1687 #42 Lezayre of William Knickel, died June; dated 1689: son John, wife; son in law Ewan Curlett; son in law William Sayle; dau Christian; son William; grandchild Ewan Curlet’s children; grandchild xxx Sayle’s child;

Archd will 1687 #43 Lezayre of Catharine Kneen als Carrett: son Edmond; 4 daus; grandchildren vizt., John Ellin’s children; grandchildren viz Daniel Gill’s children; dau in law Joney or Jane Cottier; children Edmond, Bahey & Isabel

Archd will 1687 #44 Lezayre of Catharine Walker als Christian, died 23 March 1686/7: Will Christian Edmonds daughter; Philip Christian of Douglas; dau Jane Hoole; Capt Ewan Curghey senr; Thomas Walker

Archd will 1687 #45 Maughold of Isabel Christian of Ballafayle [Christian als xxx OR xxx als Christian]: elder dau Elizabeth Quay, granddau Isabel Quay; younger dau Margery Corkill

Archd will 1687 #46 Maughold of Catharine Looney als Nicholson: dau Ann Looney; dau in law Mary Teare; dau Christian Looney; dau Elizabeth Looney exec

Archd will 1687 #47 Maughold of John Corteen: son Gilbert; sister Margaret Corteen; son William; grandchild Robert; John Cranish; Alice Brice[?]; wife of John Kerrish; 3 sons Gilbert & William & Thomas Corteen


Archd will 1687/8 #48 Conchan of William Fargher: son Danold; William Kewley; John Kewley

Archd will 1687/8 #49 Braddan of Robert Kinread: children Ellin, Thomas & John; uncle of children is John Cubbon in 1697/8 when Ellin is of age

Archd will 1687/8 #50 of Robert Cannon: died 30 Jul 1687: 4 children John Robert & William & Mary; wife exec

Archd will 1687/8 #51 Marown of Nicholas Taggart, dated September 11, 1688: sister died 21 Aug last; mother Ann Clucas; John Clucas junr; Thomas Clucas son of John Clucas senr; Ann Farcher; Ann Quilliam; Katherine Kinnish; James Gyll

Archd will 1687/8 #52 Marown of Christian Kelly als Kewley: died 15 Dec 1687: son Gilbert Kelly; grandchild John Kelly; dau in law Catharine Kelly; dau Catharine Creer; husb Thomas Kelly; sons Robert Kelly & Nicholas Kelly exec

Archd will 1687/8 #53 Marown of William Kewley: died 28 Dec 1687: son Nicholas, dau Christian Kewley & her husb Henry Corrin; dau Ann Kewley; wife; son in law William Cannell; grandson John Kewley; Margery Creer; grandchild Mary Cannell; dau Mary Kewley

Archd will 1687/8 #54 Lonan of Philip Moore, dated 27 Dec 1687: son John; son xxx Morore; grandchildren; son John Moore’s daughter; daughter Mary Moore; son Gilbert

Archd will 1687/8 #55 Conchan of Nicholas Gellin: sister Isabel; brother Patrick, sister Ellin Gellin; mother exec

Archd will 1687/8 #56 of Margaret Kelly als Caine als Kewley, dated 20 Feb 1687/8: dau Margaret Cain (fatherdead); daus Margt & Mary Kelly; first husb John Caiune of Braddan; 2nd husb William Kelly; Edward Kelly; Margt Kelly of age by April 1697

Archd will 1687/8 #57 Marown of Thomas Creer: son; wife Ann Creer exec

Archd will 1687/8 #58 Malew of John Fargher of Quoolcam[?] & ?Ballagick: eldest daughter; dau Joney Fargher ?of Ballagick in Santan; dau Margaret; wife Mary alive ??John Fargher md Mary Fargher 14 Jun 1665 Malew

Archd will 1687/8 #59 Malew of Christian Qualtrough, dated 13 Feb 1687/8: sisters dau; William Quott & wife exec

Archd will 1687/8 #60 Rushen of Margaret Gell als xxxx: sister Catharine; sister Ann Brew; John Quayle[?]; Ann Posley; Nicholas Corrin; minister Mr Richd Thompson; John Kinnish; Isabel Read; Isabel Shurlock; Catharine Gell; husband Henry Gell

Archd will 1687/8 #61 Santan of Thomas Hanton: wife; son & heir; children underage Robert, James, Christopher, William, Jane, & Isabel executors; John Callow & Robert Hanton supervisors

Archd will 1687/8 #62 Malew of Jane Quackin als Shimmin, dated 9 Dec 1687: John Preston’s wife & children; son Thomas Quackin; husb alive; daus Ellin & Joney Quackin

Archd will 1687/8 #63 Arbory of Margaret Caveen als Norris: dated 22 Dec 1687: youngest son William Caveen; husband John Caveen; eldest son John Caveen

