Summary of Wills 1663

 [transcribed from LDS 0106200]


Archd will 1663: 22 February 1663/4,

Lezayre Parish, defuncts:

John Carrett, Patrick Kneene, Doncan Faile, William Castment, Isabel Steen, Jane Woods 62, Joh. Kinred, Jaine Sayle, Kathe Kewley, Doncan Faile son a cobbler OR on a cosble; Ellin Curlett.

Archd will 1663 #1 Jurby of Thomas Steane (Stephen),

died 28 December 1663: died intestate, dau Isabel Staine unmarried, wife alive. March the 17th 1663: Ellin Steane & Tho: Steane entereth their claim against the Executors of Thomas Stean for what goods fell due to them by the death of their mother and was left in his custody, and craveth trial according to law.

Archd will 1663 #2 Jurby of Alice Nidderaugh als Bell:

sons William & Thomas Nedderaugh, husband alive

Archd wills 1663:

Jurby: names of defuncts:

Do: Xtian December the 24th 1663; Alice Bell Feb the 4th [1663/4]; Bessie[?] Teare; Jo. Teare May ye 13th 1662

Archd wills 1663, Jurby, page 4: William Clerk aged 50 years or thereabouts sworn and examined . . . . William Freere aged 60 years or thereabouts sworn & examined

Archd will 1663 #3 Michael of Ellin Gill als Corkan

, died 2x Jan 1663/4, page 5: sister Ann Corkan, Adam Boy, Mary Boy, son Patrick Gill, Ann Steane, Jane Woods, Bahie Corkan, husband Hugh Gill exec

Archd will 1663: de Ballure & at Castletown, dates range from March 15th 1675/6 to January 10th 1676/7: March ye 15th 1675: The oath of Ann Quine in reference to her admission granted by Parson [John] Harrison: According to ye purport of ye above order I have taken ye oath of Ann Quine, who deposed that she lent of her own proper goods unto John Costen and to her daughter Ann Kermeen his wife the whole sum of 19s which ye above Costen promised to pay as he could but hath not; . . . [&c]: August 1st 1676: The difference betwixt Ann Kirmine als Quine is referred to the next full Consistory Court . . .

Archd will 1663 #4 Michael, of Katharine Cannell als Cannell

, dated 23 March 1663 at top & also 29 June 1664, page 6: Catharine Cannell, stepdaughter Ellin Cannell, husb Wm Cannell, son Philip Cannell; 3 children Philip & Patrick & John(dead by time of will’s proof) Cannell. Uncles of the children [?they would be uncles on the mother’s side]: Thomas Cannel, 2 others

Archd will 1663 #5 Michael, of Henry Woods

, died 1 April 1663, page 7: son Henry Woods, wife alive, dau Kath[?] Young[?] (8 pounds legacy was left in her grandfather’s hands); son Thomas; son Robert; the 2 little children; son Henry; wife Margaret Crax---[?]; supervisors Sir John Woods, Hugh xxxxx & John Standish; William Curghey of Cooilban, Lezayre & wife Jane Woods enter claim against exec of Henry Woods

Archd will 1663 #6 Ballaugh of Margarett Carrett/Garrett als Kinley

, dated 1 Feb 1663/4 at top, page 8: husband Philip or Finlo[it is recorded Philip in one place, Finlo in another] Carrett, overseer of children Thomas Kinley, Patrick Carrett is to assist Thomas Kinley, Katharine Kissag; Joney Curghey, Phillip Carrett; executors Margaret & Ellin & Joney Carrett

Archd wills 1663: The Inventory of Tho: Kermott prised by four sworn men Nich:Steane, Tho: Bodaugh Dollin Quaile, Gilbert[?] Gwane[?Quane]: Item 2 part of a cow 10s; all the household stuff prised 14s.

The Inventory of Jony Callow prised by the foresaid men: Item and old white blanket and an old gray blanket and half an old petticoat prised to 5s.

Ballaugh note Jony Caly will is to be proved at Peele or committed.

Archd will 1663 #7 Ballaugh, of Joney Caley

[?xxxxxx {?Creere} als Caley], died 9th November, page 9: the Croft is left betwixt her said son John and Wm Creere [per contract bargain], husband alive; son William exec.

Archd will 1663 #8 Ballaugh of Maly Karran als Inerea

, died 3 Feb 1663, page 10: son James Karran, Margaret Karran, Henry Geck, son John Corran[?Karran] exec

Archd will 1663 #9 Ballaugh of John Quayle

, died 29 November 1663, page 11: wife, son Finlo, stepdaughter (given a dowry by his wife that he didn’t consent to)

Archd wills 1663: belongs in the will, debts due to the executors of John Craine: [etc]

Archd will 1663 #10 Michael of William Quayle

, died 4th April 1664, page 12: eldest son William Quayle, wife Margaret Quayle [?her maiden surname or husb’s surname]; son John & Katharine Quayle

Archd will 1663 #11 Michael of Joney Caine als Quayle als Corlett

, died first of March 1664/5, page 13: son Patrick Caine left half of Clerk Gleeb &c; Joney Fargher; dau Katherine Quark[is she Quark als Quayle/Caine??, OR maiden name Quark]; Katherine Corlet; Marriad Corlet; Alice Creere; Joney Gell; son William Caine (left him part of house & garden as long as his father leaves his part to Wm) & son Patrick Caine (left her part of the houses as long as his father left Patr the fa’s own part) were left her part of the boat & fishing nets; son William Caine & son William Quayle; dau Margaret Cain; dau Besie Goldsmith[is she Goldsmith als Quayle/Caine, OR maiden name Goldsmith]; son Patrick Cain executor

Archd will 1663 #12 Michael of Joney Croughan als Caine als Fargher

, died abt 30 April 1664: sons John Caine & Richard Caine; Philip Moore in Duglas, John Christian, Margret Savage, Sandy [Alexander] Young; Joney Couraghy; husband Gilbert Croughan & the 2 children Margret (who is off the Island at probate) & Joney (who is sick at probate) Croughan are exec.

Archd will 1663 #13 Michael of John Cottiam

, died 30 Jan 1663/4, page 15: wife alive; dau Joney Cottiam, granddau Joney Kinred, Thomas Killip, Robert Cayne, children, son Thomas Cottiam exec

Archd will 1663 #14 Michael of Christian Quayle als Cannell

, died 3 March 1664/5, page 16: husband Gilbert Quayle exec, son Robert Quayle, daus Margaret & Ellin, son John Quayle, son William, sister Mabel, [also mentioned without relationships:] Samuel Quayle, Joney Gell, Margaret Ylera, Jane Woods, John Quayle

Archd will 1663 #15 Jurby of John Freer

, died 24 Feb 1663/4, page 17: son Patrick Freer, dau Joney Freer, wife Joney Freer; Sir Wm Crowe

Archd will 1663 Inventory of Ellin Corkan (will taken before), page 18, amounts to 8s 10d

Archd will 1663 #16 Jurby of Averick Bittle als Dougherty

, died 18 Apr 1664: dau Bahie Bittle, dau Catharine, dau Margaret, dau Margery, son Mullenex Bittle exec, dau Ann

Archd wills 22 Feb 1663/4 presentments of Lezayre:

Ine Caly pregnant; Issabel Crow brought forth a child but no father thereto known [other presentments

Archd will 1663 #17 Lezayre of Daniel/Donald Sayle

, dated 20 January 1663/4 at top: son Wm, wife alive, son Patrick exec (he was dead by time will was proved: see Archd Will 1663 #18 Lezayre)

Archd will 1663 #18 Lezayre of Patrick Sayle

, died 30 Jan 1663/4: only son William Fayle (see Archd will 1663 #17 Lezare of Daniel/Donald Sayle, his father)

Archd will 1663 #19 Lezayre of William Caly

, dated 10 November 1663 at top, page 20: 2 brothers Thomas & Edmund Caly; mother Jaine Caly. William was younger than Thomas.

Archd will 1663 #20 Lezayre of Pattoone Kewn

, dated 2 Feb 1663/4 at tope, page 21: son William (sick in bed at time of probate) & daus Carter & Alice are execs, dau in law Bitill[?], son Edmund

Archd wills 1663 [Lezayre]: Sir, I have herein sent you an accompt of what monies I laid out on ye Highway under Courlls[?] house in 1665. Imprimis 2 men 5 dayes to gather stones at 4d per diem 0:3:4; Two men more 3 days 0:2:0; Two men 5 das at making gr[?] the pavement at 4d per diem 0:3:4; To an overseer of ye workers at 6d per diem for 8 days 0:4:0; Five boat load of stones 0:2:6; Horses to draw solf[?] 0:1:0. In all 0:16:2. Which 16s 2d deducted out of 20s (ye comutaime[?] monie on me & Nell Callowe, there remains 3s 10d behind; And to satisfie that ou owe me 7s for e grassing of 2 steers that ear in lough mallow, & I desire xxx to cross e Book, & send me per bearor ye 3s 2d overplus, in that it is a very hard time with your friend. James: Christian.

Archd wills 1663 Lezayre,

an appeal dated 22 Feb 1663/4, of William Garret in behalf of his daughter Mary

Archd will 1663 #21 Andreas of Thomas Teare

, died 29 December 1663, page 22: son Gilbert Teare, dau Joney, wife alive [?is she stepma to the children??], dau Alice exec

Archd will 1663 #22 Andreas of John Gawne

, died 2 Jan 1663/4: son Daniel Gawne, wife alive & pregnant; supervisors is the paternal aunt Bahie Gawne. "Mar the 6th 1666/7: Debts to be deducted of the Inventor of John Gowen in the xxxxx following & given in b the supervisor Bahee Gowen: pd for rent in the children behalf 4 years 9s 0d; for funeral and funeral charges 2s 0d.

Archd will 1663 #23 Andreas of Joney Cowle als Martin

, died January 1663/4: only son John Cowle exec & sworn in court; husband alive

Archd will 1663 #24 Andreas of Gilbert Camaish

, died 2 Jan 1663/4, page 23: died intestate, 3 brothers & sister administrators & lawful age

Archd will 1663 #25 Andreas of Joney Cotter

, died first Feb 1663/4, page 23: died intestate, 3 sisters Christian & Joney & Bahey Cotter administrators and lawful age

Archd wills 1663 [Andreas]: "Christopher Cormod had no will to make, having passed away all that he had after his decease in contraction to his son Michell Cormod the which contract is in Ireland & the said Michell hath engaged himself to produce the said contract before Lauias[?] day next to free the Court & keep ye office herewith or else to have ye witness here to prove it before ye Dymster."

Archd will 1663:

Sumner: You are upon sight hereof to commit ye bodyes of Pat Cannell and Jony Nowell both notorious delinquents full proved against them, to be fully guilty of incontinence they xxxx of offering to compurge, and so willfull pricne[?] their soules: Therefore first commit ye man for a weeks tyme; and further till he put in good bounds submitting to perform his penance, and att after ye woman, upon ye like termes commit, delaye not (the woman having of late confessed, notwithstanding, their urgings to compurge that the are guilt, and cannot purge, if ye be disobeyed desire ye assistance of a souldier from ye next garrison and this shall be ye warrant. May ye 15th 84. For Tho: Churphy Sumner of KK Braddan to be put in execution forthwith at his peril. Pat. Thomson.

"To ye Reverend Sir Patr Thompson officiall, The humble petition of Pat Cannell, Sheweth, That your petitioner is justly commited into St Germans prison for his great offence of fornication, which sin (though ye provocations of ye flesh, suggestions of ye Devill, and fallacies of his lustfull hart) he has committed to ye dishonor of God, the scandle of Christianity, and infamie of your petitioner and for which he is truly sorrowfull beseeching God to give him ye grace to repent, and his Church their prayers for his amendment, in confidence of obtaining thereof, and of ye great clemencie to penitent offenders therein observing their supreme Judge, his inclination to forgiveness, Your petitioner prostrates himself most meekly beseeching you to mitigate the severity of his just censure in such measure as will consist with your wonted clemencie, and ye enlargement of your petitioner who is willing to submit to your favourable sentence: so shall he as bound ever pray for your eternal happiness &c.

May ye 23th 84: Its well, to see so much of recantation and arguments of contrition from so willful a refractor an offender, ye continuance whereof (if sincerely from ye hart) is sure to prove from above xxxxxx[blot] with all a mitigation of his corporal punishment on earth; And tho his duble offence be heinous, and very criminal; yet his reformation, not distraction or ruine, be ye Church is aimed at, tho his two fold great guilt, deserves for examples; much more then is censured; of which himself must needs be likewise made sensible; Therefore upon good bonds, of 3 pounds fine to e Lord, besides his double corporal punishment, he may for present upon Saturday at night for to receive ye benefit of ye service of God, mornings and evening, there on Sunday; be let forth, and after evening prayer, set at liberty: not failing to bring with him a copy of his censure, and this his release, with ye names of his boundsmen, that the same again may be put on record. For Deputy Constable Harrison. Patr Thompson.

We whose names underwritten do hereby bind ourselves in ye penalty of fine to ye use of our Honorable Lord of ye Isle, that the within Patr: Cannell shall observe and perform the reverend officiall’s orders in every particular that he will be pleased further to inflict or censure him, for his forenamed cryme, and this as witness our hands this 24th May 1684. Michell White his mrk X, John Joyner his mrk X. This is a true coppy of ye originall examined by me, Tho Harrison, Dept Constable.

Archd will 1663 #26 Andreas of John Brew

, dated 22 January 1663/4 at top, page 25 & 26: son John Brew; son Phillip Brew; dau Alice Brew, dau Jone Brew, grandchild Kathrine Brew, wife Bahie Teare, supervisors of children are xxxxx & Wm Sayle

Archd will 1663 #27 Andreas of William Cowle

, died first of Feb 1663/4 intestate, page 26: 2 children Daniel Cowle & Nelly Cowle; paternal supervisors Joney Cowle, Catharine Cowle & John Cowle; wife alive. John Howland [he is husb of Cath Cowle;

see Archd will 1678 #8 Bride of John Howland: bro Michael, bro William; John Xtn; wife Cath Cowle & 3 children (Wm eldest son, John, Michael); sons Wm and John are of age by Dec 1682] had custody of 1/3 part and gave it up to John Cowle. A third part in hands of James Wade, ?who married wife Bahey: by 8 Jan 1673/4, Nelly is of age & her mother Bahie is called Bahie Wayde als Teare.

