Summary of Wills 1665


Archd will 1665 #001 Maughold of John Black of Ramsey, merchant: son Robert (mother dead), son Hugh (mother dead), wife Grace (called ‘stepmother’ Grace Quayle in 1674; md John Quayle by 1670) ; 3 daus of wife Grace; dau Ellin (mother dead); dau Elizabeth (mother dead); dau Jane; grandchildren Peggy Kealwey & John Kealwey (their father is Thomas Kealwey), Deemster Mr. Edward Christian & Richd Fox are overseers of 3 underage children.

Archd will 1665 #002 Malew of William Shimmin of Belowne: 5 children by his 1st wife; current wife Catharine & children Isabel & Cath Shimmin; witnesses: Elizth Quayle als Maddress, Cath Quayle als Inyxxxxxx

Archd will 1665 #003 Malew of Thomas Clucas: wife & children John & Christian Clucas re executors (Jn & Xtn are underage)

Archd will 1665 #004 Malew of Mary Kenvig als Kewley: Margaret Kneale, Isabel Kewley, Christian Quayle; husband William Kinvig, John Kewley

Archd will 1665 #005 Arbory of Henry Corrin of Colby: children underage; kindred on father’s side Richard Curry & John Kinly, wife alive; Henry Corrin son of Nicholas Corrin, brother Richard Corrin, William Corrin of Colby, sister Catharine Kinley als Corrin (has children), wife Joney Cubbon

Archd will 1665 #006 Arbory of Mary Kegg als Bridson, dated 9 Apr 1665: dau Ann Kewne als Kegg (dau Jane Kewn); dau Joney Kegg (her father is dead); son Thomas Kegg

Archd will 1665 #007 Santan of Christopher Callow, dated 7 Feb 1664/5: wife Alice Watterson alive; dau Jane Callow; sons Robt, Jn, Hugh, William Callow; dau Alice; bro in law John Moore of Glantraugh; supervisor of children Hugh Cosnahan, clerk
Hugh Cosnahan is probably a bro in law of Christopher (i.e., a sis of Chris md Hugh)

Archd will 1665 #008 Braddan of William Callow: wife; William Clague, Margaret Kelly, Ann Creer, brothers William & Robert Clague execs

Archd Will 1665 #009 Braddan of Catharine Clague als Callow: Husb Robert Clague, eldest son Wm Clague, children John & Isabel & Catharine & Ellinor & Joney & Marriod Clague. Only Isabel of age; Marriott of age by 15 Oct 1682. Cath & Elnr & Joney at age by 24 Oct 1674. Wm of age by 1682 husb Robert remarried to Mally Tear by 9 Jun 1674

Archd will 1665 #010 Braddan of Bessy Clague: sister Catharine, brother John Clague & his wife Marriod Teare; Robert Clague

Archd will 1665 #011 Braddan of John Clague died March 1664/5: brothers son Robert Clague; godson Thomas Creer; brother John Clague; sister Catharine; wife Marriod Clague als Teare

Archd will 1665 #012 Braddan of Alice Lowney als Christian: husb John Lowney, dau Margaret Crost[?]

Archd will 1665 #013 Braddan of Patrick Corkill: died 16 March 1664/5: daughter Marie Corkill

Archd will 1665 #014 Lonan of Isabel Cotteen als Teare, died 7 Jan 1664/5: husband Phinlo Coteen; youngest daughter Isabell; children James & Jane Cotteen at lawful age, other children underage

Archd will 1665 #015 Lonan of Catharine Brew als Looney, died 16 Dec 1664: dau Catharine Brew, son Gilbert Brew, dau Isabel Brew

Archd will 1665 #016 German of Catharine Quay als Christian als Camaish OR Catharine Christian als Quay als Camaish, died May 1665: son Donald Christian, dau Joney Christian, son William Quay; children William & Catharine & Jane are exec & of lawful age

Archd will 1665 #017 German of Thomas Clark, died 16 xxx 1665: dau Ann Clarke, eldest son, 2 daus xxx & Dorothy; brother’s daughter; children Ann & Dorothy & Christian & William & Margaret Clark are execs. 2 execs are at age: Margt’s good in Ann’s hands; Wm’s & Xtn’s goods in brother Silvester Clark’s hands. xxx & Dorothy Clark at lawful years & sworn supervisors