Archd will 1687/8 #64 Rushen or Catharine Charrey als Cubbon: kinsman Thomas Kelley; Robert Cubbon; Margaret Cubbon; Gilbert Caileline, Averick Caileline; ?others [difficult to read]

Archd will 1687/8 #65 Patrick of John Gell, dated & signed his mark 17 Nov 1684: son Phinlo; son William; son & heir Thomas; son John; grandchild Katie Cubbon; dau Alice; grandson John Shimmin; Katie Shimmin; Ann Shimmin; grandsons Thomas Gell & William Gell; sons Thomas & Henry & William exec; Isabel Cottier; ?wife dead

Archd will 1687/8 #66 German of Richard Crellin:, died 25 Dec 1687: Bahie Quay; brother John Crellin; wife Mally Richard Crellin md Malley Boiy 1 Dec 1683 German; Adam Boiy is an ‘Apparitone’ in Michael per Archd Will facesheet dated 18 Nov 1685

Archd will 1687/8 #67 German of James Cowle, dated 14 Feb 1686/7: grandson Patrick (father is dead) & granddau Bahie Cowle& granddau Margaret & granddau Marie Cowle (their father is dead) exec (youngest is underage); Ann Cowle; John Harrison; Gilbert Craine the boy; g

Archd will 1687/8 #68 Michael of William Craine of Ballagawne, dated 1687/8, died 30 Jan 1687/8: only dau Margaret; wife Joney Caine als Christian alive; brother Patrick Caine; brother John Caine; brother Adam Caine

Archd will 1687/8 #69 Ballaugh o fCatharine Kewley als Moore (or Moore als Kewley) als Stephen, dated 8 Feb 1687/8: died 12 Jan 1867/8: son William Kewley; dau Joney Moore; dau Jane Moore; son Gilbert Moore; dau in law; dau Alice Moore exec

Archd will 1687/8 #70 Ballaugh of Alice Clark, died 28 Dec 1687: brother George; cousin Grace Clark; brothers John & Nicholas; brother Patrick; brother William; neighbors Philip McYlworrey & Thomas Cowley; mother Cooney Clark; father already dead

Archd will 1687/8 #71 Ballaugh of Gilbert Cowley: died 28 Dec 1687: wife Margaret Kannell; children Philip & Jane; grandchild Gilbert Cowley; son John Cowley & son John’s wife

Archd will 1687/8 #72 Ballaugh of Dollin Corris: dated 16 Feb 1687/8: wife Mally Corris als Corlett alive; brothers; Philip Corlet of Boughjarge; only child; brothers James & William Corris

Archd will 1687/8 #73 Jurby of Joney Kerran als xxxx OR Joney xxxx als Karran: daughter An; Dollin Nederagh[?]; Joney Cottingam[?]; 2 ons Henry & William

Archd will 1687/8 #74 Jurby of Thomas Knichard or Cregart: sons William; wife alive; 3 children Andrew & Dollin & Catharine Cregart

Archd will 1687/8 #75 Lezayre of Jane Crow als Cross: dated 19 Feb 1687: dau Mary Crwo; dau Catharine Crow; son William Corw; grandchild Margaret Crow; grandchild Jane Crow; son Edmond; son of William Crow; dau in law Margery; grandchild Jane Kissag; dau Margaret mother to Jane Kissage; son Edward Crowe exec

Archd will 1687/8 #76 Bride of Mark Kneale, died 31 Jan 1687: brother William Kneale, dau Bahie Kneale;

Archd will 1687/8 #77 Maughold of John Christian of Ramsey: son John; son William; dau Jane; dau Catharine; Hugh Karran’s daughter; wife Margaret Christian als Fox John Christian md Margaret Fox 23 Apr 1659 Maughold

Archd will 1687/8 #78 Maughold of Margery Kerrish als Callow, died 15 Feb 1687/8: grandchild Jane Kerrish; son William; son in law Robert Callow & dau Joney his wife; dau Isabel; dau Jane; son Christopher; son in law William Christian; dau Margaret; dau in law Margery; Daniel Kerrish ??Wm Xtn md Jane Kerrish 22 Oct 1681 Maughold


Archd will 1688 #1 Lonan of Alice Quilliam als Vinch als Crellin: articles of marriage made 10 Oct 1682 between Philip Quilliam on behalf of his son Henry & Alice Crellin his wife on behalf of her daughter Isabel Finch; sis of Henry is Ellin; Henry has a mother & brother who died earlier; other children of Alice are John Vinch and Alice Vinch; Alice Q als V als C died about May 1688

Archd will 1688 #2 Lonan of John Keig: bur 19[?] Feb 1687/8: son Gilbert Keig exec; dau Alice,