Archd will 1663 #28 Andreas of William Dougherty

, died 4 Nov 1663: grandchild Daniel Daugherty (his father is dead; of age by April 1664), dau Mally, William Keey, John Teare, son William Daughertie 14 Nov1664: Kathe Sayle als Dougherty entereth for a new blanket against said Daugherti’s executors & craveth tryal. 22 Feb 1663/4, page 22: "Will Curlet entereth his claime against ye Executors of William Daughertie for 5s in money due debt as he will make to appear and craveth tryal"

Archd will 1663 #29 Andreas of Catharine Skinner als Cowish

, dated 4 March 1663/4 at top, at a Court held 26th Apr 1664 before Hugh Cannell & Robt Parr: daughter in law; sons John & William; youngest son to have Close Vark; eldest son is supervisor of youngest; Margt Killy, Bessy Kermod, Willm Sayle’s wife, Joney Sayle, Kath Sayle, Michel Crenilt’s children, husband John Skinner

Archd will 1663 #30 Bride of Charles Christian

, page 28: sister Margaret (has sons); sister Catharine’s children, John Christian & execs of Isabel Christian owe him money; his execs: Daniel Christian, Ewan Christian, Catharine Christian & Catharine Quayle

Archd will 1663 #31 Bride of Patrick Christian

, page 29: wife Margaret Cowen, Gilbert Lace; John Joughin; Thomas Kaighen (who is out of the Island); brother Charles Christian; David Christian; John Wattleworth; brother Do:[Daniel] Christian & his son Do: [Daniel]; Henry Joughin; Patrick Joughin; William Joughin; John Kaighen; 3 children William & Margaret (of age by 1697) & Christian Christian are execs; Daniel Christian & John Kaighen are overseers; next of kindred on father’s side are supervisors (Daniel Christian & Kath. Christian are sworn & Margt Christian to be sworn also. By 1697: 2 children William & Christian Christian are dead leaving only Margaret Christian; and Ewan Christian is one of the executors of Daniel Christian (who had been an overseers) Catharine Christian is mother of the supervisors/overseers. Catharine Christian is also an aunt of the children

Archd will 1663 #32 Bride of John Cotter

, dated 8 December 1663 at top: Richard Howlayne; William Corkish; William Kaighin; John Kneale; wife; Thomas Cowle; only son William Cotter; the tuition of his son is given to John Corkish & John Kneale (who refuse it and all their claim to any legacy); William Holme is supervisor of the child; Next of kindred on father’s side John Corkish & John Kneale were dead by time of probate; half sibs of the son or of the mother [?, it is unclear which] are David Cowle and Nelly Cowle

Archd will 1663 #33 Bride, of Ewan Joughin

, dated 16 Feb 1663/4 at top: brother John Quayne; brother Mitchell, brother Wm; sister Anne Joughin; Margt Joughin, father Ewan Joughin

Archd will 1663 #34 Bride of John Camaish

, dated 30 January 1663/4: eldest son John Camaish; other 3 children William, Dorothy & William Camaish [there seem to be 2 sons named William]; Anne Camaish; wife Ann Corxxxx; Wm Caiskill[?]; Charles Cowle

Archd will 1663 #35 Bride of Christian Cowle als Crenilt

, dated 24 November 1663: husband John Cowle; Margaret Lace; Margaret Feere OR Teere; Isabel Kaigher; Jony Crenilt; Christian Christian; sister Joney Crenilt; sister in law Ann Cowle; Kath Kerrnrell[?]; daughtesr Margaret & Cathrine Cowle are execs; sister Mally Crenilt; supervisors are Donnell Christian & Charles Cowle

Archd will 1663 #36 Bride of John Cormode

, dated 7 June 1663 at top: grandchildren; son Patrick & his 2 sons; Kath Camaish; Bahee Cormod; son John Cormod; John & Jane & Christian Kneale; wife alive & exec. "Margt Cross executrix to her husband Ewan Kneele entereth her claim against ye executors of John Cormod for the sum of 18s due debt"

Archd will 1663 #37 Andreas of William Sayle

, died 13 Mar 1663/4: brother, sister, godson Philip Sayle; John Sayle; father William Sayle

Archd will 1663 #38 Andreas of Bahey Radcliffe als Kelly

, died 26 Feb 1663/4 (page 37): Bahey Crebbin a poor woman; Richd Coole; Isabel Lace; Margt Sayle sister Joney Kelly; Mally Crenilt; dau Catharine (who has children); Joney Kneele; dau in law Mally; son John; son William Ratcliffe; grandchildren (William’s children); Michell Kelly

Archd will 1663 #39 Andreas of Catharine Radcliffe als Martin

, died 28 Feb 1663/4: only son William Ratcliffe is of lawful years; pledge is John Ratcliffe [?relationship]

Archd will 1663 #40 Maughold of John Corkill

, dated 1663 at top, page 39[a]: sister, brother Ewan; William Corkill; mother Catharine Callow executrix; father’s will was proved 7[?] years earlier

[?A 1657 w Mau CORKIL, John 0106199]

Archd will 1663 #41 Maughold of Christopher Fayle

, dated 10 xxx 1664 at top, page 39[b]: Isabel Quay owns a house with him; dau Margaret & son Edmond are joint executors

Archd will 1663 #42 Maughold of Marriott Skillicorn

, died 3 Feb 1663/4, page 40: husband Gilbert Colesh, father William Skillicorn; 2 sisters Katherine & Christian; Joney Killa; sister in law Katherin Colesh, Margaret Colesh; brother Gilbert Skillicorn

Archd will 1663 #43 Maughold of John Christian

, dated 6 January 1663/4 at the top, page 43: John Callow, his [word is at edge of crumbling page] John & William; grandchild Robert; son Ewan; dau Marie, dau Kath; dau Isabel; wife is exec. Children Ewan, Mary, Bessy & James Christian were left no legacy and so were made join administrators with the wife. By 12 Oct 1674: Ewan Christian son of John Christian & Robert Callow & William Callow the husbands to Ewan’s sisters Bessy & Ann Christian receive their legacies. Dated 17 June 1670, Mary Studdart [Stoddart] als Christian who is in Ireland empowers her brother & brothers in law Ewan Christian & Robert Callow & William Callow of Ballafayle to act for her

Archd will 1663 #44 Maughold, of Catharine Corteen als McYlvorrey/Mollaverey

, died last of October 1663, page 44: 2 daughters Joney & Margt Corteen are administrators & of lawful age; husband alive. Thomas McYlevorrey of Jurby entered a claim against the executors of Cath

Archd will 1663 #45 Maughold, of Bahey Bridson als Quark

, died 21 October 1663: only dau Catharine Bridson; husband John Bridson; sister Catharine (md Thomas Kermode who became supervisor); Margaret Quark her other sister; John Corteen & Doniel Corkle are made overseers but they declined John Bridson md Bahey Quark 21 Oct or Dec 1657 Maughold; dau Catharine b 29 Oct 1659 Maughold

Archd Will 1663 #46 Maughold of Margaret Kermeen als Quay, died last of January 1663/4:

"Margt Qua departed ys life intested about ye last of Jani[?or June] 1663, whereof the Church having intelligence have decreed her 3 children Christopher, John, & William Kermeen Administrators, And having delivered up ye Administratorship by a straw, in ye face of the Court, the Court hath ordered yt ye securities shall discharge all debts, & deliver the rest or ye remainder of ye goods into the General Sumners hand, for which he is to be responsible to ye Court. Note yt ye[?] securitie [ends as a half line on the page, and then the next line:] John Callow who is bound in the former wives[wife’s] will for ye forthcoming of ye children goods. Solvo lamen vincinyh[?], suo jure, Decreted et solvit 6d. The General Sumner having made affidavit that he made application the first Sunday in May in a full congregation in the parish church of KK Maughold, that if any manner of person or persons did claim any debt of the Executor of Margt Quay that they should repair to the Archdeacon Registry, & enter their claims, & prove their debts within 14 days or otherwise to be unsuited according to law. June ye 25th 1664. These we to certifie whome it may concern that we were in place, when Robt Christian the General Sumner gave notice to John Kermeene that on Munday last there was a court to be holden at KK Christ Lizayre and that there he should make his appearance to make claim or sue for anything as he could make appear due to him from his mother Margrett Quay and that there upon the said Kermeene answered if they would let him alone he would let them alone, moreover the said Sumner gave him full notice to be at the place aforesaid to make answer for himself touching the nine and twenty shillings sworne against him by his said mother as witness our hands this 28th of March 1664. Willm Foreston junr my mark X, John Farrant senior my mark.

??is John Callow a 2nd husband; the 3 children are apparently of age. NOTE: The people in this will are somehow intertwined in the next will

Archd will 1663 #47 Maughold, of Donold/Daniel Joughin

, died in 1663: "66, Maughold: The last will and testament of Donold Joughin. First he committed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, he left to his two grandchildren one lamb between them. Item, he left to his wife twenty shillings, which was in the hands of her son William. Item, he constituted, and ordained his daughter Ann his true & lawful Executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable. Testes: John Cannon, John Corlett, jurati. William Kermeen is liable to pay the above named 20s because he did nott quit it upon the grave within the limited time. Debts which the said Testator willed: Imprimis, from John Kirmeen, 29s which is already proved to be due from him. Item, he took upon his conscience that he paid William Kirmeen for all that was due unto him for the price of an oxe. Item, It was his will that his daughter Ann should have all the goods due unto her by the death of her mother as is to be seen in the records. Supervisors of this my will: John Callow, John Craine. The Executrix by the Testimony of the Sumner and several other persons hath relinquished the Executorship. Therefore the General Sumner is charged by the Court to take Administration and a perfect Inventory and to Administor to the Creditors penny pound xxx as far as the goods will extend and if there be any remainder that it be reserved for the Executrix. The General Sumner hath proved this will. Probated est et solvit 6d. Executors of Mr. Ro: Allen deceased desired to enter their claim against the Executors of Daniell Joughin deceased for the due debt of 1 pound 11 shillings 6 pence and craveth trial according to law. KK Maughall 9ber ye 10th 1663: William Kirmeen entereth his claim against the Executors of Daniell Joughin for 26s for service, and craveth trial according to Law, besides half firlet of meal, a fledge. Nonsuited for not presenting the claim within the limited time. Christopher Kirmeen entereth his claim against the Executors of Daniell Joughin for a firlet of barley, & for a hive of bees, and craveth trial according to Law. Nonsuited for not presenting his claim within the limited time. Copia vera examinatra per[?], John Huddlestone, Registry Archdeacon. The original being in xxxxx payors & torn by xxx suings, this copy is recorded to be extant for the future. These whose names are subscribed are made upon oath to testfy that we were present when Robert Christian General Sumner did give notice to John Kirmeen xxxx that he had bxxxx a publication both in the Chapter Court & in the parish Church that all such as in any way sought debt from the execr of Da: Joughin of KK Maughold should come in xxxx, and present the same in 14 day or to be nonsuited. Whereupon the said Kirmeen -----edged ye xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxx ye said Teneral Sumner gave him further neither[?], and the xxxx of 14 days now xxxxxxx he xxxxxx xxxxx excuse; and this we signify to be truth, as witness our names, James Kermot, Wm. Kelly. xxxx 29th 1663." NOTE: Some of the people in this will are somehow intertwined with the previous will.

Archd will 1663 #4 Maughold of Ewan Christian

, died December 1663 or Jan/Feb 1663/4, made 8 December 1663 jointly with wife Isabel, page 46: 3 children Robert Christian & Edmond Christian & Catharine; wife Isabel is sick on 22 Feb 1663/4 when will was proved. son in law Arthur Moore. Also mentioned: due to John Gellin’s daughter from her Grandfatherxxxxx 7 pounds which doth appear in her mothers Inventory and bonds; also Quark the manservant; the maid servant; to the wacker 1s, to xxx Cowle 1s 6d. Daughters Mary & Elizabeth Christian died in Ireland before Sept 27th 1664.


Archd wills 1663: May the 21st 1664, ?in Lezayre:

Charles Cannell & Mally Cotter have deposed before Mr. Vicar Cannell that Robt Caine called Christian Brew a bitch: therefore censured according to ye ancient custom to wear ye bridle when ye ordinarie [i.e., the parish priest] shall appoint, & to confess his error & put his finger upon his mouth & say toag.

Archd will 1663: Ballaugh presentments, page 2:

The presentments of ye chapter quest of Ballaugh, namely Phinlo Craine, Tho: Craine, Adam Cotteam, Gilbert Cowley as followeth the 29th of June 1664: Who present upon common fame that Margret Carrett went to one Ewan Corkill a sorcerer for charms. Also Jo: Steane for a charme to his wife, & Phinlo Quaile or his bother Jo: Quaile for a charm for Wm MacYlreay his wife. Jo: Corlett for his father Dollin Corlett and several others upon complaint of Tho: Cowley, and Wm Bodaugh also sought to him for a charm to cure his disease. Some part of these ye sd sorcerer confessed Parson Parre that xxx came to him for remedie xxx cure as aforesd.

Archd wills 1663, Maughold, 13 Jun 1664, Presentments, page 3:

Presented by ye old chapter quest on ye halfe yeare ending at St Marks day last:

Jo: Cottiam for harrowing upon Easter Tuesday, as also plowing upon st. Marks day

Christian Kneen for scowling (or rayling) on ye Sabbath day.