Archd will 1665 #018 German of Ann Quirk als Stevenson, wife of Wm Quirk, died 16 xxxx 1664grandchild Ann Crellin; children Dorothy & Jane & Mally & Bahee & Jane Quirk (?Dorothy md Henry Crellin) Patrick Quirk supervisor. Gooods in hands of Henry Crellin

Archd will 1665 #019 German of William Quirk, husb of Ann Stevenson, died 14Apr 1665: wife alive, children Dorothy &Jane & Mally & Bahie & Jane exec, some of lawful age. Patrick Quirk supervisor. Gooods in hands of Henry Crellin

Archd will 1665 #020 German of Ann Gell als Corlett: husb Oates Gell, 4 children Jane, Ellin, William, Isabel

Archd will 1665 #021 German of Catharine Billings als Moore OR Moore als Billings, died 3 Nov 1665: sister, children, husband

Archd will 1665 #022 Andreas of John Cormode: Articles of Marriage between John Cormode (his wife Christian Casement, dau Margaret) & Margaret Cormode. Donald Cormode junior (his son John, dau Ann, brother John). ALSO, will of John Cormode: children John (of age by 1680, his uncle & supervisor Dan or Donald Cormode) & Catharine Cormode; also Philip Radcliffe; Michael Cormode; Will Radcliffe;

Archd will 1665 #023 Andreas of Catharine Teare als Radcliffe: son James & dau Isabel are execs, son John, other 2 daus, grandchild Alice; husband John Teare

Archd will 1665 #024 Andreas of John Teare: son John, grandchild Donll, son James & dau Isabel Teare are execs (wife is Catharine Teare als Radcliffe. June 1665 John Crebbin entered a claimant againse John Teare & Alice Teare. Mar 1665/6: John Teare (father is Gilbert Teare) entered a claimant against John Teare & his wife Cath Radciffe;

Archd will 1665 #025 Andreas of William Christian: son Patrick (mother dead), dau Jane (mother dead), son William (exec)

Archd will 1665 #026 Andreas of Alice Sayle, dated 16 Dec 1664: sister; daughter; son William; daughter exec; Daniel Sayle owes her money for his father’s winding sheet; son Christopher; Nelly Sayle owed her money.

Archd will 1665 #027 Bride of Christian Christian, dated 23 Dec 1664, Bride: Donald Christian (his son Donald); Joney Christian (& her dau[?] Alice Christian); Margaret Lace; Donald Christian (exec) & wife Isabel McYlcarrayne; Margaret Watterson; Cahey Christian;

Archd will 1665 #028 Lezayre of William Costean, dated 11 Dec 1664: uncle Edward Crow, sister Frances Lange, father in law; mother in law; Aunt Catharine Costen; uncle John Costen; father, child, supervisors of child are Wm Corlet of Glantramman & the testator’s uncle John Costen + Contract Bargain dated 30 Jun 1665: Sir Edward Crow & wife Ann in behalf of dau Isabel the one party & Daniel Costin & wife Jane in behalf of son Wm: Isabel was married to Wm, and she had a child (the grandchild of Daniel)

Archd will 1665 #029 Lezarye of Jane Costean als Crow. dated 25 Jul 1668, Inventory (her will is in 1667 book): has a son; Isabel Crow (dau Frances Lange; John Costin; Catharine Costin, Bessy Crow, Edwd Crow

Archd will 1665 #030 Lezayre of Isabel Keran als Casement, wife of John Keren or Kewne: eldes son William; John, Michael (or Mitchel, same name), Margaret. Supervisor of children Ewan Killip. Michael & Margt Kewne were of age by Dec 1674

Archd will 1665 #031 Lezayre of John Kewney or Kewne, died 30 Dec 1664: John Cry; William xxx & his wife; aunt Katherine Kewney; 2 Aunts in Ireland; uncle in Ireland; William Kewney senior; aunt Jane Crowe; friend Ewan Kinred exec

Archd will 1665 #032 Lezayre of Bessie [?Lawson als] Casement, dated 6 Dec 1664: son Daniel; grandchild Ann Teare[??, or Jeaxx]; cousin Jane Crowe; Christian Casement; grandchildren; dau Isabel Lawson exec