Archd will 1688 #3 German of William Killip: died 4 May 1688: stepdau Averick Cannell; 3 grandchildren; Robert Killey or Killip; wife alive; granddau who md Thomas Cannel is his exec

Archd will 1688 #4 German of Elizabeth Waterson als Callin bur 16 Feb 1687/8: husb is alive; son Thomas; children Catharine & Bettie & William & Henry are exec & underage. Caesar Wattleworth & John Gell are overseers, as is John Callin & Alice Gell

Archd will 1688 #5 German of Catharine Woods ald Stevenson, died 10 Jan 1687/8: 4 children Thomas & John & Jane & Catharine exec; husb Capt. Woods; pledges Robert Stevenson & Richard Ellison; Capt Stevenson is bro to Catharine

Archd will 1688 #6 German of Edmond Cain, died about 20 Feb 1687/8: brothers William & John, sister Ann

Archd will 1688 #7 German of Mr. Thomas Harrison of Peel: wife Ann Harrison als Banks; 3 daus Dorothy & Ann & Esther; son John exec; dau Mary & her husband. Son John, gentleman, was in Longford Co., Ireland & married to Mary xxxx by 1698. Mrs. Ellinor Woods mentioned. Dorothy md to xxxx Curghey by Jul 1698. wife Ann still a widow in 1698. dau Ann md to Robert Henery by 1708. another dau[Esther] md to Wm Tear by 1717[md 5 May 1712 German]. Dau Esther living in Longford, Longford Co., Ireland in 1698.

Archd will 1688 #8 Michael of William Cannell: died about 8 Dec 1687: father in law John Corlett; Thomas Cannell; sis Averick, sis Catharine, bros John & Patrick & sis Mgt exec (Patrick of age, others under age)

Archd will 1688 #9 Michael of Margaret Cowley als Killey: dated 8 Jun 1688: eldest son Thomas Cowley; husb John Cowley; dau Margery; dau Margaret (md to Thomas Cannell). Dau Margt (who refuses) & son John are exec; Margery sworn exec; youngest child underage

Archd will 1688 #10 Michael of John Quayle: son William Quayle dead & left a widow Mary (?w/eldest dau as heir; Mary is also called Mally Cannell & has remarried); son Wm’s mother died before him; Jn’s 2nd wife is alive & exec; Thomas Mylrea; Margt Corjeag; Cath Corjeag & her son John Mylrea; Dan:Curled; Jo:Cowley; Mr Wattleworth and Mr Tho:Harrison are overseers of children; brother Daniel Quayle; Jo:Croghan; Averick Cannell; son John Quayle is of lawful age by 1702 & has a brother dead by 1702. Margaret Carrett enters a claim for a cow in behalf of son William Quayle against the exec of John Quayle Wm Quayle md Mally Cannell 1673 Michael.

Archd will 1688 #11 Michael of Alice Christian als Cry: dau Joney, dau Margt Christian exec; dau Margery

Archd will 1688 # 12 Ballaugh of Margaret Skaley als Cowley: husb John Skaley, dau Margaret, son John

Archd will 1688 #13 Ballaugh of Daniel Corlet, died 26 Feb 1687/8: stepson Stephen[?] Kelly; dau Ann (mother is dead); wife Ann Corlett als Cowley; son Thomas; dau Joney & Jane exec (& underage); Jane Corlet of age by Jan 1699/1700

Archd will 1688 #14 Jurby of Ann Tear als Skellie, died Nov 1687: sister Margery; sister Isabel; Aunt Kath; husb Dollin Tear; son James exec (underage; of sull years by Nov 1699; his stepmother then is Kath Tear als Curghey); sons

Archd will 1688 #15 Andreas of John Kneale: eldest son Philip; son Patrick; sister’s son John Kinrey; son John; his 7 children Ellin & John & Harry & Joney & Wiliam & Patrick & Robert all exec; 2 brothers (?Wm & John); children Phil & John are of age

Archd will 1688 #16 Andreas of Edward Sayle: died 12 Dec 1687 intestate: children John & William Saile; sisters Margaret & Margery & Jane. In 1701 (?or 1707): Henry Quay was married to Ann Quay als Sayle als Mercer whose dau Jane was also the dau of John Sayle of England who was the son of Edward Sayle; & Wm was married to Margaret by this date

Archd will 1688 #17 Andreas of Thomas Crenell: dau Ann; 2 other children; brother William; wife alive.