Ro: Kernaughan for putting his servants to draw watter for brewing on the Sabbath day
Jo: Curghey for ye like
Tho: Kealwey for ye like
Nicholas Christian for ye like

William McLeyreah his mark
Daniell Callow his mark
Jo: Quark his mark
Jo: Christian Quaker in prison

Archd will 1663 #49 Andreas of Christian Quark als Martin

, bearing date 15 April 1664, page 5: mother alive, father in law alive, Edward Quark, Finlo Martin, Sr John Huddleston, William Martin, husband John Quark. Lands that are Intacks Close Norjaughon 1s rent, In ye Aire 10d rent, in KK Christ Lezayre 6s rent

Archd will 1663 #50 Andreas of William Sayle

, dated 24 April 1664: brother Randle Sayle, brother Philip Sayle sister Nelly Kee, wife alive, dau Ann Sayle, youngest son Edward Sayle, eldest son Charles Sayle, owed from Kathe: Cotter alias Christian 2s [other people owe him money], brother Thomas is dead and money is owed the child of bro Tho;

Archd wills 1663 page 8: Donell Christian junr of Ballemin[?] pledge for Ales Lace; 2s to be added to Donll Lace Inventory

Archd will 1663 #51 Bride of James Crenilt

, died 24 of March 1664 [1663/4; Court was held 20 July 1664], page 10: wife Joney Crenilt als Christian who is pregnant, son John Crenilt, brother John Ratcliffe (who refused) & brother in law William Ratcliffe supervisors; court made 4 sisters of James Crenilt supervisors. Several claims made by 1) Mr. Stevenson Receiver & William Ratcliffe moare, 2) Mr. Stevenson Receiver & John Ratcliffe moare, 3) Sir John Huddlestone, 4) Kathe: Sayle alias Daugherty [?for Daugherty als Sayle], 5) others

Archd will 1663 #52 Bride of Patrick Martin

, died 10 May, dated at top 25 Apr 1664, page 11: eldest son William Margin; servant[?] John Crebbin; wife Kathrine Kneale, children William, John, Mi[rest is cut off], William & Alice Martin are administrators [children are apparently underage], next of kindred on the father’s side [?supervisors]

There was apparently a William senior & a William junior among the children, with both Williams alive at the same time

Archd will 1663 #53 Bride of Ewan Cotter

, dated 18 March 1663/4 at top: son William Cotter exec (of age, but goods in his uncle Daniel Cotter’s hands until he turned 21 or 22, which happened by Nov 1668), 3 children Bahee, Elizabeth/Bessy, & Katherine Cotter; wife alive; supervisors are William Christian & brother Daniel Cotter. Bahee (still apparently single) & Elizabeth (md to John Lace) rec’d their legacies paid by brother William due them by their father’s death.

See also Archd will 1712 #37, Bride, of Bessy Lace als Cottier: died mid January 1711/2: only dau Esther Lace(of age); husb John Lace

Archd will 1663 #54 Bride of Thomas Sayle

, dated 17 December 1663 at top, page 13: brother William Sayle, sister Ellin, his master Mr. Daniel Christian, brothers Philip & Ranold/Ramdle Sayle are exec; wife Margaret Sayle als Christian, dau Ann Sayle (Margt &Ann are executrices of the William Sayle [?the brother, ?the father of Thomas Sayle] by 28 March 1665), brother John , father is dead by 28 Dec 1665 [if not some time before]

Archd will 1663 #55 Lezayre of John Kinread

, dated 22 December 1663, pages 14 & 15: Hn Cowley & his brother, brother David; Jayne Kinread, Averick Cowley als Kinread, John Quayle, Ann & Margaret Kinread, brother son John, Wm Kxxxxx exec. Executor & supervisor were swon in court. [There was apparently some dispute regarding the will. Court notes indicate Averick was the executor. A 2nd will that was disproved mentions Jayne Kinread, John Quayle, John Kinread, Marrod Kinread, Ann, Margaret Kinred, brother’s son, father, brother David, brother’s son William.] Mr. Stevenson & Deemster Edward Christian are also mentioned

Archd will 1663 #56 Lezayre of Gilbert Quayle:

bequeathed his brother’s son 6d; executrices Margaret MacYlcarane & Margaret Kewley (their husbands are William Caley & John Caley, but the will doesn’t indicate which woman belongs to which man). Witnesses: John Caley (cousin German? to William Caley husband of one of the Executrices), Thomas Caley (brother to John Caley who was married to the other executrix). The two Margarets took care of Gilbert for 20 years. The will was disproved and Ewan Quayle next of kin by both the faher and the mother was made administrator. The stepfather William McYlrea was made his supervisor per his mother’s will, as were other next of kindred to Ewan made his supervisors

Archd will 1663 #57 Maughold of Ellin Nicholson als Curghey

, died 16 March 1663/4, page 18: husband, eldest son & heir [?John], Joney Kneen (Ellin wants Joney to take care of her 2 children), Joney Curghey, youngest son William Nicholson, brother Edmond Curghey (sworn supervisor) & his children . 21 November 1664: William Nicholson entereth his claim against the executor of Ellin Churghey for the sum 28s & ye keeping of a beast 2 half years. [?relationship of William Nicholson; is he the husband???]

OTHER WILLS OF INTEREST: 1) E 1670/2 w Bra NICHOLSON, Jony als VINCH 0991641 2) E 1675-7 w Mau NICHOLSON, Christian als MIRU 0991643 3) E 1711-2 d Mau NICHOLSON, Catherine als KNEEN 0991649 4) E 1711-2 w Mau NICHOLSON, John 0991649 5) E 1721-1 d Bra NICHOLSON, Charles 0106369 6) A 1739-2 95 Mau NICHOLSON, Marjery 0106217 7) A 1739-2 95 Mau NICHOLSON, William 0106217 8) E 1740-2 w Mau NICHOLSON, Margery 0106376 9) E 1740-2 w Mau NICHOLSON, William 0106376 10) E 1744-1 d Arb NICHOLS, John 0106378 11) E 1745-2 i Ger NICHOLSON, John 0106378

Archd will 1663 #58 Maughold of Mallooney Quark

, died 16 December 1663, page 19: dau Katherin left house & land because she took care of him; sons John & William Quark; wife dead

Archd will 1663 #59 Maughold of William Quark

, died intestate about 1st March 1663/4: only son William Quark; wife [xxxxx Christian] alive; next of kindred on father’s side Thomas Kermod sworn supervisor; John Corlett married to the aunt is sworn supervisor; wife’s father is aliver; Pledges: Gilbert Colish & brother in law Doniel/Donold/Daniel Christian the son of William Christian of Maughold

Archd wills 1663 Maughold of Mr. William [Christian] Ronaldsway

, dated 2 July 1664: "To Ro: Quaile Sumner of KK Malue these to be carefully and duly executed. Dat: July ye 2d 1664: Whereas there is noe will as yet exhibited to ye Spiritual Court of Mr. Wm Christian of Ranolesway either by his wife or any of his children hitherto[?] notwithstanding severall complaints of creditors that are unsatisfied and ye goods imbezzled therefore these are to will and require you before you sleep this night to goe and charge by virtue of this inclosed toaken beside ye notice yt is given by this precept the wife of ye sd Mr Wm Christian and his children in ye Island to appeare before our Reverend Ordinarie on Munday next at KK Michell by one of ye clock in ye afternoone with an Inventory and yt will to be exhibited in Court, otherwise ye Court is to proceed to adeeree[?] according to law and all his children as aforesd to be there to take administration or to refuse it & yourselfe to returne this preceipt ye sd day with affidavid of their personall charge & this upon yours and their perils. Ro.Parre, John Huddleston."

Archd will 1663 #60 Braddan of Christian Quane

, dated 1663 at top, page 21: sister Ann; Elin Quane; sister Jane[?, page is folded slightly and copy is hard to read; need original] executor

Archd wills 1663, page 22:

Braddan defuncts:

Mrs. Ellin Fletcher, Robt Cluage sick, Adam Tyson, Edwd Curghy sick, John Corrowine, Lieutenant Huddlestone

Mar the first 1663:

Christopher Bridson entereth his claim against ye Executor or Nelly Qua alias Joyner for his part of the Inventory already given in our record and a quarter of the vessel, and also his part of moneys in Anthony Hallsall hands being 9 or 10 pounds; & what moneys else soever shall appear to be due, & craveth press[?]

William Flexney sworne and examined saith that there was but 3 pounds paid in the sights when the days of payment were made as appears in the bill of sale; and further saith that Hugh Kissag upon the day of the approbaton of his wife’s will desired me the said deponent William Flexney to go securities[?, sureties] with him in the Spiritual books with William Curlett for his wife’s part of goods, which the said deponent refused to do: whereupon ye said Hugh desired him to go surtie till he came to Duglass, for that Ricd Pendelbery had ye sum of 13 pounds 14 shillings and some odd pence in his hands & that he should come secure the deponent’s whereupon he went suretie, & further saith that at his coming to Duglass he asked Mr[?] Pendleberry whether soe much money was due to Hugh Kissage to secure him: the said Ricd Pendleberry answered that hee owedhim not soe much; but thought that whatsoever was due from him that the said Kissag had left it as la legacy to him: because he did not specifie it upon his death: xxxx that the said Mr. Flexney asked of Pendleberry the last part of ye abovsaid exal-iali--[?] after said Kissage death. [signed] Willm Flexney.

Willaim Curlett sworn & examined saith as ye former deponent in every particular: until the wods demanded by Flexney at Duglass & no further knoweth not. [signed his mark] Willm Curlett.

March ye first 1663: This day ordered 14 days libertie is given to Ricd Pandleberry to examine his books for ye said amounts & to free himself upon oath, or by witnesses of ye said dept.

Archd wills 1663, regarding death / will of Catharine Moore als Joyner : "Braddan 1647: Philip Moore son of Edward Moore do hereby acknowledge to have received and from ye hands Robt Joyner my grandfather ye full sum of 3 pounds 8s in lieu of all such goods as fell due to me by ye death of my mother Kathe Joyner & was depositated into his hand: I therefore freely acquit & discharge him his heir executor administrator or assigns from the repayment of ye said sum or any portion to any manner of person that shall or can claim any right thereto hereafter: & depose that my said grandfather's pledge may be withdrawn in record & my receipt thereof acknowledged: I say received 3 pounds 8 shillings 0 pence by me, & doe acquit him of all the rest that is in my father’s hand being in all ye sum of 8 pounds 10 shillings 6 pence. Phillip Moore. Mar: 4th 1663."

SEE: A 1647/4 Bra JOYNER, Catherine MOORE w 0106198

Archd will 1663 #61 Braddan, of Ann Vinch als Stradling

(or Stradling als Vinch), made 30 Nov 1663, page 23: dau Emie, son Richard, son John exec

Archd will 1663 #62 Braddan of John Quayle

, died 4 February 1663/4, page 24: cousin Robert Quayle, Arick Tyldesly, father Robert Quayle; mother dead

Archd will 1663 #63 Braddan of Hugh Moore

, died 20 January 1663/4, page 25: eldest daughter [name is given, I can’t make it out, looks like Othseire], daughter Margaret [the ‘2nd’ dau]; wife is apparently pregnant; wife Jane Brew; overseers of child (apparently a girl, named joint executrix] newly born are John Moore bailersond[?, or ballasond?] & Edward Moore; land mentioned: Ballaknock, also mentioned: Ralfe Bridson, Robert Hanton (witness), John Craine (witness)

Archd will 1663 #64 Braddan of Thomas Corkill

, died 30 January 1663/4, page 26: wife Mally Corkill alias Quay; son in law, grandchild Jane Clucas, sister Joney; Ann Hanton, daughter sworn exec because wife is sick; Robert Hanton & John Clucas are witnesses. SEE ArWills 1663 #65 & 1663 #66

Archd will 1663 #65 Braddan, of Christian Corlett als Kewley

, died 11 January 1663/4: son, husband, her 3 children William, Margaret & Ellin are exec. Wm & Margt are of age & sworn as supervisors of Ellin who is underage; brother Henry Kewley; witnesses: John Christian & Robert Corlet SEE ArWills 1663 #64 & 1663 #66

Archd will 1663 #66 Braddan, of John Corkill, died 3 January 1663/4

, page 27: brother in law Nich[?] Killy; brother Thomas; sister Joney; sister in law Christian Kewley & her 3 children William, Margaret & Ellin (Wm & Margt of age & sworn supervisors of underage Ellin); sister Mary. Witnesses: John Christian, Henry Kewley


Archdeacon Will 1663 #67 Braddan, of Paul Oates

, died 4 June 1663 [some of right edge is hidden in the binding fold]: "Braddan, 1663: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Paul Oats who departed this life the 4th of June. First he bequeathed his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, he left to the poor half firlet malt & half salt[?] firlet oate meal & a sheep. Item, to Robert Fall[Fayle] 28s 6d & half[?] xxxxxxxxx of his father & mother’s gxxxxx[?]. Item, to Grace Crinith[?, Cruith?] 12d legacy. Item, to Dan Fall a lamb. Item, to the minister a hog. Item, to his wife 20x legacy. Item, he left to his son William the house & xxxxx. Item, he constituted & ordained his daughter his true and lawful executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever. Item, he willed his wife Bahie Fall[Fayle[ to save[?] his children xxxx goods xxxxx until they shall come to lawful years. Item, 6d legacy to any manner of person that shall claim or pretend tythe[?] to seek any of his goods in case any of his children should die. Testes: Jo: Kieg, Wm Corkill, jurati. The Mother sworn supervisor according to will. Solvo tanem vining suo jure[?]. Probated et Solvit 6d. Inventory as followeth: Imprimis, half cow price 8s; Item, half a noxxxxx price 20s; Item, half heifer price 3s 6d; Item, sheep between young and old 24 price 1 pound; Item, half 2 spinning wheels woolen & linen 1s; Half 2 spades 3d; Item, certain old vessels xxd; Item, the childrens part of 3 muget[?] price 4d; Other old wooden vessels price 2s 9d; Item, half a pot price 1s; Item, half a gridle price 1s; Item, an old coo[?] board price 3d; Item, 3 yards rough toosad[?] cloth price 1s 6d; Item tow[?two] blxxxx price 1s; Item, one old canvas price 1s; Item, one quart of wool price 1s 4d; Item, the children’s part of two weights and two sieves price 2d; Item, one table, one chaire, and a stool price 1s 6d; Item, a xxxx and half of 28 ealii[?] price 1s 3d; Item, 3 stooks of oats 1s 3d; Item, a piece of iron price 3d; Item, half a ladder, a cart, and ten old wooden vessels price 2d; xxxxxx the debt 17s 3d noot half a cow 10s, half a heifer 3d, & the corn 3s 6d to be allowed out of the said Inventory. Pledges secunda forma legis: John Brew & Paul Oates."

