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Although the Island rightly prides itself on its religious tolerance, there was a period c1650-1690 when the small band of Quakers, centered on Maughold, were persecuted and banned from the Island. See article by Constance Radcliffe Maughold Quakers IoMNHAS Vol VIII No. 2 pp116-129 or chaper 6 of A History of Kirk Maughold. In this she quotes what may be the full list of Maughold Quakers:

Ann Cottiam [sometimes Cottingham or Cottiman]; Will Calow with wife; Robt Calow; John Cottiam; John Calow; Robt Coonill and wife; Jaine Cannell; John Christian and wife; Ewan Christian; John Christian and wife; Bessy Christian, daughter of John (who later married Robert Callow brother of William; James Coleish [Quilleash]; Tho Coonill; Ewan Kerruish and wife.

A fuller list is however given by Carswell

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