Archd will 1688 #18 Bride of William Cross died 8 Dec 1687: sister Margaret Cross, John Kneale junior; aunt Ellinor Cowle exec

Archd will 1688 #19 of Christiopher Cowle: made 1 April:son Simon Cowle; grandchild; widow Xtian; Ellionr Cowle of Andreas owes him; 3 children Ellinor(eldest) & Ann & Christopher Cowle exec & of age

Archd will 1688 #20 of Ann Camaish als Cowle: Bahee Costen, Ann Quane, William Corkill’s wife; Joney Cowle; Anne Caiskill; Margret Cormoad; Ann Cormoad; Christian Cormode; Ann Cowle; Margt Howlan; Mally Corkill; Christian Kneale; Bahee Cormod; Christopher Joughin; Joney Corkish; husband John Camaish

Archd will 1688 #21 Lezayre of Joney Christian: children of Marshall[?] Crenell’s children; John Kneal; only brother John Christian

Archd will 1688 #22 Andreas of Catharine Kneale: died 20 Mar 1687/8: John Kneal & his wife exec

Archd will 1688 #23 Lezayre of Bridget Corlett als Harrison: 8 children Edmond & William & Margaret & John & Thomas & Margery & Isabel & Catharine Corlett; Edmond & Margt are of age. Husband alive.

Archd will 1688 #24 Lezayre of William Fayle, died about 3 March 1687/8 intestate: 2 dau Margaret (eldest) & Isabel

Archd will 1688 #25 Lezayre of Catharine Kewley als Corlett: died abougt 10 March 1687/8: son William, son Patrick, son John, 4 dau Christian & Ellinor & Margaret & Catharine, dau Mary Kewley

Archd will 1688 #26 Lezayre of John Cowley, died 19 Feb 1687/8: dau Mary or Marjori, dau Elizabeth; dau Ellin and Margret; Ewan Cowley; Philip Cowley is to help dau; dau Isabel exec

Archd will 1688 #27 Maughold of Mary Christian als Callow: husb Ewan Christian; only child (a dau); brothers and sisters Robert Callow, Christopher Callow, Margaret Callow, William Callow, Jane Callow

Archd will 1688 #28 Maughold of Christian Martin als Bodaugh dated 8 Jun 1688: husb alive; 3 children Joney & Ann & Elizabeth exec & underage Maughold bur reg: Christin Martin als Boadagh bur 8 Mar 1687/8

Archd will 1688 #29 Maughold of Isabel Quine: died about 26 xxx 1688: [very hard to read]: Joney & Marriod; son? Robert

Archd will 1688 #30 Maughold of Margery Lowney als Woods: Ellin Bell; Phillip Cassin’s daughter in Lonan; son William Lowny; infant child Pilip Lowny; sons John & Daniel & Philip Lowny exec; husb alive; bro Pilip Cassin

Archd will 1688 #31 Maughold of Margaret Kneen, died 7 Mar 1687/8: Margaret Woods; Ann Cassin; Elizabeth & Catharine; her xxx xxxx Kneen exec


Archd will 1688/9 #32 Lonan of Henry Hogg, dated 29 Dec 1688: dau Alice[?], wife Joney Hogg als Christian

Archd will 1688/9 #33 Lonan of Ann Quill als Skillicorn: sister in law Kathrin Quill; son James Quill exec

Archd will 1688/9 #34 Conchan of William Corkill, died about 2? Jan 1688/9: daus Mariad, Catharine, & Margaret exec; 4 daus total; wife Ann is dead

Archd will 1688/9 #35 Conchan of Danold (or Daniel) Christian, made 7 Jul 1688: nephew John Christian; wife alive; eldest dau Margaret & her dau Alice; niece Margaret Christian; 2 sisters Joney & Alice

Archd will 1688/9 #36 Braddan of Jane Christian als Coultrie als Moore, dated 23 Nov 1688: stepmother Isabel Moore als Fargher; sis in law Margaret Moore; mother in law Isabel Christian; brothers & sisters by her father; sister Margt (by her fa), 2 sons Robert & John Coultry; 1st husb Robert Coultrie; son John Christian & dau Jane Christian; 2nd husb John Christian; uncles Thomas & John Brew on her ma’s side

Archd will 1688/9 #37 Braddan of William Crekill or Knakill, died 28 Dec 1688: wife alive (& md before to xxxx Oates); stepdau Jane Oates; 4 children John & Wm & Mgt & Ann exec (John & Wm of lawful age)

Archd will 1688/9 #38 Braddan of Andrew McBride: friend Mrs Margaret Murrey wife to Mr David Murrey junr, exec; John Murrey senior of Douglas

Archd will 1688/9 #39 Braddan of Ann Cowley als Cannell, died 29 Nov 1688: sis in law Margaret Cowley; husb John Cowley; father in law John Cowley senior

Archd will 1688/9 #40 Marown of William Norris: wife Isabel Norris als Gellin; dau Margt Norris; bro in law Capt Patrick Gellin; William Haskew; William Killip; Isabel Cannell - Full Will

Archd will 1688/9 #41 Santan of Ellin Woods als Quinney: aunt Karter Bridson als Kenish; Joan Kenish, sister Jane, Ellin Moore, bro John Brew & my sister his wife & their son Thomas; sister’s dau Ann Brew