Archdeacon Will 1663 #68 Braddan, of Margaret Oates alias Shimmin

, died 29 January 1663/4, page 29: "Braddan (29): This is affirmed to be the last & testament of Margte[or Margtr] Oats alias Shimmin who departed this life Ja: 29th 63. First she constituted her soule to God, and her body to Christian burial. Item, to the poor half firlet malt and a pottle of rye and a sheep. Item, to Ed Kneenser[?] brother a goat, and to his wife a waistcoate. Item, to Jo: Kveig[?, or Keey] his child a kid. Item to her husband half heifer and half bullock out of the whole as legacy. Item, to her daughter Margret all her own portion, what goods xxx in any way proper and xxx to herself. Item, she constituted and ordained her husband Patrick [or Paul] Oates and daughter Margrett executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable. Testes: Christopher Stoole, Ellnr Corrow [?], jurati. The Executors sworn in Court. Solvo xxxxxx[Latin phrase]. Probated et solvit. Inventory as follweth: Imprimis the deads part of 2 kine price 15s. Item, sheep & goats price 14s. Item, her part of the corn 5s 6d. Item, certain vessels price 3s. Item, a pot and small vessels price 3s. Item, xxxx yarn & flax price 3s. Item, a chest price 1s. Item, 3 pounds[?] of linen price 3s. Item, one canvas and one sack price 1s. Pledges secunda forma legis: Christopher Stoole & John Coley."

Archd will 1663 #69 Braddan, of Margaret Cotter als Kermode:

son Robert; grandchild Henry, dau in law Ann, grandchild Aurirk Canxxxx [hidden in fold, ?Cannell], dau Margaret, 3 daughters Isabel & Bessee[?] & Margaret; grandchild Besee xxxx, Robert Flexney & xxx[hidden in fold] Flexney; grandchild Bessee, godson John Canell, grandchild Ann Creer & Thomas Creer; son William; grandchild Isabel; her 4 children are executors.

Archd will 1663 #70 Braddan of Ann Caralaugh als Oates

died 5 Feb 1663/4, page 30: "Ann Oats alias Caralagh departed this life Feb 5th 1663/4 intestate, whereof the Church having intelligence have decreed her only son Pat Caralaugh Administrator. The Administator at lawful years and sworn in Court. Decretud et solvit 1s 6d. A true Inventory as followeth: Imprimis half a house and half a garden price 13s; Item, 2 blankets 6s; Item, 2 small sheets, 2 single curchiffs[kerchiefs] 3s 3p; Item, 2 petticoats, & one waistcoate 1s; Item, 4 sheep 4s; Item, some slipps of heurds[?] with a small quantity of flax & barrony[?] 20d; Item, a small box of coffee 00:00:2; Item, half the wooden lumber with half a iron pot 0:01:04; Item, for a small pail[?] of wool & half a stayud[?] for drinks 0:0:10; Item, for half the rackentree & pot hangers with 2 crives[?] & dollan 2d; Sum 1 pound 1 shilling 7 pence. Pledges secured a forma legis. Robt Quay: & Tho Cuorw[?]"

full will

SEE: Episcopal Will 1707-2 Braddan for will of Patrick Caralaugh, ?son of Ann Caralaugh als Oates, LDS film 0991649

Archd will 1663 #70b Braddan of Marriod Gelling alias Kermod:

"Mariod Gelling alias Kermot departed this life intestated about the 8th of November: whereof the Church having intelligence, it declared upon oath that she died poor and had neither money nor money worth."

Archd will 1663 #71 Braddan of Adam Tyson

, died 26th December 1663: "Adam Tyson departed this life intestated about ye 26th of December 1663, whereof the Church having intelligence have decreed his foure sisters Margt, Bessy, Nelly, & Mary Administrators & the three at years is sworne to be supervisors of her under yeeres. Margt only sworn the other two being abroad at service. Solvo tanea vincing su jura[?]. Decretu est et solvit 8. The inventory included in the father’s will."

Archd will 1663 #72 Lonan of William Qualtrough

, died 10 Dec 1663, page 31: wife alive; Alice Qualtrough left a ewe; eldest son Daniel; 6 children Daniel & James & Peter & Thomas & Jane & Margaret Qualtrough are exec. Supervisors of children Daniel Qualtrough & John Lowne or Lewne. ??SEE: TYSON, George 1662 Bra E d 0991638

Archd will 1663: "1662 or 1661 or 1667, Lonnan: The Inventory of the goods of Ann Farcher alias Moor prised by 4 sworn men: Willm Farcher, Willm Quaile, Robt Corrin & Phillip Callin as followeth: Item, thirtie sheepe & goats prised to 02 pounds 0 shilling 0 pence; Item 3 cowes & a steere praised to 02:0:0; Item, the half of all the household stuffe 01:7:0; Item, in moneys 02:3:6. Summ 7:10:6. The executor at lawful yeares, hath taken ye custody of yr own goods & declared[?] ye pledges.[this previous sentence has been crossed out.] The goods in the fathers custodie & hath given pledges secunda forma legis Donll Qualtrough & Ro: Cottere. Note, ye husband is ordained supervisor. Concord et sum[?]. J. Juddlestone, Registrar Archdeacon. Ann Farcher one of ye Executors & at lawful years have taken ye charge & custody of ye children under years & hath cleared ye pledges & given in counter bonds Joh. Bell in Concan & Pal Crain in Braddan." ???SEE: Archd will 1689 #14 Marown, of Ann Fargher als Moore,died 19 Dec 1689: dau Joney Fargher, dau Catherine Fargher, son Robert Fargher, son John Fargher exec. Was the above inventory put in the wrong book??

Archd will 1663 #73 Lonan, of Thomas Brew

, died 28th February 1662/3, page 32: 3 children Gilbert, Kathren, & Isabel Brew; Thomas also has a brother alive who has land Gilbert is to get from the brother (Gilbert’s uncle)

Archdeacon Wills 1663,

Lonan defuncts:

James Kermod
Margt Callin Jan 28th
Margt Cowin 15 Feb
Margt Kewley
Tho. Caine Jan: 28
Isable Cluage Feb 21st

Archd wills 1663: "Lonan 9 years past or thereabouts: Whereas Rob Waterson became bound for ye goods of Robt Cowin the Executors Philip Cowin & Margt Cowin being at lawful years came this day & acknowledged themselves to be fully paid & discharges the pledges. Record this with ye will." SEE: COWIN, Robert 1661 Lon E w 0991638

Archd will 1663 #74 Lonan of John Hogg

, died 8 Jan intestate: "Whereof the Church having intelligence have decrees his 2 children Issable & Phillip Hogg Administrators & the next of kindred on the father’s side supervisors, vixt., James Hogge sworn & Nelly is to be sworn the next Sabboth by Sir John Woods. His wife is also dead, and supervisors from her side are William Kermod & Margt Kermod. Isabel Hogg was of age by 25 Nov 1668, & received her legacy from supervisors William Kermod & James Hogg. Also written on the page of the will: "Defunct Issable Cluage" SEE ALSO: Archd will 1665 #44 Lonan, of William Kermode, died 12 Jan 1665/6: youngest dau Margret Kermode; wife Ellin Kermode als Hogg; the son children William (of age), Marriad (of age), Ellin, & Margaret Kermode (2 of age & supervisors of those underage); good’s in the hands of William Kermode

Archd will 1663 #75 Lonan of Thomas Moore

died 20 January 1663/4, page 33: dau Mary, dau Ann, wife alive

Archd will 1663 76 Conchan, of Margaret Cannell als Creetch,

died 13 Feb 1663/4[?], page 34: children William, Edmond, Robert & Ann Cannell; Robert is underage. SEE WILL Archd will 1661 #68 Conchan, of Daniel/Donald Cannell, died 7th March 1662/3: son John, son Robert, wife alive; children William, Edmund, Robert, and Ann Cannell are exec

Archd will 1663 #77 Conchan, of Mally Fargher als Lowey,

died 21 Feb 1663/4, page 35: son Donnell Farcher, supervisors Ann Lowey & ???(another sibling of Mally) on maís side, husband alive

Archd will 1663 #78 Marown, of Ann Kewley als Kelly,

died last of January 1663/4, page 36: only dau Joney Kewley administrator; supervisors (on maís side): Dollin Kelly, Philip & Isabel & Joney & Margt & Bessy Kelly; father alive; either Isabel or Joney married William Cotter

Archd will 1663 dated 29 June 1664, Braddan, page 38: "Upon an appeale of Richd Pentlebury from the Spiritual officers to ye Right Reverend Ordinary, touching a debt of 13 pounds 14 shillings 9 pence due to Hugh Kissage as appears under his hand and now claimed by the said Hugh executors, the hearing & judication of ye said difference being referred by the ordinary to ye Court it is ordered yt Richd Pendlebury shall ge to the grave of Hugh Kissage, & swear with compurgatory according to law, yt ye said debt is fully satisfied and paide, beside ye receite of the twentie pound mentioned in ye bill of sayle, & yt he did not owe ye said Hugh a penny or penny worth at the day of his death: & ys to be performed within 14 days after ye date hereof: & ye minister is to take his oath according to law as aforesaide." etc.

Archd will 1663 page 39: records the appeal of Richard Pentelbury, dated 27 April 1664, etc. Richard Pendlebury is a native of England

Archd will 1663 #79 Braddan, of William Creere,

died 16 March 1664/5, page 40: father Robert Creere alive & executor; uncle William Craine; Robert Cannell

Archd will 1663 #80 Braddan of Joney Oates als Kewley,

died 20 February 1664/5, page 40: dau Alice, son William, daus Joney & Isabel; husband Paule Oates; apparently there are children to whom she made no legacy and so become equal executors with husband Paul

died 20 February 1664/5, bottom of page 40: "The last will and testament of Jony Oats alias kewley deceased this transitory life ye 20th of Februarie 1664/. First doeth commit her soule unto ye hands of Almightie God and her body unto Christian burial. Item, shee left unto ye poore three shishans of oate meale and half a firlet of mault. Item, she left unto her dautr Else one farchen[?]. Item: to her Son William as mutch cloth as would make him a dubled and as mutch linen as would make him tow shirts. Item: she left her cloaths unto her two daugtrs Jony and Isable. Item,: she constituted and ordained her husband Paule Oats to be her true and lawful executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmovable willing him to leave ye remainder of his goods at later to her said xxxxxx[epxlcxen??]. Testes Wm Corrine, Robt Carett. The Executor is sworn in Court and hath given in pledges for ye forthcominge of ye Inventory at his latter day xx sxxnor[?], & yt those yt she left noe legasie to shall be made equall wth ye rest. Pledges John Craine & Robt Carrett. Inventory as faloweth: Item, half a cow and a quarter and a half a quarter of a heifer prised 11 shillings. Solvo lamen xxxxxxxxx. Probated et solvit 6d."

Archd will 1663 #81 Braddan, of George Quirk,

died 30 January 1664/5: son Peter, wife alive; 4 children Pxxxx[hidden by fold], William, Margaret (of age) and Catharine are exec. see also : Archd will 1686 #6 Braddan of Ann Quirk als Quay, died 26 March 1686: dau Catherine (?wife of Wm Gellin); son Peter Quirk; son Paul; grandchild Mary Quirk; Easter Quirk & her sister Margret; son in law James Cown; dau Margaret Cown als Quirk IS ANN QUAY THE WIFE OF GEORGE QUIRK

Archd will 1663 #82 Braddan, of William Gelling,

page 41: brotherís son William Gelling; sister Katherin Gelling, daughter Mariod Gelling & her father in law Philip Quilliam; Ann Gelling exec (her fa is William Gelling & is sworn her supervisor); daughter Margret;

Archd will 1663 #83 Braddan, of William Kewley:

godson William Brew; John Cotter, godson Robt Lewne son of Robt; sis Alice & her children; Joney Fargher & her children; sister Joney; Robt ye eldest & Robt junr his brother & his sister Isabel; daughter Joney Kewley; sister Margaret exec See Ar will 1663 #85 Braddan of Joney Kewley[?] als Kewley (his mother)

Archd will 1663 #84 Braddan, of Walter Taggart,

died 3 April 1664, page 42: Patrick Caralaugh/Caraly his son in law; Philip Cannell his son in law; Paul Taggart his son; 3 daughters Ann & Margaret & Averick; Thomas Caralaugh; Wm Cubbon; Christopher Taggart; son Henry Taggart exec Braddan bur reg: Avrick Caralagh als Tagart bur 22 Mar 1695; Archd will 1695/6 #48 Braddan, of Averick Caralaugh als Taggart: husb Patrick Caralaugh; gson Patrick Caralaugh; gdau Jane Caralaugh; 3 cildren Wm & Jane & Joney Caralaugh; Braddan bur reg: Margt Canell als Tagart bur 20 Aug 1676; ??? Archd will 1683/4 #3 Braddan of Philip Cannell: eldest son Philip (his children Christian & ?John); son William (his eldest son Philip & youngest William); dau in law Catharine Cannell; wife is dead; illegitimate son Gilbert Cannell Philip b 29 Sep 1650 Braddan, William b 1 Jul 1652 Braddan, John b 2 Jan 1665 Braddan; Gilbert b 3 Jun 1666 Braddan; Christian b 8 Sep 1678 Braddan to Philip

Archd will 1663 #85 Braddan, of Joney Kewley[?] als Kewley,

died 27 or 24 March 1663 (or 1663/4), intestate: 4 children Robert senior, Robert junior, Margaret, & Isabel Kewley See Ar Will 1663 #83 Braddan of William Kewley (her son)

Archd will 1663 #86 Braddan, of Robert Cloaige/Clague,

died about November 1664: eldest son, wife alive; youngest dau Catharine; son Wm Clague, 6 children Wm, Robt, Wm, Finlo, Nicholas, Rach[?Richard]; eldest son of age & made supervisor of rest of children underage

Archd will 1663 #87a Braddan of William Creere,

died 14 Marcy 1663/4 intestate: wife is pregnant, uncles of the baby are John senior, John junior, Robert, Paul, & John the youngest who is out of the Isle and they are named supervisors

Archd will 1663 #87b Braddan of Daniel Cowle,

died 19 March 1663/4 intestate

Archd will 1663 #87c Braddan of Christian Garrett als Corran

died 8 Feb 1663/4 intestate: son Robert Carrett

Archd will 1663 #88 Conchan of John Skillicorn,

died 13 January 1663/4, page 44: heir (whether son or daughter) left half the corn, half the team of oxen with all gear belonging to the farm, etc., & his wife gave consent to her half after her death; eldest dau Isabel of age & supervisor of the rest, children Isabel, Ann, Margret, Tho, & William execs; 17 March 1691/2: John Christian is married to eldest daughter; the wife of John Skillicorn is dead by 15 March 1691/2

Archd will 1663 88b of Thomas Corran,

died 25 April 1664: son William; Thomas Bridson, Sir John Woods, wife alive; daughter Jane; Thomas Bridson and dau Isabel Corran are exec. NOTE: this will has been ĎX-edí through.