Archd will 1665 #033 Lezayre of William Quayle, dated 28 November 1664: sisters Catharine & Margaret, brother John Quayle exec, wife, William Woods

Archd will 1665 #034 Lezaayre: son; grandchild Joney Curghey; grandchildren William & John & Ewan Curghey; grandchild William Curghey; dau Jane Curghey exec & lawful years

Archd will 1665 #035 Maughold of Marriad Callow als Corkle or Corkill: husb John Callow; children; brother William John CALLOW md 16 Aug or Oct 1655 Maughold to Marriott CORKILL

Archd will 1665 #036 Ballaugh of Philip Steane (or Stephen), died abg 13 Feb 1664/5: 2 children Philip & John Steane; wife alive; sisters Ellin Stean & Isabel Stean are supervisors. by 24 Oct 1685: only son Philip was alive & was of age, & wife of Testator still alive

Archd will 1665 #037 Ballaugh of Thomas Steane (or Stephen), died 19 Apr 1665: wife Margaret Craine (exec); sis Isabel, sis Ellin, bro Philip; Joney Craine

Archd will 1665 #038 Ballaugh of Thomas Cry, died 31 March 1665: son Philip; dau Mabel, dau Cath, dau Margt, dau Joney[?or Jane], wife Mabel Cry als Caine[?, or Calvie]

Archd will 1665 #039 Cooney Carrett: Ellin Carrett (Margt Quayle is her dau); brother Doniel Carret; sister Margaret; Joney Carret her brother’s daughter; Philip Carret her brother’s son; her inventory in her father & ma’s inventory & will

Archd will 1665 #040 Michael of John Craughan: died 12 Feb 1664/5: 2 daughters; brothers; son John Craughan

Archd will 1665 #041 Michael of Joney McYlroy als Cannan: husb Henry Mcylroy, daus Bahie & Christian

Archd will 1665 #042 Michael of Margaret Quayle als Cain, died 4 Jan 1664/5: husb William Quayle; 3 children Margret & Ellin & Jane; kindred on ma’s side William Caine and Pat Caine are supervisors

Archd will 1665 #043 Michael, of John Patrick, an Englishman who died at sea 25 Nov 1665, buried in St Mary’s Church, Ballaugh (later it states he was buried at Michael); next of kindred in England, he has wife and children

Archd will 1665 #044 Lonan, of William Kermode, died 12 Jan 1665/6: youngest dau Margret Kermode; wife Ellin Kermode als Hogg; the sone children William (of age), Marriad (of age), Ellin, & Margaret Kermode (2 of age & supervisors of those underage); good’s in the hands of William Kermode

Archd will 1665 #045 Conchan of Robert Lewn, died 27 Jan 1665/6: son & heir; wife alive; 3 children Steven (of age by Dec 1680), Margret (md Thomas Lewn by Dec 1680), Alice (md John Christian by July 1689); brothers Ginnow & John; wife Elizabeth Lewn als xxxx (she remarried Thomas Cannell by 1680).

Archd will 1665 #046 Braddan of John Craine, died 27 Dec 1665: eldest son John; son William; youngest son Robert; grandchild William Clague; grandchild Catharine Cotter (mother dead); wife Christian Kinnish

Archd will 1665 #047 Braddan of James Kermode: son William; son Gilbert; son Philip in London; son James; dau Christian; dau Margaret; dau Christian Kermode exec & at age

Archd will 1665 #048 Braddan of Thomas Huddlestone of Douglas, dated 13 Feb 1663/4: son Robert; dau Elizabeth, wife alive; brother in law David Murrey (wife’s brother) & Robin Murrey supervisor; brother Sir John Huddlestone; father Thomas Huddlestone; also Sir William Huddlestone mentioned
Braddan bur reg: Capt Tho. Huddleston bur 15 Feb 1663; Braddan bur reg: Jaine Huddleston als Marey bur 5 Jun 1671; Braddan bur reg: Tho. Huddleston son to Robt. Huddleston bur 15 Feb 1684.` Epis Will 1671/2 Braddan of Jane Huddlestone als Murrey





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