Archd will 1688/9 #42 Malew of Jane Batterslie als Keig: husb & child

Archd will 1688/9 #43 Malew of Catharine Inyreah [Mylrea] als Bridson: husb William McYlleria exec; sister Alice Bridson, bro John Bridson

Archd will 1688/9 #44 Malew of Henry Radcliffe of Ballasalley, died 25 November 1688: grandchild Isabel Radcliffe; grandchild dau to Ims[Inny or James?] Quiney Margret Radcliffe; brother John Radcliffe; housekeeper Margaret Quay; grandchild Cath:Bell; Mr. Charles Moore; grandchild Margret Radcliffe; grandchild Ellin Quaile; dau Elizabeth Bell als Radcliffe

Archd will 1688/9 #45 Malew of Thomas Bridson of grashy (or Ballagrancie) & Ballamodda, bur 3 Dec 1688: son Philip Bridson (his mother is dead); 2nd wife alive Mary Quaile and their children Thomas[b 1678] & Joney[b~1681] & Catharine(b 1679, of age by Jul 1696) & Ellin(‘Nelly’[b 1685]); children Henry & Jane & Marriot by first wife[?Jane Keig]; 2nd wife Mary Quayle remarried to Hugh Shimmin by 1696; ?Thomas Halsall was a supervisor of the children OR in charge of the money. 3 of the children died not long after Thomas died. See also Archd will 1701 # 26 Malew of Hugh Shimmin died 29 Apr 1702: dau Isabel Shimmin (md Robt Cottier by 1731); John Quayle; son Hugh; stepchildren; of Ballamoddy & Ballacloagagh

Archd will 1688/9 #46 Malew of Catharine Mylrea als Norris als Caveen: made 29 Nov 1688: Christopher Harrison & his wife & their 3 children; Ellin Carrown; son Philip Norris; son William Mcylleria & Mary Norris exec Christopher Harrison md Isabel Norris 30 Jul 1661 Malew

Archd will 1688/9 #47 Malew of John Cuddie: wife, heir, eldest dau, youngest dau

Archd will 1688/9 #48 Malew of William Woods, died 15 Dec 1688: died intestate; wife Margaret Woods als Farrant alive (dead by Dec 1699); children Thomas & Carter Woods; bro John Woods, wife Margaret Woods; nephew John Farrant see also Archd will 1699/1700 #9 Malew of Margaret Woods als Farrant: children Thomas & Carter Woods; nephew John Farrant

Archd will 1688/9 #49 Rushen of Catharine Christian [?als Christian]: Margaret Trollague; sister Christian; sister in law Joney Christian; mother in law Ann Clucas; son Henry Christian; brother John; supervisors on ma’s side William Christian & John Hutchin see also Archd will 1688/9 #51 Rushen of William Christian see also Archd will 1700 #29 Rushen of Ann Waterson als Christian als Clucas

Archd will 1688/9 #50 Rushen of Richard Juke, made 24 Nov 1688: Daniel Juke exec; also John Juke is mentioned is owed money by Richard

Archd will 1688/9 #51 Rushen of William Christian: son Henry Christian exec; stepfather John Watterson; John Surlogue junior; John Shurlogue; Daniel Juke; John Hutchin; cousin William Christian; the Sumner his brother in law; Thomas Crebbin; sister Joney; sister Isabel; wife Catharine; his other sister Joney; sister Isabel & cousin William Xtn are overseers. John Hutchin is the husb of sis Isab. See also Archd will 1688/9 #49 Rushen of Catharine Christian see also Archd will 1700 #29 Rushen of Ann Waterson als Christian als Clucas

Archd will 1688/9 #52 Patrick of Ann Fargher als Sayle, buried 13 March 1688/9: husband John Fargher; Alice Bridson, her brother Christopher Bridson; brother William Sayle; bro in law Phinlo Fargher; John Quirk; goddau Isabel Quirk; John Fargher; Cath Cretney; goddau Ann Quilliam; Cath Clucas; Bahie Killip; niece Cath Bridson & Isabel; Niece Cath Bridson(underage) & Ellin Fargher exec; John Fargher & John Quilliam overseers of Cath Bridson; ??parents of niece Cath Bridson Thomas Bridson & Joney Sayle

Archd will 1688/9 #53 Patrick of Margaret Gell als Moore, died 23 January 1688/9: sister Ann; husband; dau Ellin; youngest son; goddau Joney Quirk; eldest son

Archd will 1688/9 #54 Patrick of John Gell, died 2 April 1689: dau Catharine; wife Ann Billings

Archd will 1688/9 #55 German of Ellinor Stevenson als Taubman: deed made 7 May 1662; proved as will Jun 1689; husb Robert Stevenson