Archd will 1663 #90 Lonan of Margaret Hogg als Kermode,

dated 9 April 1664 at top, page 45: brother William Kermott, Joney Christian; Margaret Kermott; brother and sister; children; William Hogg; Ellin Hogg; children Philip and Isabel Hogg exec; next of kindred on fatherís & motherís sides are supervisors. Pledges secunda forma legis: Will Kermod & James Hogg. Supervisors: William Kermod, James Hogg, Margt Cormod, Nelly Hogg. see also: Archd will 1663 #74 Lonan of John Hogg, died 8 Jan intestate: "Whereof the Church having intelligence have decrees his 2 children Issable & Phillip Hogg Administrators & the next of kindred on the fatherís side supervisors, vixt., James Hogge sworn & Nelly is to be sworn the next Sabboth by Sir John Woods. His wife is also dead, and supervisors from her side are William Kermod & Margt Kermod. Isabel Hogg was of age by 25 Nov 1668, & received her legacy from supervisors William Kermod & James Hogg. Also written on the page of the will: "Defunct Issable Cluage" SEE ALSO: Archd will 1665 #44 Lonan, of William Kermode, died 12 Jan 1665/6: youngest dau Margret Kermode; wife Ellin Kermode als Hogg; the son children William (of age), Marriad (of age), Ellin, & Margaret Kermode (2 of age & supervisors of those underage); goodís in the hands of William Kermode

Archd will 1663 #91 Lonan of Margaret xxxxx als Kewley,

died 2 March 1663/4: husband; Sir John Woods, Margaret Harrison; Ellin Quine; Margaret Cluaige/Clague; son underage (apparently her only child); siblings by her father & mother execs if son dies; John Oates left 20 shillings; brother William Kewley; brother Philip Kewley. Supervisors: John Kewley & Nelly Kewley, Michael Kewley, James Kewley. Mother is alive ??is she Margt Oates als Kewley??:: After making her full blood siblings her execs, she tells them to give John Oates 20 shillings & her bro Wm Kewley 4s, & bro Phil Kewley 4 s.

died 2 March 1663/4, page 46: "Lonan: The last will and testament of Margaret Kewley who departed this life the second day of March s1663. First she committed her soule to God and her body to Christian burial. It: She left to the poore three half firlet of oate meale. It: she left to her husband fortie shillings in money a suite of cloathes and two shirts. It: to Sir John Woods a choyse sheep or mutton. It: to Margret Harrison two pound flax & her second apron. It: to Ellin Quine one pedicoate one wastcoate. It: to Margrett Cloaige one pedicoate. Item: she left all her goods to her son and in case her said son should dye before he came to years of discretion she constituted and ordained her brethren and sister by father and mother her true and lawful execrs of all her goods moveable and unmoveable they giveinge to John Oates twentie shillings, and to her brother William Kewley 4 shillings and to her brother Phillip Kewley 4 shillings. It: to her mother all the cloathes and linen. that she gave her if the child dyed. Testes: Margarett Harrison, John Woods, xx Xtian, jurati. Solvo tamen basicaxxxx suo jure. Probated et Solvit 1s. 2 of the Executors vizt., John Kewley & Nelly Kewley is sworne in Court to performe all things according to law, Y also supervisor of the child underage: & the vicar is impowered to take ye oaths of ye other brothers vizt., Michaell Kewley & James Kewley & to return a certificat yr of to ye office. The INventory take a praized by 4 sworn men vizt Tho.Cluage, Will Kewush, Willm Cluag & Finlo Cluage amounts to 5 pounds 17 shillings 0 pence. The whole sume demanded from ye husband is 8 pounds 15 shillings 0 pence."

Archd will 1663 #92 Lonan of Margaret xxxx als Callow,

died 22 March 1663/4: sister Bessie Callow, husband, children

Archd will 1663 #93 Lonan of Isabel Clague als xxxxx[?Clague]:

son Phinlo, son Tho & dau Ann Clague; husband alive; children underage

Archd will 1663 #94 Patrick of Joney Kermode als Watterson,

died 1 Dec 1663, page 49: husband, eldest son, dau Margaret, dau Alice, son John, dau Joney; minister; Thomas Kermode; Joney Comish; 5 children Margaret, Alice, Thomas, John Joney exec; brother Finlo Cotteere supervisor

Archd will 1663 #94 Patrick of Margaret Crellin als Quiggin,

died 3 March 1663/4, page 49: husband Robert Crellin alive & exec; sister Isabel; mother alive; brother William Qiggan, sister Katheren, other brothers, brother Ewan Robert CRELLIN md Margaret QUIGGIN 26 Aug or Oct 1662 Malew

Archd will 1663 #96 Patrick of Isabel Quirk als Carran/Corran,

died 20 December 1663: husband, eldest son, young son John, daughter Ann; goddau Isabel Young; 3 children Joney (only child sworn in court, & of years), Alice & John exec; Pat Carraan sworn supervisor

Archd will 1663 #97 Patrick, of Henry Caine,

died 30 Dec 1663, page 50 &: son John, younger daughter Jane, eldest daughter Alice, wife alive; Robert Stevenson supervisor of children underage. Jane Caine of age by 18 Oct 1689, received legacy from hands of Hugh Craine.

Archdeacon Wills 8 March 1663/4,

German defuncts 1663:

William Cooper 9ber; Elizabeth Corran; Ellin Surlock, Sill Kewes/Kewish, Donell Corlett; Gilbert Kaughin, John Crellin, Gilbert Shimminís wife (Cath Shimmin als Curjeage als Moore); Thomas Clarkeís wife (Bahie Lewne)

Patrick defuncts:

Henry Killey, William Ratclitte & his wife

"Mr. Hudlestone my humble dutie presented etc. according to xxxxx authoritie given unto Mich Crinnill I have charged Jo: Joughen to pay unto ye sd Mitc: (as he aleadgeth) by ye death of Charles Xtin as is to be see in ye will of ye sd Charles ye tyme limited is past & ye xxxxxx yet satisfied & ys I doe certifie to be truth by vertue of my oath as witness my subscription, Mitchel Kneale, Sumner of KK Bryde, dated ye 30th of 8ber 1664" ??did Charles died in 1658

Archd will 1663 #98 German of Alice Kelly,

died 16 or 25 December 1663, intestate, page 51: two brothers Thomas Killey & Hugh Killey administrators

Archd will 1663 #99 German of Finlo Gell,

died last of December 1663: eldest son, dau Ann, 2 youngest children John & Henry; 4 children Finlo (of age & made supervisor), Ellin, John & Henry exec; wife alive

Archd will 1663 #100 German, of John Killey,

dated 26 December 1663, page 52: stepfather John Crosse & his wife; John Caine; brother William Killey exec; brother Henry died underage; an uncle has good of dead Henry in his hands

Archd will 1663 #101 German, of Silvester Kewish,

smith of Peeltown, dated 20 Dec 1663: dau Bayhe, dau Elinor Keause[Kewish], dau Ann, dau Baye, dau Alis, son Thomas, son Silvester, son John exec, son William Kewish

Archd will 1663 #102 German of John Crellin,

dated 26 December 1663 at top, page 55: son John Crellin (underage), wife Joney alive; every brother & sister left 6d; Bessy McYlchrist & her nephew; John Crellin & Nicholas Kewley sworn supervisors

Archd will 1663 #103 German, of Daniel/Donald Corlett,

died 6 December 1663, page 56: two children Alice & Thomas Corlett; Alice sworn supervisor of Thomas who is underage

Archd will 1663 #104 German of Isabel Gawne [?xxxxx als Gawne Ėmore probable-, OR Gawne als xxxxx],

died 15 November 1663: husband alive; dau Anne of age & exec

Archd will 1663 #105 German of Gilbert Kaighen,

dated 1 Dec 1663 at top, page 58: eldest dau Bahey Kaighan, youngest dau Isabel exec & underage; wife alive; brother John & brother Henry supervisors; sister Joney; dau Ellin Kaighan; servant Charles Cannell;

Archd will 1663 #106 Patrick of William Radcliffe (& Jeane/Jane Faraghar his wife),

dated 1 February 1663/4 at top: Henry Brokfeild, kisnman Mr. Thomas Ratcliffe of Knockabie[?or Knockalie or Knockaloe?]; friend Henry Ratcliffe of Peeltown; brother Charles Ratcliffe [Wm & Jane apparently died within a short time of each other]

Archd will 1663 #107 German of Christian Shimmin (als Curjeage) als Moore,

dated 10 March 1663/4 at top, pate 63: husb Gilbert Shimmin; Margaret Shimmin, daughter Alice Curjeage (Corjeage is probably the maiden name of Alice and not a married surname.)

Archd will 1663 #108 Geman of Catharine Ellison als Moore:

page 64: "In the last will and testament of Katrine Moore ye 20th of Aprill 1664, she bequeathed her soul to ye Almighty God and her body to be buried in St Peterís Church in Peeltown. Imprimis, as for all her earthly goods moveable and unmoveable hath left to her well beloved husband Phillip Elisson and each child six pence legacy, that is to say Kattrine Elisson six pence, & to John Elison six pence & to William Elison six pence & to Silvister Elison six pence & to Michael Elison six pence and this I leave as abovesaid to all my said children as is here above named. Pat Gell & Pat Kewes, jurati. The Executor is sworn in Court. Solvo lamen viscuig xxxxx[?]. Probated et solvitt 12d. A true & perfect Inventory of Kattrine Moore deceased & Phillipe Elison her husband of all their goods. Being appraised by us Patrick Kinish & William Christian that all the said goods did amount to seven shillilnts sterling 7d, 7s 7d. Patrick Kinish his mark, William Christian his mark. Debts that the above said Kattrine deceased and her husband Philip Elison is due doth amount to nine shillings and eight pence sterling. Pledges secunda forma legis: Pat Gell & Pat Kewes." see also E 1676 b w Ger ELLISON, Philip 0991643

Archd will 1663 #109 German of Bahey Clark als Lewin:

husband Thomas Clark alive; eldest son; dau Ann, other daus; 5 childn exec: Ann Clark & Dorothy & Christian & William & Margaret. Ann of age; she & her brother Silvester are sworn supervisors of underage children; brother of Bahey is John Lewin; Humphrey Clark is also mentioned SEE WILL: Archd will 1665 #17 German of Thomas Clark, died 16 xxx 1665: dau Ann Clarke, eldest son, 2 daus xxx & Dorothy; brotherís daughter; children Ann & Dorothy & Christian & William & Margaret Clark are execs. 2 execs are at age: Margtís good in Annís hands; Wmís & Xtnís goods in brother Silvester Clarkís hands. xxx & Dorothy Clark at lawful years & sworn supervisors

Archd will 1663 #110 German of Jane Craine als Kaighen,

dated 2 February 1663/4 at top page 66: father in law alive, mother in law alive, sis in law Isabel Craine, bro in law Gilbert Craine, brother Thomas Kaighan, only child & daughter Margaret Craine underage, uncle Hugh Shimmin supervisor

Archd will 1663 #111 Patrick of Thomas Quine,

died 10 March 1663/4, pate 67: brother Thomas; brotherís son William Quine, Ellen Quirk, Thomas Halsallís son; dau Ellen Quine; brotherís dau Ann Quine; his four children Richard, John, Alice & Anne (Ann is underage) Quine exec; eldest son Richard; John & Alice are sworn supervisors of Ann; wife alive; oats in ballawoole & grain in ballakuey[?] NOTE: it was not uncommon to have 2 children alive with the same name before the 1700s on the Isle of Man; thus, Thomas, who died, had a brother also named Thomas.

Archd will 1663 #112 Patrick of Edmund Cretney,

died last of April 1664, page 67: son Philip Cretneyís children (Patrick, John, Philip, Robert); grandchild Ann Fargher; Philip Quilliam; brother Finlo Cretney; children Philip & Catharine exec

Archd will 1663, page 68: "At Bishopís Court Aprill ye 26th 1664: Right worshipful we have mett this day in obedience to your worshipís command, & in answer to your proposal do deliver our opinions (with submission to better judgments) that this debtment claimed from Henry Crellin & his wifeís executors, is not recoverable; because there is but one witness to ye bond, testis versus testis nullius this is a maxime in law; --besides Henry Crellin dyinge 10 years ago & his wife 12 years ago, & Henry Savage as we understand one of ye Executors to Wm Savage to whom ye debt in question is pretended to be due, being in ye contrie himself six years ago, & sued not for ye said debt in any Court temporal or Spiritual, that appeareth to us, besides ye limited time to transmasone[transmission] creditors is not above two or three years, if so longtime be priviledged to them above ye natives; of which we have few or no precedents, therefore we conceive as aforesaid that ye said debt is nonsuted by law. Ro: Parre, John Harrison, John Huddleston,. xxxxxx[Latin phrase], John Huddleston Regist. Archd."

Archd will 1663, Presentments of KK Arbory,

dated 25 Feb 1663/4, page 69: "Ye presentments of KK Arbory, taken by ye Chapter Quest 25 Febr 1663: Alice Kewne & Alice Quirk presented upon suspicion; & being found on Friday morning a little after day breake being ye 19th of February with their hair loose about their ears, & had no clothes on them but their petticoat over their heads baire footed; And they went past 2 landmarks & came to ye third landmarke & there they were putting their hands out of their aprons & put it to ye hedge & had something in their aprons which ye perform[?] knows nothing of neight had he power to see what they had.

"Jaine Norris presented for calling Anne Kewne alias Kegg a witch & she said that she would prove her a witch. Witness John Keveene alias Clearke hath sworn that Jaine Norris said to Anne Kewne that no grace would come of any thing that she saw.

Margrett Norris presented for chiding in ye church on ye Sabbath.

William Comish yary presented for coming into Nicolas Kewneís house & he took ye house by strong hand over ye old man & both ye wives & that he would prove them all witches, & challenged Jo: Kewne to come out of ye doors & fight with him if he durst.

The Church wardens are presented for neglecting the repayring of both Church & Church yard hedge of KK Arbory.

Anne Kegg alias Kewne presented for coming into widow Norris house & curse Jaine Norris.

Chapter Quest: William Credeene
John Lowy
William Cloaig junr
Phinlo Cubone

Archd will 1663 #113 Arbory, of John Cubbon

of Arrangnag[?, or Arranago?] 2 daughters Jane & Christian Cubbon; son Thomas Cubbon; son William; eldest son William Cubbon (of age) & rest of children are execs; wife Mary Cubbon als Cloaig[Clague]. Overseers of children: John Cubbon of Borool & Phinlowe Quooile [?Quayle]. Pledges for dau Jane are Robert Cubbon & John Couilt[?]; pledges for son Thomas are David Cubbon & Finlo Quoole or Coole of Patrick.

