Episcopal Will 1703 Malew #3, of John Redfern:

(from MM EW27 / LDS 0991648 )

Castletown, Octr the 9th 1703
The last will & testamt of Jon Redfern,
first he comitted his soul to God, & his
body to Christian Burial (.. Itm. He
bequeathed to his bro Thomas Redfern
all the Smithy tools except ye old Bellows. Itm he constituted
his only child Tho Redfern sole Exr
of all his goods & chattles whatsoever ;
only his wife is to have the use & profit
of all, till the child arrives to 16 years of
age : & if his sd wife shall have occasion
to sell or mortgage any of the houses for
payment of debts, or her maintenance
that his brother above sd & Frances Moore (?)
might have the first profer. Itm he
appointed that if his said child shall dye
undr age or intestate, that his half of
what shall be clear & debtless, shall
fall & descend to his loving wife Catherine Redfern :
who is to let his bro Thomas have
the smithy 10s cheaper than any other if
she shall make sale of it. Itm he
bequeathed to Margt Taylor 5s & 6d apiece
to each of his next relations 
J Woods, Geo Walker, John Knipe
Widow sworn in form of law & Thomas Redfern & Henry Maddrell supervisors
Probatum est & Solvit 1s

[Then follows inventory and a deed of gift from brother George Redfern who not having been heard of for some 12 years was presumed dead - the microfilm copy is very difficult to read]

Being ready to depart the Island to seek my fortune
abroad and having a right in the houses and garden
with my brothers and cossin Frances, [] of the love
and affecion [] have & bear to my brother
Thomas Redfern doo hereby freely gift, give and
tranfer ? upon him my share of the sd houses & garden
ww[] what all forms of right as mine in the Isle, that
I have not [] of or [] to my brother
John Redfern if it [] [] I dye or doe not mary
nor have lawfull issue^ [] [] [] ^ to 
as above mentioned I have forunto sett my hand ye
[] this 14th day of July 1692
George Redferne my mark x
[] & delivered ? in
[] [][ of
John Bordman [] x

see also Archd will 1686/7 #9 for mother - John Redfern, son of Edward ch. 26 Oct 1655 Malew, buried Malew 27 Oct 1703 aged 48 married Kathrin Taylor Malew 21 Sep 1687



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