Archd will 1688/9 #56 German of Margaret Cubbon als Gell: died 17 Dec 1688: bro Robert; bro Nicholas; sister; husband Thomas Cubbon; John Killip of Ballakaighin owes her money; father alive; Margaret Quirk als Garret (wife of Wm Quirk) exec; John Carine of Largeydoo owes her money

Archd will 1688/9 #57 Michael of Thomas Cannell: died 18 Nov 1688: wife Margaret Cannell als Cowley; father in law John Cowley; 2 children Bahee & John (the youngest) Cannell exec; father John Cannell son of Phil & Hugh Shimmin & John Cowley are supervisors of children; mother is dead Bahie b 9 Apr 1671 OR 24 May 1686 Michael; John b 29 Jul 1688 Michael

Archd will 1688/9 #58 Michael of Gilbert Corkill, died 4th Nov 1688: wife Margaret Corkill als Caine; nephew John Killip; niece Margaret Killip; Margaret Cowle; Gilbert Caine; John Cowley’s daughter; William Killip’s daughter; William Cannell’s daughter; Ellinor OR Elizabeth Gawn; Ellinor Gawn

Archd will 1688/9 #59 Michael, of Thomas Grimsey: died 17 Oct 1688: dau Isabel & her daughter; daughter Christian; dau Jane; son John, son William; wife alive

Archd will 1688/9 #60 Ballaugh, of Ellinor Craine als Teare als Corlett: died 13 Dec 1688: grandchildren Thomas Craine his children; son Daniel; stepdau Margaret; sister Catharine; son John; son Thomas Teare & his wife; dau Ellin Teare; sister Joney Craine; Thomas Teare’s eldest son & other children; son Daniel’s wife & children; husband Patrick Craine; son in law Thomas Craine & wife

Archd will 1688/9 #61 Ballaugh, of Isabel Corlet, died 19 Dec 1688: brother William Corlett & his wife; Ann Craine; Alice Corlett; Ann Cowle; brother John’s dau vizt Elin Corlett; bro John; Ellinor Cowley; Bahie Killip; sister Mally; William Kelly; bro John & Mally Corlett exec

Archd will 1688/9 #62 Ballaugh, of Jane Corlett als Callister; died xx November 1688: children; husband John Corlett; dau Ellinor of age; children Margaret & William Corlet of age by Oct 1699 & have sis in law Joney Corlet als Cotter (?whose husb is apparently dead)

Archd will 1688/9 #63 Ballaugh, of Isabel Stephen als Caine: (written/proved 21 Feb 1688/9); son Robert; dau Joney; other children; husb Thomas Stephen; dau Catharine

Archd will 1688/9 #64 Jurby, of Margaret Crow als Quayle: died about 9 January 1688/9; 2 children Charles and Ellin Crow; her kindred William & Ellin Quayle; husb Sir (Revd) William Crow Wm C & Mgt Q md 1675 Jurby & Lezayre

Archd will 1688/9 #65 Jurby, of Joney Mylevorrey: died 6 Dec 1688; Mr. Ewan Christian; John Crowe; Sir Wm Crowe; Catherine Garrett; John Kellie; John Kewish or Kennish; Thomas Mcylevorrey; Jony Ylevorrey; Thomas his wife; brother’s children Thomas & Joney Ylevorrey exec (underage)

Archd will 1688/9 #66 Andreas, of Margarel Kneale als Sayle: son Daniel; son John; dau Ellen; son William; dau Catharine; husband John Kneale

Archd will 1688/9 #67 Lezayre, of Catharine Kissage als Corlett: died 29 Dec 1688: Jane Kewley; Margaret Curlett; William Curlett; sister Joney Curlett’s daughter; husband John Kissage

Archd will 1688/9 #68 Lezayre of Thomas Walker: will made las of April 1688: owed money by Thomas Curlett & John Calxxxxx & William Crow Balnemoney & Ewan Curghie. Tho owes money to Mr Ed Murray & John Cottier & John Garrett; Margaret Cain; wife alife; children

Archd will 1688/9 #69 Lezayre, of John Cottier [the father of Isabel]: Article of Marriage between John Cottier (wife Mary Cottier als Jane) in behalf of dau Isabel Cottier on one part & Catharine Kneale on behalf of son John Cottier

Archd will 1688/9 #70 Lezayre of Isabel Corlett als Kneale: Articles of Marriage between William Corlett and Margaret Corlett both of Lezayre: Patrick Curleod & wife Isabel Curleod als Kneale are parents of William Corlett; William Kneale & Philip Curleod will pay dowry of Margaret left by her now dead father

Archd will 1688/9 #71 Lezayre of Daniel Garrett: son Edmond Carrett; dau Isabel Garrett; dau Bahee Carrett