Archd will 1663 #114 Arbory of John Costein senior

of Aristine, page 71: grandchild John Costein & dau Joney Curghey als Costein are execs, dau Margaret Costein; son William is in Ireland

Archd will 1663 #115 Arbory of William Cubbon

son of Thomas Cubbon warden of KK Arbory, page 72: sister Christian Cubbon; mother Ann Cubbon alias Kegg; brother John exec. SEE ALSO: Archd will 1661 #73 Arbory of Thomas Cubbon, witnessed 1 November 1662: eldest son John Cubbon, dau Christian, son Nicholas, wife alive, his 4 children are exec (only 3 children are named)

Archd will 1663 #116 Malew of John Carran,

page 73: son Christopher Carran, wife Ann Carran alias Bridson

Archd will 1663 #117 Malew of William Christian,

made 29 November 1663, page 74: son Henry Christian, dau Jane Christian, son William Christian, son David Christian (left the shop & tools), daus Agnes & Marie Christian (?underage) & sons John & Michael & Robert Christian (?underage) & child on wifeís bearing are execs. sons William & David are supervisors of children

Archd will 1663 #118 Malew of Lewis Goldsmith,

page 75: grandchild Ann Woods; son in law John Woods & dau Margaret; grandchildren Woods; land at Gharin More; grandson Evan; grandchild KatharineWods; William Shimminís wife; wife Elsabeth Goldsmith exec

Archd will 1663 #119 Malew of Emmy/Amy Quay als Holding,

died 8 Jan 1663/4, intestate: 5 children Isabel, Catharine, Bessy, Nelly & Jane Quay exec; next of kindred on maís side: George Holding, Christian Holding & Ann Holding are supervisors; husband alive

Archd will 1663 #120 Santan of John Moore

of Ballafurt, will made 13 February 1663/4, page 78: wife Margaret Moore als Oates, children, 2 children John & Robert Moore underage (Robert was dead by 1675 when John recíd his legacy), Thomas Woods senior & Thomas Kinley are overseers; brothers Martin & William Moore; Witnesses: Robert Brew, Thomas Kinley, John Oates see also Archdeacon Will 1689 #23 Santan, of Thomas Moore, died 1689, Conditions of Marriage made 1674: [both are copied in full]

Archd will 1663: Malew, 28 Feb 1663/4: "Kathe:Cotter alias Lowey sworn & examined saith yt shee heard Margt Ratcliffe call Mary Kewley an old witch. & further saith not. Kath:Cotter [her mark] xx.

"John Cubbon sworn & examined saith yt hee heard Margt Ratcliffe call Mary Kewley a witch & wished her to take witness of her. Joh. Cubbon xxx.

"Margt Ratcliffe being presented et ye exam taken could not prove it, & therefore left to be censured the next Court day: The said slander being not proved ye said Margt Ratcliffe is censured to 3 die in Ecclesia to aske ye xxxx affended forgiveness & to put her finger upon her mouth & say tongue thou hast lyed."

Archd will 1663 #121 Santan, of Margaret Kinley,

died 14 December 1663, page 79: brother Thomas Kinley, Thomas Keiye or Keige her sisterís son; godson Thomas Kinley; Robert Caine; John Kinley & his sisters Christian & Marriott; John Caine exec. "xxxx that John Kinley xxx son in law promised to xxx[hidden by fold] it paid" :: Is he the son in law of Thomas Crellin, who is mentioned the line above as owing a debt of 7s???

Archd will 1663: 3 March 1663/4, Kk Christ Lezayre defuncts:

Jaine Woods (will); John Carret (will); Pat: Kneele (will); Doncan Fayle (will); William Castmint (will); Isabel Steane; John Kinred (will); Jaine Fayle (will); Kath Kewley, Ellin Curlett pauper; Pat Fayle son[?] a cobbler in ye Bishopís Register

Monday, 21 March 1663/4, KK Maughold defuncts:

Maloony Quark (will not proved);
Christopher Fayle (will);
Mariad Skillicorne (will);
Ellin Curghy;
William Quark (will)

Archd will 1663: October ye 6th 1663, KK Andrews presentments:

[church wardens presented for not taking care of the church hedge]

"I doe certifie by virtue of my oath yt I have charged ye executor of Kathe Sayle & her husband Phxxx Sayle & Joney Cotter & Bahee Cotter supervisors of Kathe: Cotter child to make ye appearance before you ys day at KK Michael being Thursday ye 8th of ys Instant 8ber 1663. & Michel Crenilt & Phillip Coley to Joh Cristery. Michell Christian Sumner"

Archd will 1663: Presentments, Michael, 9 February 1664:

"Robt Caine for callinge Christian Brew a bitch is therefore censured accordinge to our ancient custom to wear ye bridle, where ye ordinary [the ordinary parish priest/vicar, as opposed to the Vicar General] shall appoint, & confess his error & put his finger on his mouth & saay tongue thou hast lyad.

"You are also to commit ye Executors of Christian Cannell, & also ye executors of Hugh Cannell for not bringing their several Inventories, & ys shall be your discharge. Joh. Huddlestone."

Archd will 1663: Presentments, Jurby:[16]63 Feb 17:

Willm Clark & Coony Clark for fornication are censard to do penance in penitential habit"

Archd will 1663, page 80: The Presentment of the Chapter Quest of KK St Ann parish

xxxxxx Jo: Curhy, Jo:Kinley, Jo:Bridson & Robt. Qua

First we doe present the Spritual officers or the Intramental[?] ordinarie in regard we do want a sufficient minister in case of our necessitie belonging to a minister as we are thereunto sworn.

"We do lickewise present Hugh Cosnahan Clarke by reason he did not gett or send for a minister in case of necessitie to minister the communion to Jo:Moore Ballaforth, which he answered and said to one of us the Chapter Quest that in giving the communion or receiving by the person would not gaine him heaven farther more the said Hugh said the Bishop is come to the Island lett him do his worst I have under his hand for my safegard for this yeare witnesses hereunto WilliamKenish, Tho:Bridson living in the Gleebe & Coft & Phillip Brew."

We do by virtue of our oath present Laurance Fargher and his wife for beating Christian Mollavartin alias Killey on the Sabbeth day in the morning and likewise for cursing the said same Christian in words not to be lawfully named.

We present Jo:Quney walker and Jony Crelling for fornication having a child born & baptized.

Archd will 1663 #122 Malew of John Callister

of Ballasalley, dated 6 Dec 1663 at top, page 82: wife is alive; son John Callister; sister Jane; dau Jane Callister & the child in the womb are execs; brother in law Henry Bridson; Thomas Parre clerk; brothers in law William Harrison & Edward Shimmin supervisors of children; John Quayle Edward SHYMYNE md Jun 1651 Malew to Jane CALISTER

Archd will 1663 #123 Malew of Catharine Taylor als Quackin,

dated 16 Jan 1663/4 at top: son Edward Taylor; daughter Isabel Taylor (of lawful years); husb Roger Taylor; Margaret Norris als Harrison was a witness to an addendum; Daniel Quackin enterd a claim

Archd will 1663 #124 Malew of Henry Crebbin,

died 16 March 1663/4, page 84: wife Elizabeth Harrison, son William Crebbin (left land bought in Santan Parish; underage), daughter Isabel (of age), dau Ann; pledges for both children underage are Henry Clucas in Malew & Robt Brew in Santan

Archd will 1663 #125 Malew of James Corrin,

of Ballasalley, Malew, made 11 February 1663/4, page 85: son Thomas Corrin, son William Corrin, son Henry Corrin, dau Ellin Corrin, wife Elizabeth Corrin, house & croft in Ballasalley

Archd will 1663 #126 Malew of Christian Quayle als Taylor,

dated 21 November 1663 at top, page 86: husband Thomas Quayle alive, dau Ellin Quayle, son John Quayle, children Nicholas & Thomas (to be kept to school) & Joney Quayle exec; brother Roger Taylor supervisor

Archd will 1663 #127 Malew of Catharine Bell als Kermode als Moore,

dated 10 January 1663/4 at top: young grandchildren; son Robert Kermott, husband John Bell; dau Isabel Bell als Kermott exec Isabel Kermot md 18 Jan 1657/8 Malew of John Bell; Archdeacon Wills 1688/9, Defuncts since 9ber 18th 1688: Issable Bell als Kermott Jan 15th SEE ALSO: Archd will 1663 #131 Malew of John Bell & Catharine Bell als Moore, articles of Marriage, dated 2 February 1658/9: John Bell of Malew on the one party & Isabel Kermode on the other party are to be married within 8 weeks at Kk Malew. ETC.

Archd will 1663 #128 Malew of Jane Fargher,

dated 9 December 1663 at top, page 88: children of John Quay in Kk Christ Rushen[?]; children of Nicholas Fargher (her brother); Robert Quay; Kathrin Fargher; Mary Fargher; Margaret Kneene; brotherís daughter Mary Fargher

Archd will 1663 #129 Malew of Thomas Quackin,

dated 8 January 1663/4 at top: son Thomas Quackin, dau Margaret Quackin, dau Catharine Quackin, son Daniel Quackin exec; vicar Sir Thomas Parre, wife Catharine Taylor; Thomas Quackin entered a claim for 5 pounds due debt against exec of Thomas Quackin See Archd will 1663 #130 Malew of Catharine Quackin als Taylor

Archd will 1663 #130 Malew of Catharine Quackin als Taylor,

dated 8 January 1663/4 at top: son Thomas; dau Margret the eldest; dau Catharine; son Daniel exec; Roger Taylor entered a claim for 26 s due debt against exec of Cath Quackin als Taylor See Archd will 1663 #129 Malew of Cahtarine Quackin and Taylor

Archd will 1663 #131 Malew of John Bell & Catharine Bell als Moore,

articles of Marriage, dated 2 February 1658/9: John Bell of Malew on the one party & Isabel Kermode on the other party are to be married within 8 weeks at Kk Malew. John Bell, father of the said John Bell, with consent of his wife give half the lands and crop of corn to the son, & John Bellís wife will give all her goods to her son in law and to her daughter after her death except for 6 pence to the rest of each of her children. John Bell to give the rest of his land to his son after his death. Signed their marks: John Bell, Kathren Moore, John Bell junior. 16 June 1664: Robt Kermod entered a claim against the executors of Cath Bell als Moore for a quarter of a team and 10 s due debt. see also: Archd will 1663 #127 Malew of Catharine Bell als Kermode als Moore, dated 10 January 1663/4 at top: young grandchildren; son Robert Kermott, husband John Bell; dau Isabel Bell als Kermott exec Isabel Kermot md 18 Jan 1657/8 Malew of John Bell; Archdeacon Wills 1688/9, Defuncts since 9ber 18th 1688: Issable Bell als Kermott Jan 15th

Archd will 1663 #132 Malew of William Christian, joiner, his Inventory, dated 1663, page 90: his was married and had children at time of death

Archd will 1663 #133 Malew of Marriad Fargher als Harrison,

dated 27 January 1663/4 at top, page 91: children Richard & Jane Fargher; Isabel Skarfe; Catharine Sansbury; son Ewan; husband is dead; son Richard; son William; son Thomas; grandchild John Fargher son to Thomas; dau in law Ann Fargher; dau Christian; dau Margaret Quayle; Sir Thomas Parr; son in law William Clucas. Her children wer not to let, sell or exhange anything without consent of Thomas Fargher, Nicholas Harrison & Philip Brew for the next 5 years. Richard, Jane & William Fargher are execs. The heir would not have been made executor, so Richd & William are not the eldest sons ????Ewan Fargher chr 26 Apr 1640 Marown to John Fargher; Christian Fargher chr 15 Mar 1643 Marown to John Fargher; William Fargher chr 30 Sep 1639 Marown to John Fargher; HOWEVER, none of the other children fit Margare Fargher md 22 May 1660 Malew to Thomas Quayle ???IS THIS HER HUSBAND:: E 1661 w Mal FARGHER, Nicholas 0991638 (??IOM FHS journal, November 2001: Malew burials found in 'The Manx National History Museum Library' : wife of Nicho: Fargher bur 13 Oct 1648)

Archd will 1663 #134 Malew of Elizabeth Taubman als Middleton,

widow, made 13 December 1663: Mally Stanley, Elinor Norris, Jane Barrie, Thomas Norris junior of Kk Arbory, John Durran, Margaret Hir, Elizabeth Shorlocke, John Barrie exec, Elizabeth Norris Malew burial register: Elizabeth Tunman als Middleton buried in Church 25 Oct 1663 Elizabeth, from England, maintained a closer connection to other England-born people living in the Isle of Man; all those mentioned in her will are people with English names, not Isle of Man surnames. ??Did she marry Thomas Taubman who died 1661 (Episcopal will) ALSO: ??Malew bur reg: son of Thomas Tunman buried in Church 7 Oct 1663 Full Will

Archd will 1663 #135 Malew, of Ellin Sansbury,

died abt 20 February 1664/5, page 93: brother William Sansbury, sister in law & her son Thomas, Thomas Stole, sister in law, Henry Stafford, grandchild Henry Stafford, Sam Ratcliffe owes her money

Archd will 1663 #136 Arbory of Thomas Corrin of Colby,

dated 6 January 1663/4 at top, page 94-96: son Henry Corrin who has children (his wife is alive), son Richard, illegitimate dau Ann Corrin (whose mother is alive), has land in Bally Kilpatrick; Henry Corrin his brotherís son; Thomas Corrin the son of nephew Henry Corrin; Sir John Crellin vicar; dau Catharineís children including a son Thomas; Thomas Cloiag[Clague] is overseer; son Henry Corrin is another overseer. page 96: Articles of Marriage: Betwixt Thomas Corrin of Colby on behalf of his son Henry Corrin on one part and William Cubbon junior and his mother Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell on the other part in behalf of Joney her daughter: Henry Corrin & Joney Cubbon will marry in Kk Arbory church August next. Also agreed betwixt her brother in law John Quiline & her brother William Cubbon to bind themselves for the sum of 28 pence sterling betwixt what her mother gave her and her fatherís goods. Signed 8 June 1668. Signed their marks Thomas Corrin, Joney Cubbon alias Maddrell, signed John Quillin & William Cubbon. Witnesses Henry Maddrell, Donall Corrin, Henry Corrin, John Crellin vicar. SEE ALSO: Archd will 1665 #05 Arbory of Henry Corrin of Colby: children underage; kindred on fatherís side Richard Curry & John Kinly, wife alive; Henry Corrin son of Nicholas Corrin, brother Richard Corrin, William Corrin of Colby, sister Catharine Kinley als Corrin (has children), wife Joney Cubbon

Archd will 1663 dated 12th Feb 1663/4: These are to certifie by virtue of my oat that xxxxx xxx Patr:Clarke and his wife, Patr Kewen, xxx[?Go:] xxxx, John Gawne and William Nederagh to appear at Kk xxxxx xxxxx ye 16th of this instant by 10 of ye clock in the forenoon as witness my subscription Febr ye 12th 166x, Michael Moor Sumner.