Archd will 1688/9 #72 Lezayre of William Garrett: died 6 January 1688/9: dau Margaret; grandchild Edmond Quark; sister Margret Carret; grandchild Ewan Garret & his wife; John Garrett exec

Archd will 1688/9 #73 Bride of Ewan Christian of Ballagenny: dau Elizabeth Christian; grandchild Bessy Christian; grandson Daniel Christian; grandchild Margaret Christian; Margaret Christian; dau in law; son Daniel Christian

Archd will 1688/9 #74 Bride of Ewan Kerrish, dated 20 January 1688/9: uncle John Kerroush; wife & dau Mally (underage)

Archd will 1688/9 #75 Maughold of Richard Cowle: dated 20 January 1688/9: Christopher Christian; Robert Cowle; friend William Woods exec


Archd will 1689 #2 Braddan of Sir Patrick Thompson: made 20 april 1680,: wants to be buried in the Chancel of KK Braddan within rail at south end of altar; has house in Balnemoney; Thomas Christian of Douglas; bondsman Philip Christian & John Vince; brethren Mr. Thomas Allen & Mr. John Christian his Reverend brethren; Dollin Moore; Silvester Moore’s eldest dau & children; Sir William Crow; Nicholas Thompson; Thomas Clarke; sister Ellen (Henry Christian’s wife in Ramsey) & sons Nicholas & Jxxxx Christian & dau Jane Christian; Mr. John Christian; Peggy Thompson of Ballakined & each of her unmd children; sister in law Jane Fletcher; William Cannon; Danold Clarke; father dead and made will; brother Thomas & his children; cousin John Thompson of Ireland & his 2 brothers & sisters xxx &Tho & Mary Thompson; only son John Thompson (?in London, Westminster; & ?bro is Mr. Robert Murrey, & attorney is David Murrey); sister in law Mrs Margaret Norris; kinsman Comptroller Norris; cousin Nicholas Thompson; kinsman Thomas Norris; ?Mary Thompson & her dau Mally?; Mr. John Bridson clerk; wife alive; servant Isabel Oates; Nicholas Thompson & John Thompson are brothers & enter a claim against Executors for legacy per their fa’s will; Captain Christian; deceased brother (his son Thomas the younger); kinswoman Mrs. Christian of the Nunrey; Mrs. Jane Fletcher (?kinswoman); bro in law Deempster Fletcher; will seems to have been disputed Patrick Thompson, Vicar of Braddan 1633 – , died 24th April 1689, aged 83 (An Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man and St. German’s Cathedral, by Wm Harrison Esq, [1879] p 112:also, In Braddan churchyard, near the entrance door: Here underlyeth the body of the Reverend Mr. Patrick Thompson, Minister of God’s Word 40 years, at p’sent Vicar of Kk Bradan, aged 67, anno 1673. Deceased ye 24th of April, anno 1689.)

Archd will 1689 #3 Conchan of William Creer: died about 11 July last[1688] intestate; sons Robert & Thomas, dau Ann

Archd will 1689 #4 Conchan, of Patrick Kerran: wife Isabel, dau Ellin md to James Christian

Archd will 1689 #5 Conchan, of John Lewn: wife alive; Daniel Lewn; children exec

Archd will 1689 #6 Braddan, of Ann Clague als Crekill, died 23 Dec 1688: husb Thomas Clague; child William Clague exec; mother in law Bessey Kerran; mother alive; sis in law Ann Clague; John Crekill & his brother entered claims against Ann’s exec

Archd will 1689 #7 Braddan, of William Clague, died 20 January 1688/9: son of Ann Clague als Crekill; ; administrators for him are William Knekle[?or Krekle] & John Kneakle[?or Kreakle]

Archd will 1689 #8 Braddan, of Jane Hanton als Crain: Bessey Callin; Isabel Kewley; husband Roert Hanton; eldest son John Hanton; 2 daus ann & Catharine Hanton; 3 children Gilbert & Ann & Cath are exec; John Kinnish[?] & Paul Craine overseers

Archd will 1689 #9 Braddan, of Catharine Cowley als Cunred: died 11 Nov 1689: children; eldest dau Margaret Cowley; husb John Cowley

Archd will 1689 #10 Braddan of Christopher Kinley: died 13 Nov 1689: wife Margaret Kinley als Coreene[?]; son Christopher; 5 children John & Robert & Margaret & Christopher(underage) & Thomas(underage) Kinley; John Steane[Stephen] & William Oates overseers; Isabel Steane; Tomas Kinley; William Corkill; ann Clague; illegitimate daughter left 1 sheep and a yearling; 3 oldest exec of age; in April 1692, Robert Kinley one of exec received legacy from hands of sister[?] Jane Callow

Archd will 1689 #11 Braddan of Catharine Cannell als xxxx: son Patrick Cannell; sons James & Hugh Cannell exec; husb alive