Archd will 1663 #137 Rushen of John Read,

dated 9 March 1663/4 at top, page 97: wife alive; 2 sons Henry & John, dau Ann, son Thomas, son John senior, sons Henry & John Read junior are exec

Archd will 1663 #138 Santan, of Patrick Quay,

dated 4 March 16xx, page 98: grandchild Thomas Quay, son Robert Quay, wife dead, old Robert Joyner of Duglass owes him, Patrickís mother is dead, son Thomas Quay exec

Archd will 1663 #139 Santan, of John Martin,

died 12 March 1664/5: wife Christian Kelly, son John Martin, son Thomas, Thomas Costen, Hugh Cosnahan, 3 children John & Ellin (at years) and Christian (under age) Martin are exec

Archd will 1663 Santan page 100: Inventory of Gilbert Moore

Archd will 1663 page 102: Sumner: You are hereby required to commit ye boddy of Henry John Brad[?] and also William Cwney[?] for ye disobedience in not attending the Court to prove the will of John Brad[?] into St Germans prison" etc

Archd will 1663 #140 Michael of Patrick Corgegg,

died 12 January 1663/4, page 1: died intestate, 2 children Thomass & Ann Curgegg

Archd will l663 #141 Michael of Daniel Corlett,

died 14 March 1663/4, page 2: son Doniel; son in law Patrick Kellie, Wm Kellie owed him 7s 4d; dau Jxxxx[hidden by fold] Corlett executrix.

Archd will 1663 # 142 Michael of William Kneene,

died 3 April 166x, page, dated 23 April 1664 at top 3: only sister Joney Kneene

Archd will 1663 #143 Daniel Christian,

died 23 December 1663, intestate, page 3: only son Pat Christian. "The Inven. of Donell Christian given in by the Administrator Pat: Christian in the face of the Court with the consent of all parties concerned in gross 70 pounds 0s xxd, & have given in pledges to secure the office sub poena duble the value at xxxx juri Will Caine & Willm Mylrea. The Mother hath referred her legasie to his own discretion. Feb ye 20th 1664: Kathe: Cannell alias Cain and John Cannell & Robt Cannell entereth ye claime against ye Executor of Danl. Christian for ye sum of 10 pounds due debt & craveth tryall." March ye 8th 1664[1664/5]: Robt Parr clerk entereth his claime against ye execr or Administracor of Donnll Xstian for ye sum of 5 pound which he paid for stones for ye korlan[?] milne wch ye said Danll was bound to doe by contract bargan for ye child maintenance wch could be noe milne wch uist[?] stones, or maintenance of yr orphant: for ye said Danl multer[?] for 7 yeares; wch caused ye tenants to grinde at other milnes. And also for fees journeys cost & charges in persuading[?] the orphants maintenance & dues from time to time, from court to Court several yeares xx pounds all due debt as he will make to appeare & craveth tryal"

Archd will 1663 #144 Michael of Hugh Cannell,

died 3 April 1664: 3 children 6d legacy, sister 6d legacy, Wm Charrish, brother James Cannell, bro Doniell Cannell, wife Isabel Cannell alias Christian, cousin John Cannell, sister Kath Cannell

Archd will 1663, dated 30 June 1663 German presentments:

Ellin Voddy[?] presented for h aving a bastard child, and the father thereof is not known

Archd will 1663, page 5[10x? has been crossed out]: by the Lawes & Customes of ye Island the next of kindred, one the motherside ought to have the tuition of ye goods yt came by the motherside; as well as the next of kindred one the fathers side, ye tuition of the goods yt came by the fatherside; except it be bequeathed by will, deede of gift, or contract bargain: when both father & mother are deade, & when yr is but one child, ye kindred of the motherside is to have ye guardianship of the said child, & to be maintained out of the estate falling due by contract bargan, or otherwise one the fatherside. dated July ye 21th 1664. [signed] Ro:Parre, John Harrison, John Huddleston, John Crellin, Pat:Thompson, Tho:Parre, Willm Oates."

Archd will 1663 dated ultimo die 8ber 1664 [last day of October 1664], page 6

Kk German: Henry Lowcay vicar, Will Christian apparator. Jurors: Nicholas Kewley, John Crellin, Pat Quirk, Thos:McYlchreest, Michael Callin, Willm Corrin.

Kk Patrick: Sir Tho: Harrison vicar, Robt Quiooiam apparator. John Key, John Farcher, Willm Cosunxxxx[?]. Philip Kelly

Robt Parr & John Harrison Vicar Generals; John Huddlestone Register Archdeacon

Kk Lonan: Charles Parr vicar. Jurors: Pat Knackle, Finlo Cloag, John Quine, Donl. Calow

Kk Concan: Sir John Woods vicar. Pat Cannan[?], Cat Carran, Willm Cannan, Dannl. Kerran

Kk Bradda: Sir Pat Thompson vicar

Kk Marown: Sir Willm Oats vicar. Juror: Robt Kermod, Oats Kelly, Tho Kelly, Silvester Clucas

Kk Malue: Sir Tho Parr vicar, Rob Quaile apparator. Jurator John Bridson Ballavarvane[?], Tho Bell ballacharry, Tho.Shymmin Webster, Tho Kewley cobler, Humphrey Killey & John Corrin Castletown

Kk Santa: Jurrors: Richd Cubbon, Christopher Bridson, Tho:Farcher, Christopher Juck

Kk Arbory: Juror Robt Kegg, George Casun, Henry Kegg & Henry Kegg

Kk Christ Rushen referred to Mr. Crellin

Kk Christ Lezayre: Sir Edwd Crow vicar, Willm Curlet apparator. Jurrors: Richd Kewes, Gilbt Kinred, Willm McSayle, John Martin

Jurby: Jurror Steene Clark, Willm Kelly, John Kelley, Nicho: Cowley.

Kk Michael: Juror Willm Cannell, Finlo Booy, Pat Killey, John Steene

Ballaugh: Juror John Steane, Michell Caley, Donl. Curlett, Pat Craine, Tho: Kneene, Gilbt Cowley, Dollin Gowne, Willm Bodagh senior [The first 4 have been crossed out]

Archd will 1663, dated Nov 17, 1664, page 7: "Whereas Mr. John Crellin & Edward Brew have disobeyed in not paying unto Richd Brew his debt claimed & sworn to be due from the Executors of Uxor Crellin executor of John Crellin . . ."

Archd will 1663 #145 Ballaugh of Alice Quickell,

died 25 Jan 1663/4, page 8: Henry Cluage, Ellin Craine, Callighwooney Quyne, Margerie Teare, Jaine Kellie, Tho:Corlett exec; brother in Ireland is left 6d legacy.

Archd will 1663 #146 Ballaugh of Joney Killip als Cowley als Corlett,

dated 8 Dec 1663 at top, page 9: son in law Patrick Craine; son Patrick Cowley; husband William Killup; dau Ann; dau Margaret; sister Katharine Corlett; son Philip; son Thomas; son William Cowley; son Patrick; brother Philip; 3 sons William & Thomas & Philip are exec

Archd will 1663 Bride Presentments:

"According to Parson Harrison authoritie: I have taken ye purgatione of John Cowle & Jony Shimen alias Caine with lawful compurgator who in the face of ye congregation have freed tm selves from having had any casual copulation the one with ye other as witness my subscription the 9th of Jan: 1664. [signed] John Huddlestone"

Archd will 1663 presentments of Andrews & Bride, dated 14 November 1664, page 1 (page 167 crossed out):

Tho:Sayle for keeping his hatt on in ye chanclet & in ye face of ye Court to ye bad example of many & contempt of authoritie for which presumptive & xxxxx[?vucinill] behavior he is ordered to be committed 3 days into St Germans prison, & promise yt hee shall never doe ye like again.

The Sumner hath sworne yt he summoned ye executors of Ales Brew to answer ye Court, but they contemptuously have disobeyed: ergo censured to be committed into St Germans prison & yr to remain till they submit to law.

And also John Sayle executor to Issable Sayle.

Ewan Cotter & Willm Christian sworne & examined saith, yt they herd Gilbt McNemeere say, yt Joh: Kneele otherwise called Good Lad was taken & bound by ye shipmen in KK Andrews where ye ship wreck was. The said Gilbt beinge yong, & it beinge ye first fault is remitted promising a reformacione.

John Skinnor junior sworne & examined saith, yt his father John Skinner ye eldest gave him counsel several times to put away his wife, & yt it was more honestye for him to put her away, then to have her for she was but a common whore or bitch: ye word bitch was acknowledged by himself, & John Kneele was ready to depose ye same. Censured to make penance, Sunday in place ecclesia & to aske her forgiveness

Archd will 1663 #147 Bride of Ewan Kneale,

page 2 (page 168 crossed out), proved in Ballure Chaple 21 November 1664: son William Kneele, son Richard Kneele, eldest son Thomas Kneele, Pat Cormod, wife Margett Kneele alias Cross executrix, "I leave and bequeath upon ye executors of John Cormod to pay unto my executrix 4s rent yt they owe me since my mother dyed"

Archd will 1663 #148 Bride of Captn. John Christian of Fayle,

dated 8 June 1664 at top (the date he died), proved 14 November 1664, page 3 (page 168 crossed out): dau Joney Kneale als Christian, son David Christian

Archd will 1663 #149 Bride of Mitchell Cross,

died 12 August, intestate, page 3 (page 168 crossed out): sister by father & mother is made administrator & her maternal half-brother is sworn supervisor

Archd will 1663 #150 Andreas of John Crenilt,

dated 5 August 1664 at top, page 4 (page 169 crossed out): dau Mally, dau Joney, grandchild John Crenilt (less than 14 yo), 2 daus unmarried Nelly & Ales Crenilt, wife Ales Crenilt alis Toon[Teere]. "Debts to be deducted out of ys Invent: It to Bessy Teere ye executor of Mark[?] xxxxx [hidden by fold] 30s & ye hyre of James Crenilt child wth ye mother -- 5s."

Archd will 1663 #151 Andreas of Nicholas Wade,

dated 2 March 1664/5 at top, page 5 (page 169 crossed out): grandchildren; son John Wayde, wife Nelly Wayde alias Sayle executrix

Archd will 1663 #152 Maughold of Christian Lace als Rowan,

died intestate 21 October 1664: 2 children Thomas Lace (in Ireland, married) & dau Nelly McConnell (married [?is McConnell her married name OR her maiden name, & thus did her mother marry twice??]) exec. Husbandís Inventory was included in Christianís. "Nov ye 21th 1664: Nelly McCoonnell entereth her claim against ye Executors of him the said Phillip Lace & her mother Christian Rowan for her childís part of goods wch lay in yr hands, being 10 pounds due debt as shee will make to appeare & craveth tryal &c., for ye rent of ye house 21 yeares.

Archd will 1663 Maughold, dated 21 Nov 1664 at top:

Mally Calow departed ys life about ye 28th of June 1664 intested, whereof the Church having intelligence have decreed, her 2 sister by half blood Administrators in regard there is noe who be blood, vizt: Bessy Creer & Averick Creer. Willm corkill her grandchild, is to prove his xxxxx before ye Dymster within 14 days & to . . . This decree is inhibated & a perfect will proved in ye latter end of ys book." See 1663 #161 Maughold of Mally Callow

Archd will 1663 #153 Maughold of Catharine Kermeen als Quine,

dated 21 November 1664 at top, proved 21 Nov 1664, page 7: son John, Catharine Kirmeen, husband William Kirmeen. Son John Kermeen is of lawful age by 4 Nov 1666

Archd will 1663:

Maughold defuncts:

Robt Cowle of Ramsey died in March last 1663/4
Marriod Christian
Isabel Christian ye last March 1663/4
Kath Kurrle[?] ye exexxxxx of Kk Lonan

Archd will 1663 #154 Jurby, of Thomas McYlevorrey,

died 7 November 1664: son Wm McYlvorrey, dau Margaret, son Patrick, Patrick Brew, dau Katherin McYlvorrey

Archd will 1663 dated 28 November 1664 at top, regarding William Kneale deceased 12 August 1643 & his son Williamís legacy:

"No:ye 28th 1664: Whereas wee whose names ensue beinge by order of Court appointed & sworne Jurors to take ye examination & witnesses, of such persons as could be produced to make good yt Willm Kneele received all such goods as is claimed by him to be due by the death of his father we therefore say yt by virtue of ye oaths we have taken for proofe (they producing noe competent witnesses to sweare positively:& findinge yt yr appears noe discharge or acquittances for yr recite of ye said goods: we therefore referr him the said Kneele with his witnesses & lawful compurgators to the grave of Patoon Goldsmith & to sweare his debt claimed for accordinge to law, & in regard the books are not crossed & yt John Cotter his next neighbor will sweare yt he received not penny or penny worth of his fathers goods nor can produce noe acquittances aforesaid. Jurrors: John Castmint, John Carrott, Willm Carrett, John Kneene.

"xxx ye 28th 1664: We permit Willm Kneele to goe to the grave of Patoone Goldsmith with his witnesses & lawfull compurgator to sweare the debt before claimed, the Adverse partie having due notice thereof & Sir Edwd Crow to take yr oaths, & certifie. Ro: Parre, John Huddlestone. To be recorded.

"Willm Kneale oase[?] dyed ye 12 of August 1643.

"John Carred sworne examined and saith that hee knoweth not whether Wm Kneale was paide his goods or not but one maire I sawe in the farme called the heayrs[heirís] maire which Wm Kneale exchanged and I doe not knowe whether shee was his owne or his mothers or who shee was but I bought the maire which Wm Kneale had in exchange of her.