Archd will 1689 #12 Braddan, of Ann Cubbon als Christian: made January 7th, 1689/90: dau Margaret & her husb John Cowley; son William Cubbon; son Patrick Cubbon; grandchild ann; Joney Kermod; Christian Steane; grandchild John Cubbon; grandchild Jane Cubbon; dau in law Isabel Cubbon; grandchildren John & Philip & Wm Cowley; son John Cubbon

Archd will 1689 #13 Braddan, of Joney Cotteen als Radcliffe, died 6 Nov 1689: 2 youngest children Thomas & Ellin Cotteen; husb James Cotteen

Archd will 1689 #14 Marown, of Ann Fargher als Moore,died 19 Dec 1689: dau Joney Fargher, dau Catherine Fargher, son Robert Fargher, son John Fargher exec

Archd will 1689 #15 Marown of William Kermode: son John Kermod; son William; sis in law Marriat Fargher; wife Alice Fargher; 3 children William & John & Cathaerine Kermatt exec (all underage)

Archd will 1689 #16 Marown of John Clucas: father William Clucas; Nicholas Clucas; Daniel Nelson; bros & sisters; bro Thomas’ dau Catharine Clucas exec (underage); bro Thomas Clucas

Archd will 1689 #17 Marown, of Ann Kelly als Quay als Corlett: died 18 Dec 1689: husband John Kelly; dau Margaret Quay; Alice Teare; dau Margaret Kelly; youngest son William Quay; 3 sons John & Robert & William Quay exec

Archd will 1689 #18 Marown, of Christian Cretney als Fargher: died 20 Dec 1689: husb Oates Cretney; son William Cretney; dau Jane Cretney; 3 children Phinlo & John & Jane Cretney exec (all underage)

Archd will 1689 #19 Santan of John Oates: land near Grenick Harbour; 4 sons (one son is William); wife alive; dau Ann (underage); wife remarried John Kneale

Archd will 1689 #20 Santan of Christian Quay, dated 25 Dec 1689, St Anne: brother Thomas Quay; John Quay & his sister Margaret Quay; sister Isabel; sister Ann; mother dead; sister Catharine; brother John Quay

Archd will 1689 #21 Santan, of Bahie Quay als Clucas, dated 18 Nov 1689: son Thomas Quay; children; Robert Cubbon; dau Isabel; dau Mally; son in law James Corrin; son John Quay; daus Ann & Christian & Catharine; 4 children Jn & An & Cath & Xtian are exec

Archd will 1689 #22 Santan of Karter Creen: sister Joan, sister Anne

Archd will 1689 #23 Santan, of Thomas Moore: 30 August 1674 Conditions of Marriage: between Thomas Moore and Margaret Oates: Margaret Moore the dau of Thomas Moore & Margaret Rowan[?Ronan] md in 1674 to John Moore the son of xxxx Moore and Margaret Oates

Archd will 1689 #24 Santan of Giles Bridson: children; wife alive & exec; Hugh Callow who lives on his land; brothers Christopher & John Bridson

Archd will 1689 #25, Santan of William Quay: Thomas Quay’s children; goddau Catharine exec underage; Thomas & John & Ann & Catharine Quay; Ellin Quay; Patrick Quay; Christian Quay; Isabel Quay; Thomas & John Quay are next of kin to exec

Archd will 1689 #26 Malew of William Quinney: 2 grandchildren Thomas Gawne & Margaret Cannell Mgt b 30 Dec 1688 to Mgt Quinney & Patrick Cannell (who md 1687)

Archd will 1689 #27 Malew of Margaret Quork or Quirk als Corrin: grandchild William Carown; John Quork; husband Henry Quork; dau Margaret Quork in Dublin

Archd will 1689 #28 Malew of John Corrin of Castletown: grandchild Mally Steven[?]; dau Isabel; 1st wife wife dead; grandchild John Quay; dau Catharine; dau Richard Quay’s wife [Mary, md 1682]; wife alive

Archd will 1689 #29 Malew of Christian Clucas als Caine als Gick: husb; dau Alice Caine, son John Caine; son Robert Caine; grandchild Richard Kelly

Archd will 1689 #30 Malew of John Taggart: dau Joney Taggart; he has barley at Ballasalley; dau Alice; dau Mary; son John; dau Mary’s child; dau Jane; wife dead; 3 dau Mary & Alice & Joney are exec & of age

Archd will 1689 #31 Malew of Henry Quayle: wife alive; sons William & Robert & John (Rbt & Jn are youngest); Revd Thomas Parr; Philip Causoon; heir is William & next son is John

Archd will 1689 #32 Malew of Phinlo Duccan: son John Duccan; children William & Alice; dau Margaret; youngest child is underage; William Keig senior & William Keig junior supervisors




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