"Donold Kneale sworn & examined saith yt ye supervisor of Willm Kneale would have ye sd Donold to take his parte of ye goods wch was due to him ye sd Willm by he death of his father & ye sd Donold utterlie refused to medle or [blot on paper] make with it & more ye sd Donold saith yt Edmond Cxxxxx Semnor sould yt oxe yt was called ye heirs oxe one Michalmas Day for seaven nobles, and what other goods was due unto ye sd heire it was ledt in ye farme touching ye abovesd maire I say yt she was called ye heire maire as well as ye oxe but yt ye D Knele was pade in penie or penie worth & yt ye sd conchr[?] oxe was yr last paymt of Kneals goods: & the said Willm Corlet[] declareth yt the said Patoon took it upon his consinment[?], yt ye oxe now was ye last payment of Kneele xxx children goods yt was in my custody.

"Whereas Willm Kneele alledeth yt ye Jury would not take his witnesses: therefore a forthing time is limited to him ye said Kneele to produce his witnesses to ye said Jury, hee giving notice to the defendant to be yr also to have[?] wt witnesses he may or can produce & if he appear not within yt time to make good his plea, the said Jury are forthwith to give in yr verdict without further trouble: July ye 2d 1664. Rob: Parr, Joh: Huddlestone.

"[Top of page hidden in a fold] unto her yt ye foresd maire was ye heirs & yt she ye sd mother had nothinge to doe wth her but let himself bind her, for she was now xxxxx of her the foresd John Carret hath sworne yt he saw neither[?] & heard yt two beasts xxxx xxxx a cowe & an oxe went from ye sd Wm Kneale house to Balidoole & Camlarck[?] againe

"Nov ye 28th 1664: Will Cotter sworne & examined saith yt hee saw an oxe & a pult[?polled] cow goe to Balladool & came back again, & saw ym afterwards working in ye same farme with Willm Kneele now plaintiff. Willm Cotter.

"Wm Corlett sworn saith yt Wm Kneale sent him to take Robt Crows pawne for his fathers goods & yt ye sd Robt said unto him yt he & ye sd Kneale had agreed. & alsoe went to take ye pawne of one Ann Curghie & toald him yt she was neither suretie nor overseer then ye sd Wm Corlet went to Patoone Goldsmith to take his pawne for ye same causee & yt y sd Patoone sd unto him yt he owed nothing unto ye sd Kneale whereupon ye sd Patoone went to Parson Parr & he got Parson token[?] to charge ye sd Knele befor him & Ed Crowe & yt ye sd Knele at yt time became suretie for his sisters goods & also Ed Crowe, & also yt ye sd Patoon took upon his conscience in his death bed yt hee owed nothing."

This will of William Kneale who died 1643 is not listed in the index of either the Archdeacon or Episcopal courts, per the index published by Brian Lawson

Archd will 1663 #155 Michael, of John Teare,

dated 17 April 1664 at top, page 9: son William, eldest son William Teare, brother William Teare, grandchild, son John, Ann Curlettís 3 children; wife of his eldest son John; son Williamís youngest daughter; wife Cathrine Kerran. By the time the will was proved, wife Catharine Keran appears to have died. SEE ALSO Archd will 1663 #156 Michael of Catharine Teare als Kerran, dated 24 April 1664 at top, page 10

Archd will 1663 #156 Michael of Catharine Teare als Kerran,

dated 24 April 1664 at top, page 10: son John, eldest son William, eldest son Williamís wife; eldest daughter of son William, son Johnís wife; Ellin Cayn; son Johnís eldest son, son John Teare, son William younger & son Richard are executors SEE ALSO: Archd will 1663 #155 Michael, of John Teare, dated 17 April 1664 at top, page 9

Archd will 1663 #157 Andreas, of Isabel Goldsmith als Sayle,

died 20 November 1663, page 11: sister Jane Christian, brother Patrick, John Sayle, Catharine Callin, Sir Edward Crow, husband Doniel Goldsmith & brother John Sayle are joint execs see also Archd will 1693/4 #54 Lezayre, of Patrick Goldsmith, died 18 April 1694: son William Goldsmith; daus Catharine & Alice; children underage; wife alive & Archeacon Wills 8 Nov 1709 face sheet: Andreas: Philp Goldsmith was dead by this date; Bride: Mitchel Goldsmith was dead by this date; Lezayre: Daniel Goldsmith was dead by this date

Archd will 1663 Ballaugh, dated 15 November 1664, regarding marriage of Sir Charles Parre & Mary Garrett on 15 November 1664, page 13+:

To whome it may concerne Know all men by these presence that I Charles Parre doe herby binde myselfe to Sr Jo:Huddlestone under ye forfiture of an hundred pounds to keep him harmeless from any danger that shall incur to him ye sd Sr Jo: for this present solemnized matrimony between ye sd Charles Parre & Marry Garrett & to defray all charges yt upon that account shal be laid upon him witness my subscription ys 15th of November 1664. [signed] Charles Parr. Testis: Sam: Robbertson. Not for ys bound only, but ye engagement betweene ye saide Charles & his wife formerly, & to avoyde scandell, & also to give satisfaction to ye Law, & my Right Reverend Ordinarie, & his sister & Parson Parre yr father: I have marryed ye said Charles & his wife, ye day & yeer above written in due place & time as witness my hand, John Huddlestone. For satisfaction of the world and defense of the minister and the xxxx & xxxx this to be recorded. dat: this 28th of 9ber 1664. Ro: Parre.

page 13: December 12 1664: Upon a report spread abroad by unkind persons yt Sr Charles Parre & Mary Garrett did keep company together unlawfully I thought fitt to call together ye most of ye clergie that were not concernd in either partie that by their advice I might censure ye parties accused by this report of else upon sufficient proof made of their marriage I might have xxx testimonie & witnesse to confute ye malitious rumer & approve their marriage, upon this xxxxtion mett ye persons whose names are subscribed & Sir Jo:Huddleston being examined upon oath testified that he married them & at a lawful time between eight & ten in ye morneing & in a xxx place viz: in Ballaugh Church & with ye consent xxxxcense of Parson Parre father to ye sd Cha:Parre xxxx wch affidavit to each xxxxxx[?per tieuler] upon oath xxx parties subscribed have approved the marriage as lawfull, & forbid all persons upon xxxxx to make any bad reports concerning xxx parties hereafter. [part of left edge is hidden in shadow]. [signed] Isaac Sodor & Man, Hu:Cannell, Joh:Harrison, Wm Oates, Hen Lowcay, Patrick Thompson, Richd Fox. Father of y sd Sr Charles Parre do ex animo ascent to ye premises & desire ye same to be recorded ad perpesua rei memoriam. Ro: Parre Vicar General. This is a true coppie agreeing wth ye original examined by me, John Hudelstone.

Archd will 1663 Jurby, dated 10 November 1664, etc., page 14, regarding farm etc. of Daniel Christian deceased & the heir Patrick Christian, his mother, & Parson Parre the guardian:

It is ordered that four honest able men of the parish of Jurby whose names are under written shall be sworne by the Sumner to value the yearely benefit and profits of of the farme tenement and all other Intackes or cottages belonging to the farme of Donold Christian accordinge as a custom xxxx, and to certifie unto us what ye yearely valuacion of ye sayd lands & estate comes to, against this day fortnight that ye childs maintenance may be allowed thereout, & ye oade[?] plus added to the Inventorie And withal to charge Patrick Christian to his mother to pay all dues that belonges to ye child of Tho: Christian unto Mr Robt Parre accordinge to the order of Chancery within sayd committed tyme And that also the Inventorie be perfect against that tyme and this as you will answer subpoena juris Dated 9ber 10th 1664. Isaac Sodor & Mann, John Harrison, John Huddleston. The Jurys names: Dollin Caine, Tho:McYlvorey, Pat:Brew, & Robt Clucas. To the Sumner of Jurby to put this in Execution. Copia vera concordaus cum originalis. Examinata per me, John Huddlestone Registrar Archdeacon. Nov: ye 27th 1664, page 14+: Whereas wee whose names ensue beinge by order of Court appointed & sworne Jurors to find out ye full valuacion or profit of ye farme Intacks cottages & tenements of ye estate of Donell Christian of Jurby may be yearely worth, for ye mantenance of ye heire thereof, & enlarginge of ye Invent if may any may be: we therefore say, yt after all rents & dues beinge paide, yt wee finde ye valuacion or profits of ye said farme, tenements & all other Intacks or cottages belongeing to the said farm amounts to yeerely 4 pounds sterling & ys by virtue of our oaths as witness our signes manuel ye day & yeere above written. As for ye xxxx house & ye use of ye moneys we meddle not with it:Dollin Caine D, Rob:Clucas R, Pat:Brew P, Tho:McYlworrey X. This answer is taken in Court ye 1th of Decr 1664 at xxx Court before our Reverd Ordinarie, Mr. Hugh Cannell, Mr. Robt. Parr & John Huddlestone Registr. xxxx 5. 1664: Ye four pound above mentioned wee thinke a very xxxx [hidden in left fold] allowance, but such as it is, we order yt it shall xxxx to Parson Parr as guardian of ye heir within 14 days from ye date herof, viz: so much as is already due xxxx time past; & quarterly for ye time to come xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to ye party it[?] so refuse: xxxxx xxx & xxxx, John Harrison, Hu:Cannell, John Huddlestone.

??? Patt CHRISTIAN chr: 5 Jul 1648 Jurby, Father: Dan CHRISTIAN

Archd will 1663 #158 Andreas of Roger McEgeen,

at Bishopís Court the 14th February 1664/5 dated at top, died intestate: only dau Catharine McEgene, kindred on fatherís side sworn supervisor. Mr. Thomas Ratcliffe is given half the executorship as Roger desired. 14 Feb 1664/5: Mary Cowle entereth her claimne against ye executor ofRoger Gene for ye sume of 30s 6d due debt at promised to her at her contraction, as she will make to appeare by witnesses & craveth tryal.

Archd Will 1663 #159 Maughold of Isabel Callow als Christian,

dated 6 October 1663 at top: husband John Callow, Margaret Corkle, Joney Geey, 3 children, William Christian overseer

Archd will 1663 #160 Maughold of Thomas Crenilt,

died 21 October 1664 intestate: brother & sisters Robert Conilt, John Conilt, Jaine Conilt & Margt Conilt; one sister lives in Castletown. the surname is written both Conilt/Coonilt and Crenilt in the will

Archd will 1663 #161 Maughold of Mally Callow:

listed in index but is was not on the film

Archd will 1663 (?Andreas) regarding the will of John Crebbin deceased & his underage dau Alice Crebbin & a cow left in legacy: [top edge of page is partly crumbled away] Pat Kewne, Joh. Clark, Joh. xxxx & Will Nederaugh being praizers of ye goods of Ales Crebbin being sworne & examined forth yt after they had done, ye Sumner asked, whether yr was any more goods xxxx be praised, ye mother answered & said, there is none, only looke wt yt cow is, yt is in strife:

The mother Ann Sayle sworne & examined saith, yt she gave her daughter a heffer in consideration of a cow of her daughters yt she killed, & the heffer afterwards died: whereupon her said daughter being weeping & crying, her said mother acknowledgeth upon oath yt she xxxx her to hold her pease, & she would give her as good in lieu therof, & further saith yt she promised her said daughter before her contraction satisfactory for ye said cow. Ann Sayle mark X. Note yt after ye wife hath declared ys upon oath in ye face of ye court, yt her husband Pat Clark crossed her oath, & would have her to say as he would have her.

Willm Crebbin sworne & examined saith yt his sister was one a time crying to her mother for satisfaction on ye said cow her mother took up a straw & deliv[ered] her ys cow by a straw, & wished she might be a hundredth to her. Will Crebbin X.

Phillip Kermod is yet to be sworne to wt Willm Crebbin hath sworn because hee was with him when she spoke these words.

Edwd Curlett Sumner being praising ye goods of Ales Crebbin in xxx vertue of his xxxx saith yt he asked whether they had done with all ye goods saith yt ye executors answered & said all is prazed except a cow yt was in ye hands of Joh.Sayle, & another beast in Jurby: & meeting wth Joh. Sayle asked him wt beast was yt, yt was in his xxxx is answd & said yt it was a calf yt ye father gave his daughter & yt ye daughter & ye father gave him ye calfe for half ye increase: & when ye heffer was 4 yeere old he was bound for Ireland, & sent his wife wth 8s of moneys to John Crobbin for halfe ye cow, or if he like not yt Joh.Crobbin should send him 8s & further ye said John Sayle tould ys deponent, yt Crebbin answered, & said, xx he gave his child xxxx, hee would not take it from her: & xxxxx also said, yt he might take ye cow along wth him for Ireland xxxx he might do her as much good yr as at home. xxxxxx mark X

Willm Sayle sworne & examined saith as ye said Sumner Will Crebbin hath sworn as ye former deponent. xxxxxxxx mark XX

Jo: Sayle sworn & examined xxxxxxxxx [top edge of page partly crumbled] a calf of 8 xxxxx old xxxxxxxxxx as long as xxxxx would given calfe & xxxx when he was goinge for Ireland yt he came to Joh. Crebbin to offer him money for his xxxxx cow, Crebbin answered & said, yt he would take xxxxxxxxxxxxxx now but his bargan he should have: & further saith yt Joh.Crebbin said to him if thou goe for Ireland take her alonge with you, for it may be, yt ye cow may do my daughter Ales as much good yr as here: And he asking his sister Anne Sayle wt would shee do wth ye cow: she answered keep thou ye cow, ys bargan thou kept is thy bargan. Joh Sayle mark XX.

John Crebbin, father of William Crebbin (Sumner) & Alice Crebbin (underage), died, & his wife Ann Sayle remarried 1 Jul 1662 Andreas to Patrick Clark. John Sayle is brother of Ann Clark als Crebbin als Sayle SEE ALSO Archd will 1659 d And CREBIN, John 0106199

Humble dutie ever tendered etc. Theese are to certifie that xxxx xx was taking an Inventorie of ye goods of Wm Kewen deceased (his wife Kathrin Sayle took xxx sheep[?] goods following as a legasie left to hir by hir husband viz xxxxx[?find] parts of[?] xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx one bullocke, one xxxx blanket 2 yeards of garden cloath, his xxxx xxxxxx if need require. This 2 of October 1660. By me Wm Corlet Sumner of Kk Christ Lezayre my mark XX.



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